(金戈铁骑 整理制作)

Unit 20 New Frontiers
?Lesson 1 Futurology

Step 1 lead-in

Step 2 fast-reading

T or F

1) People who are worried about future are

called futurologists


2) The experts attending the seminar

will be discussing the influence of future on

the technology.


3) According to the text, computers will

become more intelligent.


4) By the 2030, human-like robots may be

sent around our bodies to carry out

repairs and keep us healthy.


5) We may be able to live in other suitable

places in our solar system at the end of the century.


Read the article and choose the best title :
a) From the Past to the Future b) The Future Business cc)) TToommoorrrrooww''ss WWoorrlldd d) A Perfect Future?

Step 3 second-reading
?Summarize the main idea of each paragraph

Organization of the text
?Part 1 about the futurologist some -----, others -----
?Part 2 about the meeting place, time, content
?Part 3 about the prediction of the future six examples
?Part 4 the writer’s plan to the meeting time and place , what to do , advice : Join it

Difficult sentences
1 They plan the future of the world for a living.
= they make a living by planning the future of the world.
2 The future is now a big business.
= Now, the future has become very important.

3 In the next few years, we will be communicating with our friends around the world using life-sized video screens in our living rooms.
= In the near future, we can keep in touch with our friends around the world and we can see them the same size as they actually are on the video screen in our living room.
4 if you can’t beat the future, join it.
= if you can’t change the world of future, just be a member of it and adapt to it.

Step 4 detail reading
What will the tomorrow’s world be like in the future according to predictions of some futurologists?
Find out more details from the text!

Frontiers Computers

Time very soon

Prediction voices give instructions

in the next few years

life-sized video screens

By 2020

handy, powerful, in term of ,intelligence, amount

of information

By the middle of the century

Millions of times smarter, link our brains to , huge

database, new

species , develop

Biochemistry Medical science By 2030

Live, 150 years, insect-like robots , carry out repairs

Space technology

By the end of discover, the century other places,ways

go further into space

beat, suitable for, carry out, influence, foresee, wonder, life-sized, link to
? 1. He w__o_n_d_e_rs____ why people built ugly homes,
when they could have beautiful ones.
? 2. Those who can ___fo_r_e_s_e_e_difficulties on their
way to success may keep calm when they really appear.
? 3. Her idea had great _in_f_l_u_e_n_ce____on the
outcome of the plan
? 4. I have _c_a_r_r_ie_d__o_u_t ____ my work.
? 5. I went to the library to look for some books
____su_i_t_ab__le__fo_r_ children ? 6. That problem has ___b_e_a_te_n__ me.

Language Points
1) useful expressions 0. look into 观察 1. wonder about... 2.in 10,50 or even1,000 years' time 3.click into the websites 4.in the next few years 5.in terms of... 6.carry out repairs 7.link ... to ... 8. suitable for...

?1 一些学生在操场上踢足球,别的学生在 教室里学习。(用some---, others ----) 2 我想知道他家乡的天气怎么样?
(用 what--- is like? )
3 这就是他昨天在会上所讲的内容。
( 用 what 引导的表语从句)

Grammar study
1 According to the arrangement of our school, we will be having a English exam this time next Saturday.
2 I will be attending a important meeting at 8 o’clock this evening. Don’t ring me up at that time.

3 She is to going to marry at the age of 26. By the year 2015 she will have already had a child.
4 I will have worked here for two years by the end of this July. I came here on July 1th, 2004.

将来进行时 will / shall be + 现在分词
will / shall + have done (will 用于各种时态, shall 主要用于第一人称)

Try to practice
?Make predictions about yourself in about one years later after graduation from this school. Write down your sentences!
what will you be doing at that time? what will you have done by that time ?

1. people (use) solar energy every day
Peoplewill be usingsolar energy every da 2.people(use) up all natural sources of oil
Peoplewill have usedup all natural source of oil 3. people (travel) into space on a regular b
Peoplewill be travellinginto space in a regular basis 4. people (eat) only food created by specia
Peoplewill be eatingonly food created by specialists.

5. traditional farms(disappear)
Traditional farmswill have disappeared. 6. many new galaxies(discover)
Many new galaxieswill have been discover 7.Mars and Venus(explore) and(describe)i
Mars and Venuswill have been explored and described... 8. scientists(study) the chance of people s other galaxies.
Scientistswill be studying the chance of p settling other galaxies.

1 By this time tomorrow you _______ (arrive) in Shanghai.
2 The teacher ______(have) a meeting at three o’clock tomorrow afternoon.
3 The students ______ (do) listening exercise at seven tomorrow evening.
4 By the middle of the next century , we ______ (build ) space station.
5 When you come back from America, your
daughter ________ ( graduate) from a middle school.

A rule to remember
?在after,when , as soon as, until, before引导的时间状语从句,if 条件状语中, 不用 助动词 will, 只用一般现在时, 表示 将来
When you get home on Friday, you’ll receive good news.
如果 在强调一个动作在另一个动作之前时, 用现在完成时 , 表示将来某时完成的动作。
After you’ve done the shopping, you’ll have a pleasant surprise.

?If you come this afternoon, we’ll have a meeting.
?When I graduate, I’ll go to countryside.
?I’ll go to your home after I have finished my homework.
?If it has stopped snowing in the morning, we’ll go to the park.
I’ m sure he’ll come to see me before he _____ Shunde.

A. Is about to leave

B. has left

C. Will leave

D. leaves

?When she graduates from the school next summer, she _____ here for six years.

A. will study

B. will be studying

C. will have studied

D. studies


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