英语:必修3Module4 Sandstorms in_Asia-Reading课件(外研版)_图文


What is happening?
Sandstorm, thick wind, blow, desertification

Module4 Sandstorms in Asia

What are the cyclists and the walkers wearing and why?
Masks, glasses, hoods(风帽)

What do you think happen to traffic in this situation? Why
People drive slowly. Because it is not clear to see everything.

1. mass adj. 大规模的 n. 团,块,堆 a mass of =masses of 许多,大量 the masses 群众 大型战役 一团云/一团热气

a mass campaign

a mass of clouds /hot air

2.be caught in 被困于…,碰到…

He was late for work yesterday afternoon because he was caught
in the traffic jam. 因为交通堵塞,他昨天下午上班迟到了。 He was once caught in a snowstorm for several days.


3. appear v. 1)出现,出版,发行 His book will appear in the bookshop next week. 他的书下星期在书店发行 A smile appeared on his face when he heard the good news. 当他听到这个好消息,脸上露出了笑脸。 2) 看起来,似乎。 系动词 She appeared very tired. 她看起来很累。 She appears to want to leave. 她似乎想离开。

Prevent somebody from doing, stop somebody from doing, keep somebody from doing


Note: keep sb. from doing 中from 不可以省略,因为keep sb. doing
I’m sorry to keep you waiting so long. 很抱歉让你等这么久。 We must keep him from complaining all day.


1. What are sandstorms? Sandstorms are strong, dry winds that carry sand. 2. Where do sandstorms occur often? Central Asia, North America, Central Africa and Australia. 3. Why have sandstorms increased in China? Sandstorms appear to have increased in recent years as a result of desertification. 4. Who appear in this text? Ren Jianbo and HuangXiao mei. 5. When sandstorms happen, what the weather look like? We will see an orange sky and strong winds that cover the city in a thick, brown-yellow dust. 6.How can the sandstorms be prevented? A mass campaign has been started to help solve it and the government is planting trees.

Careful reading

Sandstorms begin in desert _____ _____. areas Sandstorms ______ appear ___have to increased ___ as ___ a _____ result ___ of desertification, which happens when land becomes desert _______ because ___ of climate changes and because people____ cut ____ downtrees and ___ dig ___ up grass. Ren Jianbo described a _______ __________ : “It terrible sandstorm he experienced was the most __________and the most_________ frightening dangerous situation.” Huang Xiaomwei says,“__ To __ be ______ cycling in a sand storm is __________. frightening It is difficult to breathe ______ in the strong wind.” Citizens ____ wake___ up to an _____ orange cover the city in a ____, thick brown-yellow sky and strong winds that _____ ___________ dust. very ______because slowly In that situation, traffic moves _____ ____ the thick dust makes it _______to difficult see. Weather experts _______ advise people ___ not __ to go ______ ___ would out when a sandstorm arrives. If you want to go out, you ______ better wear a mask. _____ _____ tried _____ many ______to ways solve mass Scientist have _____ ____ the problem and a _____ campaign prevent it _______ coming nearer, the ________ has been started. To _______ government is planting trees and plans to continue _______ planting for the next five years.

Group work

I will divide you into two groups. I will choose one director from each group. The director chooses a journalist, an expert in weather, an official in the government, Ren Jianbo, Huang Xiaomei and a citizen in the sandstorm from your group after discussing with your classmates. Then the director film an interview.

Write a passage on how to protect our environment.