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Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.We don’t meet often. We only see each other ________ (occasion). 2.I managed to argue her into ________ (take) a walk with me after supper. 3.How long had they been ________ love with each other before they got married? 4.A selfish person doesn’t care ________ other people’s problems. 5. ________ is generally agreed that cycling contributes greatly to people’s physical fitness. 6.The film, ________ (set) in Tang Dynasty,is well received by many foreign viewers. 7.He is very popular among his students as he always tries to make them ________ (interest) in his lectures. 8. ________ our entertainment,he told many interesting stories that night. 9.After the long journey,the three of them went back home,hungry and ________ (tire). 10. A training session should be an occasion ________ the whole team works together. 答案 9.tired 1.occasionally 10.where 2.taking 3.in 4.about 5.It 6.set 7.interested 8.To

Ⅱ.单句改错(每句仅 1 处错误) 1.The film’s scenes were so moved that a lot of people liked it. 2.She has fallen in love with Tom for two years. 3.It was what he said which gave me a big surprise. 4.He doesn’t care for other people in the least; he thinks only of himself. 5.He came back after a trip,tired but happily. 6.In everyone’s surprise,he didn’t attend the important meeting. 答 案 1.moved→moving 2.fallen→been 3.which→that 4.for→about

5.happily→happy 6.In→To

Ⅲ.课文缩写语法填空 The film Crouching Tiger,Hidden Dragon,directed by Ang Lee,1.________ (belong) to a type of martial arts film.It tells of a story 2.________ (take) place in the early 1800s.Li Mubai,3.________ (play) by Chow Yun-Fat,and Yu Xiulian, 4.________ is played by Michelle Yeoh,are in love with each other,but Mubai feels that he can’t marry Xiulian 5.________ her fiance was his good friend although her fiance 6.________ (die).When someone steals her sword,they try 7.________ (get) it back.Yu Jiaolong,another female character,is not as good 8.________she seems and the fight scenes between her and Xiulian are 9.________ (excite).As in the old Wuxia stories,characters leap through the air every now and then,with beautiful, graceful movements,while audience shout 10.________surprise. 答案 8.as 1.belongs 2.taking 3.played 4.who 5.because 6.has died 7.to get

9.exciting 10.in

Ⅳ.单元考点作文串记 一、根据提示翻译句子 1.她是个著名的女演员,尤其以在喜剧中的表现而出名。(actress,comedy) _____________________________________________________________________ 2.令我们吃惊的是,在 16 岁时,她在一部以遥远的小山村为背景的影片中扮演 了一位女老师的角色。(to one’s surprise,at the age of,play the part of,setting) _____________________________________________________________________ 3.影片中的主角是一位勇敢、优雅的女性,她的所作所为令人感动。(character, brave,graceful,female,moving) _____________________________________________________________________ 4.她的粉丝看这部影片时,立刻就喜欢上了她。(fall in love with) _____________________________________________________________________ 5.他们关心她,等待她的下一部杰作。(care about,masterpiece) _____________________________________________________________________ 答案 1.She is a famous actress and better known for her performances in comedies. 2.To our surprise,at the age of 16,she plays the part of a woman teacher in a film whose setting is in a remote mountain village.

3.The leading character in the film is a brave and graceful female and what she does is moving. 4.When her fans see the film,they fall in love with her at once. 5.They care about her and wait for her next masterpiece. 二、加入适当过渡词,连句成篇

【参考范文】 She is a famous actress and better known for her performances in comedies.To our surprise,at the age of 16,she plays the part of a woman teacher in a film whose setting is in a remote mountain village.The leading character in the film is a brave and graceful female and what she does is moving.When her fans see the film,they fall in love with her at once.They care about her and wait for her next masterpiece. Ⅴ.阅读理解 A Julianne Moore talks about why people are so touched by her film Still Alice.“It’s not just because it’s a disease movie,” she says of the story of Dr.Alice Howland, a 50-year-old university professor and a mother of three who is struck with Alzheimer’s disease (阿尔茨海默氏病).“It’s a movie about mortality (生命的 有限) and being,” she says.“It makes us really think about our lives.You’re never closer to loving life than when you’re closest to loss.” And Moore is loving her life right now.The actress, 54, lives in New York City with her husband, who she’s been with for 19 years and married to for 10.They have two kids, a son, Caleb, 17, and a daughter, Liv, 12.And home really is where her heart is.“There’s nowhere else I want to be.I see a great amount of purpose there and have a real feeling of belonging,” she says. Not only is she a mom with a family, she’s also a five-time Oscar nominee (被 提名人).“The most difficult thing for me as an actor is dealing with accuracy, with specificity.When you haven’t actually experienced something, you have a

responsibility to be as true as possible,” Moore says.That’s why the first thing she told directors when she took the part of Alice was, “I don’t want to represent anything on screen that I don’t have experience of.I don’t think it’s fair.” She did four months of research for Still Alice, talking to real women with Alzheimer’s, doctors working with patients, and visiting a long -term care home.And

the results have left viewers moved to tears.So far she’s already won a Golden Globe and a Critic’s Choice award.She may finally win an Academy Award, too.And yes, she wants to win.“That’s the nomination from your peers ( 同龄人 ) ,” she says.“It’s a very, very big deal.” She hopes Still Alice affects viewers the same way it did her.“It’s uplifting,” she says.“It’s about what you love, who you value and how much you love being alive.” 【语篇解读】 本文是记叙文。文章主要介绍了美国女演员朱丽安 · 摩尔以及她

主演的电影《依然爱丽丝》 。 1.What can we learn about Still Alice? A.It is encouraging. B.It makes people sad. C.It is based on a true story. D.It was written by Julianne Moore. 答案 A [细节理解题。由第一段中的 It makes us really think about our lives 以 及最后一段的 It’s uplifting 可知,Still Alice 是一部励志片。] 2.Julianne Moore’s words in Paragraph 2 show that________. A.she has no sense of belonging B.she attaches great importance to her family C.she thinks family is more important than a career D.she has achieved a balance between family and career 答案 B [细节理解题。由第二段可知,Moore 家庭幸福。对她来说,家便是她 心之所在,家赋予了她生活的意义及归属感。故选 B 项。] 3.We can infer from Paragraph 3 that________.

A.Moore shows great devotion to her career B.the filming of Still Alice lasted four months C.Moore refused to play the part of Alice at first D.the film Still Alice was badly received by critics 答案 A [推理判断题。由第三段中 Julianne Moore 说的话 When you haven’t actually...as true as possible 以及她为了出演 Still Alice 进行了为期四个月的调查研 究可以推断,她很敬业。] 4.What’s Moore’s attitude towards winning an Academy Award? A.She doubts it. B.She cares about it. C.She is uncertain about it. D.She thinks it unimportant. 答案 B [推理判断题。由第三段末的 And yes, she wants to win.“That’s the nomination from your peers, ” she says.“It’s a very, very big deal.”可知, Julianne Moore 很在乎奥斯卡奖。] B The Perth International Arts Festival is the longest running cultural festival in Australia.It runs between February and March every year since its inauguration (揭幕) in 1953 by the University of Western Australia.So don’t miss your chance to become a part of this amazing experience and book your flight to Perth now and we’ll tell you why. During the festival, the sky is darkening to shades of purple from orange and some of the earliest stars are able to be seen.A cool ocean wind plays with your hair and a murmur (低语声) of a crowd fills the air.How can it be any more perfect to enjoy different performance arts live in this atmosphere? Even in the sunny skies of Perth you can’t miss out on some world-class music, theatre, dance, visual arts and literature.The Perth International Arts Festival or PIAF for short has some of the most attractive productions and it ends up attracting famous people in the field of arts.Past audiences have all been treated to great music and cool jazz tunes during the pleasantly warm summer nights.

The PIAF is also well-known for its international writers’ festival.Here you get the chance to feast your inner writer, read amazing pieces, share ideas and debate.A line of first-class authors turn up here to celebrate their writings at this festival. But the best part is of course the direct - to - festival release ( 发行 ) of international art films.Directors from all over the world gather around to celebrate the fine art of movie making.Every year the number of introductions increase tenfold (十 倍), and the entire community enjoys them through celebration. Along with this there are also plenty of family street theatres and art shows all over the city.It’s as if the city comes to life for t he first time during this festival and the art galleries and food stalls (摊位) attract people from all over the world.No matter what age to come in, you can find something to enjoy.We don’t want you to feel left out from all this amazing fun, so plan your visit now. 【语篇解读】 本文是说明文, 题材为社会文化类。 珀斯国际艺术节在每年的 2~ 3 月举行,是澳大利亚持续时间最长的节日。人们可以在艺术节上观看电影,欣 赏音乐,阅读名著,享受美食。 5.What is the weather like when the PIAF is held every year? A.It is too hot for visitors. B.It is cloudy most of the day. C.The weather is pleasant for visitors. D.It rains heavily every day. 答案 C [推理判断题。根据第二段中有关天气的描述可知,艺术节期间,天气

是非常适宜的。] 6.Which of the following can’t you enjoy at the festival? A.Music. B.Literature. C.Food. D.Sports.

答案 D [细节理解题。通读全文可知,在艺术节上,我们可以观看电影,欣赏 音乐,阅读名著,享受美食,但不能享受体育活动。] 7.From the fourth paragraph we can conclude that________. A.film stars enjoy the festival B.film production is increasing fast

C.more and more people enjoy films D.the festival is supported by the locals 答案 B [推理判断题。根据第四段的描述可知,电影的发展越来越快。] 8.What is the author’s purpose of writing this text? A.To share his experiences about the PIAF. B.To introduce the best part of the PIAF to the readers. C.To give some suggestions to the readers on holiday. D.To advise readers to plan their visit immediately. 答案 D [推理判断题。 根据全文内容可知, 作者写作本文的目的是想要建议读 者尽早作出计划,参加珀斯国际艺术节。] Ⅵ.书面表达 简要描述图片内容,结合生活实际,就图片的主题谈谈自己的感想。

注意:词数 100 左右。

【参考范文】 From the picture we can see a boy using a mobile phone to solve his homework problems.Like magic, it takes only a few minutes for him to finish his homework. The picture shows a serious problem nowadays.Some students have formed the habit of searching for answers on the Internet without thinking carefully first. I think it is unwise to turn to mobile phones unless it is necessary.Doing homework is a good way to review our lessons and develop the ability to solve problems.Depending on mobile phones completely, however, cannot help us become wiser or more knowledgeable.

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