高考英语 阅读理解25分钟冲刺训练(9)

2013 高考英语(阅读理解)25 分钟冲刺训练(9) 及答案解析

(第***篇) Few laws are so effective that you can see results just days after they take effect. But in the nine days since the federal cigarette tax more than doubled—to $1.01 per pack—smokers have jammed telephone “quit lines” across the country seeking to kick the habit. This is not a surprise to public health advocates. They’ve studied the effect of state tax increases for years, finding that smokers, especially teens, are price sensitive. Nor is it a shock to the industry, which fiercely fights every tax increase. The only wonder is that so many states insist on closing their ears to the message. Tobacco taxes improve public health, they raise money and most particularly, the deter people from taking up the habit as teens, which is when nearly all smokers are addicted. Yet the rate of taxation varies widely. In Manhattan, for instance, which has the highest tax in the nation,a pack of Marlboro Light Kings cost $10.06 at one drugstore Wednesday. In Charleston, S. C. ,

The influence is obvious. In New York, high school smoking hit a new low in the latest surveys — 13. 8%, far below the national average. By comparison,26% of high school students smoke in Kentucky. Other low tax states have similarly depressing teen smoking records. Hal Rogers, Representative from Kentucky, like those who are against high tobacco taxes, argues that the burden of the tax falls on low-income Americans “who choose to smoke.” That’s true. But there is more reason in keeping future generations of low-income workers from getting hooked in the first place. As for today’s adults, if the new tax drives them to quit, they will have more to spend on their families, cut their risk of cancer and heart disease and feel better. [语篇解读] 烟草税增加后,取得了立竿见影的效果——许多烟民纷纷戒烟。然而有些

地方却对此充耳不闻,中学生吸烟的比例居高不下。本文让我们意识到:从长远看,通过增 加烟草税而使人们戒烟是泽被千家万户的大事。 1. The text is mainly about________. A. the price of cigarettes


B. the rate of teen smoking C. the effect of tobacco tax increase D. the differences in tobacco tax rate [解析] 主旨大意题。本文主要谈论的是烟草税增加后取得的明显效果以及给人们带来

的益处。A、B、D 均为文章的某一方面。 [答案] C 2. What does the author think is a surprise? A. Teen smokers are price sensitive. B. Some states still keep the tobacco tax low. C. Tobacco taxes improve public health. D. Tobacco industry fiercely fights the tax rise. [解析] 事实细节题。由第三段第一句可知,唯一让人吃惊的是,有些州对此充耳不闻, 也就是继续保持低烟草税。 [答案] B 3.The underlined word “deter” in Paragraph 3 most probably means________. A. discourage C. benefit [解析] B. remove D. free


青少年放弃吸烟的习惯。 [答案] A 4. Rogers’ attitude towards the low-income smokers might be that of________. A. tolerance C. doubt B. unconcern D. sympathy

[解析] 推理判断题。Roger 认为高烟草税是把税收负担加到了低收入的烟民身上,故应 该持同情态度。 [答案] D 5. What can we learn from the last paragraph? A. The new tax will be beneficial in the long run. B. Low-income Americans are more likely to fall ill. C. Future generations will be hooked on smoking. D. Adults will depend more on their families. [解析] 推理判断题。由全文最后一句可知,增加烟草税促使烟民戒烟,可让他们有更

多的时间与家人团聚,减少癌症和心脏病的发病率,从长远看,是一件有益的事情。 [答案] A

***************************************************结束 (第***篇) Outside her shabby cottage, old Mrs. Tailor was hanging out laundry on a wire line, unaware that some children lay hidden in the leaves of a nearby tree watching her every move. They were determined to find out if she really was a witch. They watched as she took a broomstick to clean the dirt from her stone steps. But, much to their disappointment, she did not mount the broomstick and take flight. Suddenly,the old lady’s work was interrupted by the cackling of her hen—a signal that an egg had been laid in the warm nest on top of the haystack. The old broomstick was put aside as she hobbled off towards the haystack followed by Sooty, a black cat she had rescued from a fox trap some time back. With only three legs, it was hard for Sooty to keep up with the old lady. The cat provided proof—the children were sure that only a witch would own a black cat with three legs. There ,standing on a wooden box, was Mrs. Tailor, stretching out to gather her precious egg. Taking the egg in one of her hands, she began to climb down when, without warning, the box broke and the old lady fell. “We have to go and help her, ”whispered Amy. “What if it is a trick?”replied Ben. “Don’t be silly, Ben. If she were a witch, she would have turned us into frogs already,”reasoned Meg. “Come on Amy, let’s go. ”The girls climbed down the tree and ran all the way to the haystack. Approaching carefully, they could see a wound on the old lady’s face. She had knocked her head on a stone and her ankle was definitely broken. “Go and get Dad,” Amy yelled to her brother. “Tell him about the accident.” The boys did not need another excuse to leave. They ran as fast as they could for help, hoping that Mrs. Tailor would not wake and turn the girls into frogs. [语篇解读] 孩子们对住在破旧房舍里的、用扫帚柄扫台阶的、后面跟着一只黑色的三

条腿的猫的 Old Mrs.Tailor 是不是巫师很感兴趣,于是躲在附近的树上偷偷观察,结果如何 呢?本文的寓意又是什么呢? 1. Why were the children hiding in the tree? A. They wanted to watch Mrs. Tailor do her housework closely. B. They were playing a hide-and-seek game. C. They wanted to find out if the rumors about Mrs. Tailor were true. D. They were pretending to be spies.

[解析] 事实细节题。由首段尾句 They were determined to find out if she really was a witch.可知孩子们想看看人们对老太太是巫师的传言是否是真的。 [答案] C 2. Mrs. Tailor stopped sweeping when________. A. her front steps were clean B. she noticed the children in the tree C. she was ready to take a flight D. she heard the hen cackling [解析] 事实细节题。由第二段倒数最后一句可知答案为 D。 [答案] D 3. Ben did not rush to help Mrs. Tailor because________. A. he thought that she could be tricking them B. he knew that they should not have been in the tree C. he did not see the old lady fall down D. he was afraid of the three-legged cat [解析] 推理判断题。从文中描述的内容可知,Ben 认为 Mrs. Tailor 是一个巫师,他认 为可能是 Mrs. Tailor 在使诡计,所以在两个女孩子前去救助时,他依然没有奔向前去帮助 Mrs. Tailor。 [答案] A 4.Which of these old sayings best suits the story’s lesson for us? A. Make hay while the sun shines. B. Never judge a book by its cover. C. People in glasshouses should not throw stones. D. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. [解析] 推理判断题。通读全文可以推知,作者想告诉我们“不要以貌取人或仅从事物

的表象来判断事物”。 [答案] B *************************************************结束


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