Unit 20 Communication workshop Space :The Final Frontier

Part I (words review)
beyond spread globe phenomena

astronomer barrier precise probe primitive permanent possibility

restriction invasion


part II Fast Reading

Read the article. Match these headings with the paragraphs.


Recent Interest
Early Space Exploration




Into Deep Space
China’s Contributions

Question :
Find out the time order .

What events happened in these years?
From the events ,what conclusion can we draw?

Quick response according to the text 1957 space exploration began

1961 the first successful manned flight
1969 US put a man on the moon

1970 China’s successful launch ofDFH
1990 Hubble Telescope was launched 2003 China’s successful launch ofSZV

Conclusion :
Space exploration spread out all over the world as time goes by.

Part III Phrases in the text
1在---另一边 2 张开, 伸开, 展开 3 有待于探索 4 发生 5以---结束 6逐渐减少 7 从---开始 8 总之 9 只要

? on

the other side of ? spread out ? ---remain to be done (explored) ? take place ? end with ? drop off ? start with ? in conclusion ? as long as

Ex2:Find sentences in the text that mean the same as these colloquial口语的, 通俗的 sentences.
1. The space age kicked off when they sent up Sputnik 1. (B) The age of space exploration began in 1957, when Sputnik 1 was launched by the Soviet Union. 2. The final part of early space exploration was the moon landing. (B) Which ended with the US putting a man on the moon in 1969.

3.Space exploration is in again because of that new telescope. (C) Recently, there has been another burst of interest in space as a result of the Hubble Telescope. 4.It’s so good that it’s found loads of new planets. (C) The telescope is so precise that, over fifty new planets have been located beyond our solar system.

5.They’re going to launch robot ships to find places like Earth. (D) Further space probes, such as Deep Space, will be sent out in order that they might find small Earthlike planets where there might be life.

all over the world, a stage on the way, the possibilities are endless, decreased, shown we’ve been there

4. It’s a stepping stone.

5. The sky’s no longer the limit.

Ex3:Match these words with the idiomatic expressions from the text (1-5) in italics. all over the world, a stage on the way, the possibilities are endless, decreased, shown we’ve been there 1.We have left our mark everywhere. 2.All four corners of the globe. 3.The number of manned flights dropped off.

Ex4:Linking words learning
to, as a result of, so that, for, so as to, in case, in order that, as, in order to, due to
as a result of
as In order that

so that

due to

so as to

purpose In order to

In case


Ex5:Completing sentences
1. Take an umbrella because it might rain. it rains Take an umbrella in case ________. 2. Bring your costume to swim in the river.

Bring you costume so that you can swim in the river ________________________.
3. It’s foggy so you can’t drive fast. the fog You can’t drive fast due to ________. 4. If you leave your telephone number, we will contact you. Leave your telephone number in order that _________________. we can contact you

5. My aunt’s coming so don’t come round.
my aunt Don’t come round because of _________. 6. Check if he is in by giving him a ring. check he’s in Ring him up first in order to _____________. 7. Wear warm clothes as the nights can be very cold. nights are very cold Wear warm clothes in case the _____________. 8. You are not permitted to work if you are on a student visa. your student visa You can’t work because of ___________________.



on the other side of spread out ---remain to be done (explored) take place end with drop off start with in conclusion as long as

2.Grammar: linking words & Adverbial Clauses Result Purpose Cause because so…that as such…that for so that since seeing that now (that) considering (that) in order that so that for fear that

区别: because


because of

because of the tree. He couldn’t see the view___________ She was afraid ________the because dog was barking. because I can’t hear the music _________he is talking because of the He can’t walk very well ____________ accident. because of The waves are enormous ____________the typhoon. because Jenny ate three bowls of noodles__________ she was hungry.

Part IV

Writing practice A report


要求:使用本课所学的单词,词组及 语法知识点。

A report
事件:一起严重的交通事故 时间:昨天下午4点左右 地点:高速公路入口 原因:卡车司机开车前饮酒过多,开车 时头晕(dizzy),卡车失控撞翻 一辆小汽车 伤亡人数: 4 死 1伤 影响: 交通中断一个多小时 评论: 今年最严重的交通事故

A serious traffic accident happened in which 4 people was killed and one injured. A lorry was out of control and crashed onto a car at the entrance to the highway at about 4 p.m. yesterday. The driver drank so much wine that he felt dizzy when driving. The accident caused a traffic jam which lasted an hour. It was seen as the most serious accident in this year.

Remember the language points in this unit. Reading comprehension in English Weekly .

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音又幽幽道:“敢问老太太,其他兄弟姐妹,有知道这事的没有呢?”老太太答道:“兹事体大,你们这一辈,原来只有你二姐姐知情。你三 哥哥出仕在外,就不叫他烦心了。连你大哥哥,也是中了举,必有功名在前了,这才叫他知道的。”那就是明柯不知道。或者老太太不知道他 知道。宝音只当博取老太太欢心、听了宫中秘辛,冤情就能水落石出,想不到明柯和老太太不是一路的,还要撬开明柯的嘴。宝音正沉吟,老 太太又道:“而今你也知道了,开春后,照你二姐姐的意思,我们就将带你进京。你珞表姊,她父亲对你大舅的学士保举,出了大力,想必你 也听说过。这个恩情,我们要还,故此开春后带她一起进京,苏家的秘密是不会告诉她,你也千万死咬了,什么都莫告诉她。进得京后,你爷 爷对她自然另有安排。”宝音一一应下。答应一件事,是这样容易的,只需“喏”一声便可以,肺腑间的疼痛煎熬,自己慢慢消化,别人不必 知道。老太太抚慰宝音,道她辛苦甚了,且回去歇息,其他话慢慢再说。宝音正要走,老太太忽叫住她:“孩儿转来。”宝音住脚,回头,不 知她有什么话讲。老太太看了她一会儿,点头赞道:“你跟你四姐姐能和睦,我很高兴。”是。老太太也知道明秀支持的是福珞。寿宴胜负已 分后,宝音还能与明秀一起提祝寿糕篮上来,固然明秀心怀宽广,宝音与人相处的能耐,也可见一斑。这才是真正促使老太太在寿宴后就公布 决定的原因。她认为宝音肩上,已经可以压下担子去了。第七十章 死因初晓谁怜月(3)宝音带着老太太沉甸甸的嘱托回屋来:“介入皇家子 嗣秘闻,苏家要么今后飞黄腾达,要么死无葬身之处。昭华嫔压下命,苏家避无可避,过河的卒子只有向前。”老太太愿宝音勇往直前,立下 奇功,宝音却不再有那份忠心,不能横竖横的为老太太赴死。从前,老太太对她好,她事事为老太太呕心沥血,末了一条命填给黄表纸,也填 得过了。今后,她还想慢慢儿享受人生,才不愿入宫厮杀。她有办法回绝老太太,那也是她的杀手锏,即使在进京前一天,使出来都有效,包 福珞只能独自儿进京去,老太太那个珍而重之的秘密,也只有向外姓人袒露了,不知这外姓人乐不乐意听。而在那之前,宝音想,还是得先打 问出明柯的秘密。为什么,非害她不可?那金像,明柯为什么非要拿到手;拿到后,又为何还是送回来?勒索银钱的,是明柯么?明柯要那些 钱作什么?要问个端详,也有法子,好在是明柯现如今天天的来女学给明灵送吃的玩的,寿宴前几天,宝音已经旁敲侧击了明柯,明柯不但赌 虫亏空大,而且除了田庄之外,似乎还在外头有生意,仿佛跟明蕙也有牵连,这之中,都涉及资金。宝音接下去要问的,是明柯为什么要拿浑 金像,是否知道