In April 2012, a dust storm that originated in China and Mongolia took a six-day journey across more than ten thousand kilometers of sea and open land to Arizona in the United States. The cloud was so dense that it seemed as if the sun were setting early. At least one person thought a volcano had erupted.
Although traveling dust storms are nothing new, the dust now often contains chemical or metallic substances that contribute to respiratory illnesses (呼吸道疾病) and damage the environment. At present, a group of researchers in Asia is studying aerosol particles and their effects on the environment — and they have plenty of dust to work with.

Dust storms are one of the repercussions (后果) of humans messing around with Mother Nature. Although they are a natural phenomenon, dust storms have been occurring more often, at shorter intervals, and with greater force in recent years, and human activity is the cause.
It is a fact that excessive herding of animals and exploitation of grasslands are responsible for the majority of dust storms. This means that dust storms are largely a result of human actions; in other words, they are controllable.



[原文呈现] Sandstorms① in Asia


Sandstorms have been a
major② disaster for many ①sandstorm/'s?nd?st??m/n.沙尘暴

Asian countries for centuries. ②major/'meId??/adj.主要的;多数的
Scientists have tried many ③mass/m?s/adj.大量的;大规模的
ways to solve this problem
and in China, a mass③ ④campaign/k?m'peIn/n.战役;活动

campaign④ has been started

to help solve it.



Sandstorms are strong, dry ⑤that carry sand 是定语从句,修

winds that carry sand⑤ .They
饰 winds, that 在从句中作主语。

are often so thick that you

cannot see the sun⑥, and the ⑥ so ...that ...“ 如 此 …… 以 至

wind is sometimes strong 于……”,引导结果状语从句。

enough to move sand dunes⑦. ⑦dune/dju?n/n.沙丘

The four main places in the ⑧where there are sandstorms 是

world where there are sandstorms⑧ are Central Asia, North America, Central Africa and Australia. Ren Jianbo, from

定语从句,修饰 the four main places, where 在从句中作地点 状语。



Inner Mongolia described a ⑨he experienced 是定语从句,



he 修饰 sandstorm,从句中省略

experienced⑨ as a child in the 了作宾语的关系代词 which

desert. “To have been caught in a sandstorm⑩ was a terrible

或 that。 ⑩动词不定式的完成式 to have
been caught in a sandstorm

experience , ” he said.“There 作主语。

was nothing to be done?. It was ? There was nothing to be

the most frightening and the most done.“一点儿办法也没有/什

dangerous situation I’ve ever been 么也干不了”。

in?. You just had to hope you’d ?I've ever been in 是定语从

survive. I thought I was going to disappear under the sand.”

句,修饰 situation。引导词 that 或 which 作介词 in 的宾 语,所以省略了。

亚洲的沙尘暴 [第 1~2 段译文]
几百年以来,沙尘暴一直是许多亚洲国家面临的一个主要灾 难。科学家们已尝试过许多方法解决这个问题,在中国,一场大 规模的帮助解决沙尘暴问题的运动已经开始了。

沙尘暴是夹带沙尘的强烈而干燥的风。沙尘暴常常很浓密, 以至于遮住了太阳,有时风力大的足以移动沙丘。世界上沙尘暴 发生的四个主要地区是中亚、北美、中非和澳大利亚。来自内蒙 古的任建波是这样来描述他小时候在沙漠中遭遇的一次可怕的 沙尘暴的:“遭遇沙尘暴是一种可怕的经历。”他说:“你一点儿 办法也没有。那是我遭遇过的最可怕、最危险的境况。你只能希 望自己会活下来。那时候我以为我要被沙子淹没了。”



Northwest China is part of ?appear link v.看上去;似乎, the sandstorm centre in Central 此处运用了 appear to do 的完 Asia. Sandstorms begin in desert 成式,表动作的完成。 areas. Sandstorms in China appear ? to have increased in ? desertification/de?z??tifi ’ keI ? recent years as a result of n/n.(土地的)沙漠化 “desertification ? ”. This is a ?process/’pr??ses/n.进程;过程
process? that happens when land in the process of (doing) sth. becomes desert because of climate 在(做)某事过程中 changes and because people cut ?cut down 砍倒
down? trees and dig up? grass. ?dig up 掘出,挖到




sometimes ?citizen/’sItIzn/n.公民;市民

affect Beijing. Citizens ? wake ?wake up to 意识到;认识到

up to? an orange sky and strong ?定语从句 that cover the city ...

winds ?that cover the city in a

修饰 winds, that 在从句中作主 语。

thick, brown-yellow dust○21. The ○21 dust/d?st/n.沙尘;灰尘

storms sometimes continue all ○22 makes it difficult to see 中,it

day and traffic moves very 是形式宾语。此处是“make+

slowly because the thick dust makes it difficult to see○22.

形式宾语+宾补+真正的宾 语”句式。

[第 3~4 段译文] 中国的西北地区是中亚沙尘暴中心的一部分。沙尘暴发源于
沙漠地区。“沙漠化”导致的沙尘暴近几年在中国似乎有所增加。 这是一个由于气候变化和人类砍伐树木、铲除草皮而使陆地变成 沙漠的过程。
沙尘暴有时候会影响北京。居民醒来时,看到昏黄的天空, 狂风夹着厚厚的黄褐色灰尘在城里肆虐。沙尘暴有时持续一整天, 车辆开得很慢,因为浓浓的尘埃降低了能见度。



The Chinese Central Weather ○23 forecast/'f??kɑ?st/vt.预报;

Station can forecast○23 a sandstorm 预告

some weeks before it arrives in 其过去式、过去分词为 Beijing, but the strength○24 of the forecast, forecast 或 storm sometimes surprises people. forecasted, forecasted。 When a sandstorm arrives in the
○24 strength/stre?θ/n.力量;力气 city, weather experts advise people not to go out○25 . Huang Xiaomei, ○25 advise sb. (not) to do sth.
who lives in Beijing says, “To be 建议某人(不)做某事



cycling ○26 in a ○26 cycle/'saIkl/vi.骑自行车
sandstorm ○27 is frightening. ○27 动 词 不 定 式 的 进 行 式 to be The winds are very strong. It ’ s difficult to breathe ○28 cycling in a sandstorm 作主语,
此时谓语动词用单数形式。 and the dust makes me ill. So
if you want to go out, you’d ○28 breathe v.呼吸 breath n.呼吸

better wear a mask○29.”

○29 mask/mɑ?sk/n.面罩



The desert is only 250
○30to prevent it coming nearer 作目
kilometres away to the west of
的 状 语 。 其 中 运 用 了 prevent
Beijing. To prevent it coming nearer○30 , the government is sb./sth. (from) doing sth.结构,
planting trees. Already the government has planted more from 可以省略。
than 30 billion trees and plans ○31continue doing sth.与 continue to

to continue planting○31 for the do sth. 用法基本相同,表示“继

next five years.


[第 5~6 段译文] 中国中央气象站能在沙尘暴到达北京前几周预报沙尘暴,
但沙尘暴的力量有时很惊人。当沙尘暴到达这个城市时,气象 专家建议人们不要外出。家住北京的黄小梅说:“在沙尘暴中 骑自行车真可怕。风力很强,呼吸困难,沙尘使我很难受。因 此,如果你想外出的话,你最好戴个口罩。”
沙漠离北京西部只有 250 千米远。为阻止沙漠的逼近,政 府正在植树。政府已经种植了 300 多亿棵树,并准备在未来的 5 年里继续种植。


Please match the words with their proper meanings.



























1~5________ 6~10________ 11~13________

答案:1~5 CDEFB 6~10 GHKLM 11~13 JIA

Lead-in 1.Look at the pictures and answer the following questions.
What is happening? What are the people wearing and why? What do you advise people to do in this situation?
参考答案:There is a sandstorm blowing. People are wearing hoods (风帽), masks and glasses to protect themselves. I advise that they’d better stay at home.

2.What are the causes of sandstorms? 参考答案:(1)desertification (沙漠化); (2)climate changes; (3)cutting down trees and digging up grass; (4)improper use of land; (5)high temperature and little rain; (6)the destruction of environment; (7)the growing population of the world ...



Read the text quickly and match the main idea with each


1.Para. 1

A.Sandstorms sometimes affect Beijing.

2.Para. 2

B.Sandstorms do a lot of damage to people.

3.Para. 3

C.The government plants trees to prevent


4.Para. 4
5.Para. 5 6.Para. 6

D.Sandstorms have been a major disaster for many Asian countries for centuries.
E.Sandstorms in Asia. F.Sandstorms in China appear to have increased

as a result of desertification. 1~6________________

答案:1~6 DEFABC

Careful-reading Read the text again and choose the best answers. 1.What is the best description about a sandstorm according to
the text? A.It is a major disaster for many Asian countries for centuries. B.It is a strong wind carrying sand. C.It is a way to cause land to become desert. D.It is a kind of natural disaster that can’t be dealt with.

2.What is the main reason for the increase of sandstorms in China recently? A.Being close to many deserts. B.The worsening of the weather in China. C.Desertification. D.People cut down trees and dig up grass.
3.What effects are sandstorms bringing to people living in cities? A.The whole city is usually covered by thick and brown-yellow dust. B.Traffic moves very slowly. C.People can’t breathe well and the dust makes them ill. D.All the above.

4.What is the best way to avoid the effects of the sandstorm? A.To live far away from deserts. B.To stay at home when a sandstorm happens. C.To wear a mask if you want to go out. D.To plant more trees.
答案:1~4 BCDD

Study-reading Analyze the following difficult sentences in the text. 1.This is a process that happens when land becomes desert
because of climate changes and because people cut down trees and dig up grass. [句式分析]
[尝试翻译] 这(沙漠化)是一个由于气候变化和人类砍伐 树木、铲除草皮而使陆地变成沙漠的过程。

2.The storms sometimes continue all day and traffic moves very slowly because the thick dust makes it difficult to see. [句式分析]
[尝试翻译] 沙尘暴有时持续一整天,车辆开得很慢,因为 浓浓的尘埃降低了能见度。

3.The Chinese Central Weather Station can forecast a sandstorm some weeks before it arrives in Beijing, but the strength of the storm sometimes surprises people. [句式分析]
[尝试翻译] 中国中央气象站能在沙尘暴到达北京前几周预 报沙尘暴,但沙尘暴的力量有时很惊人。