Job Interview
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Joint venture (合资企业 合资企业) a fat paycheck 合资企业 高工资 Share-holding corporation(股份制) (股份制) Foreign-founded enterprise(外资) (外资) Collective enterprise(集体企业) (集体企业) State-run enterprise (国营) 国营) Aggressive competition(激烈竞争) (激烈竞争) Strengths and weaknesses 优缺点 Career experience Professional skill

Expressions of Job Interview About Words:

Expressions of Job Interview About
1.Can you sell yourself in two minutes? ? 你能在两分钟內自我推荐吗? 你能在两分钟內自我推荐吗? Questions: 2.What’s your major?
你的专业是什么? 你的专业是什么?

3.Who do you work for at present?你现在在哪里工作? 你现在在哪里工作? 4.Would you please say something 你可以说说你的工作经历吗? 你可以说说你的工作经历吗? about your career experience? 5.Why did you leave your last job?你为什么离职呢? ?你为什么离职呢? 6.What is your strongest trait(s)? 你个性上最大的特点是什么? ? 你个性上最大的特点是什么? 7.What major problem have you encountered and how did you deal 你曾经遇到过哪些棘手的问 你是如何处理的? 题?你是如何处理的? with it? 8.What have you learned from 你从所犯的错误中学到了什么? 你从所犯的错误中学到了什么? your mistakes?

Expressions of Job Interview About Answers:
What are your great strengths?

&. I’m a good team player. ’ &. I’m a hard-working, ’
persistent person.

&. I’m a fast-learner. ’ &. I can work under
pressure and get along with my colleagues.

Expressions of Job Interview About Answers:
Why did you leave your former company?
&.Because I’m working in a small company ’ where a further promotion is impossible. &. Because I want to change my working environment, I’d like to find a job ’ which is more challenging. &. Because I had some private reasons, some family things. &. Because that company didn’t ’ have a good future, so I needed to consider my future.


A:Why didA:Good morning,Miss Dong. B:Silence you leave your last job? B:I feel Iis golden.some positive can make Just don't say anything.IB:Good morning,sir. in the of contributions hoping to get an offer B:Well, am to your company A:I have read handle your failure? your resume,now,I have A:How future.do position. If opportunity a better you some questions:can you type? knocks, I will take it. B:Noneyou work well under stress or am A:Do of us was born "perfect". I B:Yes,I can. sure I do you rate yourself as chance will pressure? be given a second a A:How many words a minute? A:How to correct my mistake. professional? so. minute. B:About I youwords anext week? B:Yes, 100 start A:Ok,can think A:What is strong academictrait(特点)? A:Hmm,can your strongest background, B:With my you speak any foreign languages? B:Next week? B:Helpfulness Spanish and Chinese. and caring,Adaptability I am capable B:I can speakand competent. A:Yes,on Monday. and sense of humor,Cheerfulness and B:You mean I have the job? A:Really?That's very good.How about friendliness. A:Yes,you you the job now. French? A:What do have think you are worth to us? A:How do you normally handle criticism? B:Sorry,I can not speaksee you again. B:Thank you ,I hope to French,but I can speakwelcome. see you next Monday. A:You're Italian,not very well,though.

A: Next please! A: I’m rightat all. .sir. you really only a A: Wow! Seems like you’re really a person B: No, not here But with ability. What did you dono about something ? Promotions specialist in P&G, in P&G? A: ah…all right.. Could you talk other B: Youyourself ? positions ? about know, that’s a really big company to work for, enough I what dofull use of to know B: That’s I have tothink. People should be I’d like to, but make you want my advantages to guarantee big story to succeed ! content withI’m a reallyThat’swork can be about me ? their lot. the why I tell. donehave to But I know, care soIbrilliant, your A:IAsright. say that you’re . enjoy the A: usual, you don’t something about but challenges this kind of workand anything you we only need a experience bring for me…… background and secretary .you’re not the A: Wait..Wait. type we want. All feel is pertinent. I want to know is what did you first, I’m a can talk about your B:What! Are P&G ,weexcellent graduate from B: Well,do in you serious? You are rejecting feelings later. me ? Chongqing University. I have worked for many B: Promotions specialist. You such as a A: I am so sorry but yes. famous international companies can find P&G, and A: on. job according to you ability. better so Pardon? B: You will be to look down on you think Sir. B: you seems regretful when the job. of today’s choice !It’s such a loss of you !Pathetic man!


Some Tips
& Know something about the organization you are applying to. & Dress properly. Don't shake hand with the interviewer until he/she extends his/her hand. & Don't sit down until invited to do so by the interviewer. & Make eye-contact with the interviewer during the interview. & Listen actively and stay calm.

穿着要得体,人家伸手时才握手。 穿着要得体,人家伸手时才握手。

人家未请,先別坐下。 人家未请,先別坐下。

面试时,眼睛要看着对方。 面试时,眼睛要看着对方。

注意听,保持冷静。 注意听,保持冷静。

Some Tips
& Don't appear to be pushy or overly anxious to get a job. & Be honest but not too modest. & Don't put yourself down or cut yourself up. & Try to avoid discussing politics or religion with your interviewer.

要诚实, 要诚实,但不必太谦虚