1. ____________into Chinese, the book Harry Potter is popular with Chinese readers, especially teenagers. A. To be translated B. Translated C. Translating D. Being translated 2.-----What do you think of my new skirt? ------It looks wonderful on you! I’m sure that it will make you _______ in a crowd. A. stand off B. stand by C. stand for D. stand out 3. We are told that only those he knew well were let_______the lab, where an important experiment was being conducted. A. enter B. to enter C. entering D.to have entered 4. The Greens have moved into their new house, but I wonder why they have ________furniture. A. such little B. so little C. such many D. so many 5. Lynn goes out a lot every day_________ her twin sister Lane keeps staying in all day long. A. when B. if C. since D. while 6. I prefer to stay at home watching TV rather than ____ to see a film. A. go B. to going C. went D. going 6. Who did you have ____ the letter. A. type B. typing C. to be typed D. typed 7. Follow your doctor ’s advice, ____ your cough will get worse. A. or B. and C. then D. so 8. ____ all you had done to him ,he’s still treated you so kindly. A. Despite B. Although C. In spite D. No matter 9. You can see products of our company ____ whether you go. A. to be advertise B. advertised c. advertise D. advertising 10. Please get someone ____ the TV set. I want to get it ____ as soon as possible. A. to repair; to be B. repair; repaired C. repair; to be repaired D. to repair; repaired 11. ____ in the fores


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高二英语3-4单元词汇语法练习题 - 1. ___into Chinese, t


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