春天的生机,夏天的浮躁,秋天的收获,冬天的安逸, 你喜欢哪一个呢?本文是小编精心编辑的最喜爱的季节英 语作文,希望能帮助到你! 最喜爱的季节英语作文篇一 It is cold and dry outside. The wind often blows strongly. The days are shorter and the nights are longer. Many animals go to sleep. They will sleep for a long time till the spring comes. People don’t like to go outside. They have to wear heavy coats, scarves and gloves. But children like to be outside. Because it often snows. There is snow around. There is ice on the ground. Children can throw snowballs, make the snowmen. Oh, look. What a surprise! Do you see? The river is frozen! Here come the boys, there come the girls, they are skating in the river happily. Oh! Winter comes. It is really an interesting season. It has so much fun! 最喜爱的季节英语作文篇二 It is autumn. The sky is clem and cloudless. The summer heat is gone. The autumn wind brings us cool.

At once the version comes to my mind, "Autumn is rich with fruit and grain. " Actually I see pomegranates red and round on the stall in the market and the pcars big, yellow and juicy. My mouth waters for them. The grains have been harvested, the rice, wheat and corn. The laurel trees give off fragrance. The perfume makes its way stralght into my nose. The brlght red canna are standing behind rows of tall plane trees. I am waiting for their leaves to turn l can trample on

the fallen leaves on both sides of the ground. At times the autumn rain keeps falling silandy on the trees and flowers and the ground. It washes everything clean. When the sun comes out, the droplets shine bright on the yellow leaves. What a beautiful painting! Autumn is the season for harvest no pains, no gains. I must study hard so that I can have a big harvest in all my subjects.


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