Product shape and form of industrial design Foreword
Products as a form of transmission of the first elements of product information, it enables the internal product quality, organization, structure, contents and other essential factors for the increase in external appearance, and through visual and to create a physical and psychological process. And feel, composition, structure, texture, color, space, function, and so closely linked to "shape" is the product of physical material, product modeling refers to the appearance products, "state" means products can be felt with the appearance of intelligence and expression, Products also be interpreted as the appearance of expression factors. For designers, the final design of its entities will be present form, that is, through creative visualization, with sketches, maps and product structure model form of physical performance, achieve their design intent of the purpose of reproduction. Therefore, a certain sense, industrial design as art and design and be aware of the existence of a "form to" activities. - Construction of the building is the United States, and the product shape design and engineering by the structure, materials, production conditions, and many other restrictions, only the

contemporary industrial designers in a higher level of integration of science and technology and the arts, to create a variable and

Diversification of products or ideas. Industrial designers often use language to shape the unique form of product design, product use and the specific shape to the outside world to convey their ideas and concepts. Designers only accurately grasp the shape and state of relations and to achieve the widely shared sentiment.

Products form the basic elements
Modern products are generally gives people two kinds of information transmission, a knowledge that is rational, often referred to as the product's features, materials, technology, products is the basis for the other is emotional, such as product modeling, Color, use, the more products and generate the form. From a technical point of view of aesthetics, good industrial design should be the first to bring users the best solution for the problem. Product design is based on this and start the convergence of technology, materials, technology and other achievements of a harmonious system of the United States. Product design is different from pure Visual Arts. Pure Visual Arts to pursue purely sentimental United States, there may be natural, can also be produced by the artist's inspiration. As the product design must meet the user's needs, a technology solutions. It can be said that product design needs a rational logical thinking to guide the image of emotional thinking, to provide a solution as the standard, it is impossible to arbitrary Tianmaxingkong play. Products form is no longer just a visual experience, it should be embodied

in products and user interaction, and not just an achievement. Product Design through the shape, color, of the three major elements to the user to the aesthetic impact.

1, shape - space form and the integration of Visual Arts Create a theme is an important aspect of products, mainly through the scale, shape, proportion and level of relations between the psychological experience of the impact, allows users to have a sense of ownership, a sense of achievement, friendliness, while also creating the necessary environment to create an atmosphere Exaggerated, subtle and interesting, cheerful, relaxed and mysterious, and so different from the psychological and emotional. For example, the symmetry or rectangular space to show that stringent, to create a solemn, quiet, elegant and clean atmosphere; round and oval to show tolerance, to create a successful, live for the atmosphere to create a free dynamic curve shape is conducive to Create a warm, free and cordial atmosphere. In particular, freedom of the people more attractive, and its freedom-and more natural, more live atmosphere and create the space for the rich rhythm, rhythm and beauty. Fluent in both soft curve in the band just as well have to do is taken, fully able to meet modern design pursued by the simplicity and sense of rhythm. Curve shape by the lively effect make it easier to feel the power of life and inspire viewers resonate. Use of incomplete, variability and

other means for creating a modeling era, the theme of avant-garde. Incomplete are incomplete the United States and incomplete form of combination will have the effect of magic, people with great visual impact and sense of avant-garde art. Visual Arts performance of soliciting input to the space Modal, such as the amount of change, material changes, changes in color, shape or exaggerated the association, can arouse people's attention. All of its products only through external morphological characteristics, can become objects and the use of cognitive object, play to their functions.

Through product shape indicative of certain characteristics, suggesting that people use the product, mode of operation. Through modeling of the form similar to the advance and retreat as Cai Zhidao knife button design for the thumb of negative convex shape and design of tendons, not only for the advance and retreat operation blade that its use, many fruit knife or knives are designed to cut the negative-to instructions Hand position. By modeling the causal link such as knobs form a convex profile around the side of the trough of the number, size of this visual form, to convey the knob is still fine tuning the amount of rough-spin; opening the size of containers used to imply that the The precious things in full bloom or not, the number and amount of preservation such as the length of time.

Morphological characteristics of the product can show the symbolic products, primarily reflected in the quality of products, nature and interesting, and so on. Through the form of language reflects the technical characteristics of products, product features and inherent quality, including the transition between parts, the surface texture, color and other aspects of relations with treatment, reflects the excellent quality products, superb technology. Product shape through language also reflects the security symbol in the electrical category, machinery and hand tools category of product design is of great significance, reflected in the user's physical and psychological aspects of the two,。The well-known brands, the overall shape, fine technology, the color of calm will give to the psychological sense of security, a reasonable size, has no intention to touch the button switch design, and so give people the physical sense of security.

color - a symbol of cultural and emotional
Color as the product of the color appearance, not only have the aesthetic and decorative, but also a symbolic significance and symbolic meaning. Product design in color includs color lightness, purity, and the color of the physical, psychological impact. Color of the interior space mood in the formation play a very important role. It subordinated to the

theme of products, product more vitality. Color gives people the feeling is strong, different color combinations and will bring different feelings: warm red, blue quiet, mysterious purple, pure white, black solemn, simple grey, express different emotions become different Symbol. Product design in the colors imply that the people and remind people to use the attention, such as traditional cameras are mostly black to the surface for the shell to show its opacity, while drawing attention to dark. Product design should be based on the color of the theme, reflected their aspirations. And the colors are also the feelings of the times, social, cultural, regional and way of life, the impact of customs, reflects the tendency to pursue the trend of the times.

2, quality - material texture and fabric of the transmission People on the perceived psychological process material is undeniable, and the texture itself is also an art form. If a product is the shape of space and moving, then good use of the material and color can make product design in the most simple way is full of artistry. Texture is the texture of the surface features through to give visual and tactile feel, as well as psychological and symbolic significance of Lenovo. Texture products in the form of factors that can be used or from the warning. It has long been found fingerprints on the hands fingertips to grip the surface into a thin wire-like processes of, thereby enhancing the

sensitivity of the hand and has increased the friction controlled Objects. By choosing the appropriate modeling material to increase the emotional, romantic elements, so that the products and more interactive. In choosing the material not only with the strength, wear resistance, and other parameters to be assessed, but considering the material and emotional distance relationship as an important evaluation scale. Texture can give different textures are different from the psychological feelings, such as glass, steel products of science and technology can express atmosphere, wood, bamboo can express natural, simple, human and other means. Material texture and fabric of the performance characteristics of the material will be directly affected by the system for the products after the final visual effects. Industrial designers should be familiar with the performance characteristics of different materials, materials, texture and shape, structure and other aspects of the relationship between an in-depth analysis and research, scientific and rational to be chosen to meet the needs of product design.

Good shape design of the product, always through the shape, color and quality in three areas of mutual exchanges and to enhance mood level, to reflect and reflected in the material form of hidden behind the appearance of products. This spirit of the user's imagination and to associate with the transmission, and in the process of interactive products

meet user subconscious desire, the emotional value of products.

Shape of the molding process

understand the true meaning of life
Industrial design to user-centric, people and technology to provide communication between the solutions, let the technology get a rational emotional expression. Which is built on the designer of life on the basis of in-depth understanding, from life experience and the profound insights of things. Therefore, designers should do the pioneer life.

Mitsubishi Motors Design Manager has been mined to provide touch people's hearts, to enjoy life, full of emotion and spirituality for the design of vehicles. He believes that fashion did not originate from the upper reaches of high society. He created a brand new Mitsubishi vehicle design concepts - 3 P spirit of Precision, Performance, Passion (perfectly accurate, extreme performance, full of enthusiasm). Mitsubishi cars every one of the design reflects this spirit, we can feel the spirit of this 3 P is understood the true meaning of life, the pursuit of a perfect life.

Books, movies, pictures, television, the network transmission of information, is quietly changing the world as a whole, when we watch a

movie, a ball game, when listening to music when walking or lightweight, may be given the experience, is These experience will inspire creative inspiration. As industrial designers, the most important of these is the experience to understand and distillation of emotion to give it shape products full of humanistic concern.

3, the traditional cultural heritage and to create a new culture Culture is the core of industrial design. Industrial design is its portrayal of the image of the national culture. Industrial design to reflect the national culture at the same time, create a new culture. In the design of the history of the various design style, are the scientific and technological development brought about by the birth of the new culture under. If the design of the Renaissance period, subject to the impact of the Renaissance Movement, an anti-stereotype of the medieval style, the pursuit of a human face on the curve and beautiful level. After the mid-17th century, Europe has entered a new historical period, a Baroque and Rococo design, such as the Romantic style. The next bourgeois revolution, and promoted the development of capitalism and the industrial production, promoting technological innovation and new ideas the emergence of new ideas, modernism, postmodernism and various styles, such as design schools are because of new technologies Use, the emergence of new products, the spread of new ideas, formed a new

cultural mainstream. It is in traditional culture on the basis of formation of the new culture, so that the designer had a fresh inspiration, fashion, the design is avant-garde was born.

Chinese nation 5,000 years of history, not only has accumulated outstanding Visual Arts, also has outstanding cultural traditions. As industrial designers to really understand and digest our traditional arts, Zhuigen find the source, grasp the spirit of traditional culture into the core of our product design. In the re-integration into on the basis of the new form of artistic elements to create more national spirit and the beauty of outstanding design. A product to reflect more closely the times or to lead fashion. Space mood, atmosphere era, science and technology, philosophy and history, cultural traditions, customs and so provide the source for the design, use this concept to think about the form of product design, users will be pleasantly surprised.

localization and internationalization of combining
Scientific and technological progress has accelerated the

development of culture and communication. Different cultures collide with the integration needs of designers have an open design concept. In the original way of life of our nation and the foreign culture and way of life of the confrontation, exchange and integration process, industrial

designers should learn from and draw in the direction of modernization and, ultimately forming a national characteristics of this new product concept and design patterns Concept. The local environment and atmosphere of history and culture is part of the thinking designers, but also open, try to use international modern design language to express our feelings and sense of aesthetics and cultural background. As the economic globalization, the impact of foreign culture will be more and more, but this does not mean that we must abandon our culture to mimic the design of the West, only rooted in the culture of this nation's outstanding on the basis of, and constantly absorbing contemporary art The design ideas, concepts, we can really raise the level of local industrial design, based on world culture of the forest.
产品作为一种传播产品信息的第一要素,它使内部产品质量、组织、结构、内容 和其他要素的增加,通过视觉外观和创建一个生理和心理过程。和感觉、组成、 结构、质地、色彩、空间、功能等密切联系“形状”是产品的物理材料、产品建模 是指产品的外观,“状态”意味着产品可以感觉出现的情报和表达式,产品也被解读 为表达因素的出现。 对于设计师,最终设计的实体将目前的形式,即,通过创造性的可视化,草图、地图 和产品结构模型形式的物理性能,实现自己的设计意图的繁殖的目的。因此,某种 意义上,工业设计是艺术和设计,注意存在的“形式”活动。——建筑的修建是美国, 和产品造型设计和工程的结构、材料、生产条件,和许多其他的限制,只有当代工 业设计师在一个更高层次的集成科学技术和艺术,来创建一个变量和多样化的产 品或想法。 工业设计师经常使用语言来塑造独特的形式的产品设计、产品使用和 特定的形状向外界传达他们的想法和概念。 设计师只有准确把握形状和状态的关 系,达到广泛共享的情绪。

现代产品一般是给人两种信息传输,一个知识,是理性的,通常称为产品的功能、 材 料、技术、产品的基础上其他是情感,如产品的造型、色彩、使用,更多的产品和

生成表单。从技术美学的角度,良好的工业设计应该首先把用户最好的解决这个 问题。产品设计是在此基础上,开始收敛的技术、材料、技术和其他成就和谐系 统的美国。产品设计不同于纯粹的视觉艺术。纯视觉艺术追求纯粹的情感美,可 能有自然的,也可以产生的艺术家的灵感。产品设计必须满足用户的需求,一个技 术解决方案。可以说,产品设计需要一个理性的逻辑思维来指导图像的情感思维, 提供一个解决方案为标准,这是不可能的天马行空任意发挥。产品形式不再只是 一个视觉体验,它应体现在产品和用户交互,而不仅仅是一个成就。产品设计通过 形状、色彩、三大元素用户审美的影响。

创建一个主题是产品的一个重要方面,主要通过规模、形状、比例和水平关系的 心理体验的影响,允许用户有归属感,成就感,友好,同时也创造必要的环境,创造一 个氛围,微妙的和有趣的,夸大了开朗,轻松而又神秘,所以不同于心理和情感。例 如,对称或矩形空间表明严格的,创造一个安静、优雅、庄严,洁净的空气,圆和椭 圆显示宽容,创造一个成功的,活在大气中创建一个免费的动态曲线形状有利于营 造一个温馨、自由、亲切的气氛。特别是,自由的人更有吸引力,它的自由和更自 然、更生活氛围,创造空间丰富的节奏,节奏和美丽。流利的软曲线在乐队一样要 做的就是采取,完全能够满足现代设计追求的简单性和节奏感。曲线形状的生动 效果使它更容易感到生命的力量,激发观众共鸣。使用不完整,可变性和其他手段 来创建一个模拟时代,主题的前卫。不完全是不完整的美国和不完整的形式的组 合会有效果的魔法,人们以极大的视觉冲击和前卫艺术的感觉。视觉艺术表现征 求输入空间模态,如数量的变化,材料的变化,改变颜色、形状或夸大了协会,可以 引起人们的注意。所有的产品只有通过外部形态特征,可以成为对象和使用的认 知对象,发挥它们的功能。 通过产品形状象征的某些特征,表明人们使用产品,操作方式。通过建模的形式类 似于前进和后退按钮设计作为 Cai 知道刀的拇指的负面凸形状和设计的肌腱,不 仅为前进和后退操作,其使用,许多刃刀或刀具设计水果削减负手位置指示。通过 建模的因果链接如旋钮形成一个凸剖面在一边的槽数、大小的视觉形式,传达了 旋钮仍然细调量的粗旋;打开容器的大小用来暗示这宝贵的东西在盛开,数量和金 额等的保存的时间长度。 产品的形态特征可以显示产品的象征意义,主要体现在产品的质量、自然和有趣 的,等等。通过语言的形式反映了产品的技术特点、产品特性和内在质量,包括之 间的过渡部分,表面纹理、颜色和其他方面的关系处理,反映出品质优良的产品, 一流的技术。 产品形状通过语言也反映了安全标志在电气类、机械和手工工具类 别的产品设计具有重要的意义,体现在用户的生理和心理方面的两个,,知名品牌, 整体造型,精致的工艺,颜色会给平静的心理的安全感,一个合理的大小,无意碰这 个按钮开关设计,所以给人们物质的安全感。

色彩作为产品的颜色外观,不仅具有美学和装饰,但也是一个象征意义和象征意 义。产品设计在色彩、色彩明度、纯度、色的生理、心理的影响。色的室内空间 氛围的形成起着非常重要的作用。它服从于主题的产品,产品更多的活力。颜色

给人的感觉是强烈的,不同的颜色组合,将会带来不同的感受:温暖的红色,蓝色 的宁静,神秘的紫色,纯白色,黑色庄严的,简单的灰色,表达不同的情绪变得不同 的符号。 产品设计在色彩暗示人们,提醒人们使用的关注,如传统相机大多是黑色 的,表面的壳来显示它的透明度,在提请注意黑暗。 产品设计应该基于颜色的主题, 反映了他们的愿望。和颜色也是感情的时代、社会、文化、区域及生活方式,风 俗的影响,反映了倾向追求时代潮流。

人们在感知到的心理过程材料是不可否认的,纹理本身也是一种艺术形式。如果 一个产品的形状是空间和移动,然后好使用的材料和颜色可以使产品设计以最简 单的方式是充满艺术性。纹理是物体表面的纹理特征通过视觉和触觉的感觉给, 以及心理和象征意义的联想。纹理的产品在形式的因素,可以使用或警告。它一 直被发现指纹手的指尖夹紧表面成薄的平衡过程,从而提高灵敏度的手,也增加 了摩擦控制对象。 通过选择合适的造型材料来增加情感,浪漫的元素,这样的产品 和更多的互动。在选择材料不仅与强度、耐磨性和其他参数来评估,但考虑到物 质和情感距离关系作为一种重要的评价尺度。 纹理可以给不同的纹理不同于心理 感受,如玻璃、钢铁产品的科学和技术可以表达氛围、木头、竹子可以表达自然、 简单、 人类和其他手段。 材料结构和织物性能特征的材料将直接影响系统的产品 在最终的视觉效果。工业设计师应该熟悉不同材料的性能特点、材料、纹理、形 状、 结构等方面之间的关系,深入分析和研究,科学和理性是选择满足需求的产品 设计。 良好设计的产品,总是通过形状、 颜色和质量三个地区的相互交流,增强情绪水平, 反映和反映在物质形式的隐藏在产品的外观。 这种精神的用户的想象力和与之关 联的传输,并在这个过程中交互式产品满足用户的潜意识欲望、 情感价值的产品。

工业设计以用户为中心,人与技术之间的通信提供解决方案,让技术得到一个合 理的情感表达。这是建立在生活的设计师深入了解的基础上,从生活经验和深刻 见解的事情。因此,设计者应该做先锋的生活。 三菱汽车设计经理已开采提供触碰人们的心灵,享受生活,充满情感和灵性的设 计工具。 他认为时尚不是来自上游的上流社会。他创造了一个全新的三菱汽车设 计概念- 3 P 精神的精度、性能、激情(完全准确,极端的表现,充满热情)。三菱 汽车的每一项设计反映了这种精神,我们可以感受到这 3 P 的精神理解生命的真 正意义,追求一个完美的人生。 书籍、电影、图片、电视、网络传输的信息,正在悄然改变世界作为一个整体, 当我们看一个电影,一个球的游戏,当听音乐当步行或轻,可能是考虑到经验,这 些经验会激发创作灵感。作为工业设计师,其中最重要的是经验去理解和蒸馏的 情感赋予它形状产品充满人文关怀。

文化是工业设计的核心。 工业设计是其对民族文化的形象。工业设计反映了民族 文化的同时,创建一个新的文化。 在设计历史的各种设计风格,是科学技术发展所 带来的新的文化诞生在。 如果设计的文艺复兴时期,受影响的文艺复兴运动,一个 反刻板印象的中世纪风格,追求一个人脸的曲线和美丽的水平。在 17 世纪中叶,

欧洲已经进入了一个新的历史时期,巴洛克和洛可可式的设计,如浪漫风格。 接下 来的资产阶级革命,促进了资本主义的发展和工业生产,促进技术创新和新思想 新观念的出现,现代主义、后现代主义和各种各样的发型,如设计学校,因为新技 术的使用,新产品的出现,新思想的传播,形成了一个新的文化主流。它是在传统 文化的基础上形成的新的文化,所以,设计师有一个新鲜的灵感,时尚,设计前卫 出生。 科学和技术的进步加快了文化的发展和交流。 不同文化的碰撞与整合需要有一个 开放的设计师的设计理念。 在原始的生活方式对我们国家和外国的文化和生活方 式的对抗,交换和集成过程中,工业设计师应该学习和画的方向,最终形成一个现 代化和民族特色的新产品概念和设计模式的概念。 当地的环境和气氛的历史和文 化是思维的一部分设计师,但也打开,尝试使用国际现代设计语言来表达我们的 感情和意义上的美学和文化背景。随着经济全球化,外国文化的影响将会越来越 多,但这并不意味着我们要放弃我们的文化模仿西方的设计,只有植根于这个国 家文化的优秀的基础上,又不断吸收现代艺术设计思想、 概念,我们可以真正的水 平提高当地的工业设计,基于世界文化的森林。



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