2011 届高考复习 6 年高考 4 年模拟分类汇编: 第一章 单项填空 第一节 名词与冠词
第一部分 六年高考题荟萃

2010 年高考题
1. (10 安徽 25) haven’t seen Sara since she was a little girl, and she has changed beyond_______ I A. hearing 2.(10 江西 35) Last year the number of students who graduated with a driving license reached 200,000, a (n) ______ of 40,000 per year. A average 3.(10 山东 33) Those who suffer from headache will find they get ______ from this medicine. A. relief 4.(10 天津 3) James took the magazines off the little table to make A. room 5.(10 江苏 22) The doctor is skilled at treating heart trouble and never accepts any gift from his patients, so he has a very good_____. A. expectation 6.(湖北 21) This restaurant has become popular for its wide pockets. A. division 6. (10 安徽 22) After the earthquake, the first thing the local government did was to provide the homeless families.

B strength

C. recognition

D. measure

B number

C amount

D quantity

B. safety

C. defense

D. shelter

for the television. D. position

B. area

C. field

B. reputation

C. contribution

D. civilization

of foods that suit all tastes and

B. area

C. range

D. circle


A. accommodation

B. occupation

C. equipment

D. furniture.

8. (10 浙江 16) The school advisers help you talk through your problem but they don’t give you any direct ______. A. solution C. measure 9.(10 福建 21)It’s them pleasure. B. a, 不填 C. the, a D. a, the 答案:B B. target D. function good feeling for people to admire the Shanghai World Expo that gives

A. 不填, a 10.(10 山东 22)

If we sit near _______ front of the bus, we’ll have _______ better view. A. 不填; the 11. (10 江苏 21) The visitors here are greatly impressed by the fact that_______ people from all walks of life are working hard for_____ new Jiangsu. A.不填; a 12.(10辽宁22) There are over 58, 000 rocky objects in _______ space, about 900 of which could fall down onto _______ earth. A. the; the 13.(10 北京 35) First impressions are the most lasting. After all, you never get __ second chance to make __ first impression. A. a; the 14.(10 重庆 27) Everything comes with A. a, a 15.(10 浙江 2) Many lifestyle patterns do such weakening of the human body. A. a; / B. /; the

B. 不填;a

C. the; a

D. the;the

B. 不填;the

C. the; a

D. the; the

B. 不填; the

C. the; 不填

D. a; the

B. the; the

C. a; a

D. the; a

price; there is no such C. the, a

thing as free lunch in the world. D. a, /

B. the, /

great harm to health that they actually speed up

C. a; the

D. /; /

16.(10 四川 2) In in life. A. the; a B. the; 不填 C.不填; 不填 D.不填; a most countries, a university degree can give you flying start

2009 年高考题
1. (09 安徽 31) China has got a good organization. A. reputation 2. (09 福建 29) The World Health Organization gave a warning to the public without any when the virus of H1N1 hit Mexico in April, 2009. A. delay 3. (09 湖北 25) Hiking by oneself can be fun and good for health. It may also be good for ______ building. A. respect 4. (09 湖北 26) In our class, when the bell rang and the teacher closed his book, it was a ______ for everyone to stand up. A. signal 5. (09 江西 23) The ____________ shoes were covered with mud, so I asked them to take them off before they got into __________ car. A. girl’s; Tom’s 6. (09 海南 32) Encourage your children to try new things, but try not to A. draw 7. (09 山东 29)

for fighting against the flu with its careful and smooth

B. influence

C. impression

D. knowledge

B. effort

C. schedule

D. consideration

B. friendship

C. reputation

D. character

B. chance

C. mark

D. measure

B. girls’; Toms’

C. girls’; Tom’s

D. girl’s; Toms’

them too hard. D. push

B. strike

C. rush

—He says that my new car is a ____________ of money. —Don’t you think those words are just sour grapes? A. lack 8. (09 陕西 20) Form their ________ on the top of the TV Tower, visitors can have a better view of the city. A. stage 9. (09 天津 1) I’m trying to break the _______ of getting up too late . A. tradition 10.(09 浙江 6) The system has been designed to give students quick and easy ______ to the digital resources of the library. A. access 11. (09 安徽 21) We can never expect A. a; a 12. (09 北京 33) The biggest whale is ___ blue whale, which grows to be about 29 meters long—the height of ____ 9-story building. A. the; the 13. (09 江西 25) Some people fear that ________ air pollution may bring about changes in _______ weather around the world. A. /; the 14. (09 海南 22) Let’s go to A. the; the 15. (09 陕西 6) What A. a; a pity that you couldn’t be there to receive B. the; a

B. load

C. question

D. waste

B. position

C. condition

D. situation

B. convenience

C. habit

D. Leisure

B. passage

C. way

D. approach

bluer sky unless we create B. a; the

less polluted world. D. the; the

C. the; a

B. a; a

C. a; the

D. the; a

B. the; /

C. an; the

D. the; a

cinema-that’ll take your mind off the problem for B. the; a C. a; the

while D. a ; a

prize! D. the; the

C. a; the

16. (09 四川 14) In order to find _______ better job, he decided to study _________ second foreign language. A. the; a 7.(09 浙江 2) I don’t understand what the engineer means, but I’ve got ______ rough idea of _____ project plan. A. the; a 18. (09 重庆 26) Washing machines made by China have won become A. a; the 19. (09 全国Ⅱ14) What I need is A. a; 不填 book that contains B. the; 不填 ABC of oil painting. C. the; an D. a; the popular name. B. /; a C. /; the D. the; a worldwide attention and Haier has B. 不填; the C. the; 不填 D. a; the B. a; a C. the; the D. a; the

2008 年高考题
1.(08 全国Ⅱ8) It’s not A.a;a 2.(08 天津 11) Most air pollution is caused by the burning of ___ A. fuels 3.(08 安徽 24) To save some of the human languages before they are forgotten,the students in our school started a discussion“Save Our A.Sky 4.(08 江西 27) —Shall we go out for a walk? —Sorry.This is not the right A.moment B.situation

good idea to drive for four hours without B.the;a C.the;the D.a;the


_ like coal, gas and oil. D. products

B. articles

C. goods

”. D.Voices



to invite me.I am too tired to walk. C.place D.chance

5.(08 江西 30) —I am so sorry to have come late for the meeting. —It is not your fault.With rain, it is no wonder you were late. A.a; a 答案 B 6.(08 湖北 21) The young man made a ______ after graduation. A.prediction 7.(08 湖北 22) The top leaders of the two countries are holding talks in a friendly A.atmosphere 8.(08 湖南 22) Have you heard A.the;the 9.(08 陕西 10) I ate A. the;a 10.(08 四川 8) In the United States , there is always country where more jobs can be found. A.a;the 11.(08 重庆 27) In many places in China , bicycle is still transportation. A.a;the 12.(08 浙江 2) ______ apple fell from the tree and hit him on ______ A. An;the B. The;the

rush-hour traffic and


B.the; the

C./; /

D./; a

to his parents that he would try to earn his own living




. D.phenomenon



news? The price of B./;the C.the;/

petrol is going up again! D./;/

sandwich while I was waiting for B. the;the C. a;the

20:08 train. D. a;a

flow of people to areas of




popular means of




head. D. The;/

C. An;/

13.(08 浙江 15) Dogs have a very good ______ in an earthquake. A. sense 14.(08 福建 32) What’s the even simply hang out for a while? A.sense 15.(08 辽宁 24) My neighbor asked me to go for ______ walk, but I don’t think I’ve got ______ energy. A. a;/ 16.(08 山东 21) We went right round to the west coast by continent. A.the;the 17.(08 江苏 21) Students should be encouraged to use A./a 18.(08 山东 34) I bought a dress for only 10 dollars in a sale;it was a real A.exchange B.bargain C.trade D.business . B./;the Internet as C.the;the resource. D.the;a B./;the C.the;/ D./;/ sea instead of driving across B. the; the C. /;the D. a; the B.matter C.case D.opinion of having a public open space where you can’t eat,drink or B. view C. means D. idea of smell and are often used to search for survivors

2004-07 年高考题 A组
1.(07 天津 12) One thousand dollars a month is not a fortune but would help cover my living A.bills . B.expenses



2.(07 上海 43) My morning breakfast. A.drill 3.(07 安徽 32) The practice of hanging clothes across the street is a common of the city. A.look 4.(07 湖北 23) Despite such a big difference in towards what one eats,there is no doubt B.sign ? C.sight D.appearance ? in many parts B.action C.regulation D.routine includes jogging in the park and reading newspapers over

that people in the west regard the Chinese food as something special. A.point 5.(07 陕西 12) He and his wife are of the same A.soul 6.(07 浙江 12) Of the seven days in a week,Saturday is said to be the most popular a wedding in some countries. A.way 7.(07 福建 31) —You are always full of .Can you tell me the secret?? B.situation C.event D.choice for B.spirit ? ;they both want their son to go to college. C.heart D.mind B.idea C.attitude D.sight

—Taking plenty of exercise every day. A.power 8.(07 辽宁 25) Health problems are closely connected with bad eating habits and a exercise. A.limit 9.(06 全国Ⅱ11) It is no A.use arguing with Bill because he will never change his mind.? B.help







D.demand ?



10.(06 天津 15) Finding information in today’s world is easy.The whether the information you get is useful or not. A.ability 11.(06 浙江 17) —If you like I can do some shopping for you. —That’s a very kind A.offer 12.(06 福建 35) Always read the medicine. A.explanations 13.(06 湖北 21) To make members of a team perform better,the trainer first of all has to know their weaknesses. A.strength 14.(06 江西 28) It is said that dogs will keep you feeling lonely. A.safety 15.(05 辽宁 27) The head office of the bank is in Beijing,but it has A.companies 16.(05 安徽 28) My A.idea 17.(05 上海 43) He proved himself a true gentleman and the beauty of his

is how you can tell




. C.point D.suggestion


on the bottle carefully and take the right amount of

B.instructions ?




B.benefits ?



for as long as you want when you are

B.company ?



all over the country. D.businesses

B.branches ?


of this weekend’s activity is going out with some good friends. B.opinion C.mind D.thought

was seen as its

best when he worked with others. A.temper 18.(05 天津 10) Bill was doing a lot of physical exercise to build up his A.ability 19.(04 全国Ⅲ28) The face of four famous American presidents on Mount Rushmore can be seen from a A.length 20.(04 湖北 21) Don’t leave matches or cigarettes on the table within A.hand B.reach ? C.space of little children. D.distance of 60 miles. B.distance C.way D.space B.force C.strength D.mind . B.appearance C.talent D.character

1.(07 全国Ⅱ19) —Could you tell me the way to —Sorry,we don’t have A.the;the 2.(07 北京 22) I looked under A.the;a 3.(07 天津 3) I wanted to catch A.an;the 4.(07 江西 26) Many people have come to realize that they should go on make A.a;/ 5.(07 湖南 23)

Johnsons,please?? Johnson here in the village.? C./;the D.the;/

B.the;a ?

bed and found B.the;the ?

book I lost last week. C./;the D.the;/

early train, couldn’ get but t B./;the C.an;/

ride to the station. D.the;a

balanced diet and

room in their day for exercise. B.the;a C.the;the D./;a

Polar bears live mostly on hunting seals. A.a;a 6.(07 四川 22) How about taking A.the;a 7.(07 重庆 24) B.a;the

sea ice,which they use as

platform for



short break?I want to make B.a;the C.the;the

call. D.a;a

George couldn’t remember when he first met Mr.Anderson,but he was sure it was Sunday because everybody was at A./;the 8.(07 浙江 4) I like A.a;the 9.(07 福建 22) —How about Christmas evening party?? success. C.a;/ D.the;/ color of your skirt.It is B.a;a C.the;a good match for your blouse. D.the;the B.the;/ church. C.a;/ D./;a

—I should say it was A.a;a 10.(07 辽宁 21) Christmas is together. A.the;the 11.(07 江西 26) B.a;a B.the;a

special holiday when

whole family are supposed to get



Many people have come to realize that they should go on and make room in their day for exercise.? A.a; / 12.(07 山东 21) walk is expected to last all day,so bring A.A;a 13.(06 全国Ⅰ30)

balanced diet

B.the; a

C.the; the

D./; a ?

packed lunch. D.A;/



—Hello,could I speak to Mr.Smith? —Sorry,wrong number.There isn’t A./ 14.(06 全国Ⅱ19) I know you don ’ t like music in the film we saw yesterday? A./;/ 15.(06 辽宁 21) Of all s advice was most important one. A.the;a 16.(06 湖南 22) In review of 44 studies,American researchers found that men and women B./;a C./;the D.the;the reasons for my decision to become a university professor, father’ my B.the;the C.the;/ D./;the music very much.But what do you think of B.a Mr.Smith here. C.the D.one

who ate six key foods daily cut the risk of A.a;the 17.(06 重庆 25) Everywhere man has cut down wood as fuel or as building material. A.the;the 18.(06 山东 21) For him A.a;a 19.(06 陕西 15) According to all big cities to prevent A.the;/ spread of AIDS. B.the;the C.a;a

heart disease by 76%.? C.a;/ D./;a


forests in order to grow crops,or to use




stage is just B.the;a

means of making a living. C.the;the D.a;the

World Health Organization,health care plans are needed in


20.(05 北京 21) It is often said that A./;/ 21.(05 山东 23) I knew A./;a 22.(05 江西 27) If you grow up in get on well with others. A./;an;the 23.(05 浙江 4) Mrs.Taylor has 8-year-old—daughter who has gift for painting. B.a;the;/ C.the;an;the D.a;the;the large family,you are more likely to develop ability to John Lennon,but not B.a;the famous one. C./;the D.the;a B./;a teachers have C.the;/ very easy life. D.the;a

—She has won two national prizes. A.a;a 24.(05 江苏 21) On May 5, 2005,at World Table Tennis Championship,Kong Linghui and Wang score of 4:1.? D.the;a B.an;the C.an;a D.the;a

Hao won the gold medal in men’s doubles with A.a;a 25.(04 浙江 22) The Wilsons live in century cottage.? A.the;/ B.an;the C./;the B./;the C.a;/

A-shaped house near the coast.It is



第三部分 创新预测题精选
1.As is known, nature. phenomena. A.a;a B.a;the C./;/ D.a;/ to the government, asking good knowledge of basic physics helps us better understand

2.All the organizations involved have sent urgent

for extra funding. A.appeals B.replies C.consultations D.contracts

3.Tibet regional government said 105 people had surrendered themselves to police by 11 p.m. on Tuesday for involvement in killed more than ten innocent civilians. A.the;/ B.a;a C.a;the D./;the Lhasa riot that

4. With more than 40 percent of Chinese people suffering from some form of sleep disorder, health experts greater public to sleep health on

Thursday,as Friday,March 21st is World Day Of Sleep. A.acquired;focus B.demanded;devotion C.centered;awarenessD.urged;attention 5.Ms.Michelle Kwan(关颖珊), second-time visit A.the;a B.the;the C./;/ D.a;a of the town. D.scenery 26-year-old athlete returned to Guangzhou for

6.Stand at the top of the mountain,and then you’ll get a better A.sight 7. B.view C.scene

snow disaster of 2008 came as

total surprise to us,which caused

millions of people to delay the journey home. A.A;the B.The;a C./;the D.The;/

8.—How was your trip to Changbai Mountain? —Fantastic!One splendid mountain A.view B.glimpse followed another on our journey. C.glance D.scenery

9. Having received

training of the General Motor Company, he was offered

important position in management. A.the;an B./;an C.the;/ D.a;an

10.As is known to us,

life in the modern world is easier in some ways than

life our grandparents lived. A.the;the B.a;the C./;the D.the;a

11.Pets need a lot of care and A.patience B.attention

;you can not leave them alone for a long time. C.courage D.responsibility brown hair.

12.The police said that

thief was a young man with

A.the;a 13.

B.the;/ Premier Wen Jiabao delivered



annual Government Report at the

opening meeting of A.The;the;the

National People’s Congress on March 5th,07. B.The;/;the C./;the;the D./;/;the she was really

14.I saw Mary dancing at Kate’s birthday party and on that excellent. A.scene 15.—I am at —That’s out of A.a;/ B.a;the B.situation C.position


loss at the moment.Can you help me? question.What can I do for you? C./;a D./;the

16.Mr.White was made

general manager of the company last week.Look,

new manager is coming! A.the;/ B.a;the C./;the D.the;the

17.Airlines and hotels often offer empty seat or hotel bed. A.service B.gifts

to avoid the expense and lost money of an



18.These two swimming pools are of size of them. A.the;the B.a;the

size.But another two are twice



19.My older brother Steve,helped me grow into an adult.Steve taught me to face the of my behavior. A.reasons 20.Because B.realities C.advantages D.results

unemployment is very high at present,it’s not easy for a fresh satisfying job as he wishes. C.the;a D,an;the for my shirt. D.partner

graduate fo find A.the;/ B./;a

21.I like the color of the tie.It will be a good A.match 22.Beyond A./;the B.access C.company

stars,Fei Junlong,the Chinese astronaut,saw nothing but space. B.the;/ C./;/ D.the;the

23.According to announcement by Guangzhou Prices Bureau, new measures which

have been taken recently are expected to cut the price of consumer durables. A.the;/ B.an;the C./;the D.an;/ against the illegal trade. D.ways

24.At the meeting,many speakers urged immediate A.condition B.action




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