高考英语 考前总动员 单选题专练(五)

(江苏专用) 高考英语 考前总动员 单选题专练(五)
△点拨△ 命题人通过添加插入语、限定语、定语从句、同位语等成分,无疑增加了句子的复杂程度, 造成学生的视觉差异,从而导致思维错位,产生误导。 解答这类题通常采用的方法是“删除法”,去掉多余信息(插入语、限定语等),答案就显而 易见了。 △训练△ 得分:________ 1. John plays football ________, if not better than, David. A. as well B. as well as C. so well D. so well as

2. She opened the envelope, ________ the letter and began to read it. A. unfolded B. folding C. unfolding D. folded

3. Mike,as far as I know, ________ like to play music. A. seems B. appears C. feels D. does

4. It is in the city ________ you’re going to pay a visit to ________ this kind of beer is produced. A.不填;that B. where;that C.不填;where D. that;which

5.—How long do you suppose it is ________ he arrived here? —No more than half a week. A. when B. before C. after D. since

6. He hasn’t come yet. What do you consider ________ to him? A. happens B. has happened C. happening D. to happen

7. Knowing ________, as a matter of fact, one shouldn’t know is a terrible thing. A. whether B. that C. what D. when

8. We should do more such exercises in the future, I think, ________ those we did yesterday. A .as B. like C. about D. than

9. The manager decided to give the job to ________ he believed had a strong sense of duty. A. whoever B. whomever C. who D. those

10.How many of us ________, say, a meeting that is not impo rtant to us would be interested in the discussion? A. attended B. had attended C. attending D. have attended

11.Mr Tang has three daughters, ________, luckily for him, works as a doctor. A. none of who B. one of whom C. either of them D. all of whom

12.The first part, it seems, ________ better written than the other parts.

A. being

B. to be

C. is


13. Af ter 5 hours’ drive they reached ________ they thought was the place they’d been dreaming of. A. that B. where C. which D. what

14.I advised the person badly ________ to hospital.(2011·吉林公主岭市三中高三第 一次月考) A. wounded be sent C. wounded sent B. wounding was sent D. was wounded be sent

15.Professor Li, who I ______ abroad, still teaches in Peking University. (2011·山 西河津二中) A. think went C. thought went B. think have gone D. thought had gone

16.The number 2008 is a special number, ________, I think, that will be remembered by the Chinese forever. A. one B. it C. which D. when

17.He suggested that the problem worth paying attention ________ at the meeting. A. to be d iscussed C. to discuss B. to being discussed D. to discussion

18.In ________ old society many young women died by so strange and cruel ________ custom. A.不填;a B.不填;the C. the;a D. an;a

19.A news report is short, except when it is about something very important, ________ it contains a lot of information. A. and B. but C. then D. so

20.I can hardly imagine so pretty a girl like you ________ boxing. A. like B. to like C. liking D. to have liked

21.The woman there _____ ___ a piano in her room. A .have B. has C. is D. are

22.“Premier Wen’s report,” a smile on his face, he continued, “________ to several hot topics, discusses how to increase peasants’ income.” A. referring B. refers C. having referred D. referred

23.________ with better communication ability is more likely to succeed in his career. A. Whoever B. Anyone C. Whomever D. No matter who

24.—Can you attend tomorrow’s meeting? —I’m sorry, but I will have too much work ________. A .to see to come B. seeing to come


C. to see to coming

D. doing to come

25.By the window sits his wife, who, dressed in black, ________ like my aunt. A. look B. looking C. looked D. looks

26.They stayed up until midnight ________ the old year out and the new year in. A. and seen B. to see C. seeing D. for see

27.Tom sat under a tree and seeing his friend, ________ up in no time. A. to stand B. standing C. stood D. would stood

28.If the project ________ by the end of this year is delayed, the construction company will be fined. A. to be completed C. being completed B. is completed D. completed

29.—Each of the students,working hard at his or her lessons,_____ ___ to go to university. —So do I. A. hope B. hopes C. hoping D. hoped

30.Some scientists believe the American Indians reached America by crossing the bridge that connected Siberia and ________ more than 10,000 years ago. A. what is now Alaska C. where is Alaska now 【参考答案及解析】 1.答案: B [把 if not better than 去掉答案就一目了然了, as well as 是“和……一样好”, 而 so well as 一般不用于肯定句中。] 2.答案: A [这是三个连续发生的动作。 若选 C 则表示 open the envelope 与 unfold the letter 动作是同时进行的,显然不合逻辑。] 3.答案:D [as far as I know 是状语从句,does 表示强调,而 feels like 后需跟 doing 形式。] 4.答案:A [________ you’re going to pay a visit to 是定语从句,作宾语的关系代词 that/which 可省,第二空是个强调句。故选 A。] 5.答案:D [do you suppose 是插入语,这是“It is + 段时间 + since + 句子(从句常 用一般过去时)”句型,若选 B 或 C,i s 的时态不对。] 6.答案:B [do you consider 是一个插入语,此句缺少谓语,故排除 C、D。由前一句的时 态暗示了此处该用现在完成时。故选 B。] 7.答案:C [as a matter of fact 是插入语,one shouldn’t know 是 knowing 的宾语从句, 从句中缺宾语,所以选 C。] 8. 答案: A [I think 是插入语, 这是 such...as...句型。 注意: 英语中一般没有 such...like... B. is now Alaska D. is Alaska now


搭配,故不选 B。] 9.答案:A [to 后面接一个宾语从句,宾语从句中缺少主语,故选 A。句中 he believed 是 插入语,whoever=anyone who。注意:who 引导名词性从句时意为“谁”;若选 those 应在 其后加 who。] 10.答案:C [由于 would be 是句子的谓语部分,所以此处不可用谓语动词,即可排除 B、D。 过去分词 attended 后是不可接宾语 a meeting 的,也可排除 A。attending...是现在分 词短语作定语修饰 how many of us。注:say 是“例如、比方说”的意思。] 11. 答案:B [后面的谓语是 works 可排除 D,A 中的 who 要改成 whom 才对,either 只表示

二者之一,故排除 C。] 12.答案:C [it seems 是插入语,此句缺少谓语,故选 C。] 13.答案:D [they thought 是插入语,reach 后接宾语从句,宾语从句中缺少主语,故选 D, what=the place that / which。which 引导名词性从句时是“哪一个(些)”的意思,与 句意不符。] 14. 答案:A [badly wounded 是过去分词短语作定语,advise 后接宾语从句时用虚拟语气,

即:(should)+动词原形。] 15.解析:D [我“过去认为他已出国了”,事实上他现在还在北大教书。不难看出该选 D。] 16.答案:A [I think 是插入语,one 是 a special number 的同位语,也是后面定语从句的 先行词。] 17.答案:A [worth paying attention to 是一个后置定语,to 后需接谓语动词,suggest(建 议)后接宾语从句时谓语用“(should)+动词原形”。由于 the problem 与 discuss 之间是被 动关系,故选 A。] 18.答案:C [old society 是特指,所以要加定冠词“the”,由“so+adj.+a+单数名词” 结构可知,C 项正确。] 19.答案:B [去掉“when it is about something very important”,答案就很明显了,

but 表转折。] 20.答案:C [so pretty a girl like you 是一个整体,此为 imagine sb.doing sth.结构(即 动名词的复合结构)。] 21.答案:B [地点副词 there 作主语 the woman 的后置定语,此空缺谓语,故选 B。注意: 本句不是 there be 句型。] 22.答案:A [referring to several hot topics 是现在分词作定语,修饰 Premier Wen’s report。 由于 discusses 是谓语, 确定此空为非谓语动词, 排除 B; 过去 分词短语 referred to 是不能接宾语的,即可排除 D。] 23.答案:B [谓语动词是 is,is 前面应该是主语部分,由于主语部分没有谓语动词,可知 它不可能是一个从句,故排除 A、C、D。若将“with”改为“has”则可选 A。] 24.答案:A work。] [too...to come 表示“太……而不能来”,to see to(=to deal with)修饰


25.答案:D [dressed in black 是一个状语,此空为定语从句的谓语,根据主谓一致排除 A, sits 暗示了应选 looks。] 26.答案:B [不定式表目的。] 27. 答案: C [ 由于 seeing his friend 是现在分词作时间状语,相当于其前省略了介词

“on”(“一……就……”),此处的 and 需连接两个并列的谓语,故选 stood。] 28.答案:A [由于从句的谓语是 is delayed,所以空白处要填一个非谓语动词作定语,用不 定式表将来。故选 A。] 29.答案:B [each of the s tudents 是主语,此空缺谓语,可排除 C,根据主谓一致,A 不 对,由 so do I 一句可知 D 项的时态不对。] 30. 答案:A [and 后是 connected 的一个宾语从句,选项 A 中的 what 充当了宾语从句中的

主语。由于 where 不能作主语,可知 C 不正确。]