2018 年仁寿联校八年级半期检测

<总分 120 分,120 分钟完卷)

听力部分<20 分)

<一),听句子,选择正确的应答语。<每小题 1 分,共 5 分)<听两遍) ( >1. A Yes, he does. B No, he isn’t C He is a tall boynM8xjYicZI ( >2. A Yes, they are. B Jim likes reading. C BobnM8xjYicZI ( > 3. A History B Green C NoodlesnM8xjYicZI ( > 4. A I have two friends B Because he makes me laugh C Good idea!nM8xjYicZI ( > 5. A Yes, I do B He is a good boy C Sorry, I’m busynM8xjYicZI <二), 听对话,根据所提问选出符合题意的图片。<每小题 1 分,共 5 分)<听两遍) ( > 6. What are the speakers talking about?

( > 7. What did Manuel buy in Beijing?

( > 8.What did Vince do last night ?

( > 9. What did the boy see last Sunday?

( > 10. Where is the girl going?

<三)听长对话,选择正确答案。<每小题 1 分,共 5 分)<听两遍) ( > 11,What’s Alice’s favorite color? A Blue B Black C Brown ( > 12, What does Alice think of the brown wallet.(钱包>?nM8xjYicZI A She loves it. B She doesn’t mind it. C She can’t stand it.nM8xjYicZI ( > 13, What does Alice think is interesting ?

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A The belt.(腰带> B The watch C The sunglassesnM8xjYicZI ( > 14, When is Mary’s birthday? A On Friday B On Saturday C On Sunday ( > 15, How much are the sunglasses? A 8 dollars B 18 dollars C 80 dollars <四)听短文,完成表格。<每小题 1 分,共 5 分) Information Form Names: Ann and Card Similarities(相似之处>: ●Age: (16> ●Favorite color: (17> ●Character(性格>: (18> Differences: ●Favorite subject: Ann: Math Carol: (19> ●Favorite sport: Ann: (20> Carol: Basketball

Ⅱ 笔试部分<100 分)
<一)单项选择填空。<共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,共 15 分) ( > 21, We listened carefully but could ______understand what the policeman said.nM8xjYicZI A hard B hardly C als o D \nM8xjYicZI ( > 22, ---Could you please __________the window?nM8xjYicZI ----It’s very cold outside. A not open A when A little A few A are all B open B if B a little B a few B are both C not to open C as C few C much C all are D don’t open nM8xjYicZI ( > 23, I’m not very healthy, _______I have one h ealthy habit. nM8xjYicZI D althoughnM8xjYicZI

( > 24, This shirt is _____ cheaper than that one.

D a few nM8xjYicZI D a littlenM8xjYicZI D both are nM8xjYicZI

( > 25, There were ______new books on the desk, so we didn’t buy any.nM8xjYicZI ( > 26, My friend and I ______in Class 5. ( > 27, ---________do you go shopping ? ----Once a week. A How B How long C How often D What ( > 28, I can’t find _______to do. It’s rather boring.nM8xjYicZI

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A something interesting B nothing interesting C interesting nothing A as clearly as ( > 29, Tom sings Chinese songs _______ Mary.


D anything interestingnM8xjYicZI

B so clearly as C as clear as D so clear as nM8xjYicZI

( > 30, The hotel room is ______for us to live in.nM8xjYicZI A cheap enough B enough cheap C more cheaper D cheapernM8xjYicZI ( > 31, In our country , it’s ____in July , but it is even ____in August.nM8xjYicZI A hot , hotter B hot, hot C hotter , hot ( > 32, This is an English book, ___________? A isn’t this B is this C isn’t it D is itnM8xjYicZI ( > 33, The box is ________of all. A heaviest A to talk B the biggest B talking C the heavier D the biggest nM8xjYicZI ( > 34, Stop _____, the teacher is coming. C talk D talksnM8xjYicZI ( > 35, ---_______was your school trip ? ----It’s relaxing. A What B How C When D Which nM8xjYicZI (二>, 完型填空。阅读下面短文,从每小题所给的 A,B,C,D 四个选项中,选出最佳答案。<共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,计 10 分)nM8xjYicZI Young people today may not know Zhu Ming ying. But twenty years __36__, she was very famous. She was a dancer at first. But one day she thought that she could also sing_37___. So that she went to visit a music teacher . The teacher __38___her to sing some songs and then said that she would not be successful in singing, ___39____she didn’t have a good voice . 40 Zhu Ming ying didn’t give up. She spent a lot of time _41_ to have music lessons. She had _42___ time to rest. She even didn’t have much ____43___to buy herself delicious food. Life was really hard for her at that time. But Zhu Mingying____44___very happy, because she proved(证明>she could be a good singer at last after she practiced singing for many years. If you want to do something, just _____45__. You will be successful in the end !nM8xjYicZI ( > 36. A ago ( > 37 ( > 38 ( > 39 ( > 40 ( > 41 ( > 42 ( > 43 ( > 44 ( > 45 A good A asking A so A An d A going A a little A money A feeling B late B better B tells B but B So B to go B few B food B felt C after nM8xjYicZI C wellnM8xjYicZI C askednM8xjYicZI C because nM8xjYicZI C ButnM8xjYicZI C goes nM8xjYicZI C littlenM8xjYicZI C worknM8xjYicZI C feels B do your best A

D hotter , hottestnM8xjYicZI

A have music lesson

C find a teachernM8xjYicZI

(三>阅读理解<共 20 小题,每小题 1.5 分,共 30 分)

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Mr.Green is quiet and doesn't like talking with people. He lijes reading newspapers and surfing the Internet. He hardly ever exercises. Sometimes he watches soccer or basketball games on TV. He likes coffee very much and drinks it three times a day.nM8xjYicZI Mr.Green is a bank clerk. It’s a busy but boring job. He works with people and money every day. So he always feels tired after work. He likes to get enough rest and goes to bed early after dinner. U sually he goes to bed at 8:30 in the evening and gets up at 6:30 in the morning. Mr.Green always talks in his sleep.nM8xjYicZI One morning, Mr.Green sat at the table and had breakfast. Mrs.Green asked him ,”Why do you always talk in your sleep?” Mr. Green said, “Because I have few chances to talk in the daytime.”nM8xjYicZI The next morning after their children all went to school. Mrs.Green asked Mr.Green angrily,” Why did you scold(骂>me in your sleep last night?” “Because I don’t have the courage to do it when I’m awake.”nM8xjYicZI ( > 46 . Mr.Green doesn’t like___________. A talking to people C reading newspapers A never A shop A ten B surfing the InternetnM8xjYicZI D watching TV D sometimesnM8xjYicZI D post officenM8xjYicZI

( > 47 . Mr.Green__ ________drinks coffee. B often C hardly ever B TV station B nine C eight C bank D seven ( > 48. Mr.Green works in a ________. ( > 49 . Mr.Green usually sleeps ______hours every night.nM8xjYicZI ( > 50. Mrs.Green was angry with Mr. Green because_____________.nM8xjYicZI A he went to work without breakfast B he didn’t talk to her the night before C he didn’t send their children to school D he scolded her in his sleep the night before B The moon looks bigger than stars at night .But in fact, it is smaller than any stars. The moon looks big to us, because it is closer to us than the stars. The moon goes round the earth. It makes one trip about four weeks. The moon is round and looks beautiful. nM8xjYicZI Now people know quite a lot about the moon. There is no air or water on the moon, so there are not any trees or animals or people on it. The moon gets light from the sun, but some places on the moon are quite dark. It’s very cold at night.nM8xjYicZI ( > 51. People know quite _______about the moon now.nM8xjYicZI A a lot A farther A a week B a few B far C many C near D some ( > 52. The moon is _____to the earth than the sun.nM8xjYicZI D closer C a year D 24 hoursnM8xjYicZI ( > 53. The moon makes one trip around the earth in about______________.nM8xjYicZI B a month ( > 54. There is (are>_______on the moon.

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A no air A gets light

B no trees B gives light

C no water C gives air

D all the abovenM8xjYicZI D gets airnM8xjYicZI

( > 55. The sun ________to the moon. C There was a pilot <飞行员)and three people in a small plane. Suddenly there was something wrong with the plane when it was flying in the air. The smoke(烟> was everywhere in the plane. The pilot told the people there were only three parachutes(降落伞>。They all became worried and started to make excuses(借口>.nM8xjYicZI “I must go and mend the machine(机器>.” Said the pilot, taking one of the parachutes. There was nothing he could do so he just jumped out.nM8xjYicZI The next person said, “I must have a parachute. I am a very clever person, and I have to take part in an important sports game. I know I am going to win the game because I am going to be the cleverest person there.” He picked up a pack and jumped out.nM8xjYicZI Two men were left(留了下来>, an old businessman and a young mountain climber. By this time the plane was going down fast. The businessman said, ”Young man, I am old but you’re still young. You take the last parachute.” The young mountain climber smiled, ”Don’t worry,” he said ,” We can both jump to safety because there are still two parachutes. Just now the clever person jumped out with my backpack.”nM8xjYicZI ( > 56. All the people became worried because________.nM8xjYicZI A hey couldn’t find the parachutes B they were afraid the plane would be broken and knew there were not enough parachutes for each person.nM8xjYicZI C There was too much smoke and they couldn’t jump out from the plane.nM8xjYicZI D They saw the pilot jump out first. ( > 57. The clever man jumped out with___________.nM8xjYicZI A one parachute B nothing A the pilot C the climber’s park D two parachutesnM8xjYicZI ( > 58. All the people thought of themselves except(除….以外>_______ _.nM8xjYicZI B the clever man C the doctor B the businessman D a young mountain climber B The mountain climber D Last summer vacation I went to Taiwan with my parents. Taiwan is really beautiful ! The weather is always warm and humid because around Taiwan is the sea. In the north, there is the winter season , but in the south, there is no winter season and you can enjoy sunshine every day. The typhoon(台风> season is from June to October.nM8xjYicZI D the busi nessmannM8xjYicZI ( > 59. From this story, we know ______would die.nM8xjYicZI A the clever man C the pilot A. The pilot

( > 60. ________was a kind hearted man. C The businessman D a young mountain climber

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There are many mountains in Taiwan . A-li Mountain is one of the five biggest mountains there. We went to climb A-li Mountain one afternoon. There are many trees in the forest here . They are very tall and many of them are really old.nM8xjYicZI Sun Moon Lake is the largest natural lake in Taiwan. In the lake there are many kinds of fishes. When we were watching the fish, an old man asked us, “Are you from Shanghai?” When we said “yes”, he looked very happy and told us he was born in Shanghai and missed the city very much. He asked a lot of questions about Shanghai and gave us some fish when we left. We also went to the beach and enjoyed the sunshine. There are many kinds of food in the small towns near the sea. A kind of dumplings with sea food in it is my favorite.nM8xjYicZI Taiwan, a beautiful island, I love it! 61. Whom did the writer travel with? ________________________________________________________________nM8xjYicZI 62. How is the weather in Taiwan? _________________________________________________________________nM8xjYicZI 63. When is the typhoon season? _________________________________________________________________nM8xjYicZI 64.Which city was the old man born? ________________________________________________________________nM8xjYicZI 65.Where did they meet the old man? _________________________________________________________________nM8xjYicZI (四>口语交际(5 分> 从方框中选择适当的选项补全对话<有一项多余) A: What do you usually do in your free time, Rick? B:____66___. A: So you like playing basketball very much, don’t you?nM8xjYicZI B: Yes, I do.______67___ A: How often do you play it? B: ____68___What about you ? Do you like basketball?nM8xjYicZI A: No. I hardly ever play it. B:_____69_________ A: I usually stay at home and study all my subjects . I try to improve(提高>my grades.nM8xjYicZI B: It’s a good habit.______70______ A:OK.I will try to do more exercise.nM8xjYicZI 66_________ 67_________ 68___________ 69__________ 70___________nM8xjYicZI A. About four times a week. B. Then what do you do in your free time? C. Who do you often play it with? D. I usually play basketball with my friends. E. But you must exercise to keep healthy. F. It’s my favorite sport. (五>短文填词<10 分)从方框中选词并用适当形式填空,使短文完整,通顺。 wonder, slow, sun , work , travel , play , they , eye , make , take

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I often travel by train to some places of interest. This summer I decided __71__a train trip to the countryside.nM8xjYicZI Then one day, I got on a train and took a seat by the window. At firs t, the train moved along _72____and later gained its speed. We went through a number of tunnels, crossed some bridges and ___73____in the countryside.nM8xjYicZI It was a ___74__day and the scenery outside was ___75___. There were green fields everywhere. We could see farmers _76_____busily in the fields and some children___77 __under the trees .They waved to us when the train went by. The train ran across a bridge. Under the bridge a group of ducks enjoyed___78_____. They heard the noise of the train and hurried off.nM8xjYicZI I looked out of the window. After a while , I closed my ___79___and started_80__ plans for my next vacation.nM8xjYicZI 71___________ 72___________ 73_________ 74_________ 75___________ nM8xjYicZI 76___________ 77____________ 78__________79 _________ 80____________nM8xjYicZI (六>用所给词的正确形式填空<共 8 小题,每小空 1 分,满分 10 分) 81. She ________(start> teaching in China last year.nM8xjYicZI 82. He goes to the movies________(two> a week. 83. He sometimes_________(watch> TV. But now he _________(listen>the music.nM8xjYicZI 84. I think I’m __________(health>, because I always do exercise.nM8xjYicZI 85. He is ________(good> at playing basketball than any other student in his class.nM8xjYicZI 86. Maria _________(win> the first prize in yesterday’s singing competition.nM8xjYicZI 87. I went to your house, but you_________(be not>in.nM8xjYicZI 88. Tom does homework ____________(careful> in our class.nM8xjYicZI (七> 完成句子<每空一词,每小题 2 分,计 10 分) 89. 我想当一名记者,因为我喜欢和人交谈。 I want to be a _________because I enjoy ______with people.nM8xjYicZI 90. 你多久去一次商店?一月一次。 _______ ________ do you go to the shop? Once a month.nM8xjYicZI 91.他的弟弟是一个 8 岁的男孩。 His brother is ______ _______ boy. 92. 我认为学好英语对你来说很必要。 I think it’s _______ for you ______ English well. 93. Tom 是我班最勤奋的学生之一。 Tom is one of the ________ _________ students in our class.nM8xjYicZI (八> 书面表达<10 分) 上周末,你和朋友们去长城玩,现在你打算将游玩的情况介绍给你的英国笔友 Mike,同 时邀请他来玩。下面是几点提示:nM8xjYicZI 1、在校门口会面,8 点出发,乘公共汽车。 2、天气晴朗而暖和。 3、到目的地后,爬了长城,购物,认识了一些新朋友,拍了一些照片。 4、下午 5 点回家,虽然有点累但玩的很开心。

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2018 年下学期仁寿联校八年级半期检测

第一部分:听力<总分 20 分,每题 1 分) 1—5_______________ 6—10 ____________ 11—15________________

16___________ 17 _________18 _________19___________20 __________nM8xjYicZI 第二部分:笔试部分<总分 100) 一、单项选择<每题 1 分,共计 15 分) 21—25_______________ 26—30________________ 31—35____________nM8xjYicZI 二、完形填空<每题 1 分,共计 10 分) 36—40 ___________ 41—45__________

三、阅读理解<每题 1.5 分,共计 30 分) 46—50________________ 51—55_________________ 56—60___________nM8xjYicZI 61_______________________________ 62_______________________________ 63_______________________________ 64_______________________________ 65_______________________________ 四、口语交际<每题 1 分,共计 5 分) 66—70_____________________ 五、短文填词<每题 1 分,共计 10 分) 71________ 72_________ 73_________ 74_______ 78________ 75_________nM8xjYicZI

76_________ 77_______

79________ 80________nM8xjYicZI

六、用所给词的正确形式填空<每题 1 分,共计 10 分)

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81__________ 82___________ 83___________ ___________ 84__________nM8xjYicZI 85__________ 86___________ 87___________ 88_________nM8xjYicZI 七、完成句子<每空 1 分,共 10 分) 89_________ ________ 90________ _________ 91_________ ________nM8xjYicZI 92________ _________ 93_________ ________ 八、书面表达<共计 10 分) ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________nM8xjYicZI

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一, 听力部分 1—5:BCABA 6—10 BABCA 11—15 BBBAC 19 English 20 Ba seballnM8xjYicZI 16 Fourteen 17 White 18 Quiet 二 笔试部分 <一) 单项选择<15 分) 21-25 BADBB 26-30 BCDAA <二) 完形填空<10 分) 36-40 ACCCC 46-50 ABCAD 41-45 ACABB 51-55 ADBDB 56-60 BCDAC (三> 阅读<每小题 1.5 分,计 30 分) 61.The writer traveled with his/her parents. 62.It’s always warm and humid. 63. It’s from June to October. 64. He was born in Shanghai. 65. Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan. (四>口语交际 66-70 DFABE <五)短文选词填空<10 分) 71: to make 76: working /makingnM8xjYicZI 六七八题省略 72: slowly 73: traveled /travelled 77: playing 78: themselves 74: sunny 79:eyes 75: wonderful 80:to make

31-35 ACDBB

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