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2013 年全国各地市中考英语试卷分类解析汇编:

【2013 江苏徐州】用括号中所给动词的正确形式填空,使短文完整。 Dear Sandy, Thanks for your email. I've arrived at home safe and sound. My grandparents (53)________(live) in a small town thirty miles away from Xu Zhou. I spent about half an hour (54)________(get) there. They gave me a warm welcome,and (55)________(cook) me a big meal. We chatted far into the night and I (56) ________ (tell) some happy stories about them and their neighbours. Since 2001,great changes(57) ________(take place) in Xuzhou. I will take some photos and send some to you. Next time , I'd like you and your family to come with me. You can(58)________(visit) many places of interest here. Chang Lee 【2013 湖南衡阳】附加题:(本题 20 分,不计入总分) 阅读短文,根据上下文填写所缺单词。(每空 2 分) Do you often communicate with your parents? Some parents are always comparing their 1__with themselves or other people when they were young. “When I was your age,” a father said to his sixteen-year-old son one day, “I was at the top of my class every year. And I 2 what I wanted to do when I left school. I had goals(目标). you have no goals.” The man?s son

You are always at the bottom(最后)of your class 3

said nothing. He had already heard this from his father many times. "And when your mother was your age,” the young man?s father went 4__,"she had a good job and she heard this before,too.“And when your 5 lots of money. You don?t even have a part-time job .You earn nothing.”The man?s son still said nothing. He had 6 brother was your age,”the young man?s father said, "he studied hard. But you just waste your time.” And the man's son still said nothing. Finally, the young man?s father said, "And when Abraham Lincoln was your age,he worked all day and studied at night.”This time the son 7 stay silent. 8

"And when Abraham Lincoln was your age, father,” he said,“He was the President of United States. 9 are you?" His father had no answer 10 this.

Are your parents always comparing you with others? And what?s your reply? Do you have a better way to communicate with each other? 【2013 湖南衡阳】A)单词拼写。根据英语首字母或所给汉语提示写出短文中所缺单词的正 确形式。(每小题 1 分,共 5 分) In North America, most students go to school on the school bus. Some students also walk or ride bikes to school. In other parts of the world, things are (61)_________(不同的).In Japan, most students take trains to school, although others also walk or ride their bikes. In China, it (62)
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_________(取决于)on where you are. In big (63) c_________,such as Beijing, Shanghai, students usually ride bikes to school or take buses. And in places (64) w_________ there are rivers and lakes, like Hongshanhu and Kaishandao, students usually,to school by boat. That must be a lot (65) m________ fun than taking a bus. 【2013 湖北襄阳】七. 短文综合填空 Making friends is a skill. Like most skills, you can improve it if you are patient. If you want to meet people and make friends, you must be willing to take action. You must first go where there are people. You won't make friends staying home a ______(73). Joining a club or a group, talking to those who like the same things as you do is much e_____(74). Or join someone in some activity. Many people are n _________ (75) when talking to new people. After all, meeting strangers means seeing the unknown. And it's human nature to feel a bit unpleasant about the unknown. Most of fears about d __________ (76) with new people come from doubts ( 怀 疑 ) about ourselves. We imagine other people are judging us—finding us too tall or too short, too this or too that. But don't forget that they must be feeling the s_____(77) way. Try to accept yourself as you are, and try to make others feel at home. You'll all feel more c___(78). Try to be brave even if you don't feel that way when you e_____(79) a room full of strangers. Walk tall and straight, look d _____(80) at other people and smile. If you see someone you'd like to speak to, say something. Don't wait for the other person to start a c______(81). Just meeting someone new does not mean that you'll make friends with that person. Friendship is based on mutual (相互的) likings and "give and take". It takes time and effort (精 力)for us to d______(82) friendship. And there are things that stop a new friendship from g_____(83). 【2013 山西省】 词汇运用 根据语篇内容, 用方框中所给词的正确形式填空, 是短文通顺、 连贯。方框中有两个词为多余项。 one fill quick write except interest you late come story unless young Just look at how much young writers like Han Han and Guo Jingming are loved, we may know writing has become a fashion among today?s teenagers. Gao Can, a 13-year-old girl, is the She writes fairy tales, short 76 member of the Association of Writers of Shaanxi.

77 , and most of all, poems. Gao said she began poem writing 78 a composition called 79 poem, and it

when she was in primary school. Once the teacher asked the class

“If I were …” Gao had an idea, “Why not make it a poem?” That was her

won a lot of compliments form both her teacher and classmates. So far, hundreds of her poems 80 out. “Writing poems is not difficult at all. Just express 81 what you do, what you see or

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what you think.” Said Gao, “I don?t have enough life experience, so I write about nature, about things I feel inside.” However, teenagers these days seldom write poem or read them because exams want any kind of articles 82 poems. in poem writing. But it was annoying that he couldn?t find with books on “how to give a 85 ”.

But like Gao, there are still students who like poems. Hu Jingzhi is one of them. The 14-year-old boy said he was 83

poem collections in nearby bookshops. Gao agreed with Hu. She said today?s bookshops 84 successful speech”, “how to know what others think” or “how to make money

“Poems won?t teach you how to make money, but the beautiful words clear your mind and activate your imagination.” Said Gao, “At least read poems—for the nice things in life.” 76.________ 77. ________ 78. ________ 79. ________ 80. ________ 84. ________ 85. ________

81. ________ 82. ________ 83. ________

【2013 山东聊城】选词填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 阅读下面短文, 从所给单词中选出适当的单词, 并用其正确的语言形式填在标有题号的空 白处,使语意通顺、完整。(每空一词,每个单词只能用一次) something birthday write lucky when easy gift like understand different member

secret. for

If your birthday is coming, what presents will your parents buy for you? It's not 1.

Chinese parents to choose a birthday gift for their children. Many American parents also have the same problem. But 2. they have got American Girl ——an American company. It is

famous for its beautiful dolls(玩具娃娃). Though there are many famous dolls in the world. American Girl dolls are becoming one of the most popular birthday 3. What makes American Girl dolls so popular among girls? The 4. for girls. is in her matching kinds of

(相配的)hair, skin, eye colour, clothing and so on. That is to say, there are 5. dolls for buyers to choose and the dolls look 6. dolls can make girls 7.

their owners. The company hopes their

that it?s OK to be different from others.

The company gives each American Girl doll her own name and special background. They also invite writers to 8. books about her. The stories in the books are mainly about different the girls are playing with their dolls, they can get a lot about history, too.

periods of American history. So 9. of fun and they can learn 10.

【2013 浙江湖州】六、单词拼写(本题有 9 小题,每小题 1 分,共 9 分)

Liu wei is an unusual young man. He lost both arms in a 10, but he still held on to his 63 62 (可怕的) accident at the age of

(梦想). As a child, he loved music. He wanted to play the

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piano with his learn by 66


(脚), but he couldn?t find


(任何人) to teach him. So he had to 67 (说)

(他自己). He kept practicing for seven hours every day. He often 68

“For people like me,there are quickly die 69

(仅仅) two choices. One is to give up all ideals and

(没有) hope; the other is to struggle with no arms to live a wonderful life.” 70

Three years later, he managed to become the champion of China?s Got Talent and was (称作) the “armless pianist” by people.

【2013 浙江衢州】B.根据短文内容和所给中文提示,写出空白处个单词的正确形式,每空 限填一词。 I am a middle school student and I am 71 (十五) years old. I?m quite healthy. one year ago I was fat. I loved chips and chocolate, and I got tired 72 (然而) ,

73 (容易地) . One morning , I

74 (看见) some young men running in the park. They looked really fit and active. So I started running from 75 (那时) on. 76 (牛奶) and eat fruit and vegetables

Now I have a 1.5-mile run every morning. I drink

instead of chips and chocolate. These good eating 77 (习惯) and running help to build me up. I have great fun running, and feel well and look fit. Running has 78 (变成)my favorite sport. I?m 79 (确信) I will do well in the boy?s 800-metre race in our school sports meet. If you want to be fit and active, 80 (加入)us!

71. fifteen 72l. However 73. easily 74. saw 75. then 76. milk 77. habits 78. become 79. sure 80. join 【2013 四川内江】第二节选词填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 用方框中所给词语的适当形式填空,便短文正确、通顺、连贯〔每词限用一次)。 sometime; bad; hate; be; roommate; real; noise; my; send; begin Several weeks ago the newspapers were filled with the story of a student at Fudan University who had been poisoned(投毒) to death by his roommate. The story has __76__ fears through universities and middle schools where many students live in dormitories and share rooms with four and __77__ six roommates. It made roommates take a closer look at each other and wonder, “Do I __78__ know this person?” Living together can bring out the best and the __79__ in people. Some roommates become best friends, and some learn to live with each other, but very few end up __80__ each other. In the end, living with roommates is all about getting along. It?s always a good idea that you and your __81__ should be clear about your daily habits. Some people like to sleep late and some people like to get up early. Some people like to read quietly and some people like to play __82__ video games. It?s important to let people have their own space and not bother them, so you should let your roommates know your likes and dislikes from the __83__. You should also make it clear that what?s __84__ is mine and what?s yours is yours. That
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means keeping your hands off other people?s things including mobile phones and even their clothes. Talking about problems when they are still small __85__ also necessary. A small discussion about the problem can stop little things from growing into big ones. 【2013 湖北咸宁】七、短文填空(共 12 个空,做对一个得 1 分,共 10 分) Everyone needs friends. We all like to feel close to someone. We can share (66)s ____ with our friends and turn to them for help when we are in trouble. In a word, it is nice to have a friend to (67)t _____, laugh and do things with. Certainly, sometimes we need to be alone. We don?t always want people around. But we would feel (68)l _____ if we never had a friend. To make (69)f____, you must be friendly. A cheerful person smiles. A smile always makes the others like you. Smile at someone and you are sure to get a smile (70)b____ from him. Try to remember names. It (71)m____ your new friends feel happy when you call them by their names, (72)b___ you don?t forget them. No two people are just the same. If you don?t agree with other people, you should still be friendly. Do not argue, but (73)d____. You always lose friends if you argue too much. And you should think more of others than (74)o___ yourself. It?s good for teenagers to have one or a group of good friends. This is very (75) i_____ in children?s growing up, because friends can discuss things which are too difficult to say to their family members. There?s more good news for people who have friends. They live (76)l____ than people who don?t have. Why? It could be that they (77)a_____ happier. Being happy helps you stay well and it could be good just knowing that someone cares about you. 【2013 广西玉林】六、综合填空(毎小题 1 分,共 1 0 分〉 阅读下面短文,用所给词的适当形式填空,使短文意思完整、通顺。每空一词, know luck proud problem good decide he work child interest

Martin Murray is a school boy and he is fifteen years old He used to be a problem child. He used to give his mother many 83 . However, after his father's death, Martin's life became 84 education. She had to

much more difficult. His mother couldn't afford to pay for her work, and so was often not at home.

His mother tried her best to look after him. Unfortunately, Martin still caused trouble. He was not 85 in studying and he often got into trouble with the police. 86 , his mother was 87 : to send very patient and didn?t give up trying to help him. In the end, she made a difficult

him to a boy's boarding school. Martin hated it and caused a lot of trouble. One day, he told his teacher he wanted to leave the school. Even the teacher agreed that Martin was wasting his time. The head teacher said it was necessary for Martin to talk with his mother. Martin called his mother, but to his surprise, this conversation changed his life. “It was exactly what I needed,” he said. “I 88 how much my mother had given me. She also told me that even though my father
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was not with us, he was watching me and would always take That?s when I decided to change.” Now Martin has really changed. He one of the 91 90


in everything good I do.

hard and gets “A?s” in all subjects. He is now 92 . and as

students in his class. His mother helps him to feel good about

he says, “It?s very important for parents to be there for their children.” 83.______ 84. ______ 85. ______ 86. ______ 87. ______ 88. ______89. ______ 90. ______ 91. ______ 92. ______ 【2013 山东莱芜】五、动词填空(共 7 空,计 7 分} 阅读下面短文,用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空(必要时可加情态动或助动词) 。 Now more than 20 schools in the northwest of China (64) __________ (use) E-textbooks. Some teachers say that they make learning easier and (65) __________ (teach) more convenient. Jing Xuan is excited about lessons like Chinese, English and math. She (66) __________ (enjoy) the pictures and animations(动画)in the E-textbooks. The children here (67) __________ (study) with E-textbooks since last September. With the help of the E-textbooks, some good ideas (68) __________ (share) at times. Some parents encourage their children (69) __________ (try) the E-textbooks to make learning easier. But others worry about their children's health. “You can't imagine how the growing popularity of E-textbooks is changing the way the students learn! More and more students (70) __________ (learn) with E-textbooks in the future. However, there?s still a long way to go.” said the headmaster. 【2013 山东莱芜】六、综合填空(共 10 空,计 10 分) 阅读短文,根据短文内容及首字母提示,在空白处填人一个适当的单词。 Leo and his father didn't talk for 10 years. 10 years ago, Leo?s mother (71) d__________. He thought it was his father who caused his mother's illness. He hated his father. Now they were sitting in a nice (72) c__________ shop. Suddenly his father asked the waiter to put some salt in his coffee. Leo was surprised. His father smiled and said, “Before you were born, your mother and I often had (73) f__________ playing in the sea. We could taste the sea, just (74) l__________ the taste of the salty coffee. Every time I have salty coffee, I always think of your mother. I (75) m__________ her so much.” Leo was deeply moved (感动). He never knew his father had such deep (76) l__________ for his mother. One month later, he moved to live (77) w__________ his father. Every time he made coffee for him, he put some salt in the coffee. After 10 years, his father died. Leo received a (78) l__________ which said, “Dear Leo, please forgive my life's lie — the salty coffee. Actually at that (79) t__________ I wanted some sugar, but I said salt. It was hard for me to change, so I just went ahead. Now let me (80) t__________ you the truth. I don't like salty coffee, but I drink salty coffee for 10 years! Having
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you with me is the biggest happiness of my whole life.” photo regular good 61 keep that who open their hearts to us. They always

Every person needs friends. Friends are encourage us to try our bravely. 63 62

to do everything, and they even make us face challenges

in touch with our friends is important to us all. In this way, we can know how

everything is going on with out friends. Friends communicate with each other in different ways. Some make phone calls to their friends 64 . Some send postcards to their friends when they 65 along with their letters.

go on holiday. Others prefer to send interesting articles and

Among the ways, there must be your favorite one. Anyway, let?s communicate with our friends as often as possible. 【2013 湖北随州】从方框中选择适当的单词,并用其适当的形式完成短文,每词只能用一 次,每空一词。 to city five control heavy know take rapid large many In 2005, the world?s population was about 6.5 billion. Asia now. That?s about half of the world?s population. China has the 77 population in the world, and about one 78 of the people in the world live in China. Because of large population, there?s less living space for each family. And it?s difficult for lots of people to find jobs. The large population also causes many other difficulties for the whole nation. For example, we are short of energy and water. Most crowded than before, and the traffic is much problem. So far, our government 81 many measures to control the population. One is 83 China?s population. Thanks 84 85 82 the , 80 79 are more 76 than three billion people live in

. The large population has become a serious

as the one-child policy. It has worked well in

policy, China is developing quickly and people?s living conditions are improving However, the population problem is still serious in China. We still have a long way to go.

【2013 河南】阅读短文,从方框中选择适当的词并用其正确形式填空,使短文通顺、意 思完整。请将答案写在下面题号后的横线上。每空限填一词,每词限用一次。方框中有两个 词是多余的。 Angry invite however with please from visitor celebrate taste soup fine he One day a visitor came to Nasreddin's house. "I am your cousin 66 Konya," he said, "and I have brought you a duck to 67 the visit." Nasreddin was 68. He asked his wife to cook the duck, and served the visitor a 69 dinner. The next day another visitor arrived. "I am the friend of the man who brought you the duck," he said. Nasreddin invited him in and gave 70 a good meal. The next day another visitor arrived, and said he was the friend of the friend of the man who had brought the duck. Again Nasreddin invited
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him in for a meal. 71 , he was getting a bit angry. 72 seemed to be using his house as a restaurant. Then another visitor came, and said he was the friend of the friend of the friend of the man who had brought the duck. He was 73 in.. Nasreddin's wife brought some 74 to the table and the visitor tasted it. "What kind of soup is this? It75 just like warm water." "Ah!" said Nasreddin. "That is the soup of the soup of the soup of the duck." 66. 71. 67. 72. 68. 73. 69. 74. 70.___________ 75.___________

【2013 广西玉林】五、单词填空(每空 1 分.共 10 分) 阅读下面短文,根据括号内的汉语意思填入单词,使短文意思完整、通顺。每空一词。 It was Christmas time in 2008. I had no idea that this would be the last Christmas we would cold. It was a very owned a new coat. Mom got ill when she was a 75 (年轻的)child and she became disabled. One of her 73 74 (度过) with Mom. It was snowing hard and very (特别的)Christmas for me—you see Mom never

legs was larger than the other. At times she would have trouble walking, but she never complained. Mom always treated my friends with kindness and they were always welcome at our house anytime. I 76 (记得) my good friend Glen coming over and talking with Mom even when I 77 (耳朵) 78 (白色的)blouse, and a wasn?t at home. Mom was always willing to lend a listening

Mom?s all clothes were four dresses, four pairs of shoes, a yellow 79 (毛衣).

I decided that I would buy Mom a coat that year, so I took her down to find something for Christmas. As we went past the coat store, one of the coats in the store caught Mom?s eyes. I asked her to try on the coat for fun. She said that we did not have the money to buy the coat. But after a long talk with Mom, 80 (最后)we left the store with Mom wearing that nice coat. She

agreed that the coat did look good on her. I will ever thank for this opportunity, being able to give back just a little. This was the nicest coat that she ever owned. In 81 (三月)of 2009, Mom died at age 42. As I look back on my mother's life, it was

filled with acts of kindness. Giving came from her heart She was willing to help others whenever it was 82 (可能的). I team a lot from my mother.

73. ___ 74.____75. ___76. ___77. ____78. ____ 79. ____ 80.____ 81. ____ 82. ____ 【2013 浙江丽水】根据短文内容和所给中文提示,在空白处写出单词的正确形式。每 空限填一词。 John Allen, an American scientist once said, “The Internet is the world?s largest library, but all the ___66___ (书) in it are on the floor!” What he meant is that the Internet is full of ___67___ (信息) but it can be difficult to find what you really need. The Internet has ___68___ (另一个) disadvantage. Anyone can ___69___ (创建) a website, so you can find websites about whatever

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you can imagine. Unfortunately, a lot of what is written on them isn?t always true! At the same time, the Internet provides many other things. On some websites, you can download music and films. They are usually very ___70___ (便宜) and some are even free. On some other websites, you can connect with people from all over the world. And there are some great online___71___ (商店), too. For example, on eBay, people ___72___ (卖) used clothes, CDs and even cars at very low prices. It is true that the Internet has changed the way we work and___73___ (交流). But we shouldn?t depend on it too much. Some people are also afraid that ___74___ (网上冲浪) the Internet has taken the place of other healthier activities, especially for___75___ (年轻的) people. Whether you love it or hate it, though, you?d better get used to it because it?s right here to stay. 【2013 山东枣庄】短文填空(共 10 小题没,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)阅读短文并用括号 内所给动词的适当形式填空。必要时,可加助动词或情态动词等,把答案写短文后 61----70 小题的空白处。 If you travel around China you 61 (notice) a very popular activity everywhere you 63 (enjoy) by many, for fun and exercise. 62

(go)——basketball. This much-loved sport It 64

(believe) that on December 21st ,1891,the first basketball game in history was 65 (take)

played .Then in 1936 in Berlin ,it became an Olympic event .A team from China part ,and although they 66 (win) they 67

(use) the experience to help develop the game at 68 (rise) worldwide ,and the number of foreign

home .Since then the popularity of basketball players in America?s NBA 69

(increase) .Basketball has become a more popular sport for 70 (become) famous basketball player.

people to watch ,and many young people dream of

61________ 62_______ 63_______ 64__________65_________ 66________ 67_________ 68________ 69________ 70________ 【2013 山东德州】五、动词填空(共 10 空,计 10 分) 阅读下面短文,用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空(必要时可加情态动词或助动词) 。 Tom worked in the office of Mr Bates. One day, when Tom got to the office, a letter (56)__________(wait) for him. He opened it.. “Dear Tom,” the letter said, “I (57)________(write) to thank you for your help. You(58)_________(help) me so much when I came to your office. Here?s a ticket for the big football match.” Tom looked at the ticket. He could not believe that he had it. Everyone looked forward to(59)__________(watch) the match! “ I must watch the match,” he though. “ I must. I(60)________(expect) the big match for 4 year.” Tom thought and though. He(61)________(not put) his heart into any work. Then at twelve o?clock he knew what (62)__________(do).
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He went out of the office and called his sister, Jean. At one o?clock Mr Bates came up to him. “I have bad news for you, Tom. Your sister telephoned just now. Your mother(63)________(send) to hospital a moment ago.” “Thank you,” Tom said. “I will go to the hospital. I (64)________(come) back as soon as possible.” In fact, Tom (65)_________(leave) the office quickly for the football ground. Tom?s ticket was a good one. He could stand near the front. The next morning, when Tom got to the office, Mr Bates came up to him. “You?re fired(解 雇), Tom.” Then he walked away angrily. “But why?” Tom asked. Then a girl said, “We saw the match on TV here yesterday! You were on TV! Tom, you had such a good ticket!” 【2013 山东德州】六、综合填空(共 10 空,计 10 分) 阅读下面短文,根据短文内容及首字母提示,在空白处填入一个适当的单词。 A poor young man went to Paris, expecting that his father?s friend could help him find a business for living. “Are you (66) g_________ at maths?” his father?s friend asked him. The young man (67) s________ his head. “How is your history?” “How (68) a________ your law?” The young man lowered(低下) his head sadly. His father?s friend asked again and again, but the young man could(69) o_________shake his head. He himself couldn?t find out any advantages. “Then write down(70) y_______ address first.” The young man wrote his address and turned to leave, (71) b_______ he was stopped by his father?s friend. “Your name is written very beautifully, which is your advantage. You shouldn?t satisfy yourself with finding a (72) j_______ for living.” Many (73) y_______later, the young man wrote the classical works that was well-known in the world. He was Alexandra Dumas(大仲马), a (74) f________French writer of the 18th century. There are many ordinary persons in the world who all have many small advantages, but they can?t find (75) t__________. In fact, there is a gold mine(矿)in every ordinary life. If you?re willing to dig, you will dig out treasures that surprise yourself. 【2013 广东梅州】七、短文填空。 (本题 10 分,每小题 1 分) 根据短文内容,用正确的单词填空。每空只准填一个单词,填入答题卡标号为 76—85 相对 应的空格中。 My biggest problem My biggest problem is that I am too busy. When I was young, I used to have
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76 much

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time, but these days I get up early and dinner. Before I started


in school all day.

78 80

I go right home and eat games with my friends, 81 with my

79 school, I used to spend a lot of time

but I just don?t have the time anymore. In the evening, I used to watch TV or grandmother, but now I 82 to study. I love 83 84

,and my father used to take me to the . I do homework and go to bad. I really

concerts. These days, I hardly ever have time for 85 the old days.

【2013 江苏南京】根据短文内容及首字母提示,填写所缺单词,并将答案填写在答题卡标 号为 72-81 的相应位置上。 Chuck Wall teaches management and human relations at Bakersfield College. He walked into class one day and told his students that their h 72 was to perform one act of random(任意 的) kindness. His students did not understand the assignment (任 务), but the professor would not answer their questions. He e 73 his students to find it out for themselves. One week later, the students entered the classroom excited to s 74 their stories. One student told of distributing blankets to the homeless, another had contacted a long, lost friend, and another student r 75 that he had helped a dog to find its owner. Students were energized(激励) by the the support of local for

homework assignment and wanted other people to be kind too. W 76

businesses, the students made stickers to put on cars that invited people to do something k 77

others, They sold the stickers and decided to donate the money to a center for the blind—not surprising as Professor Wall is blind. Since then, s 78 kindness activities have been organized in schools all over the world. Many schools organize a Random Acts of Kindness Week, a 79 November 13, to celebrate World

Kindness Day. Some schools use each day of Random Acts of Kindness Week to perform d 80 kind acts, such as making a new friend, helping someone, doing community service, or raising money for a charity. Students learn to c 81 other people and think about how small actions can make the world a better place. 72. 77. h k 73. 78. e s 74. 79. s a 75. 80. r d 76. 81. W c

【2013 江苏连云港】B.根据短文意思和所给首字母,写出一个完整正确的单词。 The United Nations declared March 22nd as a day for water in 1992. For human beings, water not only is an important resource to survive and (51) g________, but also offers fun and pleasure. Could you imagine what the world would be like (52) w________ water? Nowadays, we are (53) f________ an increasing number of environmental problems such as water pollution and water shortage. Something must be done to save and protect water (54) i________. The special day is a day for us to think about what we have done and what we should
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do. I (55) b________ the environment will become better and better if we follow the spirit of the World Water Day. 【2013 江苏泰州】六、短文填空 根据短文内容及首字母提示,补全空格内单词,使 短文完整、通顺。(10 分) How can we students keep ourselves safe? Here are some tips. On your way home or to school: Wait for the g__1__ traffic light, and look left and right before you cross the road. If you see a car coming, don't cross until it really s__2__. Dress in bright colors, so the drivers can see you e__3__. At school: When students around you begin to push, try to hold onto something, or stay in a safer corner. If you f__4__ down in a crowed place, cover your head w__5__ both hands. When there's a fire: Stay calm and leave quickly. Use a piece of wet cloth to cover your mouth and nose so that you don't breathe in s__6__. If your clothes catch fire, drop to the ground and roll from side to side to p__7__ out the fire. For eating: Wash f__8__ like apples or pears carefully before you eat them. Cheek the expiration dates(保质期) and if your food looks or smells b__9__, don't eat it. For riding on the escalator(自动扶梯): Hold onto the handrails(扶手) and stand on the right side of the escalator because right arms are stronger. It is d__10__ to run up and down on them. You may fall down because escalator steps are ont designed for running. 【2013 福建福州】II.综合填空(每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,使短文正确、通顺。每词限用一次。







smile quick ticket


The London Eye is a tourist attraction in London, UK. There you can get into a capsule(密 the 封舱)to enjoy a great view of the city of London. I 86 the London Eye last summer

with a friend. My friend didn't know where we were going. I just told him we would go somewhere very special. As we arrived Waterloo Station, he had worked out where we were going. He 88 87

happily. When we 89 time,

reached the London Eye, there was a very long waiting line, so in order to he stayed in the line while I went to buy the 90 .

The capsule doesn't completely stop when people get on, so you have to get into it 91 . Then the door of the capsule shuts. The view was wonderful. We took many photos of 92 93 . It took about half an hour for the capsule to go around. in going there. I'd like to give you some advice. To enjoy the view,
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the view and of If you are

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go in the


. There are night rides, but you won?t see a lot. Sometimes the top of the 95 it's sunny. So ladies, don?t forget to take a scarf.

wheel can be quite cool even 【2013 广东湛江】

阅读短文,用方框内所给单词的正确形式填空,使短文意思通顺、完整。请将答案写在 相应题号的答题卡上。每词限用一次。 how, either, be, danger, feel, with, well , lose, swim, weather Summer is coming. The 51._______ becomes hotter and hotter. A lot of people like 52._______ in the swimming pools or in the sea. They think water makes them 53.______ cool. But some people are not careful enough. They often think they can swim 54. ______ than others and they don't have to worry about anything. So these years, many accidents happened and some people 55. ______ their lives(生命). Most of them were students. As we all know, safety is the most important. Do you know 56. ______ to protect(保护)yourself? To protect yourself, you must be careful. Remember not to swim in a 57. ______ place. Don't swim alone, and when you sec a “No Swimming” sign, don't swim, 58. _______. Of course, you can swim 59. _______ someone who can keep you safe. If you remember these, swimming 60._______ safer. 【2013 山东菏泽】 阅读下面短文,根据短文内容用方框内所给词汇或短语的适当形式填 空,使短文语义完整。(温馨提示:一定要注意词语的变化!) one put up so also way from can be walk what One day, when Bill was bushes(灌木).He went over to see went back home as soon as he 48 49 46 47 home from school, he heard a noise coming from the it was. Behind a bush, he found a black dog. Bill with the dog and showed her to his parents. Bill's dad they brought the dog to a doctor for animals by

found that the dog had a broken leg, car. On the owner. 50

, Bill's parents decided that Bill could keep the dog if they couldn't find the

When they arrived, the doctor checked the dog. He told Bill that she have babies! The next day, Bill his neighborhood. He 53 52


going to

signs(牌子) like "FOUND DOG BLACK" around

wrote his family's phone number on the signs. 54 the owner of the dog. The owner

Two days later. Bill got a call thanked Bit

When he came to pick up his dog, he said Bill could have


of the babies. Bill was

very happy! Finally Bill got a baby dog from the owner. He named him Rosco and liked him very much. 请将答案写在下面的横线上: 46. 51. 47. 52. 48. 53. 49. 54. 50. 55.

【2013 山东济宁】根据句意完 成已给出首字 母或汉语 提示的单词, 使补全后 的句
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子意 思通顺,语法 正确 。 六、动词运用(共 7 小题,计 7 分) 阅读下面短文,用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空, 必要时可加助动词或情态动词. A What do you usually do with your soda-can tabs (拉 环)? Throw them away? Kayla Speelman, an American 8th-grade student, now 1 1

(collect) soda-can tabs. She has about 20 large 2 ( get)

bags of tabs in her room. But Speelman wants

10 million tabs and give them to the Ronald McDonald House in her city, which gets soda- can tabs from people like Speelman to recycle. The money from the recycled metal “home away from home” project, helping the seriously ill children in hospitals. Speelman 4 (begin) to collect tabs in 2007. And now she has about 2 million. She wants 3 (go) to the

to do her part to get money for sick children and their families. 【2013 山东临沂】六、动词应用(共 7 小题,计 7 分) 根据短文内容,用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空,必要时可加助动词或情态动词。 How many of your classmates drink cola now? Nearly everyone you know that cola was a kind of medicine about 200 years ago? John S, Pemberton was a doctor from America, He said to his friends,“I spent many months 70 (experiment)to find a kind of medicine for headaches. I 71 (mix)up different 72 69 (drink)it. Did

oils(油)and ingredients together and heated them until I found something helpful. So far, I

(succeed)already. I put the medicine into bottles 瓶) begin selling it in drugstores. The people ( and have to add water to it before drinking.” Then, how did cola go from being a medicine to a soft drink? That carne by accident, One day, a man who had a headache came into a drugstore. He asked for a bottle of cola. He wanted 73 74 (take) it right away, so he asked the clerk to add some water to the medicine while he (wait). But there was no hot water at the drugstore. The clerk using soda water(苏打

水)instead. The man agreed. After drinking it, the man said it tasted wonderful, From then on, it began to become more popular. Today cola 75 (sell) in most countries around the world. Although it is no longer

used to treat headaches, it is still very popular and fills people with energy. 【2013 山东临沂】七、选词填空(共 10 小题,计 10 分) 根据短文内容,选出适当的单词或短语填空,使语意通顺完整。每个选项只用一次,有两项 剩余。请将答案标号写在短文后的横线上。 A. advice G. How B. What H. finally C. extra I. Need D. Nothing J. without E. because F. looking forward to

K. Everything L. cleaned out

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Bob shook(摇动)his money box again.


! He carefully counted the coins. He had 77 could he get the rest of the 78 a bike. He

only $24.52, but the bike he wanted was at least $90!

money? His friends all had bikes. It was difficult to hang out with them

thought about what he could do. He knew his parents couldn?t help him, for they had no 79 Scott for money. There was only one way to get money. He had to find a job, He decided to ask Mr 80 . 81 cleaning “Well, you can start right here,” said Mr Scott. “You see, my windows and my car needs washing.” That was the beginning of Bob?s part-time job. For the next three months he worked every day after finishing his homework. He took dogs for walks, floor. The day 83 came! Bob counted his money and found $ 94.32. He went to the 84 showing his new bike to his 82 cupboards and swept the

shop to buy the bike at once. He rode home proudly, friends. Bob loved his bike very much 85

he had bought it with his own money. He had

achieved what he thought was impossible, and that was even more than the bike. 76. 81. 77. 82. 78. 83. 79. 84. 80. 85.

【2013 浙江杭州】 、词语填空(共 10 小题,计 10 分) 用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,使短文通顺、正确、连贯(每个单词限用一次) by enough ready horse few To: Christin foo@hotmail.com Date: 23rd March Subject: The Riding for the Disabled Association Hi Christine, Sorry I haven?t emailed lately —I?ve been very busy since becoming a volunteer for the Riding for the Disabled Association. Every Saturday, I help to get the horses 61___________ for the disabled(残疾) riders. Many more disabled people want to ride 62___________ than you?d imagine. It?s a disadvantage that I don?t know how to ride —I?d love to got on long rides with the riders— but I?ll learn soon 63___________. Right now, I?m just happy to be able to lead the horses around for the disabled riders. I?m 64___________ helping to organize a sale, which will be 65___________ next month. It?s a lot more work than helping the disabled. I need to collect second-hand things to sell at the sale. There are 66___________ things available(获得的) than I thought, but I?m sure we?ll have enough 67___________ next month. I hope the sale raises more money than last month?s walk. It was rainy, so too few people
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also hold


send however

京翰教育 http://www.zgjhjy.com/

took part in the event. Last week, we held an auction(拍卖). The auction took much less 68___________ to organize than the walk. 69___________, for some reason, people offered too little money for the things, so we didn?t raise enough money. I?m 70___________ you some pictures in the letter, as well as a speech I gave last week. Robin 【2013 浙江台州】 阅读下面短文, B. 然后根据括号内所给汉语意思写出单词的正确形式 (每 空一词) 。 A different kind of education Last year, I 61 (得到) a chance to be an exchange student in the UK. I found many differences between schools in the UK and those in China. In the UK, the students have 62 (六) lessons every day. Students can choose to take part

in different activities. In China, kids are 63 (在……下面) too much pressure. In the UK, kids seem to be more 64 (放松的) than us, yet they have their own difficulties as well. Every 65

(星期)they need to write about two essays. Every unit they still need to write a big essay to build their opinions. It takes them a long time to 能) the whole morning. Life in the UK is really different. Children have more 68 (自由的) time to develop their 66 (学习) in the library, sometimes 67 (可

interests. They can choose to do things they like at an 69 (早的) age than us. But it also means that children should make their own decision and take good care of themselves. Please send me an 70 (电子邮件), telling your life as an exchange student in Australia. 【2013 四川遂宁】B)读下面一段短文,用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空,并将正确 答案填在答题卡的横线上。 People started wearing clothes to protect themselves from the sun, wind, rain and cold. People said that many years ago the first clothes were 76 (make) of animal skins. Today we use different materials. But clothes do more than keep 77 (we) warm. Our clothes can also tell about who we are, our culture, life and hobbies. For example, if we like to wear yellow or pink clothes, we are usually active and easy-going 78 (person).If we like black and blue, we may do things 79 (quiet). As a middle school student, we often wear the school clothes. Someone who 80 (work) in a bank may wear a suit every day. 【2013 四川南充】第二节: 短文填空 (共 5 个空 2,每空 2 分,满分 10 分) 根据短文内容和首字母的提示,把所缺单词完整地填写在短文后的横线上。 Gift giving is different in different countries. In Japan, people sometimes give special gifts. But they are not opened. Later, the same gift may be g people have enough things and don?t want too m 72 people will not give big gift to someone else. They will p 71 away to someone else. Lots of

gifts themselves. In Canada, lots of 73 for a park bench or a tree to help

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remember a person. In the USA, some people ask their families and friends to give money to charity r 74 than buy them gifts. In Sweden, doing something for someone is the best gift. , making a meal is enough. People don?t need to spend too much money. I 75

【2013 四川泸州】短文填空(共 10 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 通读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从短文后面的括号内选出可以填入短文空格处的词, 并将该词的字母代号(不写出该词)填写在答题卡相应的位置上。 Donald wants to go fishing. He asks his father to go with __51__, but his father is too busy to go. "Mom, can you go with me?" asks Donald. “Sorry, I'm doing the dishes and __52__. I have to go to work," says Mom. He doesn't have any brothers or sisters. "I think I'll go __53__," he says. Donald rides his bike and __54__ out. His dog, Pooch, follows him. “Do you want to go fishing with __55__, Pooch? OK! Let's go!" They leave for the river. In about ten minutes, they arrive at the __56__. In five minutes, Donald __57__ a fish. Pooch thinks it funny to watch the __58__ move on the grass. In three hours Donald gets five fish. Then he brings them __59__. When he gets home, Pooch sits __60__ him. "Thanks for going with me, Pooch." In the evening, Donald and his parents eat the fish for dinner. Pooch doesn't like to eat fish, but he is very happy to eat bones. (A. me F. next B. river G. then C. fish H. home D. myself I. him E. goes J. gets)

【2013 山东威海】动词填空(共 6 小题,计 6 分) 用括号里所给动词的适当形式填空,请将答案填写在答题指定位置。 Sarah Williams went to a boarding school. Here is one of the letters she wrote to her parents from the school. Dear Mom and Dad, I? m afraid I have some very bad news for you. I 62 (be) very naughty since I became a

student in the school, and the headmaster is very angry with me. He is going to write to you. You must come and take me away from here. He The trouble started last night when I course. We are not supposed to smoke at all. As I was smoking, I heard footsteps teacher to catch me smoking, so I 66 65 (come) towards the room. I did not want a 63 64 (not want) me in the school any longer. (smoke) in bed. This is against the rules, of

(throw) the cigarette away.

Unfortunately, the cigarette fell into the waste-paper basket, which caught fire. Soon the whole building was burning. Now many of the girls are in the hospital. The headmaster says that the fire was all my fault and you must pay for the damage(损失). You 67 (send) a bill from our school for about a million dollars.
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I?m very sorry about this. Much love, Sarah P. S. (附)None of the above is true, but I have failed my exams. I just want you to know how bad things could have been! 【2013 广西贺州】V. 综合填空。(每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 阅读下面短文,根据上下文及所给的首字母,填入一个合适的词,使短文意思完整。并将完 整的单词写在答题卷上。 Bill lives in a very far village. He knows l hardly ever gets our of his village. One day, he got a radio f and s 88 87 his uncle who lives in the city. He was very excited 86 about the outside world because he

the radio to all his friends.

“Great!” Sheela, one of his friends, said. “Could you please get one for me, too?” another friend Mashi asked. Of course Bill felt very proud o However, the radio stopped w know w 91 90 89 the radio. only a few days later. Bill was very sad but didn?t 92 to go to the repair shop in town. So he did.

to do. A friend of his told h

The man in the shop f 93

two dead cockroach(蟑螂) in the radio. 94 are you crying, my

Bill started crying. The man, of course, was surprised, “W ?”

boy?” Bill cried said, “Because the two singer died in my radio. How am I going to listen to nice s 95 【2013 四川宜宾】第二节:选词填空(本节 8 小题,.每小题 1 分,共 8 分) 用所给词的适当形式填也并将答案写在答题区 (每词限用一次,一空一词,其中有 2 个词是 多余的 词是多余的) who cut to 76 happen bad about wrong what old him

Jack went to a barber's shop and had his hair cut, but when he came out, he was not happy the result. When his friend Bob saw him, he laughed and said, "What has Jack?" 77

to your hair,

Jack said, "I tried a new barber's shop today, because I wasn't quite satisfied(满意的) with my 78 one, but this one seems even 79 ." 80 81 to do when you go into a hair looks worst, and then

Bob agreed. "Yes, I think you're right, Jack. Now I'll tell you barber's shop next time: look at all the barber's hair, find out go straight to him." "Why shall I go to him?" Jack asked. "But that would be foolish!" "Oh, no, it wouldn't," answered Bob. "Who cut it 83 82

that man's hair? Just think it. He couldn't

, could he? Another of the barbers cut it. So you know he can't be the worst barber."
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【2013 山东烟台】七、短文填空。 阅读下面短文,根据短文内容及首字母提示补全文中所缺的单词。答案写在题后的横线上。 Travel can teach kids more than a textbook. Travelling with kids is good f 1 them. They

can find new interests. Travel makes information alive for kids, and makes it much more exciting than studying textbooks or d 2 experiments in the lab. While traveling, they learn h 3

to deal with new situations, and communicate with other people. They learn patience, because sometimes I 4 takes a long time to get to some exciting or interesting places. from my soul 灵魂) I can?t live without traveling and I wouldn?t be who ( . 6 to travel after having kids. But in my opinion, I?ve been traveling since I was seven years old. For me, to stop traveling would be like taking something a 5 I am if I don?t travel. Some people think it?s h when people become parents, it doesn?t m 7

they couldn?t travel any more. My children have been traveling since they were three weeks old. Bringing a new life into the world comes with many responsibilities (责任) I?d love to be a and good mother. One of my duties is to e 8 me on family trips when I was y 9 my children. I?m so thankful that my parents took

.I?ve learned that the outside world is more colorful than 10 on to my children.

the little one I was living in. Of course, I want to pass these travel e

I value the memories I have traveling with my children. I?m sure they will always remember them in their lives. 1. 6. 词)。 Bangkok,the capital of Thailand,is a city full of spatial sights. The tall glass shopping centers in the city look very modern. But 61 (在……后面)them is a place where life 62 (建造)in 1866. 2. 7. 3. 8. 4. 9. 5. 10.

【2013 浙江绍兴】B. 阅读下面短文,然后根据括号内的汉语写出单词的正确形式(每空一

hasn't changed for over 100 years--the canals(运河),which were These canals are home to many Thai people who

63 (从不) leave there. 64 65 (最古老的)and (开)at the 6:30

There are four markets on the canals around Bangkok, and the most popular one is in the town of Damonen Saduak. This market a.m. every day. People get there 66 (早地)by water taxi.

It?s a noisy but wonderful place. Ladies sit in a small boats, filled with


(新鲜 68

的)fruit and vegetables for sale. But the boats don't just sell food. Would you like a silk (领带)?A traditional hat? Then just call and 69 (指向)at them.

After the noisy and excitement of the market, continue along the canal. Soon you?ll see many wooden house, colorful flowers and hear lovely peaceful way to finish your trip. 【2013 重庆】VIII.短文填空。(每空 2 分,共 16 分) 70 (鸟) singing in the fruit trees. It?s a

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根据下面短文内容,在短文的空格处填上一个恰当的词,使短文完整、通顺。 Peter, was the best table tennis player in his school and hardly ever lost a match. He hated losing anything When he 78 ,he would feel really good.If he lost,he would feel terrible, 79 thing in the world.

It seemed to Peter that losing was the

A new kid, Albert, came to Peter's school. was good at table tennis, too. He Soon there would be a match 89 Peter and Albert.Peter worked hard to get ready for the match,but Albert of it. When the match began, Albert was a real player. There was always

didn't seem to think 81

a 82 on his face.while Peter looked serious all the time.Peter thought it was so important to win the match that he even wanted to cheat(舞弊),but he lost in the end. “You played very well ,Peter.I think we can play again sometime,”said Albert. But Peter didn't 83 happy and couldn't fall asleep that night. 84 he lost again and again, happy smile the

One day, Peter saw Albert playing basketball.

never left his face.Peter found Albert was great at table tennis but bad at basketball.However, he enjoyed 85 of them.

Whether he won or lost the game, Albert enjoyed it. Peter came to realize that enjoying a game was much more important than winning or losing it,He felt happier than ever before. 【2013 上海】C. Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words (在短文的空格 内填入适当的词,使其内容通顺。每空格限一词,首字母已给出) (14 分) At some time in your life, you might have a roommate. It is a good idea to share a flat, especially for students or people who have just finished school, because flats are usually expensive. And m 86 is not the only reason for having a roommate. Sharing a flat can be fun.

But life with a roommate can also be a t 87

experience. Some

experts (专家) did a study of college students who shared a room. They found that students who had problems with their roommates were not happy at school and were more likely to get sick than other students. So, how can you l advice: Being roommates with a friend can be hard. Friends may be different when you stay with them all the time from when you don?t see them very o before you plan to share a room with a friend, discuss the situation carefully. If you decide to share a room with someone you don?t know, talk to each other. It?s important to be h 90 about your habits and things you hate. 91 , such 89 . So, 88 with a roommate and enjoy it? Here is some

When you move in with a roommate, make rules. Decide how you will share h

as cleaning, washing and shopping. Will you share food? It is OK to have guests? And what about loud music?
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Don?t get angry at small things that your roommate does. Try to f between you and your roommate. No one ---including you ---is perfect.


the unhappy things

【2013 浙江舟山、嘉兴】五、词汇运用(本题有 15 小题,每小题 1 分;共计 15 分) A. 根据电子邮件内容和括号内所给汉语意思,写出空白处各单词的正确形式(每空一 词) 。 Dear Annie, Everyone thinks I am so lucky to have parents who are always 56(度过) their time with me. I don?t feel that way, though. Mum and dad have made many 57(规则) at home. For example, they don?t allow me to have fun with friends on weekends. 58(代替), I have to stay at home, busy with endless 59 (家庭作业). They are watching over me all the time. I want to 60 (加入) the after-class activities I?m interested in, and not the ones they think are 61(有用的), but I have to obey them. Can you tell me what I should do? Tom

Dear Tom, Thank you for your message. It 62 (似乎) that your parents want to protect you, though you may feel uncomfortable sometimes. Why don?t you have an 63 (诚实的) chat with them? Show your parents that you are old enough to take 64 (照料) of yourself and make your own decision. Express your feelings to them. Then, work 65 sure things will be better from now on. Annie 【2013 浙江温州】B. 根据短文内容和所给的中文提示,写出空白处各单词的正确形式,每 空限填一词。 I am studying at Sydney Russel School, a 46 (小的)but very famous school in 47 (五)subjects this term. (一起) to reach an agreement. Be patient, and I?m

Australia. All the lessons there are taught in English. I have What a big challenge! Last 48 (星期), Mr. Brown, my science 50 49

(老师)asked us to do a project

on trees. Ming and I were in the same group. spent several hours 51

(两者都)of us were from China. We

(待在)the library every day, reading and surfing the Internet. We 52 (照片)of them.

even planted two trees in the school garden and took many The most

53 (令人兴奋的)part was the presentation. We introduced many things 54 (最高的) oldest tree in the school. Everyone enjoyed and

about trees, for example, the the presentation.

Learning by doing helps me a lot. I?m sure everything will



【2013 四川凉山】第二节:短文填空 (共 5 个空,每空 2 分,满分 10 分) 根据短文内容和首字母的提示,把所缺单词完整地填写在短文后的横线上。

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Do you know how hard-working mothers are? A new survey of 100 mothers shows that they spend over seventy hours a week doing chores and looking after their families. That is to say, they spend m 86 than ten hours a day cooking, cleaning the house and cooking each takes about one hour and 9 minutes a day. D87 the laundry takes about 61 minutes. It also takes them about 55 minutes to get children ready for school, about 53 minutes to put children to bed and about 47 minutes to help with their homework. If mothers were p88, they should get ¥36,000 a year. However,30﹪of these mother with children under 16 only get 6 h89sleep a night, 83﹪of them say they have less than an hour to relax every day. Only 17﹪are happy with this k90of life. What about your mother? How much will you pay for your mother?s hard work? 86. ______ 87. _______ 88. _______ 89. _______ 90. ______ 【2013 陕西】Ⅷ. 短文填空:用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,使短文完成正确。 (每个单 词限用一次。每空只填一个单词。(共 10 题,计 10 分) ) ask, poor thank, happy, remember, kindness, good, drive, he, sixth,

I took the bus to school every day when I was in primary school. Alvin, our bus 61______, picked us up every morning. We were all from 62._______families. My parents could hardly support the family with 63.________children. Once a month, Alvin stopped at the local bus-stop. Then someone came out and 64._____ each of us if we wanted an ice cream or a drink. Alivin paid for it. At the end of the school year, he took us to 65. _______home for dancing, Then 66. _______that he showed was amazing. We didn?t get treats like that too often, so what he did for us was 67 _______remembered. Twenty years later, I called him and 68_______his for all he did for us. I told him that he probably couldn't remember me,but I sure 69._________him! And could hear smile in his voice when he said he was happy that I called. He is the reason why I do my 70._______to show kindness to everyone I meet. He has had a big influence on my life. And I am very pleased that I was able to tell him. 【2013 山东威海】七、短文填空(共 8 小题,计 8 分) 根据短文内容,选择适当的单词或短语填空,使短文意思完整。每个选项至少使用一次,有 两项剩余。请将答案填写在答题卡指定位置。 by side of pulled behind succeeded lucky the same place unlucky nearly

angrily angry When we were in England last year, I went fishing with my friend, Peter. Early in the morning, we were sitting quietly 73 a lake when we had an unpleasant surprise. We saw a duck 74 her. As we watched them, there

come along with three baby ducks paddling happily

was a sudden swirl(漩涡)in the water. We saw a pike — a fish which is rather like freshwater
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shark— and one of the baby ducks was This happening made Peter following mornings we returned to On the third day Peter was 78 76 77


into water.

. He made up his mind to catch the pike. On three and used several different kinds of bait(诱饵).

. He did his best and caught the monster. There was a 79 . When he got it ashore and killed it, he weighed the 15 kilos — a record for that district.

desperate 激烈的) ( fight but Peter fish and found that it was 80

【2013 四川广安】第二节 短文填空(共 8 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 8 分) 根据短文内容和首字母提示,把所缺单词的正确形式完整地填写在短文后面相应的横 线上,使句意完整。 The Great Wall of China i 8 the longest wall in the world. It goes from west to e 9 ,

over mountains, through valleys(山谷) and finally reaches the sea. The Great Wall is more than 8,000 kilometers l to five meters wide. In most places it is wide enough f side by side along the top. I t was very difficult to b when they built i 13 12 such a great wall in the old times. Thousands of men died 10 11 , six to seven meters high and four five horses or ten men to walk

. The Great Wall was made not only of stones, but millions of lives. 14 people, but a

Today, the Great Wall becomes the place of interest not only to the C 15 to people all over the world. 8.________ 9.________ 10.________ 11._________ 12._______ 13. _______ 14.________ 15. __________ 【主旨大意】本文介绍了中国万里长城。

8. is 解析:中国万里长城是世界上最长的城墙,此处句中缺少谓语,故填 is。 9. east 解析:from west to east “从西到东”。 10. long 解析:长城有 8 千多米长,故填 long。 11. for 解析:此处缺少一个介词,故填 for。 12. build 解析:在古老的时代建造这样一个伟大的城墙是很困难的。 13. it 解析:此处代指长城,故填 it。 14.Chinese 解析:Chinese people “中国人民”。 15. also 解析:not only…but also…为固定搭配,意为“不仅……而且……”。 【2013 上海】Ⅲ Complete the following passage with the words or phrases in the box. Each can . only be used once(将下列单词或词组填入空格。每空格限填一词,每词只能填一次) (共 8 分) A. results H. gently B. outdoor C. recently I. offer D. take part in E. wild F. choice G.. go abroad

Do you know what is special about November and June in the UK? They are, possibly, the only two months with no school holidays. A newspaper 51 did a survey among a group of

students. In the survey, 68 percent of the students said that their parents wee at work in the school
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holidays. 73 percent said that they were bored during the school holidays and 35 percent said they were happy to go back to school! The have many holidays. If you don?t want to stay at home and get bored, go out and 53 some 52 of the survey show that not everybody wants to

interesting activities. A lot of schools organize various trips during the holidays, especially when they have a one-week holiday. You have many make. Many schools take groups of students to some training centers. There, students can learn a lot from 55 activities. For example, students learn how to make a camp in the forest. They also 54 to

learn more about animals and plants. At the same time, they are taught how to find their way back to the centers. In most towns, some other centers 57 students different courses, such as computer 58 for school trips. They can

game design, film making and painting. Students can also 【2013 山东济宁】B

practice their foreign languages and experience everyday life in different cultures.

I am writing to say that I am against building a new zoo in our city. Zoos are terrible places for animals to live. I 5 (visit) many zoos in my life but none is suitable 6 (keep) in tiny cages 7 .the animals 7

for animals to live in. They

and can hardly move at all. When (live) in a natural environment? I hope that day will come earlier

【2013 江西】B) 请先阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从方框中所给的词中选出最恰当的 10 个,用其适当形式填空,并将答案填写到答题卷的相应位置。每个词限用一次。(每小题 1 分)

take tree beach like island but leave exciting enjoy outside as


My favorite TV program is a reality show called Survivor (幸存者). It isn?t on TV at the moment 66 it was on last year. 67 . All of them have to sleep 69 68

In the show, two teams of people are taken to a (an)

because there aren?t any houses or hotels. They usually choose toothbrush since they can only 70

really useful like a

one thing with them. The people also have to find food and 71 . Every week one person has to

they spend a lot of time fishing and collecting fruit from the I really like Survivor because it?s very 74

72 . At the end, there are only two people on the island and one them is chose 73 the winter. and the people have to do things like hunting for food. I really 75 myself when I watch it. I don?t want to be on the show, however, I like
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living in a house! 【2013 天津】八、综合填空(本大题共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 根据短文内容及首字母提示,填写所缺单词,使短文意思完整。每空限填一词。 Many people say dolphins are very intelligent(聪颖的). They seem to be able to think, understand, and learn things quickly. But are they c dogs? Scientists say dolphin intelligence is s think dolphins, people, like “t 82 Like humans, every dolphin has a “name”. I 84 81 like humans or more like cats or

to human intelligence in some ways. How? 83 is a special whistle(哨声). Scientists

”to each other about a lot of things, such as their age, their

feelings, or finding food. And, like humans, dolphins use system (系统)of sounds and body language to c 85 . But understanding their conversations is not easy for humans. No one “speaks dolphin” yet,but some scientists are trying to learn. Dolphins arc also social animals. They live in groups, and they often come to play games from different groups and have f 87 is something only intelligent animals do. Dolphins and humans b 88 make plans to get something they want. In the seas of 89 a boat, 86 , just like people. In fact, playing t

southern Brazil, dolphins use an interesting way to get food. When fish are n

dolphins signal (发信号) to the fishermen to put their nets(网) the water. And the men can catch in a lot of fish. What is the advantage for the dolphins? Why do they h dolphins can get some of the fish. 【2013 山东潍坊】五、词汇应用 阅读下面的短文,用括号内所给词的适当形式填空,必要时只 助动词。请将答案填写 在文后相应的横线上。 Today many Chinese people want to improve their English in different ways 1 (recent) ?twenty-four young singers from all over China 2 ( enter) a competition by singing popular English songs. Nearly all the singers sang very clearly and looked 3 (comfort) the stage. Although some of them took part in the competition for the 4 (one) time were able 5 ( sing) English songs just as well as native speakers. The winner of the 6 didn?t think they were ( men) competition was a 40-year-old man from Xi'an am winner of the 7 (they) were very modest and they ( good) than the other singers. Jiangmei the winner of the women?s said studying 90 the men? The

women?s competition was a 19-year-old girl from Dalian. Both of 8

English helped her win the prize and she would have to study hard. This kind of competition encourages people 9 (speak) English. Many people agree that they make progress by singing English songs and that it?s a good idea to have fun with English. Maybe you 10 ( hear) of The Chinese Speak English program before. If not, why don?t you find 11 ( learn) English.

out about it? It suggests lots of ways for us to take an interest in

Besides singing English songs, there are many other fun ways to learn English. If you look hard enough,
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(find) a good way to learn English better.

1. 7. 参考答案:

2. 8.

3. 9.

4. 10.

5. 11.

6. 12.

【2013 内蒙古呼和浩特】Ⅴ 阅读理解填词(共 10 个空;每空 1 分,满分 10 分)71 — 80 空 A man walked i 71 a doctor? s examining room. “Put out your tongue.”the doctor said. “OK. There is nothing s 72 ,” the doctor said. “It?s clear what?s wrong with you. You need more exercise.”“But,doctor,”the man said.“I don?t think …” “Don?t tell me what you think.” the doctor said.“I am the doctor, not you. I know what you need. I see hundreds of people like you. N 73 day and in f 74 twenty minutes a day. ” “Doctor,you don?t understand.”the man said. “I…” “There is no e 76 , the doctor said.“You must find time for exercise. If you don?t, will ” you get fat and have health problems when you are old.” “But I walk every day.”the man said. “Oh,yes,and I know what kind of walking that is. You walk a few meters to the office from your house,and a few more meters to a r 77 on,“I walk for seven hours every day. ” For a moment the doctor was silent,then he said quietly,“Put your tongue out a 80 ,will you?” 71. i _____ 72. s_____ 76. e _____ 77. r_____ 73. N_____ 78. s_____ 74. f_____ 79. w_____ 75. 1_____ 80. a_____ for lunch and back.” “Please listen to me, doctor! ”the man s 78 at the doctor angrily.“I?m a mailman.”the man w 79 of them get any exercise. They sit in the office all 1 75

of the television in the evening. What you need is to walk quickly at

根据短文内容和首字母提示, 在下文空格处填入适当的词使短文完整。 在答题卡标有题 号的横线上,完整地写出空缺处各单词的正确形式。(每空一词) A man tried to catch monkeys to sell them to zoos. The monkeys, however, were very c__66__ and every kind of trap(计谋) that he set failed. A young boy watched the man's efforts and then took a pot with a narrow(狭窄的) neck. He placed a few peanuts around the pot and put lots of peanuts i__67__ it. He then tied the pot to a tree and he told the man, ?We should have a m__68__ in a few hours.? Some monkeys soon discovered the peanuts and the pot. One put his hand into the pot e__69__ and got a handful of peanuts, but he couldn't p__70__ his hand with peanuts out of the narrow opening of the pot. The monkey was a__71__ and began to cry. Some of the other monkeys tried unsuccessfully to pull the pot off his hand. The boy and the man heard the noise. As the boy came near to the monkeys with a bag, the
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monkeys all ran away e__72__ the one with its hand in the pot. The boy packed the monkey and the pot into the bag. The man was s__73__ and asked the boy the secret of his monkey trap. ?Why was it so easy for the monkey to get his hand in but so h__74__ to get it out?? The boy laughed and said, ?The monkey could get his hand back out if he let go of the peanuts in the pot, but he just wasn't w__75__ to let go. They never are.? 【2013 江苏盐城】D. 根据短文内容及首字母提示,填写所缺单词,使短文意思完整。 My family went to a restaurant for dinner one night. When we were walking to the restaurant from our car, a girl about my age and her mother c 71 towards us. They asked if we had any m 72 .

My mom asked where they were l 73 . The girl said there were six of them staying in an o 74 black car. My mom gave them a few dollars. Then she sent me inside the restaurant w 75 my dad and and my three sisters. H 76 , my mom didn?t come. Later, I found out that she had gone h 77 gave the bags to the poor f 78 . I wasn?t there when that part happened, yet I can i on their faces. After painting this picture in my mind, I understood w 80

put all the food in our cupboard into a few bags. Then she brought that food over to the car and 79 the joy

my mom had done what

she did that night. I will never forget this lesson in kindness from my mom. 六. 【2013 江苏无锡】短文填空:先通读下面的短文,然后根据短文内容和所给首字母,在 空格内填入一个适当的单词。 使短文完整。 所填单词必须在答题卡标有题号的横线上完整写 出。 (本大题共 10 空,每空 0.5 分,共 5 分) On Thanksgiving Day. About 88 percent of Americans car turkey. But one l not only survives but also becomes famous! Every year, turkey farmers p U.S. president. However the president does not e The turkey is s (5) of its life. Turkeys come from North America and have been part of American culture for c Benjamin Franklin even wanted the turkey, i (7) of the bald eagle, to be America?s icon. (8) turkeys are quite (6). (1) turkey

(2) a turkey to the

(3) this turkey. But gives in a “pardon”.

(4) to Florida for a Thanksgiving parade. Then it lives on a farm for the r

Turkeys living on farms are large birds that cannot fly. But w fast. They can fly at a s kilometers per hour. Turkeys don?t have ears. They h But their hearing is five times better than human?s. 【2013 山东济南】选词填空 (10 分) A.阅读 中选择适 and home with happy

(9) up to 88 kilometers per hour. They can also run as fast as 40

(10) with a snood (肉垂) above their beaks.

短文, 从方框 evening 当的单词填

空(每词限用一次) 。

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Ted was ill last week. He had to stay at (86) _____________. He felt bored, and he was also worried about his lessons and the basketball game. In the (87) _____________, some of his classmates came to his house. Ted was very (88) _____________ to see them. Cindy brought him some exciting CDs and DVDs. She said they would take turns to help him (89) _____________ his lessons. As for the basketball game, Jim would take his place. They hoped Ted could get well (90) _____________ get back to school soon. B. 阅读短文,从方框中选择适当的动词,并用其适当形式填空。有的需要加助动词或不定 式符号(每词限用一次) 。 keep buy take play invite

Mike has a pet dog. He often (91) _____________ with it after work. He gives it nice food to eat, and every morning he gets up early (92) _____________ it for a walk. One day, Mike (93) _____________ to dinner by one of his friends. Mike brought his dog with him. While they were eating, Mike threw some fish, chicken and cakes down to the dog. “You love your dog very much, don?t you?” his friend asked. “Yes, I (94) _____________ the dog for almost ten years. It is very clever. If you give it some money, it (95) _____________ the newspaper for you in a few minutes,” Mike said. 第一节单词拼写。根据所给汉语或英语首字母写出短文中所缺英语单词的正确形式。 (共 6 个小题,每小题 1 分) 【2013 湖南株洲】 Many things were invented by accident. Did you know that tea was also invented by accident? Although tea wasn't brought to the Western (60)国家_____until 1610, this beverage was discovered over three thousand years before that. The inventor of tea is Shen Nong. His tomb is in Yanling County. Many people go there to (61) v_____ the place. According to an ancient Chinese legend, the emperor Shen Nong discovered tea when he was boiling drinking water over an open (62)火_____. Some leaves from a nearby bush fell into the water and remained there for some time. The emperor (63) n_____ that the leaves in the water produced a pleasant smell. Later he decided to taste the hot mixture. It was quite(64)味道好的_____. And in this way, one of the world's favorite drinks was invented. Today tea has become the most (65) p____ drink in the world (after water). It can quench people's thirst and make them relaxed. 【2013 福建泉州】(C)综合填空:根据短文大意和语境选择方框内的单词,并用其正确的形 式填空白处(每空填一词),使补全后的短文意思通顺,语法正确.结构完整。(5 分)






Then was a meeting with a number of people. Two
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were invited to give

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speeches on that day. The first speaker?s speech was very hard to


.At first the

speaker tried to keep it very interesting. He played videos and tried to tell jokes. But as time went on the speech became very boring, and people began to fall 104 . What's more, the 105

speech lasted about two hours. Finally when he finished it, there was only one man

sitting in the large room. The speaker walked up to the man and said. 'Thank you for hearing me out after all the others 106 the room. “Oh! Don't mention it,” said the man. 'I can?t leave anyway. I am the next speaker!" 六、【2013 湖北武汉】阅读理解填词(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 先阅读短文,再在答题卡上想用的空白处写出各单词的正确形式。单词的第一个字母已 给出。 A disappointing performance Tom was sick with disappointment. The piano performance was almost a success, however, he f___(76)___ in his solo (独奏). He couldn?t understand how it could has happened. He had practiced for weeks that seemed like m___(77)___. He had given up sports until after the performance because he wanted to make his parents p____(78)____ of him. He spent his time with the piano. His teacher said he was q___(79)___ to learn. It was true that he accepted music as another l____(80)___, another way to talk to people. His grandparents, aunt, and uncle all came to hear him play, and he was anxious to s___(81)____ them that he was the best in the whole class. But, when he stood up to go to the piano, his knees felt w___(82)____. He looked into the audience and saw his f___(83)____ smiling back at him. At that time, he felt n___(84)___. His fingers began to tremble (颤抖), shaking as through he had caught a bad cold. He sat down at the piano. He took a deep breath. He played the first part of his music, then realized with fear that he had forgotten the rest. He s___(85)___ over, thinking that would help. It didn?t. His bright musical life seemed to end. 【主旨大意】本文是一篇记叙文,讲述了汤姆因为钢琴独奏失败而生病的故事。汤姆刻苦练 习钢琴演奏,几乎所有的人都认为他是最棒的,但是因为紧张而演奏失常。 【2013 甘肃兰州】用方框中所给单词或短语的适当形式填空,使短文通顺、正确连贯,每个 单词或短语限用一次。 can help ground rather than encourage by plant we off unless

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There are many ways to save the environment if you would like. In this passage, you can find some ways. Plant more trees. Choose a right 66.________ near your house or workplace. 67.________ there?s any rule stopping you growing trees in that area, go ahead and grow trees. Plant a tree every month and 68.________ your friends and classmates to join you. Have more and more trees 69.________ and there will come a day when you have green land thanks to your hard work. Walk more and drive less. Choose to walk 70.________ drive your car. Walk or ride a bicycle to work if it?s not very far. Not only cycling but walking is good exercise. And each time you avoid using your car, you?re doing something 71.________ to cut down air pollution. You are saving fuel, saving money and keeping fit as well. Save water. Water is very important for living things. It?s 72.________ who use and pollute it. The simplest way to save water is turning 73.________ water taps after use. When you visit a beach, make sure that you don?t throw waste around. Do not pollute rivers 74.________ dropping garbage or other waste. Water is so precious, so we 75.________ waste or pollute it. 【2013 广东】五、 短文填空 (本大题有 10 小题,每小题 1.5 分,功 5 分) 请用适当 的词完成下面的这封信, 并把所缺单词填写在答题卡指定的位置上。 每个空只能填写一个形 式正确、意义相符的单词。 Dear Anne, How are you? I had great fun last Wednesday, 71 12th 2013. It was a traditional Chinese festival called Dragon Boat Festival that day. This festival is in memory of Qu Yuan, one of greatest Chinese poets. He killed himself 72 by

calendar(阴历),278BC. People there moved the boat to 73 him. But it was too late. They were very sad and then threw rice into the 74 to feed the

fishes so that they would stay away from his body. 75 then on, every year on this day, people enjoy 76 Zongzi which is made of rice

with meat, eggs and so on. In the past we ate it only 77 food. We have it any time we like. Have you ever 78

a year, but now we regard it as our daily

the dragon boat race on TV? It is another important part of this festival. as they can. The first team to reach the

Several teams row their dragon-shaped boats as 79 finish line wins.

If you have a plan to visit China next year, would 80

like to spend this festival with us. Best wishes

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Xiao Qiang 【2013 山东青岛】B.选择恰当的单词填空,将答案填写在文章下面的横线上,每 词限用一 次。 (有两个多余的选项) 分) (8 through,and, dancing, exciting, music, last, enjoy, them, style, first The Origin (起源)of Hip-hop Have you seen a group of boys dancing hip-hop together? The music beat is usually and cool! And the people dancing hip-hop seem to really people make while they?re That?s very interesting. The 11 hip-hop music came to the world in the beginning of the 1970s by DJs (disk 9 what they are doing. 8

What is the real meaning of “Hip-hop”? Some people say it is the motion (动作,姿态)that 10 . They move their hips (臀部) sideways when they dance.

jockeys). A Jamaican (牙买加人)known as Kool Here was the first person who performed hip-hop music. Whenever people think of hip-hop, music and dance are the first things that come out in their minds. However, there are other things that are part of the hip-hop culture. One of them is graffiti. Graffiti is modem art where you draw pictures and words on walls, trains, 12 other places

with spray (喷射)paint. Many of you may have seen these things around your neighborhood. Some of those works are really terrific! Also, there is a certain 13 of fashion, such as wearing bigger size jeans, casual shirts, sneakers,and colorful caps,that the young people like to wear. They call it “Hip-hop fashion”. Hip-hop culture is a new style of the younger generation. They express their feelings 14

this culture and enjoy it. So whenever you see groups of young people dancing hip-hop and singing, just stop for a moment and try to understand 8. ___________ 12. ___________ 次,每空只写一词。 outside, else, course, game, make Many students like to work on the Internet. Of can learn more knowledge 82 look up some useful information. At the same time, it can bring us some bad things. Some students have 84 too many friends, 81 it can bring us many good things. We 9. __________ 13. __________ 15 ! 10. __________ 14. __________ 11. __________ 15. __________

【2013 浙江宁波】(C)根据短文内容,用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,每词限用一

our books, practice our spoken English with someone 83 and

seen some bad information that is no good for us and spent too much time on it. Some students even waste a lot of time playing we cannot do. 【2013 山东泰安】(二)综合填空(共 10 小题;每个小题 1 分,满分 10 分)
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85 on the Internet. We should know what we can do and what

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根据短文内容,用方框中所给词语的适当形式填空,使文章通顺、完整。 (每词限用一 次) at, hurt, realize, bet, grow, they, come, strong, what, tree Once upon a time, there were four seeds who were good friends. They travelled by wind and (71)________to a forest. They hide(藏) themselves in the ground, and hoped that they would be able to grow into big (72)________ But when the first seed began to grow, they (73)__________ it would not be such an easy task. There lived a group of monkeys, and the smallest monkeys loved to throw bananas (74)_________ any plant that started to grow. They threw so many bananas at the firstr seed that she was almost cut into two. When she told the other seeds (75)________happened, they thought that it would be better to wait until the monkeys went away. They all agreed with that, except the first seed. She thought she would at least try it . When she tried, she was (76)_________ b y bananas. The other seeds asked her to stop trying. (77)________she had made up her mind to become a tree. She tried again and again. Every time she was hit by bananas, she would try harder. The scars(伤疤)left by the bananas helped her grow (78)________ than the other seeds. Later, she could withstand (经受住)the hit of bananas. She had already (79)________ so well that the monkeys couldn't hurt her badly. At last, she grew into the biggest tree in the forest. The other seeds still hide (80)__________ in the ground, hoping the monkeys would go away soon.

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