Li Kang lives in Shijiazhuang, the capital city of Hebei

Province. Today is his first day at Senior High school.

Everything in the school 1.

(impress) him much.The

teachers are 2.

(enthusiasm) and friendly and the

classrooms are 3.

(amaze).His English teacher, Ms Shen,

is a most enthusiastic woman, and her class is so interesting

that nobody is 4.

(bore) in her class.Her method


teaching is nothing like that of his teachers at

Junior High.In the first class, they 6.


themselves to each other.Everyone was very friendly 7.


some of them were 8.

(embarrass) at first.Then they

followed Ms Shen’s 9.

(instruction) and worked by

themselves.After that, they were asked to write 10.


description of the street where they live as their homework.

答案:1.impresses 2.enthusiastic 3.amazing 4.bored 5.of 6.introduced 7.although 8.embarrassed 9.instructions 10.a


1.The students in the class


four groups before they started the game.

2.In the finals, eight athletes


加) the free-style swimming competition to compete with each

other for the three medals.

3.Helen has got what it takes t o be a great tennis player.

(换句话说) , she has the potential

to become world famous.

4.Her ideas


5.The businessman claimed to have graduated from Harvard, while

in fact, he never


答案:1.were divided into 2.took part in 3.In other words 4.are similar to 5.went to college

Ⅲ.微写作 1.去年,李华参加高考,发挥正常。也就是说,他成功上了大学。
答案: 1.Li Hua did very well in the College Entrance Examination last year; in other words, he went to college successfully. 2.At the start of being in college he found life was completely different from that in the middle school. 3.Under the instruction of his teachers, he gradually adapted to it.

答 案 : 4.He developed a positive attitude to life and took part in all kinds of activities. 5.He was looking forward to becoming a successful man in society in the future.




(amaze), she stood and stared while the police

arrested her husband.

2.She shows a very positive attitude

her work.

3.As is often the case, in the eyes of teenagers, their

parents’ advice is less practical than

of their


4.Common sense

(tell) us that anything that is dropped

falls towards the earth because of the force of gravity.

5.The doctor left after giving

(instruct) that my

mother should rest as much as possible at home.

答案:1.Amazed 2.to/towards 3.that 4.tells 5.instructions

6.She likes him all the better for his

(fluency) spoken


7.The new tax policy only affects people on yearly incomes


other words,the very rich.

8.She asked a lot of

(embarrass) questions.


(encourage) words were a real shot in the arm.

10.Mary’s skirt looked just the same as Joan’s, but it cost

twice as much


答案:6.fluent 7.in 8.embarrassing 9.encouraging 10.as

Ⅱ.单句语法改错 1.The hut was made of poles covering with grass mats. 2.He has collected more than three times many stamps as I have. 3.Some readers wrote to him for more informations. 4.Local residents were disappointing with the decision. 5.Sixteen teams are taking part in, divided into four groups.
答案:1.将covering改为covered 2.many前加as 3.将informations 改为information 4.将disappointing改为disappointed 5.去掉in

6.It’s nothing like that it used to be. 7.They are looking forward to her come. 8.My visit to India in 2014 left a deep impression to me. 9.I just need to make a few correct,and then we can send it to
the printer. 10.These days work played an important part in a single
woman’s life.
答案: 6.将that改为what 7.将come改为coming 8.将to改为on 9.将correct改为corrections 10.将played改为plays

? 常常可见到这样的同学,他们在下课前几分钟就开始看表、收拾课本文具,下课铃一响,就迫不及待地“逃离”教室。实际上,每节课刚下课时的几分 钟是我们对上课内容查漏补缺的好时机。善于学习的同学往往懂得抓好课后的“黄金两分钟”。那么,课后的“黄金时间”可以用来做什么呢?
? 一、释疑难 ? 对课堂上老师讲到的内容自己想不通卡壳的问题,应该在课堂上标出来,下课时,在老师还未离开教室的时候,要主动请老师讲解清楚。如果老师已
经离开教室,也可以向同学请教,及时消除疑难问题。做到当堂知识,当堂解决。 ? 二、补笔记 ? 上课时,如果有些东西没有记下来,不要因为惦记着漏了的笔记而影响记下面的内容,可以在笔记本上留下一定的空间。下课后,再从头到尾阅读一
遍自己写的笔记,既可以起到复习的作用,又可以检查笔记中的遗漏和错误。遗漏之处要补全,错别字要纠正,过于潦草的字要写清楚。同时,将自己 对讲课内容的理解、自己的收获和感想,用自己的话写在笔记本的空白处。这样,可以使笔记变的更加完整、充实。 ? 三、课后“静思2分钟”大有学问 ? 我们还要注意课后的及时思考。利用课间休息时间,在心中快速把刚才上课时刚讲过的一些关键思路理一遍,把老师讲解的题目从题意到解答整个过 程详细审视一遍,这样,不仅可以加深知识的理解和记忆,还可以轻而易举地掌握一些关键的解题技巧。所以,2分钟的课后静思等于同一学科知识的 课后复习30分钟。








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