Chapter Two 1. 我们从中国驻东京大使馆商务参赞处 得知 中国驻东京大使馆商务参赞处 得知贵公司的行名和地址,并了解 贵公司是经营家用电器产品 经营家用电器产品有经验的出口商 经营家用电器产品 We obtained your name and address from commercial counsellor’s counsellor’ Tokyo. office of the Chinese embassy in Tokyo They have informed us that electrical you are experienced exporter in the market for home electrical appliances. appliances 2. 我们的一个客户对你们的新产品感兴趣 One of our customers is interested in your new production. 3. 我们的一个日本客户想要购买中国红茶 One of our customers in Japan wants to be in the market for black tea. 4. 如你所知,我们的外贸政策是在平等互利的基础上 在平等互利的基础上与各国人民做生意 在平等互利的基础上 As you know, our policy is to trade with merchants of various countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit benefit. 5. 我们希望你方尽最大努力 尽最大努力促进业务又增进友谊。 尽最大努力 We hope you can try your best to promote both trade and friendship. 谢谢你方来函表示提供服务,我方愿与你方就扩大贸易的可能性进行讨 6. 论。 Thanks for your letter about service supply, we are willing to talk about the possibility of promoting trade. 7. 我们了解到你公司是中国手工艺品的出口商,因此冒昧的写信给你 We have acknowledged that your company is the exporter of Chinese handicraft. 8. 我们相信,贵我双方的业务将随着时间的推移 随着时间的推移而得到发展。 随着时间的推移 We are sure that business between us will be promoted as time passing. passing 9. 你方 2 月 15 日函悉,并已转交给了上海分公司办理答复,因为你所询购 的商品属于他们经营范围 th Your letter of Feb 15 addressed to us has been passed on to our Shanghai Branch Office for attention and reply as the goods you reply, inquired is within the range of their business activities activities. 10. 我们是一家在全世界范围内进行进出口业务的贸易公司 We are a trading company handling the import and export business around world. 1、 经你方商会的介绍 介绍,我方欣悉贵公司的行名和地址。 介绍 On the recommendation of your Chamber of Commerce, we have learned with pleasure the name and address of your company. 在平等互利的基础上与贵公司建 2、 我公司专门经营中国纺织品出口,并愿意在平等互利的基础上 在平等互利的基础上 建 立业务关系。 立业务关系 We are specializing in the export of Chinese textiles and glad to enter into business relations with you on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. benefit 3、 为使贵方对我方产品有全面的了解,我方另函寄去一本目录册及一套小册 子以供参考 以供参考。 以供参考 To make you know well of our products, we are separately sending you a catalogue together with a set of brochure for your reference reference. 4、 如对目录中所列之任何产品感兴趣,请具体询价 具体询价,我方将立即报价。 具体询价 Please specific inquire if you are interested in any of the items listed nquire catalogue. in the catalogue We will quote promptly. 5、 望尽快答复。 We look forward to your early reply. Chapter Three 1. 如果你方报价具有竞争性,交货期可接受的话,我们愿向你订货 If your quotation is competitive and the delivery date is acceptable, we are willing to place an order with you. 2. 一经收到你方具体询价,我们将传真报价 On receipt of your detail inquiry, we will fax our quotation. 3. 如果你方有兴趣,请通过电子邮件通知我方,并说明 说明所需数量 说明 If you are interested in our goods, please mail me and indicate the quantity. 4. 我们对贵方发盘颇感兴趣,不日内将给予明确 明确答复。 明确 We are interested in your offer, and we will reply definitely soon. 5. 此报盘为实盘,以你方在本月底前复到有效 有效。 以 有效 This offer is firm, subject to your reply reaching us before the end of reaching this month. 6. 这是我方最新的价格表,你会发现我方价格具有竞争性的 This is our latest pricelist and you will find our price is competitive. 7. 鉴于我们长期的贸易关系 特此 长期的贸易关系,特此 鉴于 长期的贸易关系 特此报盘 business-ship, In view of our long term business-ship we hereby offer you as follows. 如果你方订货数量大 数量大,价格还可以进一步考虑 8. 数量大 If the quantity of your order is substantial the price can be considered substantial, further. 9. 一收到你方具体询盘 具体询盘,我们立即报最优惠的拉各斯到岸价 一收到 具体询盘 inquiry, On receipt of your specific inquiry we will offer at our most favorable price based on CIF Lagos.

10. 因为 因为我们所报价格是很合理的,我们相信这将是你们所能接受的 As our price quoted is very reasonable, we believe it should be acceptable to you. 执事先生: 很高兴收到你方 4 月 10 日的询价,根据你方要求,现寄上带插图的目录册 带插图的目录册及价 带插图的目录册 格表。另邮寄上一些样品,相信经查阅后,你方会同意 同意我方产品质量上乘 质量上乘,价 另 同意 质量上乘 格合理。 Dear Sirs, th We are glad to acknowledge you inquiry dated April 10 . As your request, we will send you our illustrated catalogue and pricelist. Separately catalogue Separately, we will send you some samples. I believe after checking, you will recognize that our product is of high quality and price is reasonable. 如果每个款式的购买数量不少于 1000 罗的话,我们可给 2%的折扣。支付是凭不 不 可撤销的即期信用证。 可撤销的即期信用证 If the purchasing quantity for each specification is not less than 1000G(G=Gross) (G=Gross), 1000G(G=Gross) we can offer you 2% discount. The payment is irrevocable L/C. sight L/C 由于质地柔软、耐用 质地柔软、 倍受欢迎。谅你在研究我方价格 质地柔软 耐用,我们的棉质床单和枕套倍受欢迎 倍受欢迎 之后,自然会感到我们难以满足市场需求 满足市场需求的原因。但是,若你方订货不迟于本 满足市场需求 月底,我们保证即期装运 保证即期装运。 保证即期装运 早复为盼。 Because of texture and durable our bed sheet and pillow cover are far durable, popular. more popular I guess after considering our price, you will find why we couldn’t meet the demands of the market. However, if your order is not later than the end of the month, we can assure you prompt shipment We shipment. look forward to your early reply. 谨上 Yours Faithfully Chapter Four 按照要求,我们现报盘 500 辆飞鸽牌自行车如下 1. 报盘 As your request, we are making you an offer for 500 Feige Brand bicycles as follows. 2. 此报盘为实盘,以你方在本月底前复到有效 以 有效 This offer is firm, subject to your reply reaching us before the end of this month. 3. 如果你方认为这一报盘可接受,请即传真以便我方确认。 If you find our offer is acceptable, please fax us for confirmation. 我们高兴地给你方报永久牌自行车拉各斯成本保险加运费的实盘 4. 实盘 We are glad to make you a firm offer for Forever Brand Bicycles CIF Lagos. 5. 关于标题项下的货物,随函寄去 随函寄去形式发票 88 号一式两份 一式两份。请注意我们报 随函寄去 一式两份 盘有效期 6 月 10 号。 有效期至 有效期 As to the captioned goods, we enclose P/I No.88 in duplicate Please duplicate plicate. th notice that the validity of our offer is till June 10 . 6. 本报盘将保留至月底有效 本报盘将保留 We will keep our offer firm to the end of this month. 7. 我们能以具有吸引力的价格 以具有吸引力的价格向你方报各式各样的中国水果罐头 以具有吸引力的价格 We can offer you variety of Chinese canned fruits at attractive price attractive price. 8. 我们的钢笔价格是每打 6 美元温哥华到岸 Our price of the pen is at USD 6.0 per dozen CIF Vancouver. 9. 现按你方请求报盘如下,以我方最后确认为准 以我方最后确认为准 At your request, we make you following offer, subject to our final confirmation. confirmation 10. 上述报盘无约束力 无约束力。 无约束力 Above offer is without engagement 谢谢你方 1 月 12 日的询价。现报盘如下,以你方十日内复到为条件 以你方十日内复到为条件: 以你方十日内复到为条件 10 公吨罐装芦笋,每罐?3.2 伦敦到岸价,船期 3/4 月份。支付条件是凭即期汇 船期 凭即期汇 票支付的,保兑的,不可撤销的信用证付款。 票支付的,保兑的,不可撤销的信用证付款 相信上述报盘能为你方所接受。 殷切期待好消息。 Thank you for your inquiry of January 10. We are now making you following offer, subject to your reply reaching us within 10 days days: 10 metric tons of canned asparagus at £3.20 per can CFR London, Duration shipment is about March or April. Payment is to be made by confirmed draft. irrevocable Letter of credit payable by sight draft We trust the above offer will be acceptable to you. I am waiting for your favorable reply with keen interest. Yours faithfully Chapter Five: 1. 你方还盘与现行市场价 不符 现行市场价 不符。 The price you counter-offered is not in line with the prevailing market market. 2. 很遗憾,我们的价格与你方还盘之间的差距太大 差距太大。 差距太大 Unfortunately our price has a large gap with your counteroffer. 3. 很遗憾我们不能把价格降到你方所表示的水平 你方所表示的水平。 你方所表示的水平 We regret that we couldn’t reduce the price to the level at your request request.

4. 由于原材料 由于原材料短缺,制造商不能接受任何新的订单。 Owing to the shortage of raw material, manufacturer is unable to accept material any new order. 5. 由于 由于大量承约 承约,我们不能接受新的订单,但一旦 货源到来 一旦新货源到来 承约 一旦 货源到来,我们将随即 去电与你方联系不误 不误 commitments ts, On account of heavy commitments we are unable to accept fresh (new) orders. On the goods coming to stock we will contact you without delay stock, delay. 6. 目前 目前我们暂不能给你们报盘,但将记住 记住你方的询价 记住 For the time being we couldn’t quote for you, but we will keep your inquiry in mind mind. 7. 报给你方的价格是很实际的。很抱歉不能接受你方的还盘 The price we offered to is reasonable. We regret to say that we can’t accept your counteroffer. 8. 我们的报价相当合理 (这)已为你地其他客户所接受 相当合理, 相当合理 Our quotation is considerably realistic which has been accepted by your realistic, local customers. 9. 你方必须降价 百分之二左右 成交的可能 降价 百分之二左右,否则就没有成交 成交 percent You must cut more or less 2 percent of the price. Otherwise we can’t terms. come to terms 10. 请随时 随时告知你处的供货情况 随时 供货情况 anytime. Please keep us informed of the supply situation in your market at anytime 你三月二十日函悉,谢谢。我们已仔细研究了你方对我短袜报价的意见。 虽我方想满足你方的要求,但歉不能按你方要求降价,因我方价格经精确计算。 即使我方价格与其他供应商的价格不同,那也是因我方产品的质量远远超过贵 处其他外国牌子,从我方购进你方定会得利。 然而,为有助于你方在此行业中发展业务,我们准备给百分之五折扣,条件是 你方起定量达到五千双。如果此建议可接受,请早日告知你方订量。 th We have acknowledged your letter dated March 20 . We have considered your opinion about our quotation for socks. We would like to meet your requirements. However, we regret that we couldn’t reduce the price as your request, because we set the price by careful calculation. Although the price is different from those of other supplies, that is because the quality is far more better than those of other foreign brands. If you purchase it from us, you can make a profit profit. (It is profitable to buy it from us.) However, to promote the development of your business in this line we line, will offer you 5% discount, on condition that the minimum quantity of your order is 5000 pairs. If the suggestion is acceptable, please inform us the quantity of your order early. Chapter Six 兹高兴地确认按照下列条款买进你方 29 英寸东芝彩色电视机 2000 台: 2000 台 29 英寸东芝彩色电视机,大连成本、保险家运费价每台……美元,木箱 装,每箱装 四台。收到信用证一周内,从横滨运至大连。 请特别注意货物的包装,以免货物在运输途中受损。 我们现在正在洽办开信用证,在接到你方确认书后,即可开出以你方为受益人 的信用证。谨上 We hereby confirm with pleasure that we would like to import 2000 sets 29” TOSHIBA brand color TV in accordance with the following terms: 2000 Sets 29” TOSHIBA brand color TV, US$...Per set CIF DALIAN. Packed in Wooden Case. Four sets in each case. After receiving the L/C within one week, we will transport the goods from YOKOHAMA to DALIAN. Yours Faithfully Chapter Seven 十一月十二日来函收到 来函收到,获悉你方有意在贵国推销 推销我们的自行车。对此,我们 来函收到 推销 非常感兴趣。 We have acknowledged your letter of November 12 and noted your intention of pushing the sale of our bicycle in your country. We are fully interested in it. 对你方为推销自行车所做的努力我们甚为感激。 We appreciate your efforts to help sell our bicycles very much. 但对你方要求以见票后六十天承兑交单方式 见票后六十天承兑交单方式付款一事,我们歉难考虑。 见票后六十天承兑交单方式 However, we regret that we are unable to consider your request for payment sight. by D/A 60 days' sight 我们的通常做法是要求即期信用证付款 即期信用证付款。 即期信用证付款 Our usual practice is to ask for sight L/C L/C. 为了促进我方自行车在贵方市场上的销售,我方准备接受即期付款交单方式, 以示特别照顾(特例) 特别照顾( 。希望你方能接受上述付款条件并盼早日收到回音 盼早日收到回音。 特别照顾 特例) 盼早日收到回音 However, in order to promote the sale of our bicycles in your market, we are prepared to accept payment by D/P at sight as a precedent We hope precedent. that the above payment terms will be acceptable to you and look forward soon. to hearing from you soon Chapter Eight 1. 信用证必须由我方公司可以接受的银行加以保兑 L/C must be confirmed by the bank which is acceptable to our company.

2. 为了避免随后修改 随后修改信用证,务请注意下列事项 随后修改 In order to avoid subsequent amendments to L/C, you must pay attention amendments to the following items. 3. 兹通知你方,以你方为受益人 开出。 以你方为受益人的信用证已由伦敦巴克莱银行开出 开出 We hereby inform you that the L/C has been issued(opened) in your favor issued(opened) with the bank of Barclays, in London. 4. 信用证 2356 号,请修改: (一)按合同,长吨改为公吨; (二)展装运期到 展 九月底并准许分运转船 Please amend L/C No.2356 as follows: (1) As contract, “Long ton” to be replaced by “Metric ton”; (2) The shipment date of L/C should be extended to the end of September. Partial shipment and Transshipment are allowed. 5. 你方信用证第 105 号少开了 1000 美元,请传真作必要的改正 The amount of L/C is US$1000 less than that stipulated Please fax us stipulated. for necessary amendment. (Your L/C No.105 is short established to the amount of US$1000. Please fax the necessary amendment.) 1. 已通知开证行 展延装船期 有效期 分别 开证行 展延装船期和有效期 分别至八月十五日和八月三十日 We have informed the issuing bank of extending the shipment date and th th validity to August 15 and August 30 respectively respectively. 2. 信用证展期传真 谅已收到 展期传真 The extension fax is supposed to be reached to you now. 3. 请订好舱位,务必在八月十五日前发运 发运 Please book shipping space and the shipment must be effected before August eff ffected th 15 . 4. 如用户对货满意,可望大量续订 续订。 续订 If our customer is satisfied with the goods, we can assure you that we will continue placing substantial orders with you. Ten(P101, 有用法注释,注意介词) Chapter Ten(P101,insurance 和 insure 有用法注释,注意介词) 根据你方要求,我们将按发票金额的 110% 投保。 1. We shall cover insurance for 110% of the invoice value in accordance with insurance your request. 请给合同投保平安险和战争险。 2. Please insure FPA and against War Risk under the contract. 3. 我们将按一般惯例 一般惯例投保水渍险和战争险。 一般惯例 We shall cover WPA and against War Risk according to the usual practice practice. 4. 这份保单给我们保了破碎险。 The insurance policy covers us against Breakage. 5. 由于合同规定 规定按发票金额的 110%投保,如你方要求按 130% 投保,额外保 规定 额外保 由你方负担。 费应由你方负担 由你方负担 As the contract stipulates that insurance should cover 110% of the invoice value, if you desire to cover insurance for 130% instead, the extra account. premium should be for your account Chapter Eleven 9. 顾客对你方所供应的收音机质量提出抱怨。 Our customers have complained about the quality of the Radio Receiver supplied by you. 10. 检查后,我们发现这批货物与原来的样品 不一样 原来的样品 不一样。 After inspection, we found the goods are different from the original samples. samples 11. 我们不得不要求你方如数赔偿上述金额。 We have to lodge a claim against you for the above amount (for the amount requested by you). 12. 根据商检局检验报告,我们现向你方就这批货物的质量提出索赔。 According to the Inspection Certificate, we are now lodging a claim against you on the quality of the goods. 13. 我们对上批船货的全部损失向你方提出 1000 美元的索赔。 We shall lodge a claim against you for all the losses on the last shipment for the amount of US$1000. 14. 如果你方不同意接受我方建议,我们将通过仲裁来解决 通过仲裁来解决。 通过仲裁来解决 If you couldn’t accept our suggestion, we will have to settle it by arbitration. arbitration 15. 由于轮船公司对货物的损坏有责任 有责任,你方应将索赔提交他们处理。 对 有责任 The shipping company is liable for goods’ damage. You should lodge the claim against them (The claim should be referred to them for settlement).


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英语函电_徐美荣主编(第... 2页 免费 外贸英语函电.Chapter2 19页 免费 外贸英语函电课后练习答... 3页 免费 外贸英语函电 课后答案 5页 1下载券 外...


实用翻译教程课后习题答案(详细)_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。实用翻译教程,刘季春,中山大学出版社 实用翻译教程,刘季春,中山大学出版社 翻译练习答案(仅供参考) P45...