Unit 10 Frightening Nature 知能聚焦 language focuses 单 frightening; hurricane; astronomy; terrify; erupt; flee; urge; meanwhile; 词 severely; heart-breaking; steady; knock about; afterwards; unbelievable; 和 awake; whisper; appropriate ;wonder; at hand; start out; call for; a bit 短 of/ bits of; on the other side of; upon arrival; calm down; a sheet 语 of/sheets of; light up; a rain of; pick out; full-powered; all of a sudden. 重 要 句 型 语 法 和 话 题 (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) I’m afraid of?(我害怕??) She is scared to death.(她吓得要死。 ) I’m frightened to death by ? (我被??吓得 要死。 ) draw one’s attention to ? (提醒某人注意??) watch sb./sth. doing? (观看某人/物正在做??) beg sb. to do sth. (恳求某人做??) a) grammar: ellipsis b) functional items: Talking about natural disasters happened in the past Learn to leave out already-known information when speaking Debating 课前热身 Warming up 1) 背景知识: Thousands of years ago, in the middle of an ocean, miles from the nearest island, an undersea volcano broke out. The hot liquid piled(堆积) higher and higher and spread(延伸) wider and wider. In this way, an island rose up in the sea. As time went on, hot sun and cool rains made the rock split and break to pieces. Sea waves dashed against the rock. In this way, soil and sand came into being. Nothing lived on the naked soil. And then the wind and birds brought plant seeds, spiders and other little creatures there. Only plants could grow first. Only they, in sunlight, could produce food from the minerals of the soil, water and air. While many


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