牛津初中英语 8A Unit 1 复习要点 一.重点词
nothing honest secret problem good-looking generous dangerous famous nervous singer almost bored true handsome than height popular solve future agree uncomfortable advice pleasant correctly

some more 再多一些 talk to sb about sth 与某人谈论某事 tell sb about sth 把某事告诉某人 any time 任何时候 read about 读到 give seats to people in need 把座位让给需要的人 travel around the world 环游世界 have poor eyesight 视力不好 because of …由于… feel bored 感到乏味 tell funny jokes 讲有趣的笑话 make sb laugh 让某人笑 walk past 走过 knock over 撞倒 think of 想到 have straight, shoulder-lengh hair 留披肩长发 keep a secret/keep secrets 保守秘密 get mixed up 混淆 say a bad word about sb 说某人的坏话 sing for people 为人们歌唱 try one’s best to do 尽力做某事 solve problems 解决问题 make friends with sb 和某人交朋友 be generous/kind to sb 对某人慷慨/和善 social worker 社会工作者 in the future 将来 vote for 投票/选举 move to …搬到… know…very well 很了解… feel nervous 感到紧张 feel really uncomfortable 感觉真的不舒服 live next door 住在隔壁 sit alone in the playground 独自坐在操场上 give sb some advice 给某人一些建议 help sb with… 在…方面帮助某人 wear a smile on one’s face 某人脸上带着笑容 of all 在所有的当中 of the three 在三个当中 have a good sense of humour=be humourous 具有幽默感 be willing to do sth= be ready to do sth 乐于做某事

1、You are so kind.=It’s so kind of you.你真好。 2、There’s nothing else in the fridge.= There isn’t anything else in the fridge.冰箱里没别的 了。 3、She is as slim as I am.她和我一样苗条。 4、We have been best friends for a long time.我们成为好朋友已经很久了。 5、I have a friend called/named Max.我有一个叫马克斯的朋友。 6、He is one of the nicest boys in my class.他是我的班上最好的男孩之一。 7、I am really happy to tell you about my future plans.我很高兴把我的未来计划告诉你。 8、Do you believe what he says?你相信他说的话吗? 9、I have some problems with my new school.我在我的新学校有些问题。 10、I don’t know what I can do now.=I don’t know what to do now.我不知道现在该做什么。 11、She lives next door and we have been friends for almost 10 years. 她住在隔壁,我们做朋友已经快 10 年了。 12、We all think playing football and climbing are healthy activities.

我们都认为踢球和攀爬都是健康的活动。 13、I don’t think all of these activities are dangerous if we are careful. 我认为如果我们小心这些活动都不会有危险的。

1. 形容词的两大基本用法: 做定语修饰名词; 放在系动词后做表语. 注意: 形容词修饰不定代词时放在不定代词之后; 可以做系动词的动词: be; 五感类动词;表示状态改变和不变的动词。

2. 形容词比较级和最高级的变化。 注意:常见的要双写的形容词:hot slim fat thin big wet red 要记住几个形容词比较级和最高级的不规则变化: good/well-better-best bad/ill-worse-worst many/much-more-most far-farther/further-farthest/furthest old-older/elder-oldest/eldest little-less-least 3、 常见的比较结构: ① as+原级+as …和…一样… She is as slim as I am. ② not+as/so+原级+as 前者不如后者… Simon is not as tall as Daniel. ③比较级+than 前者比后者更… Daniel is taller than Simon. ④ the+形容词最高级+of/in 范围 在…中,…最… Daniel is the tallest student in our class. ⑤比较级+and +比较级 越来越… He is growing stronger and stronger. ⑥ the+比较级,the+比较级 越…,越… The more, the better.(多多益善) ⑦ the+序数词+最高级 Yellow River is the second longest river in China. 注意:比较结构的同义句转化。 Swimming is not as interesting as cycling. ==Cycling is more interesting than swimming. Daniel is the tallest student in his class. ==Daniel is taller than any other student in his class. ==Daniel is taller than all the other students in his class. *==No one else is taller than Daniel in his class. A test for unit 1 Ⅰ. 根据句意及首字母或汉语提示完成句子 1. Could you give me some a_____________on how to get on well with others? 2. Her age is a s_____________to us. We can’t guess how old she is. 3. The man likes sport very much. It means he is very s___________. 4. Tom looks much older than before b_____________ of his illness.

5. My cousin is one of the best r____________ in our school, he runs quite fast. 6. Most people think a_____________ isn’t as important as personality. 7. My sister always ____________ (面带) a smile on her face. 8. I don’t know how to ____________ (解决) this problem. Can you help me? 9. I felt very ________ (紧张) when I went to the important meeting. 10. There are more ______________ (社会的) workers in this city than in that city. Ⅱ. 用所给词的适当形式填空 11. Are you _____________(will) to help us with our English? 12. Please tell her_____________ (not wake) me up this evening. 13. Our teacher made us _____________ (stand) in a line. 14. Marx has a good sense of ______________(humorous). He often makes us laugh. 15. Mary is sweet and she always has ____________(smile) eyes. 16. _____________ (be) there interesting films last week? 17. Thanks for _____________ (invite) me to your party. 18. Suzhou is one of_____________ (popular)cities in China. 19. Do you know his _____________(high)? I think I am taller than him. 20. Tom is _____________ (bad) at English in his class. He always gets full marks. Ⅲ. 单项选择 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )21. There_______a talk on how to look after goldfish this evening. A. will have A. anything A. this B. is going to have C. is going to be B. nothing B. that C. something C. these C. better; or D. was going to be D. everything D. weather D. best; or D. with; sharing ) 22. There must be something with her eyes. She can’t see _______. ) 23. The weather in Heilongjiang is much colder than _______ in Hainan. ) 24. Which do you like_______, fish _______ chicken? A. best; and B. better; and A. with; to share A. a little A. isn’t A. to go B. with; sharing B. a few B. not be B. going to C. little C. aren’t C. to going ) 25. Millie is kind _______ her friends. She’d like _______ things with them. C. to; to share D. few D. don’t be —OK. Let’s go. D. to going to ) 26. I am_______tired. Let’s stop to have a rest. ) 27. It doesn’t matter this time. But_______ late next time. ) 28. —What about _______ the restaurant for lunch?

) 29. Don’t drink _____ soft drink, or you will be _____ fat. A. too much; much too C. too much; too much B. much too; much too D. much too; too much


) 30. Mr Smith made Kitty _______ clean the classroom alone. This made her _______.

A. to clean; sad C. clean; unhappy Ⅳ. 按要求完成句子

B. clean; sadly D. cleaned; unhappy

31. The pigs are very lazy. (改为同义句) They are_________ _________. 32. Her face is square. (改为同义句) She _________ _________ __________ _________. 33. Kate is tall and slim.(对画线部分提问) ? 34. Could you give me another three cakes? (改为同义句) Could you _________ 35. This dress is more beautiful than those two dresses.(改为同义句) This dress is_________ __________ __________of the three dresses. Ⅴ.根据汉语意思完成句子 36.你要保守秘密,否则这会使他不高兴。 You should ________ ________ or this will _________ him _________. 37.莉莉的圆脸使她看上去很可爱。 Lily’s _________ _________ makes her _________ _________. 38.我投票支持 Sarah,因为她常与别人分享她的快乐。 I will ________ ________ Sarah because she often _________ _________ with others. 39.当我朋友不高兴时,我会尽力帮助他们。 When my friends are sad, I will _________ _________ _________ _________ help them. 40.滑雪和潜水一样危险。 Skiing is _________ __________ __________ diving. Ⅵ. 完形填空 David is a middle school student. He had lived in a small he 42 41 for fifteen years. It was a 43 moved to the small place with only five families living there. His father, Mr. Hill, was a rich farmer and later on a shop in our town. He bought a house here last month. His 44 new house and his son began to study in our class. But he had often played by 45 . His neighbor Cathy is a kind girl. She has many friends. She finds the boy never talks with anybody and decides to help him. David 46 to stay with her and talks to her a lot. Now friends here. At first he .

they’re good friends. One afternoon, Cathy told David, “It’ll be my sixteenth birthday tomorrow. I’ll have a birthday party. Would you like to come?” “__47 . I’m glad to,” the boy said happily. David got home and thought of a 48 he could give to Cathy. He was sorry that he 50 _49__ . At to ask the girl what she liked. He couldn’t telephone her because he didn’t know her that moment Mrs. Hill came and asked, “What’s the matter, dear?” “What would you like if it was your sixteenth birthday, Mom?” “Nothing,” the woman said, “I just wish I were sixteen.” ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 41. A. townB. cityC. village D. country ) 42. A. open ) 43. A. home ) 45. A. himself B. opensC. opened D. opening B. shopC. building B. himC. hisD. he D. Certainly D. remembered D. family

) 44. A. a fewB. fewC. a little D. little ) 46. A. enjoyB. enjoysC. likeD. likes ) 47. A. Well B. No C. Sorry ) 48. A. book ) 49. A. forgot Ⅷ. 书面表达 根据表格提示,以“My Best Friend”为题,写一篇短文。词数:100 词左右。 Name Eyes Hair Jack 大、明亮的、 微笑的 黑色、短发 令人快乐的、舒适的 拉小提琴 Face Nose General appearance Abilities Future plans 长脸 大 英俊、整洁、爱好体育和音乐 努力的 成为一名医生 帮助人们解决病痛 B. dress C. presentD. pen B. forgetC. remember

) 50. A. homeB. numberC. placeD. address

Personality Hobbies

A test for unit 1 Ⅰ. 1.advice 2.secret 3.sporty 4. because 5. runners 6.appearance 7. wears 8. solve 9. nervous 10. social

Ⅱ. 11. willing 12. not to wake 13. stand 14. humor 15. smiling 16. Were 17. inviting 18. the most popular 19. height 20. good Ⅲ. 21-25 CDBCC 26-30 ADBAC

Ⅳ. 31. lazy pigs 32. has a square face 33. What is Kate like 34. give me three more cakes 35.the most beautiful Ⅴ. 36. keep secrets; make; unhappy 37. round face; look cute 40. as dangerous as

38. vote for; shares joy 39. try my best to Ⅵ. 41-45 CCDBA Ⅶ. 51-55 BCBCA Ⅷ. 略 46-50 DDCAB


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