模块重点·小结 课标要求 1. movement n.运动 → v.运动,移动 move 2. technique n.技巧;手法→ technical adj.有技术的 3. approach n.方法;步骤 4. decline n.衰退;下降;减少 5. emerge v.出现 6. touch v.触动;感 动;使动心→ touching adj.令人感动的 7. arise v.(由……)引起(产生) 8. boom v.繁荣;兴起; 迅速发展 9. vain adj.自负的 ,自视过高的 10. pace n.速度,进度 11. otherwise adv.否则,要不然 12. devote v.为……付出时间/ 努力/金钱等→ devotion n.奉献 quit 13. v.离开 ,辞去 14. protest n.抗议 重 点 单 词 重 点 短 语 1. side by side 并排 ;并肩 2. be bored with 厌烦 3. take advantage of 利用 4. in order 有序地 5. rather than 而不是 6. try out 尝试 7. be blessed with 有幸 8. come out 出版 9. beg for 乞求,请求 10. make an impression on sb 给某 人留下印象 11. far from 完全不 12. name after 以……命名 重 点 句 型 1.Hip hop is an American cultural movement which started in the 1970s at block parties in New York,especially in a district called the Bronx. 嬉蹦乐是一场美国文化运动,这场运动始于 20 世纪 70 年代的 纽约,特别是一个叫布朗克斯区的街区舞会。 2.Later,they experimented with different vocal and rhythmic approaches, using rhyming words,often words from African-American culture. 后来,他们尝试用不同的发声和奏乐方法,使用押韵词汇 ,这些 词汇往往来自美籍非洲人的文化。 3.“ The moment I heard it,” he said, “I knew it was a completely new kind of music.” “我一听 ,” 他说,“就知道这是一种全新的音乐。” has arisen 4.From a region of seven million people some of the greatest pop music in the world. 从一个拥有 7 百万人的地区产生了一些世界上最优美的流行 音乐。 重 点 1.掌握由 the moment/the first time/...引导的时间状语从句。 语 2.掌握省略句式的基本用法和作用。 法 现在与过去的比较 1.Bands are so much noiser than they used to be. 功 2.When I was your age,we didn’t listen to such loud music. 能 3.We didn’t use to play music as loudly as you do these days. 4.We used to spend much more time in the open air than you do.


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