高考写作24个话题——学校生活 【话题词汇】 1.personality n.性格;个性 2.abundant adj. 丰富的

3.first?class adj. 一流的
4.habit n. 习惯 5.participate v. 参加

6.strengthen v. 加强
7.virtue n. 美德 8.board v. 寄宿

9.dormitory n. 公寓 10.relaxation n. 放松 11.spare no effort 不遗余力 12.be accustomed to 习惯于

13.concentrate on 集中精力于
14.the key to success 成功的关键 15.build up one's body 增强体质 16.overcome difficulty 克服困难 17.make up one's mind 下决心 18.get into a bad habit 染上坏习惯

【美文写作】 假如你是李华,你们学校最近开展了创建“平安校园”活动。你们班 为此组织了主题班会,请你用英语写一篇发言稿,谈一谈你对如何创 建“平安校园”的一些想法。短文应该包括以下内容: 1.安全意识的重要性; 2.在运动中要注意安全; 3.在校内要注意人身安全; 4.同学间发生矛盾时,一定要保持冷静、理智; 5.逐步将“平安校园”活动转换为全体师生的实际行动。


One possible version: My dear classmates, There is no denying that safety plays an important part in our daily life.Recently our school has carried out a program aimed at making our campus a safe place to stay in. I consider this as indeed a good practice,which will make us aware that safety should always come first in our daily life,whether when we stay at school or outside it.When we are doing sports,we should attach importance to the safety and avoid being hurt.Furthermore, when we get into trouble with our classmates,we should remain calm and avoid any form of fighting,which may only bring suffering and pain to us mentally and physically.

? As far as I'm concerned,all the students and teachers should work hard and try to keep the“safety at school”activity in mind. Besides, we are supposed to observe the law discipline wherever we are at any moment. ? Thanks.

? 【佳句仿写】 ? 1.Recently our school has carried out a program aimed at making our campus a safe place to stay in.(用定语从句改写) ? Recently our school has carried out a program________________ ? ______________________________________________________ ? 2.When we are doing sports,we should attach importance to the safety and avoid being hurt.(改为省略句) ? _________________________________________________________ ? 【答案】 1.which/that is aimed at making our campus a safe place to stay in. ? 2.When doing sports,we should attach importance to the safety and avoid being hurt.

核心单词 1.information n.信息 2.method n.方法 3.attitude n.态度 4.cover vt.包含 5.enthusiastic adj.热心的;enthusiasm n.热情 6.amazing adj.令人吃惊的;令人惊讶的;amazed adj.吃惊的;惊讶的;amaze vt.使……大为惊讶;使惊愕;amazement n. 7.instruction n.(常作复数)指示;说明;instruct vt.指导;教导; instructive adj.有教育意义的;指导的 8.bored adj.厌烦的;厌倦的;boring adj.令人厌烦的; bore v.使厌烦 9.embarrassed adj.尴尬的;难堪的;困窘的;embarrassing adj.令人尴尬的; 令人难堪的;embarrass vt.使尴尬;embarrassment n.尴尬 10.behaviour n.行为;举动;behave v. 11.technology n.技术;technological adj.technique n.(同义词)技术;技艺; 技法 12.impress vt.使印象深刻;impression n.印象;impressive adj.给人深刻印象 的 13.encouragement n.鼓励;激励;encourage vt. courage n.勇气;胆量 14.disappointed adj.失望的;disappointing adj.令人失望的; disappoint vt.使失望 15.disappear vi.消失;disappearance n. appear vi.出现;appearance n.出现 ;外表 16.assistant n.助手;助理;assist v.帮助;协助;assistance n.帮助,援助 语境助记——词不离句,句不离段 What impresses and encourages us most is his attitude and enthusiasm.He never feels bored and has an amazing talent for information technology.He doesn't want to disappoint anybody caring for him,so he tries his best to behave well every day.

单词运用 Ⅰ.用所给词的适当形式填空 1.To our great amazement,Alexander was not amazed at the amazing news.(amaze) 2.Bored with the boring speech,Mr.Smith began to read a novel.(bore) 3.To finish the experiment quickly,the professor asked his assistant to come to his assistance.(assist) 4.Deeply encouraged by the teacher's encouragement,little Tom made great progress in his study.(encourage) 5.My sister can speak English fluently; that is to say, my sister can speak fluent English.(fluency) 6.My first impression of the city was that the scenery there was rather impressive ,and it impressed me a lot.(impress) Ⅱ.单词拼写 1.The newspaper article gave a vivid description(描写) of the earthquake. 2.The test includes a section on reading comprehension(理解). 3.His remarks showed that he misunderstood(误解) my position on the question. 4.After months of disappointment(失望), his perseverance was finally rewarded. 5.We are puzzled by the sudden disappearance(失踪) of our guide.


短语运用 用高频短语的适当形式填空 1.The students are deeply impressed_with their teacher's way of teaching. 2.He will take_part_in an important race across the Atlantic. 3.I look_forward_to signing the contract when we meet next week. 4.The students are_divided_into seven groups to discuss the problem in English. 5.John resembles his father in appearance.In_other___words,John takes after his father in appearance. 6.What's your attitude_to studying abroad? 7.This is really terrible and I hope nothing_like this will happen again.

1.be_similar_to 与??相似 2.attitude_to/towards_sth./sb. 对某物/ 某人的态度 3.at_the_start/end_of 在??开始/结 束的时候 4.be_divided_into 被(划)分为?? 5.take_part_in 参加 6.nothing_like 毫不相似;完全不像 7.in_other_words 换句话说 8.be_impressed_with/by 对??有印 象 9.look_forward_to 期待;期望 10.make_progress 取得进步



1.I_don't_think I will be bored in Ms Shen's class! 【信息提取】 I don't think否定转移 2.In other words,there are three times_as_many_girls_as boys. 【信息提取】 three times as many girls as倍数表达法 3.We're using a new textbook and Ms Shen's method of teaching is nothing like that of the teachers at my Junior High school. 【信息提取】 that指代用法

1.I can appreciate the idea, but ____________________in practice. 我很欣赏这样的想法,但是我不认为在实际 中它会起作用。 【答案】 I don't think it works 2.Our new school is _________________the old one. 我们的新学校是老学校的四倍大。 【答案】 four times as big as 3.And yet our case was so different from ___________________. 然而,我们这边的情况和欧洲是那样地不同 。 【答案】 that of Europe


用所给词的适当形式填空 1.Light ________ faster than sound. (travel) 2.She ________ that reading comprehension is important. (think) 3.There was a ________ look on his face when he saw the ________ result. (surprise) 4.Some impolite football fans,________ at the game result, expressed their anger and sadness by throwing bottles and other things into the football field. (disappoint) 5.He is very popular among his students as he always tries to make them ________ in his lectures. (interest) 【答案】 1.travels 2.thinks 3.surprised; surprising 4.disappointed 5.interested

[词汇突破] 1.amazing adj.令人吃惊的;令人惊讶的 The teachers are very enthusiastic and friendly and the classrooms are amazing. 老师非常的热情、友好,教室令人惊讶。 It is amazing to find you here. 在这里见到你真是令人惊讶。

(1)amaze vt.使吃惊

? ?amazed adj.感到惊奇的;吃惊的 ?be amazed at/by...对??大为惊奇 (2)? ?be amazed to do sth....因做某事而感到惊奇 ? ?be amazed that...惊奇于??
amazement n.惊讶 ? ? (3)?to one's amazement令某人惊讶的是 ? ?in amazement惊愕地

【温馨提示】 (1)以-ing结尾的形容词常译为“令人??的”,一般 修饰物;而以 -ed结尾的形容词常译为 “ 感到 ?? 的 ” ,一般修饰人。 (2)以 -ing结尾的形容词有时也可以修饰人,而以 -ed结尾的形容词也 可以修饰与人有关的名词如voice,tear等。

? ?a disappointing student一个令人失望的学生 ? ? ?a disappointed student一个感到失望的学生 ? ?an ? ? ?an ? ?an ? ? ?an

exciting game一场激动人心的比赛 excited voice激动的声音 embarrasing situation一个令人尴尬的处境 embarrased silence难堪的沉默

用amaze的适当形式填空 ①It's ______ how quickly people adapt to the environment. ②We were ________ at her knowledge of Chinese literature. ③What ________ me most is that he wasn't ________ at the ________ news. ④To our ________, the old man devoted all his money to supporting the local school. 【答案】 ① amazing ④amazement ② amazed ③ amazed ; amazed ; amazing

? ?高考链接 ? ① (2016· 新 课 标 卷 Ⅲ , B) Heading back downtown toward her hotel , her big - city friends were________(amaze) at the turn of events that had changed their Big Apple dinner into a Mississippi state reunion(团聚). ? ②(2016·天津卷,A) We invite you to join us on an _________ (amaze) journey of language learning. ? 【答案】 ①amazed ②amazing


Robots can behave by human instructions. 机器人是按照人类的指示行动的。

Read the instructions on the bottle before you take the medicine.
先看瓶子上的说明再吃药。 (2)n.[U]指导 You need further instruction in arithmetic. 你需要更多的算术指导。

【归纳拓展】 (1) follow instructions 服从指示

on one's instructions 按照某人的吩咐
under one's instruction 在某人的指导下 (2)instruct vt. 指导;教导;命令 instruct sb.to do sth. 命令某人做某事 instruct sb.in sth. 教授某人某方面的内容

?多维训练 (1)单句语法填空 ①It is the most ________(instruct) lecture that I have attended since I came to this school. ②________ the teacher's instruction,I have made great progress in English. ③All children ______(instruct) in the use of the library. ④Always read the ________(instruct) on the bottle carefully and take the right amount of medicine.

? (2)同义句改写 ? My boss instructed me to type the letters quickly. (用复合句改 写) ? ____________________________________________________ ___ ? 【答案】 (1)①instructive ② Under ③ are instructed ④ instructions ? (2)My boss instructed me that I (should) type the letters quickly. ? ?高考链接 ? (2016·新课标卷Ⅰ,D) However,Mexicans may use silence when________(instruction) are given by a person in authority rather than be rude to that person by arguing with him or her. ? 【答案】 instructions

3.impress vt.使印象深刻;使铭记 We were deeply impressed by his words. 他的话给我们留下了深刻的印象。 My father impressed on me the importance of hard work. 我父亲要我牢记努力工作的重要性。 【归纳拓展】 impression n.印象;感想;印记

impressive adj.给人深刻印象的,感人的
be impressed by/with...对??印象深刻 impress...on(upon) sb./sb.'s memory(mind) 使某人铭记??;铭记在某人的记忆(心)中

?多维训练 (1)单句语法填空 ①The film's special effects are particularly ________(impress). ②I was very ________(impress)by the efficiency of the staff. ③The book left a deep ________(impress) on him.

④I think it's important for us to impress visitors ________ a nice? looking office.
⑤The design was impressed ________ the cloth.

? (2)同义句改写 ? I was impressed by the beautiful scenery and forgot to go back home in time.(用过去分词短语作状语改写) ? ____________________________________________________ ____ ? 【答案】 (1)①impressive ②impressed ③impression ④ with ⑤on ? (2)Impressed by the beautiful scenery,I forgot to go back home in time.

? ?高考链接 ? (2016· 江 苏 卷 , D) Her times were not exactly________(impress) , but even so , he sensed there was something trying to get out, something the other coaches had overlooked when they had assessed her and found her lacking. ? 【答案】 impressive

4.cover vt.& vi.
(1)包含 His reading covers a wide range of subjects.

(2)覆盖 The highway was covered with snow. 公路被雪覆盖着。 (3)掩饰

She laughed to cover her anxiety.

We covered about 30 miles a day. 我们每天大约走三十英里。

Two reporters covered the news story. 两名记者负责报道这则新闻。 This event will be covered live by TV. 此事将由电视作现场报道。

Is the money enough to cover the tuition? 这笔钱付学费够吗?

写出下列句子中cover 的含义 ①They covered the table with clean white cloths.________ ②The city covers 250 square miles.________ ③He covered 100 miles yesterday.________

④He was sent to cover the Olympic Games.________
⑤He should get enough money to cover his rent.________ ⑥The course covers all aspects of business and law.________ ⑦We're not covered against theft.________ 【答案】 ①遮盖 ②占 涉及 ⑦给??保险 ③行走,走完 ④报道 ⑤够支付 ⑥

? ?高考链接 ? (2016· 北 京 卷 ) Norton Sound was ________(cover) with ice , which could sometimes break up without warning. If that happened,Seppala might fall into the icy water below. ? 【答案】 covered

5.attitude n.态度;看法;姿态
Describe your attitude to studying English. 描述一下你对学英语的态度。

an attitude to/towards sth./sb.对??的态度、看法 have (take) a good/bad/positive/negative attitude to/towards sb./sth. 对某人/某事物持好的/坏的/肯定的/否定的态度 What's your attitude to/towards...?

【温馨提示】 attitude后面的to是介词。

?多维训练 (1)单句语法填空 What is your attitude ______ our service? (2)完成句子 ①We must ______ life. 我们对待生活要采取积极的态度。 ②He was sitting ______. 他懒洋洋地坐着。

【答案】 (1)to/towards
(2)①have a positive attitude to/towards ②in a lazy attitude

[短语聚焦] 1.in other words=that is to say换句话说 I'm not used to the way you speak to me.In other words,I don't want to continue our conversation. 我不习惯于你对我说话的方式。换句话讲,我不想继续我们的谈话了。 Beethoven wrote many world-famous musical compositions.In other words,he was a great musician. 贝多芬写过许多世界著名乐曲。换句话讲,他是一位伟大的音乐家。

【归纳拓展】 in a/one word简言之,总之 keep one's word/promise遵守诺言 break one's word/promise食言;违背诺言

have a word with sb.与某人交谈
have words with sb.与某人吵架 word for word逐字地 in words用语言 word came that...有消息传来?? (word意为“消息”时,为不可数名词) leave word留言




① She has a good handwriting , and is good at writing articles.________,she is a qualified secretary.

②The beauty of sunset can not be described ________. ③The person who ________ my father is one of my relatives. ④The couple ________ each other in the street ignoring the eyes of passers?by. 【答案】 ①In a word have words with ②in words ③is having a word with ④

? ?高考链接 ? (2016· 浙 江 卷 , A) ________( 换 句 话 说 ) , gossip is satisfying because it gives people a sense of belonging or even superiority( 优 越 感). ? 【答案】 In other words

2.look forward to期待;盼望 I am very much looking forward to the holidays. 我很盼望放假。 We look forward to seeing you again. 我们期待着再见到你。


look forward to doing...盼望做??,此处to为介词。
常用的类似“动词+介词to”的短语还有: pay attention to...注意??

turn to求助于
be/get used to习惯于 refer to参考;涉及

get down to着手/开始认真干
stick to坚持 devote...to...献身于?? lead to导致;通向 object to反对 【温馨提示】 look forward to中的to是介词,后面要接名词、代词 或动名词作宾语。

?单句语法填空 ①He looked forward ______(see)who was making a loud noise in the crowd. ②The day that he had looked forward to ______(come) at last. ③We looked forward to ______(hear) from you. 【答案】 ①to see ②came ③hearing

3.be divided into被(划)分成?? Our class is divided into four groups. 我们班被分成了四个小组。 【归纳拓展】 divided adj.分开的 divided opinions分歧的意见 divided among/between在??之间分配 divide by用??除(尽);因??分裂

divide up分开,划分

?巧辨异同? divide,separate (1)divide 侧重于把原来的整体分成若干部分。常与介词 between , among,by,into搭配。 (2)separate 把原来连在一起的或靠近的人或物分离开来。 separate 多 与from,by搭配使用。

? ? ? ?
? ? ? ? ? ?

?多维训练 (1)单句语法填空 ①Take the orange and divide it ______ quarters. ②The money is to be divided up equally ______ the six grandchildren. ③If you divide 21 ________ 3,you'll get 7. ④A high wall separates our backyard ________ the playing field. (2)单句改错 Please divide it into half and give one half to her._______ 【答案】 (1)①into ②among ③by ④from (2)into→in或第一个half→halves

[句型精析] 1.I_don't_think I will be bored in Ms Shen's class! 我认为我不会对沈老师的课厌烦的。 这个句子属于否定转移现象。I don't think 中的don't实际否定的是宾 语从句中的will be,即:I think I won't be bored in Ms Shen's class! 但习惯上我们要把否定词放在主句的谓语动词 think 之前。当主句主 语为第一人称时 think , believe,suppose,expect,imagine 等动词的 宾语从句的否定词转移到主句中,即主句的谓语动词用否定式,而从 句的谓语动词用肯定式。 I don't think I can remember the 100 words within two hours. 我想我不能在两小时内记住这100个单词。

I don't believe he will come tonight.

【温馨提示】 这类主从复合句的反意疑问句在人称和数上要与从句 中的主语和谓语保持一致。如果 think , believe 等的主语为第二、三 人称,反意疑问句应对主句进行反问。

①I don't believe the man can finish the work on time,________?
我相信这个人不能按时完成这项工作,对不对? ②You don't think she will come,________? 你认为她不会来,是吗? 【答案】 ①can he ②do you

2.In other words,there are three_times_as_many_girls_as boys.
换句话说,女生人数是男生的三倍。 three times as many girls as为一种倍数表达方式,其构成形式为“倍数 +as many/much+n.+as”。 【归纳拓展】 表示倍数的句型通常有下列几个:

(1)A is three (four,etc.) times the size (height,length,width,etc.)of B.
(2)A is three (four,etc.)times as big (high,long,wide,etc.)as B. (3)A is three(four,etc.)times bigger(higher,longer,wider,etc.)than B. (4)The size (height,length,width,etc.) of A is three (four,etc.)times of B.

This hospital is four times the size of that one. =This hospital is four_times_as_big_as that one. =The size of this hospital is four times of_that_one. 这所医院是那所医院的四倍大。 Our total income of 2015 was double_that_of 2014. 我们2015年的总收入是2014年的两倍。 This room is half the size of that one.



The red ruler is three times as long as the yellow one. ①________________________________________________________ (用“倍数+比较级”改写) ②_____________________________________________________ (用“倍数+the+n.+of...”改写) (2)It‘s said that the power plant is now ______(以前的两倍大). 【答案】 (1)①The red ruler is twice longer than the yellow one.

②The red ruler is three times the length of the yellow one.
(2)twice as large as what it was

3.We're using a new textbook and Ms Shen's method of teaching is nothing like that of the teachers at my Junior High school. 我们使用新的教材,沈老师的教学方式与我们初中老师的大不一样。 that of the teachers at my Junior High school中的that是替代词,代替 前面的method of teaching。为了避免重复,that可代替前面出现过的 单数名词。不过这个单数名词前面要有物主代词或定冠词修饰。that 既可代替可数名词,又可代替不可数名词,常要求有后置定语,一般 不指人。 The color of the shirt does not match that of the tie. 衬衫的颜色与领带不相配。

?巧辨异同? one,ones,that,those,it (1)one 替代由可数名词所表示的一类人或事物中的任何一个,即泛指 中的强调。这时,替代词one前面不可加任何限定词。 (2)ones是one的复数形式,作替代词时,只可替代同一类人或事物的复 数名词,其前面必须有限定词,如the,some,all等修饰。 (3)that 用来替代前面提到的特指的事物,所代替的名词可以是可数名 词,也可以是不可数名词。

(4)those是that的复数形式,只可替代可数名词复数,在句中相当于the ones。

(5)it 用来替代前面提到过的同一事物,被替代的名词可以是可数名词, 也可以是不可数名词。

用it, that, one, ones, those 填空 ①The weather here is too cold. I don't like ________. ②The new designs are better than the old ________. ③The weather of Shenyang is much colder than ________ of Guangzhou. ④—Do you have a ticket? —Yes, I managed to get ________. ⑤His sunburnt face and arms and his slim, strong body are just like ________ of millions of Chinese farmers. 【答案】 ①it ②ones ③that ④one ⑤those

? ?高考链接 ? (2016· 北京卷, D) Instead of promoting the idea of college as a passage from the shelter of the family to autonomy and adult responsibility, universities have given in to the idea that they should provide the same environment as ________of the home. ? 【答案】 that