2019教育【全国百强校】福建省厦门外国语学校北师大版高中英语复习课件:虚拟语气专题 共24张PPT数学_图文

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:
? discover the differences between the first
and second conditionals and their rules;
? use the second conditional to describe your life.

1.Read the first 17 lines in the dialogue and find all the sentences with “if…” . Do the same with the rest of the dialogue. Are the sentences used to talk about:
a) unlikely situations in the future?
b) possible situations in the future?

Read the following sentences and see what you can discover? Part I

1.If I don’t finish my project on the history of the

Internet for next Monday’s lesson, the science teacher
b will be angry.(L3-5)
2.If it’s good, Dad, Mum and I will probably go camping.
b (L7-8) b 3. We won’t go if it rains.(L8-9)

4.… if I stay home, I’ll help you with your project… (L9-

b 51.0I)f you tell me some titles, I’ll look for them in the

b library. (L12-13)
6.If you go to the Science Museum website, you’ll find

lots of good information. (L14-15)


Read the following sentences and see what you can discover? Part II

7.… if we had virtual reality holidays, we wouldn’t have any problems with the

weather. (L18-19) a

8.… if they invented virtual reality holidays,

I”d go on an around-the-world tour. (L41-

42) a

9.… what would you like to do if someone

gave you the chance? (L43)


Compare and find the difference.

If I have time tomorrow, I will go

with you.

a fact

If I were a bird, I would fly high to

touch the cloud.

a wish

If I get more information, I will tell

you immediately.

a fact

If I were God, I would make all the

blind see the beautiful world.

a wish

Q:What’s the difference between the two sentences? If I am free, I will visit you. (真实条件句)
If I were a bird, I would fly into the sky. (虚拟条件句)

Subjunctive mood is used to talk about
situations that are not true or not likely to become true.

If I _w_e_r_e(be) as tall as Yao Ming, I _w_o_u_l_d_ become a famous basketball player.

What would you do if you won the lottery? If I won the lottery, I would…

If I won the lottery, I would buy an expensive car. (与现在事实相反)

If I won the lottery,
I would buy a beautiful house.(与现在 事实相反)

I don’t know which to buy. If you were me, which would you buy?
If I were you, I would buy the red one.

If people __d_r_o_v_e____ (drive) more carefully, they ___w_o_u_l_d_n_o_t__h_a_v_e__ (not have) the car accident.

If he c_o_u_ld__s_w_im_ (can swim) ,
he __w__o_u_ld__n_o_t_b_e______ (be not) trapped in this island.

Group work
如果我是一名百万富翁,我会给惠南中学 建一座图书馆。如果我有足够的钱,我为每 一位学生提供免费的三餐。如果我是超人, 我会把钓鱼岛从日本手里抢回来。 If I _w_e_re___ a millionaire, I w_o_ul_d__ build a library for Huinan Middle School. If I _h_a_d__ enough money, I __w_o_ul_d_s_u_p_pl_y_ (supply) free food to the students. If I __w_e_re__ a superman, I _w_o_u_ld__ seize Diao Yu Islands back from Japan.

如果上天能够给我一个再来一次的机会, 我会对那个女孩子说三个字:我爱你。 如果非要在这份爱上加上一个期限,我希望是--一万年!
If the God g_a_v_e_(give) me another chance,I_w__o_u_l_d_t_e_ll(tell) the girl three
words, “ I love you.” If hIa_d_t_o___(have to) set a time limit to our love, Itw_o_u_l_d__b_e__ (be)10,000 years!

如果我的学生现在成为国王,我就成为了国王的老师,我 会作为国王的老师受到人们的尊敬,我会为他感到自豪。
If my student becomes the king of our country ,
I will become the king’s teacher.
would become
I would be respected by people as king’s teacher and I shall be proud of him.

与现在事实相反虚拟条件句: 从句谓语用: 动词过去式(be动词用were)
主句谓语用: would/could/should/might+动词原形


1) If he ___B___ to do so, he could find the time.

A. wants

B. wanted

C. woulAd want

D. has wanted

2) If I ____ a bird, I ____ very happy.

A. were, would be B. am, shall be

C. am, would be

D. were, shall be

3.If the earth stopped moving, everything

A. would disappear B.disappeared

C. will disappear

D. disappears

4. My father will go to the movie with us if

he __D_ _ time.

A. will have

B. had

C. has had

D. has

1. Matching
1) If you are promoted,
2) If I lived in the USA,
3) If you work hard, 4) If we didn’t have computers, 5) If it snowed every day in winter,

a. I would love it.
b. I would celebrate Thanksgiving.
c. life would be very different.
d. you will get a good job.
e. will you make any changes?

? 2. Complete the sentences
1) If I don’t finish my homework, ____________________________________.
2) If it rains, __________________________________________________.
3) If I pass the exam, _____________________________________________.
4) If we had a holiday tomorrow, ____________________________________.
5) If I lived in England, ____________________________________________.
6) If I were a millionaire, _________________________________________.

? 3.Think about your future life (home, job, family, etc.) or what you would
like to see or happen in your present life.
? Explain why you would like to have this kind of life and what you would be able to do.
? If I were a ____________________________________________________
? If I had ______________________________________________________
? If I lived _____________________________________________________
? If I __________________________________________________________

? 1. Read the text fluently after class find the subjunctive mood sentences
? 2. Do exercise on page 13.