高中英语全英文说课稿模板 考试666

英语说课稿(人教版-高中)------适合 7~9 分钟说课

Good morning, everyone. I`m number for English teacher. Now I will write the topic of my lesson on the blackboard, OK? ------(板书课题) Thank you! OK! Now let`s come to the first part: Teaching Material(Part 1) The content of my lesson is New Senior English for China Book___ Unit____________________. This unit is about____________________ (topics). By studying of this unit, we’ll enable students to know _________________________ . It starts________________(structures). Therefore, this lesson is in the important position of this unit. If the Ss can master it well, it will be helpful for them to learn the rest of this unit (or the book). After studying the teaching material, the teaching aims are the followings: 1.Knowledge objects (知识目标:词汇,句型,语法,课文内容) (1)The Ss can understand the new words, phrases, sentence patterns, and the __________(grammar) (2)The Ss can understand the content of this lesson. (3) The Ss can use the patterns or grammar roles to express their thoughts in the proper situation.. 2.Ability objects (技能目标:听,说,读,写,学习方法) (1) To develop the Ss’ abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing (2) To develop the Ss’ abilities of working in groups. (3) To improve the Ss’ ability of reading, especially their skimming and scanning ability. 3.Emotional objects (情感目标:兴趣,自信,话题,爱国,国际视野) By completing the task, the Ss can set up self-confidence in English leaning. And to help the Ss to understand__________________(emotion). Now, let`s come to the Important and Difficult Points: In my opinion, the important points are the key words, phrases, sentence patterns and the grammar, because they are the important materials in a language. The difficult points are reading skills especially skimming and scanning, because it is a long way to master it well in reading. (And another one is (grammar) because it is abstract and difficult for students to understand. ) Part 2 Analysis of students The students are in the grade in senior high school. It is very important to help them to form a good habit of learning. They have a definite English learning motivation and attitude. While their knowledge ability is different. Their attention can be scattered easily because of some burdens or some other subjects. So catching the students` attention is the key of this lesson. Part 3 Teaching Methods In my opinion, the instructional aims of learning English in middle school is to develop the students’ abilities of listening, speaking, reading, writing. For achieving these aims, I will use the following methods: 1. Task-based Language Teaching (任务教学法)it offers the students an opportunity to complete the tasks in which students use language to achieve a specific outcome. 2. Total Situational Action (情景教学) it is a “scene - activity” teaching method , it offers real scene between the teacher and the Ss. In the meanwhile, Computer Aided Instruction (电脑辅助教学) can provide a real situation with its sound and picture, it can develop the Ss creativity in learning English.

英语说课稿(人教版-高中)------适合 7~9 分钟说课

Part 4 Studying methods I think most of my students are from the countryside. They need to receive cooperative learning skills. Some students are not active in the class, even some students don`t like English. Therefore, I`ll have students study process of seeing, hearing, thinking. And make preparation for completing the new task. After understanding the language points, let students get the knowledge actively by cooperative leaning. And then I will teach the students how to be successful language learners, and how to communicate with others. Part 5 Teaching Procedure Step 1. Lead-in. (__4__min) Show some pictures/ a video about and then ask them some questions about this topic in their daily lives. Finally, I will introduce the topic of this lesson. The purpose of my design is to catch Ss’ attention about the lesson. Step 2. Reading and listening(__13__min) 1.Skimming Task: read the material quickly to find out the right information about the question I asked. 2. Scanning Task: read the material carefully and listen to the tape to find out how many parts in this text, and what`s the topic for each one. The purpose of my design: is to develop the students` ability of reading and listening. Step 3. Presentation and practice(__20__min) Intensive reading and translate the text part by part. Interpret the important information to the students. Then, group work. Set a certain situation, and let students work in groups to discuss and make a dialogue using the words they learned. The purpose of my design is develop the Ss ability of working in groups and how to use the language in proper situation. Step 4.Conclosion (__5__min) Summarize the whole lesson and check the knowledge they learned. Step 5. Homework(__3__min) 1. Finish the exercise book of this lesson. 2. Memorize the new words or phrases, and recite some important sentences of this text. The purpose of my design: is that homework is important and necessary for students to master the knowledge they learned. It will check whether the Ss achieve the teaching aims. Part6 Blackboard design On the top of the blackboard, I can write the topic of this less. On the left, I will set a serious of clues of text on it. And on the right, I will write some key words or phrases to help students to memorize. The purpose of my design: is to help the students to understand the reading material better. And then, develop the students` ability of writing. OK! That is my lesson. Thank you very much!


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