1、Introduction to Course
1.1、Western Names
1、In the format of western names,which name is put first?( ) A、Family name B、Last name C、Surname D、First name 我的答案:D 得分:33.3 分 2、Bill is the short version of ( ). A、William B、Steven C、Robert D、Richard 我的答案:A 得分:33.3 分 3、There is only one given name in western name.( ) 我的答案:× 得分:33.3 分

1.2、What is Culture

is the beliefs, ( ) and way-of-life of a community or society.

A、traditions B、habits C、customs D、costumes 我的答案:C 得分:33.3 分
2、Which one is not the key

aspect of Chinese culture?( )

A、Chinese food B、Spring Festivel C、Chinese medicine D、Football 我的答案:D 得分:33.3 分

culture is better than American culture.( )

我的答案:×得分:33.3 分

2、Geography of the USA
2.1、Topography of the USA
1、Which is the largest states

by population?( )

A、Texas B、New York C、California D、Florida 我的答案:C 得分:33.3 分

) and Hawaii are seperated from American mainland.

A、Colorado B、Indiana C、Alabama D、Alaska 我的答案:D 得分:33.3 分 3、 The two significant mountain ranges of American are ( ) and Appalachian Mountains. A、Rocky Mountains B、Andes Mountains C、Alps Mountains D、Atlas Mountains 我的答案:A 得分:33.3 分

2.2、Three Icons of America
1、Why is Yellowstone National Park important?( ) A、Because it is the first national park in the world. B、Because it is in America. C、Because it is the biggest national park in America. D、Because it is the first national park in America.
我的答案:A 得分:33.3 分

2、Washington, Jefferson, () and Lincoln's faces are made on the Mount Rushmore.( ) A、Madison B、Roosevelt C、Kennedy D、Adams
我的答案:B 得分:33.3 分

3、Which country provided the Statue of Liberty to America?( )

A、The United Kingdom B、Canada C、Australia D、France 我的答案:D 得分:33.3 分

2.3、Comparison of the USA and China (1)
1、In 2013, the population

of China is about ( ) more than that of America.

A、3 times B、4 times C、5 times D、6 times 我的答案:B 得分:20.0 分
2、Which one is wrong, about the

geography of America and China?( )

A、China has more railways than America. B、America has two neighbour countries, Canada and Mexico. C、Both America and China's climates vary greatly. D、America's land is less than China's, but water in America is more than China. 我的答案:A 得分:20.0 分
3、Which is not

the major environment issues of America?( )

A、Air pollution B、Water shortage C、Loss of agricultural land D、desertification 我的答案:C 得分:20.0 分

total area of China is bigger than America.( )

我的答案:×得分:20.0 分

population growth rate is lower than China's.( )

我的答案:×得分:20.0 分

2.4、Comparison of the USA and China (2)

the countries in the world adopt the metric system, except ( ), Myanmar and Liberia. A、the UK B、the USA

C、France D、Japan 我的答案:B 得分:25.0 分
2、In China,

the life expectancy is ( ) years.

A、70 B、72 C、75 D、79 我的答案:C 得分:25.0 分

first three ethnic groups in the USA are ( ).

A、White, Hispanic and Black B、White, Black and Hispanic C、White, Black and Asian D、White, Asian and Black 我的答案:A 得分:25.0 分

kilogram is ( ) pounds.

A、0.6 B、1.7 C、2.1 D、2.2 我的答案:D 得分:25.0 分

3、Economy of the USA
1、Which country

is the second largest economy in the world?( )

A、China B、Japan C、South Korea D、Germany 我的答案:D 得分:0.0 分
2、Which one of

following is not an American company?( )

A、Google B、CocaCola C、Facebook D、Airbus 我的答案:D 得分:33.3 分


capita means a person.( )

我的答案:√得分:33.3 分

3.2、Comparison of USA and China
1、Which one is right about the

labour force in America and China?( )

A、Most of American labour force are in services. B、Both America and China have the least labour force in agriculture. C、Most Chinese labour force are in agriculture. D、American labour force is more than Chinese. 我的答案:A 得分:20.0 分 2、The UAS and ( ) is the major export markets of China. A、Canada B、Mexico C、Japan D、South Korea 我的答案:C 得分:20.0 分 3、( ) is most used for the electricity production in the USA and China. A、Water B、Nuclear C、Wind D、Coal 我的答案:D 得分:20.0 分 4、According to the 2013 statistics, which one of the following is wrong?( ) A、The smallest part in the economic structure of developed countries is agriculture. B、The biggest part of GDP composition in America is Services. C、In 2013, GDP growth rate in America is higher than that in China. D、In 2013, America's inflation rate is lower than China's. 我的答案:C 得分:20.0 分 5、Both American and Chinese governments have significant direct involvement in the economy.( ) 我的答案:×得分:20.0 分

3.3、Agriculture in the USA

), Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma and California have the most farms in the USA.

A、Arizona B、Maryland C、Texas D、Nevada

我的答案:C 得分:25.0 分 2、Which one is wrong about the American agriculture?( ) A、Large family farms are much more productive. B、In 2000, farm jobs are very few in America. C、Most income of farm households is from non-farm sources. D、In America, all farmers have jobs in cities. 我的答案:D 得分:25.0 分 3、96% of the farmers are black people.( ) 我的答案:×得分:25.0 分
4、In 2008, most of

American agriculture imports were from China.( )

我的答案:×得分:25.0 分

3.4、Global Financial Crisis
1、Which one of

following is wrong about the GFC Recession? ( )

A、Banks stopped lending. B、Companies cut jobs. C、Stock market crashed. D、People got more job opportunity. 我的答案:D 得分:25.0 分 2、Recession is ( ) of negative GDP growth. A、1 quarter B、2 quarters C、3 quarters D、4 quarters 我的答案:D 得分:25.0 分 3、The GFC Recession started in ( ). A、the USA B、the UK C、Japan D、France 我的答案:A 得分:25.0 分 4、China was not affected much by the GFC Recession.( ) 我的答案:√得分:25.0 分

3.5、A Hero and a Villain

Madoff's clients lost about ( ) billion dollars.

A、10 B、20

C、30 D、40 我的答案:A 得分:33.3 分 2、The New York magzine called Bernie Madoff ( ). A、Villain B、Hero C、Monster D、Saviour 我的答案:C 得分:33.3 分 3、Warren Buffett was born in a rich family.( ) 我的答案:×得分:33.3 分

4、History of America
4.1、Discovery of the 'New World'

main European power was Spain, France, ( ) and Great Britain.

A、Italy B、Portugal C、Russia D、Germany 我的答案:B 得分:33.3 分 2、Christopher Columbus was the first person to cross the ( ) Ocean. A、Pacific B、Indian C、Arctic D、Atlantic 我的答案:D 得分:33.3 分 3、Christopher Columbus did 5 voyages between 1492 and 1503.( ) 我的答案:×得分:33.3 分

4.2、British Colonies

Britain founded ( ) colonies along the East Coast in America.

A、11 B、12 C、13 D、14 我的答案:C 得分:25.0 分


first fight between local people and British soldiers was at ( ).

A、Washington D.C. B、New York C、Boston D、Lexington and Concord 我的答案:D 得分:25.0 分 3、John Adams, Roger Sherman, Robert Livingston, Thomas Jefferson and ( ) wrote The Declaration of Independence. A、Benjamin Franklin B、Abraham Lincoln C、George Washington D、Paul Revere 我的答案:A 得分:25.0 分 4、British people migrated to America with the ship called Mayflower in 1620.( ) 我的答案:√得分:25.0 分

4.3、American War of Independence

war of Independence was between ( ).

A、America and France B、America and Holland C、America and Spain D、America and Britain 我的答案:D 得分:33.3 分 2、In 1778, ( ) signed Treaty of Alliance with America. A、Spain B、Holland C、France D、Britain 我的答案:C 得分:33.3 分 3、Britain won the Battle of Yorktown.( ) 我的答案:×得分:33.3 分

4.4、Building the New Nation

were ( ) Chief Justice in the Supreme Court.

A、 1 B、3 C、 8 D、9 我的答案:A 得分:25.0 分


Hamilton was the first Secretary of ( ) of America.

A、State B、Law C、Treasury D、War 我的答案:C 得分:25.0 分 3、The first president of Amercia was ( ). A、George Washington B、Abraham Lincoln C、Benjamin Franklin D、Thomas Jefferson 我的答案:A 得分:25.0 分 4、Thomas Paine was born in France.( ) 我的答案:×得分:25.0 分

4.5、A Hero, Traitor and Genius
1、Which one is wrong

about Benjamin Franklin?( )

A、He was also a Doctor. B、He loved reading. C、He started the first public library in Philadelphia. D、He was 81 when he went to the Constitutional Convention. 我的答案:A 得分:20.0 分

Washington declared ( )

A、Thanksgiving Day B、Christmas C、Halloween D、New Year's Day 我的答案:A 得分:20.0 分
3、Which one is right about George

Washington?( )

A、He was graduated from college. B、He had three children. C、He had no experience in military action. D、He was revered as the "Father of the United States". 我的答案:D 得分:20.0 分 4 、 During the War of Independence, Benedict Arnold sold military secrets to France.( ) 我的答案:×得分:20.0 分
5、Benjamin Franklin was

born in a rich family and well educated.()

我的答案:×得分:20.0 分

4.6、Timeline of Major Events (1800-1899)

first railway was built in ( ).

A、1827 B、1828 C、1829 D、1830 我的答案:B 得分:33.3 分 2、The war with Mexico was started in ( ). A、1846 B、1847 C、1848 D、1849 我的答案:A 得分:33.3 分 3、The first telephone line was built in 1877.( ) 我的答案:√得分:33.3 分

4.7、Territorial Expansion

purchased Louisiana Territory with ( ) million dollars from France.

A、 2 B、5 C、10 D、15 我的答案:D 得分:20.0 分 2、Which one is wrong about Hawaii?( ) A、It is in the Atlantic Ocean. B、There are 8 main islands. C、It is the 50th states of America. D、America took over Hawaii government from the local king. 我的答案:A 得分:20.0 分 3、Texas was the ( ) state of America. A、26th B、27th C、28th D、29th 我的答案:C 得分:20.0 分 4、The USA purchased Florida from ( ). A、Spain

B、the UK C、France D、Italy 我的答案:A 得分:20.0 分 5、The largest city in Alaska is Anchorage, which is also the capital city.( ) 我的答案:×得分:20.0 分

4.8、The American Civil War
1、Which one of

following is wrong about Abraham Lincoln?( )

A、He was the 16th president of America. B、He was killed in 1865 when the Civil War was just finished. C、He was a businessman and then became politician. D、He was born in a poor farm family. 我的答案:C 得分:20.0 分 2、The Civil War started in ( ). A、1861 B、1862 C、1863 D、1864 我的答案:A 得分:20.0 分 3、Which was wrong about the Civil War?( ) A、America was kept as one country. B、Slavery was abolished. C、After the Battle of Gettysburg, the North started to win. D、The South was strong in "hard power". 我的答案:D 得分:20.0 分 4、In the Civil War, the North was weak, and the South was strong.( ) 我的答案:×得分:20.0 分
5、In the Civil

War, the North lost more people than the South.( )

我的答案:√得分:20.0 分

4.9、America's Economic Development
1、Which one is wrong

about John D. Rockefeller?( ).

A、He established his first oil refinery when he was 24. B、At first, he worked as a bookkeeper. C、When he was 20, he started his own company. D、He donated all his money to the Rockefeller Foundation.

我的答案:D 得分:33.3 分 2、Which one is wrong about Thomas Edison?( ) A、He was educated in school. B、His first job is telegraph operator. C、He had many patents. D、He invented electric light bulb. 我的答案:A 得分:33.3 分 3、Because the northern America is cold, James Naismith invented basketball which is a good sport for winter.( ) 我的答案:√得分:33.3 分

4.10、Timeline of Major Events (1900-2014)

first long distance telephone was built in ( ).

A、1915 B、1916 C、1917 D、1918 我的答案:A 得分:33.3 分 2、In ( ), the first humans walked on the moon. A、1967 B、1968 C、1969 D、1970 我的答案:C 得分:33.3 分

Nixon visited China in ( ).

A、1971 B、1972 C、1973 D、1974 我的答案:B 得分:33.3 分

4.11、The Panama Canal

Panama Canal was finally built by a ( ) consortium.

A、France B、Italy C、Britain D、America 我的答案:D 得分:33.3 分 2、Why did the French consortium gave up to build the canal?( )

A、Because it was too expensive. B、Because many people died. C、Because the topography in Panama was difficult to build a canal. D、Because the American government decided to buld it by themselves. 我的答案:C 得分:33.3 分 3、The aim to build the Panama Canal was to connect America and Panama.( ) 我的答案:×得分:33.3 分

4.12、The Great Depression
1、Which one is wrong

about Franklin Delano Roosevelt?( )

A、He was also known as FDR. B、He give American people confidence during the Great Depression. C、He was elected as president for 3 times. D、He started many government programs to provide work to people. 我的答案:C 得分:20.0 分 2、The Great Depression started in ( ). A、1929 B、1932 C、1933 D、1939 我的答案:A 得分:20.0 分 3、Which one is wrong about the Great Depression?( ) A、The Great Depression started with the crash of the New York stock market. B、More than 9000 banks closed down. C、It took a short time for the New York Stock to recover. D、Many people became homeless because of the Great Depression. 我的答案:C 得分:20.0 分 4、Which one is not the results of the Great Depression?( ) A、GDP went down. B、Income fell. C、Unemployment rate increased. D、Farmers had no food to eat. 我的答案:D 得分:20.0 分 5、The Great Depression only happened in America.( ) 我的答案:×得分:20.0 分

4.13、The Cold War
1、Why did

the Cold War avoid direct conflict?( )

A、Because the Second World War was just finished.

B、Because the USSR was too weak to fight. C、Because both sides of the Cold War had nuclear weapons. D、Because some countries stop the war. 我的答案:C 得分:20.0 分 2、Which statement of following is wrong?( ) A、There were many cold conflicts in the cold war, such as weapon competition and spying. B、Germany reunited in 1990. C、The USSR was dissolved in 1990. D、After the USSR dissovled, 15 new countries were created. 我的答案:C 得分:20.0 分 3、Berlin Wall was ended in ( ). A、1989 B、1988 C、1987 D、1986 我的答案:A 得分:20.0 分 4、The Cold War continued for only a few years.( ) 我的答案:×得分:20.0 分

many West Germans fled to the East, the West Germany government built the Berlin Wall.( ) 我的答案:×得分:20.0 分

4.14、911 & War on Terror
1、Which one is wrong

about 9/11?( )

A、About 3000 people were killed. B、It happened in 2002. C、The World Trade Centre and Pentagon were attacked. D、It was the first attack on mainland USA since 1812. 我的答案:B 得分:33.3 分 2、The terrorists Hijacked ( ) planes. A、 4 B、5 C、 6 D、7 我的答案:A 得分:33.3 分 3、Only the north tower of the World Trade Centre was attacked.( ) 我的答案:×得分:33.3 分

5、Political System of America 1
5.1、The American Constitution
1、Which is not

the three basic principles of the Consititution?( )

A、Republic B、Federation C、Rule of law D、Freedom 我的答案:C 得分:0.0 分 2、( ) was elected as the chairman of the Constitutional Convention. A、Abraham Lincoln B、George Washington C、Benjamin Franklin D、Alexander Hamilton 我的答案:B 得分:25.0 分 3、The Constituional Convention was held in Philadelphia.( ) 我的答案:√得分:25.0 分

American Consitituion is only 4 pages.( )

我的答案:√得分:25.0 分

5.2、A Government of 3 Branches

are ( ) justices in the Supreme Court.

A、 6 B、7 C、 8 D、9 我的答案:D 得分:25.0 分 2、The Legislative Branch is to ( ). A、Interpret laws B、Execute laws C、Change laws D、Make laws 我的答案:D 得分:25.0 分 3、There are ( ) Congressional Districts in the House of Representatives. A、200 B、231

C、435 D、521 我的答案:A 得分:0.0 分 4、Senators are elected for 5 year.( ) 我的答案:×得分:25.0 分

5.3、Characteristics of the Constitution

American Bill of Rights was effective in ( ).

A、1787 B、1786 C、1791 D、1792 我的答案:C 得分:25.0 分
2、President Obama

is the ( ) president of America.

A、44th B、45th C、46th D、47th 我的答案:A 得分:25.0 分 3、The amendments to the Constitution must be supported by ( ) of the States. A、72% B、73% C、74% D、75% 我的答案:D 得分:25.0 分 4、In America, president can not veto legislation.( ) 我的答案:×得分:25.0 分

6、Political System of America 2
6.1、Political Parties

symbol of The Democratic Party is ( ).

A、Eagle B、Elephant C、Donkey D、Horse

我的答案:C 得分:25.0 分 2、The Democratic Party is also called ( ). A、Enlightened Party B、Judicial Party C、Conservative Party D、Liberal Party 我的答案:D 得分:25.0 分 3、The Communist Party in the USA is not legal.( ) 我的答案:×得分:25.0 分

membership of the Democratic Party is hard.( )

我的答案:×得分:25.0 分


to vote costs ( ).

A、$5 B、$10 C、$20 D、No cost 我的答案:D 得分:33.3 分 2、Voting can not be ( ). A、In person B、Absentee C、Making a phone call D、By mail 我的答案:C 得分:33.3 分 3、In America, voting is compulsory.( ) 我的答案:×得分:33.3 分

1、In (

), Barack Obama was elected as the 44th President of the USA.

A、2006 B、2007 C、2008 D、2009 我的答案:C 得分:25.0 分 2、The American president can be elected for ( ). A、Many times

B、3 times C、2 times D、1 time 我的答案:C 得分:25.0 分 3、A senator and a representative can only be elected for two times.( ) 我的答案:×得分:25.0 分
4、In 2012

presidential election, Mitt Romney is from Republican Party.( )

我的答案:√得分:25.0 分

7、Religion in America
7.1、What is Religion
1、Which is not

the reason why people are religious?( )

A、Religion is inheritted from parents. B、Religion can help to explain life. C、Religion helps us to acccept our situation. D、Religion can make people feel happy. 我的答案:D 得分:33.3 分 2、For the Christian Church, ( ) is the Sabbath. A、Sunday B、Saturday C、Friday D、Monday 我的答案:A 得分:33.3 分 3、2014 AD means 2014 Before the Birth of Jesus Christ.( ) 我的答案:×得分:33.3 分

7.2、Major Religions

biggest religion by followers is ( ).

A、Islam B、Hinduism C、Christianity D、Buddhism 我的答案:C 得分:33.3 分 2、People follow Hinduism are mainly from ( ).

A、India B、Thailand C、Middle East D、Japan 我的答案:A 得分:33.3 分 3、 The Pew Global Attitudes Project shows that rich countries have stronger belief in religion, but the poor countries have lower belief in religion.( ) 我的答案:×得分:33.3 分

1、About (

) of Christians belong to Catholics.

A、45% B、50% C、55% D、60% 我的答案:C 得分:25.0 分 2、The leader of catholic church is called ( ) A、Priest B、Pastor C、Disciple D、Pope 我的答案:D 得分:25.0 分 3、Originally, the Christians were called Catholics.( ) 我的答案:√得分:25.0 分

are no catholics in China.( )

我的答案:×得分:25.0 分

7.4、Religion in America

to the 2008 ARIS, ( ) of American follow Christianity.

A、76% B、70% C、51% D、40% 我的答案:A 得分:25.0 分 2、According to ARIS, in 1990, 2001, 2008, the number of Christian, Catholic and ( ) decease. A、Judaism

B、Islam C、Protestant D、No religion 我的答案:C 得分:25.0 分 3、Which is not the key characteristics of religion in America?( ) A、Seperation of church and state B、Variety of belief C、Concerned with morality D、Helping everyone in the world 我的答案:D 得分:25Which is not the reason why people are religious.0 分
4、Agnostic is 100%

certain that there is no god.( )

我的答案:×得分:25.0 分

1、Why doesn't western scholars

think Confucianism is religion?( )

A、Because Confucianism does not talk about an after life. B、Because Confucianism is not accepted by western people. C、Because western scholars don't know Confucianism. D、Because very few people follow Confucianism. 我的答案:A 得分:33.3 分 2、According to the 2010 Pew Survey, ( ) of Chinese believe folk religion. A、18.2% B、5.1% C、13.8% D、21.9% 我的答案:D 得分:33.3 分 3、There is no Christianity in China.( ) 我的答案:×得分:33.3 分

8、Way of life 1
8.1、Way of Life (1-1)

Super Bowl is usually held ( ).

A、AT the end of January B、In March C、In May

D、In November 我的答案:A 得分:25.0 分 2、In American football, the boy who throws the ball is called ( ). A、The offensive back B、The running back C、The quarterback D、The receiver 我的答案:C 得分:25.0 分 3、Kobe Bryant is amateur basketball player.( ) 我的答案:×得分:25.0 分
4、In 2013, the

Seattle Seahawks was the best defensive team during the season.( )

我的答案:√得分:25.0 分

8.2、Way of Life (1-2)

Phelps won ( ) Olympic medals.

A、18 B、20 C、22 D、25 我的答案:C 得分:33.3 分 2、World Series is held in ( ) every year. A、July B、August C、September D、October 我的答案:A 得分:0.0 分 3、"Tiger Woods" is the real name of Woods.( ) 我的答案:×得分:33.3 分

8.3、Way of Life (1-3)

most popular pets in America is ( ).

A、Dog B、Fish C、Bird D、Cat 我的答案:D 得分:33.3 分 2、In America, about ( ) of household have at least one pet.

A、60% B、65% C、70% D、75% 我的答案:B 得分:33.3 分 3、It's expensive to have a horse.( ) 我的答案:√得分:33.3 分

8.4、Way of Life (1-4)
1、Why don't

many people in New York City want a car?( )

A、Because car is expensive in New York City. B、Because traffic is bad in New York City. C、Because there is no place to park cars in New York City. D、Because the number of cars is limited by government. 我的答案:C 得分:25.0 分 2、In 2013, the best seller in China was ( ). A、GM B、Ford C、Toyota D、Volkswagen 我的答案:C 得分:0.0 分 3、Which car company has the most market in America?( ) A、GM B、Ford C、Toyota D、Honda 我的答案:B 得分:0.0 分 4、In America and Australia, people prefer to big motorbikes.( ) 我的答案:√得分:25.0 分

8.5、Way of Life (1-5)
1、In American countries,

( ) has the highest homicide rate.

A、USA B、Brazil C、Jamaica D、Honduras 我的答案:A 得分:0.0 分 2、Which is not the reason why American people like guns.( ) A、Personal protection

B、Hunting C、Collecting guns to sell for a high price D、Target shooting 我的答案:C 得分:20.0 分 3、People in western countries all love guns.( ) 我的答案:×得分:20.0 分
4、 Over

the lasr few years, guns are becoming more and more popular in America.( )

我的答案:×得分:20.0 分

violent crime rate delines when the incarceration rate increases.( )

我的答案:√得分:20.0 分

9、Way of life 2
9.1、Way of Life 2-1
1、68% of

the 79 inventors with more than 300 utility paten families are from ( ).

A、Australia B、Japan C、Germany D、USA 我的答案:D 得分:25.0 分 2、Which one of following is wrong about Steve Jobs?( ) A、He dropped out of college. B、He started Apple when he was 21. C、His real parents were died when he was born. D、He was a Buddist. 我的答案:A 得分:0.0 分 3、In total, there are ( ) Chinese won the Nobel Prize. A、 5 B、6 C、 7 D、8 我的答案:A 得分:0.0 分 4、Women never won the Nobel Prize.( ) 我的答案:×得分:25.0 分

9.2、Way of Life 2-2

face of ( ) is on 1 dollar. A、George Washington B、Thomas Jefferson C、Abraham Lincoln D、Benjamin Franklin 我的答案:A 得分:25.0 分 2、When was the UN established?( ) A、1944 B、1945 C、1946 D、1947 我的答案:B 得分:25.0 分 3、Where is the headquarter of the UN.( ) A、In London B、In Paris C、In Washington DC D、In New York City 我的答案:D 得分:25.0 分 4、New York Stock Exchange is the world's second largest stock exchange.( ) 我的答案:×得分:25.0 分

9.3、Way of Life 2-3
1、Which is right

about American college?( )

A、Many American college students have part time jobs. B、There is only one chance to do college entrance exam. C、There are many classed even at night. D、Friends and classmates will help you to study. 我的答案:A 得分:33.3 分 2、When was Harvard University established?( ) A、1560 B、1620 C、1636 D、1639 我的答案:C 得分:33.3 分 3、In America, it's hard to enter college, but easy to graduate.( ) 我的答案:×得分:33.3 分

9.4、Way of Life 2-4

is belong to ( ) at the stages in a person's life. A、Young adult B、Middle age C、Mature D、Senior 我的答案:B 得分:33.3 分 2、When is the Independent Day of America?( ) A、3rd June B、4th June C、3rd July D、4th July 我的答案:D 得分:33.3 分 3、10% of people in America use left hand.( ) 我的答案:√得分:33.3 分

9.5、Way of Life 2-5

is the most powerful person according to the 2013 Forbes List?( )

A、Vladimir Putin B、Barack Obama C、Xi Jinping D、Pope Francis 我的答案:B 得分:0.0 分 2、Which country of following is not constitutional monarchy?( ) A、UK B、Japan C、Spain D、USA 我的答案:D 得分:33.3 分 3、The British Parliamentary System, the Legislative Branch, Executive Branch and Judicial Branch are separated.( ) 我的答案:×得分:33.3 分

10、Way of life 3
10.1、Way of Life 3-1
1、Which is wrong

about American people?( )

A、American people are patriotic. B、American people like to talk about politics and religion. C、American people are outspoken. D、American people respect time. 我的答案:B 得分:25.0 分 2、Which one of following is polite in western culture?( ) A、Throwing paper on the ground B、Smoking in restaurant C、Spitting in the street D、Waiting bus in a queue 我的答案:D 得分:25.0 分 3、In western countries, eye contact is important.( ) 我的答案:√得分:25.0 分
4、In western countries, people

don't always say thank you to other people.( )

我的答案:×得分:25.0 分

10.2、Way of Life 3-2
1、In America, it's common

to add ( ) to a bill as a tip.

A、10%-15% B、15% C、15%-20% D、20% 我的答案:C 得分:25.0 分 2、Which one of following statement is wrong?( ) A、In western countries, drivers can speak on the mobile phone while driving. B、In western countries, when pedestrians are walking on zebra crossing, cars must stop. C、In western countries, you should chew with mouth closed. D、In western countries, before taking more food, you should finish what you have in your mouth. 我的答案:A 得分:25.0 分 3、The first course in western food is called (). A、Main course B、Dessert

C、Cuisine D、Appetiser 我的答案:D 得分:25.0 分 4、Bargaining is common in western countries.( ) 我的答案:×得分:25.0 分

10.3、Way of Life 3-3
1、Which statement

about western marriage is wrong?( )

A、There are two kinds of wedding, civil ceremony or church wedding. B、Almost all couples are “naked marriages". C、Divorce rate in western countries is high. D、Woman must take husband's family name. 我的答案:B 得分:0.0 分 2、Which one is wrong about housing in western countries?( ) A、Apartment is preferred by young and old people. B、Couples get mortgage from bank to buy a house or an apartment. C、Real estate is cheap in Australia. D、More people live in houses than in high buildings. 我的答案:A 得分:0.0 分 3、In western culture, wedding rings are worn on right hand.( ) 我的答案:×得分:25.0 分

western students go on a gap year after finishing high school.( )

我的答案:√得分:25.0 分

10.4、Way of Life 3-4
1、Which one of

following is not the feature of Australia?( )

A、Koala B、Kangaroo C、Aborigines D、Maoris 我的答案:D 得分:33.3 分 2、The capital city of Australia is ( ). A、Sydney B、Canberra C、Melbourne D、Brisbane 我的答案:B 得分:33.3 分

3、Most island

of Australia is dessert.( )

我的答案:√得分:33.3 分