General Knowledge about the U.S. (1) 1. The traditional dividing line in America between “east” and “west” is . A. the Mississippi river B. the Appalachians C. the Rocky Mountains D. the Hudson river 2. Which part in America is the earliest to be found and taken over by early settlers? A. The Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain B. The Appalachians and their foothills C. The interior lowlands D. The Cordillera 3. Which is the largest racial group in the whole population of U.S.A.? A. Hispanics B. American Indians C. Non-Hispanics white D. Asian Americans 4. Before 2000, the largest minority group in the U.S. is . A. Latinos/Hispanics B. Asian Americans C. Native Americans D. African Americans 5. has the world’s oldest written constitution and political party. A. America B. Canada C. England D. Australia 6. As to roles of American president, which is NOT precisely defined in the U.S. Constitution? A. Head of the state B. Chief executive of the U.S. C. Commander-in-chief of the armed forces D. Head of his political party 7. The economic problem caused by the depression in 1929 was eventually solved by . A. The New Deal B. World War II C. New energy sources D. Technological changes 8. In the United States, how many years does primary education require? A. 4 years B. 5 years C. 6 years D. 7 years 9. Most college students in the United States are in . A. private institutions B. city-funded universities C. high-tuition universities D. public institutions 10. The three main levels of courts of the federal judicial system in America are as follows EXCEPT . A. the U.S. State Courts B. the U.S. District Courts C. the U.S. Courts of Appeal D. the U.S. Supreme Court

Reference Answers: AACDA; DBCDA

General Knowledge about the U.S. (2) 11. All states of America are governed by the common law EXCEPT . A. Louisiana B. Washington C. California D. New York 12. Of the fifty states of America, how many states now have the death penalty as punishment? A. 37 B. 38 C. 39 D. 40 . 13. The four major regions of the U.S. are ①Northeast ② South ③Midwest ④West ⑤ North A. ①②③④ B. ①③④⑤ C. ②③④⑤ D. ①②③⑤ 14. Which region’s cultural character of the U.S. was shaped largely by Puritan spirit? A. The Middle-Atlantic Region B. The New England Region C. The Pennsylvanian Region D. The Mormon Region 15. Which of the following is the largest state in terms of population in the U.S. A. California B. Indiana C. Kansas D. Massachusetts 16. Which of the following is NOT in Middle-Atlantic Region①? A. Broadway B. The Statue of Liberty C. Time Square D. Bible Belt② 17. Which of the following is NOT the characteristic of American characters? A. Ambition B. Individualism C. Consideration D. Self-reliance 18. Which of the following is NOT America’s newspaper? A. Wall Street Journal B. USA Today C. Guardian D. The Milwaukee Journal 19. Which of the following are U.S. News and Cable Networks? ①ABC ②NBC ③BBC ④ABA③ A. ①② B. ②③ C. ③④ D. ①④ 20. “Hollywood” is often used as a synonym for . A. American films B. American forest industry C. Christians in the U.S.A. D. American advertising industry

Reference Answers: ABABA; DCCAA

中大西洋地区实际上就是纽约都市地区。 The “Bible Belt” is a slang term used for a geographical region in the south and the midsection of the U.S.—areas that host large groups of fundamentalist Christians. ③ American Bankers Association

General Knowledge about the U.S. (3) 21. The most important and largest river in the U.S. is . A. the Ohio River B. the Colorado River C. the Missouri River D. the Mississippi River 22. The north-eastern part of the U.S.—New England enjoys a climate. A. northern and oceanic type of B. typical continental C. very cold D. fairly warm 23. To the west of mainland America lies the . A. Atlantic Ocean B. Pacific Ocean C. Indian Ocean D. Arctic Ocean 24. Detroit, a U.S. city bordering Lake Erie, is famous for its . A. automobile industry B. textile industry C. iron and steel industry D. aircraft industry 25. The natives of the continent of America are the . A. Canadians B. Indians C. Mexicans D. Hispanics 26. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in . A. Britain B. Britain and U.S.A. C. the United States D. all the English-speaking countries 27. is the largest city and the chief port of the United States. A. Washington D.C. B. Los Angels C. San Francisco D. New York City 28. Which of the following minority groups enjoys the worst social and economic conditions? A. Blacks B. Hispanics C. Indians D. Asian Americans 29. Which of the following is NOT in New York City? A. Wall Street B. Fifth Avenue C. Broadway Street D. Niagara Falls 30. Washington D.C. is named after . A. the U.S. President George Washington B. Christopher Columbus C. both George Washington and Christopher Columbus D. none of them

Reference Answers: DBBAB; CDADC

General Knowledge about the U.S. (4) 31. The U.S. Congress has the power to make these laws EXCEPT of . A. defense B. citizenship and naturalization C. marriage D. the regulation of foreign trade 32. American and British are two of the English language. A. varieties B. elements C. parts D. forms 33. The first American president to be elected from the Republican Party was . A. Thomas Jefferson B. James Monroe C. James Madison D. Abraham Lincoln 34. Of the fifty states of the U.S., the smallest state in area is . A. Rhode Island B. Virginia C. Texas D. Montana 35. The national flag of the U.S. is known as . A. the Star-Spangled Banner B. Uncle Sam C. Hot Dog D. Union Jack 36. The colony that did NOT send representatives to the First Continental Congress was . A. Georgia B. Virginia C. Massachusetts D. Rhode Island 37. The number of the representatives from each American state depends on the . A. contribution a state has made to the nation B. population C. size D. none of the above . 38. The term “Father of Waters” is used to refer to A. the Amazon River B. the Mississippi River C. the Nile River D. the Hudson River 39. The statue of liberty was given to American people by as a gift in 1884. A. France B. Spain C. Italy D. Britain 40. music is perhaps America’s greatest contribution to the world of popular music. A. Blues B. Rock C. Jazz D. Waltz

Reference Answers: CADAA; ABBAC

General Knowledge about the U.S. (5) is a special day of love. A. Valentine’s Day B. April Fool’s Day C. Halloween D. Easter 42. American national flower is . A. violet B. rose C. lily D. primrose 43. Whose presidential term is the longest in the U.S.? A. George Washington B. Thomas Jefferson C. Abraham Lincoln D. Franklin D. Roosevelt 44. Ernest Hemingway is . A. Englishman B. American C. Dutch D. Denmark 45. John Fitzgerald Kennedy is the president. A. 35th B. 34th C. 33rd D. 32nd 46. In 1837, the first college-level institution for women, Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, opened in to serve the “Muslim sex”. A. New England B. Virginia C. Massachusetts D. New York 47. The capital of Massachusetts is . A. Providence B. Boston C. Montpelier D. Augusta 48. is the dividing line between the South and North of the U.S.. A. The Hudson River B. The Potomac River C. The Ohio River D. The Missouri River 49. is Washington’s largest city. A. Boise B. Denver C. Tacoma D. Seattle 50. Washington D.C., the capital of U.S. is situated on the River banks. A. St. Lawrence B. Hudson C. Potomac D. Missouri 41.

Reference Answers: ABDBA; CBDDC

General Knowledge about the U.S. (6) 51. When did the American Civil War break out? A. 1775 B. 1812 C. 1861 D. 1863 52. Who prepared the draft of The Declaration of Independence? A. John Adams B. Thomas Jefferson C. Benjamin Franklin D. John Hancock 53. In which day is Halloween celebrated? A. 5 November B. 31 October C. 17 March D. 25 December 54. The following were the founding fathers of the American Republic except . A. George Washington B. Thomas Jefferson C. William Penn D. Benjamin Franklin 55. The New Deal was started by . A. Franklin Roosevelt B. J.F. Kennedy C. George Washington D. Thomas Jefferson 56. The United States was rated in the world in terms of land area. A. second B. third C. fourth D. fifth 57. The expenditure in American public schools is guided or decided by . A. teachers B. students C. headmaster D. boards of education 58. The Bill of Rights consists of . A. 10 very short paragraphs in an amendment B. 10 amendments adopted in 1787 C. 10 amendments added to the Constitution in 1791 D. The amendments concerning the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press and the freedom of religion 59. The United States produces as much as half of the world’s . A. wheat and rice B. cotton C. tobacco and vegetable oil D. soybeans and corn 60. Which invention marked the beginning of “The Age of Visual Information”? A. Newspaper B. Telegraph C. Laundry machine D. Television

Reference Answers: CBBCA; CDCDD

General Knowledge about the U.S. (7) 61. The theory of American politics and the American Revolution originated mainly from . A. George Washington B. Thomas Jefferson C. John Adams D. John Locke 62. The District of Manhattan is in the city of . A. Washington D.C. B. San Francisco C. New York D. Chicago 63. The seats in the Senate are allocated to different states . A. according to their population B. according to their size C. according to their tax paid to federal government D. equally 64. The Rocky Mountains is located in . A. Great Britain B. Australia C. South Africa D. North America 65. Hollywood, the center of American movie industry, is closest to which city? A. Los Angeles B. Chicago C. New York D. Washington 66. Which of the following is an American newspaper? A. The Guardian B. Newsweek C. The International Herald Tribune D. The Daily Telegraph . 67. The U.S. is called a “melting pot” because A. its steel industry is highly developed B. it has great influence on the world C. it is an important economic center of the world D. people from different races live there together 68. The first Puritans came to America on the ship . A. Codpeed B. Susan Constant C. May Flower D. Discovery 69. Americans celebrate Memorial Day on the last Monday in May to honor those who have . A. given their lives for their country B. made great scientific discovery C. won American great reputation in sports D. donated large amounts of money to the country 70. “Trick or Treat” is a phrase that children often use when they celebrate . A. New Year’s Day B. Veteran’s Day C. Halloween D. Christmas Reference Answers: DCDDA; BDCAC

General Knowledge about the U.S. (8) 71. The Easter egg and the hare, two of the symbols most frequently associated with Easter, are considered to represent . A. vigor and bravery B. fertility and new life C. originality and speed D. happiness and fun 72. Which of the following books is not written by Mark Twain, whose real name is Samuel Langhorne Clemens? A. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer B. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn C. Life on the Mississippi D. Leaves of Grass 73. Which of the following books is written by Washington Irving? A. Nature B. The Scarlet Letter C. The Sketch Book D. Farewell to Arms 74. The world-famous Harvard University is in . A. Massachusetts B. New York C. Washington D.C. D. Maine 75. Which of the following statements about American education is wrong? A. Elementary and secondary education in America is free and compulsory B. Private schools are financially supported by religious or nonreligious private organizations or individuals C. There are more public colleges and universities than the private ones D. Credits taken at community colleges are normally applicable to requirement for a four-year bachelor’s degree 76. is a symbol of American theater and world-class entertainment. A. Broadway B. Wall Street C. The Fifth Avenue D. Times Square 77. is not a tourist attraction in the United States. A. Yellowstone National Park B. Grand Canyon C. St. Patrick’s Cathedral D. Stonehenge 78. was an actor before he became the President. A. Ronald Reagan B. Abraham Lincoln C. Herbert Hoover D. Jimmy Carter 79. New Englanders were originally know as , which come to stand for all Americans. A. Hippies B. Yankees C. Uncle Sam D. Brother Jonathan 80. On the 30th of April, 1789, George Washington took the oath of office in , which housed the government then. A. New York B. Washington D.C. C. Philadelphia D. Boston Reference Answers: BDCAC; ADABA

General Knowledge about the U.S. (9) 81. Which of the following people was not an American President? A. John Hancock B. John Adams C. John Q. Adams D. Jimmy Carter 82. Henry Ford was the first man to . A. design a plane B. fly an aeroplane C. mass-produce cars D. design and make a car 83. “That government of the people, by the people, for the people…” were the words by . A. Thomas Jefferson B. Abraham Lincoln C. Andrew Johnson D. Theodore Roosevelt 84. State is the North-West of the United States. A. Missouri B. Maryland C. New York D. Washington 85. The famous Silicon Valley is in the state of . A. Texas B. Idaho C. Illinois D. California 86. Of the five Great Lakes, is the only lake that lies entirely in the U.S. A. Lake Erie B. Lake Huron C. Lake Michigan D. Lake Superior 87. In the United States, the largest groups of native Americans live on . A. the Great Plains B. the Pacific coast C. the Colorado Plateau D. the Appalachian Mountains . 88. The symbol for the Democratic Party in the United States is A. the bull B. the bear C. the donkey D. the elephant 89. is often used to refer to the US Department of Defense. A. Capitol Hill B. The Pentagon C. The White House D. The Empire State Building 90. The American government is divided into three branches with each having its own powers. This is called . A. absolute monarchy B. balance of powers C. checks and balances D. separation of government Reference Answers: ACBDD; CCCBC

General Knowledge about the U.S. (10) 91. President George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, is a member of . A. Whig Party B. the Democratic Party C. Federalist Party D. the Republican Party 92. In the United States, NASA is the acronym for . A. National Aeronautics & Space Administration B. National Autograss Sports Association C. Nice And Safe Attitude D. National Association of Students of Architecture 93. When Neil Armstrong, one of the three crew, first landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, he said, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. A. Apollo 11 B. Apollo 12 C. Apollo 15 D. Apollo 17 94. The inventor of lighting rod is . A. Benjamin Franklin B. Thomas Jefferson C. Albert Einstein D. Thomas Edison 95. , the tallest building in North America was built in 1974 in Chicago. A. Sears Tower B. Empire State Building C. John Hancock Center D. Aon Center 96. The most popular spectator sport in the United States is . A. rugby B. cricket C. football D. American football 97. Why is the United States called “a nation on the wheels”? A. Because Americans love making cars B. Because Americans depend much on cars in their daily life C. Because Americans constantly move from city to city in their cars D. Because the car industry has earned the United States its reputation 98. music is a native American music and its origins lie in the folk songs of the English, Scottish, and Irish. A. Jazz B. Hip Pop C. Rock and Roll D. Country and Western 99. Up to now, is the country’s leading state in oil and natural gas deposits. A. Texas B. Florida C. Rhode Island D. North Dakota 100. Which of the following corporations is not an automobile giant in America? A. Ford B. Chrysler C. General Motors D. International Business Machines (IBM) Reference Answers: DAAAA; DBDAD

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