love is a fallacy 爱是谬误_图文

Para122 She said with an airy wave of her hand: She waved her hand in a gay manner. This showed that she was pleased with the praise she received.

Para 123 1.Over and over and over again I cited instances, pointed out flaws,kept hammering away without let-up: Over and over again I gave examples and pointed out the logical mistakes involved. I kept emphasizing all this without stopping.

Para 123 at first everything was work, sweat, and darkness--all was bright:

At first it was very hard work(sweating and working in the dark) but finally he saw the light at the end of the tunnel and knew he had succeeded. When he went out at the other end of the tunnel he found the sun shining brightly.(after a lot of hard work he managed to make Polly think logically)

Para 124 she was a fit wife for me, a proper hostess for my many mansions, a suitable mother for my wellheeled children: Here the author describes the role, which he thinks, a wife should play. First she shoud be a proper hostess of a rich man who owns many mansions. In other words she should be good at entertaining his rich friendsand clients and thus futher his career. Second, she should be a good mother and peoperly look after his rich and prosperous children.

Para 125 Did the narrator love Polly Espy? How did he try to "acquaint with his feeling"? The narrator claimed that he loved Polly.Just as Pygmalion loved the perfect woman he had fashioned, the narrator now loved Polly as his creation. Now he was ready to propose for marriage.

Para 125 Pygmalion n.(Greek mythology) A king of Cyprus, and a sculptor, who carved and then fell in love with his own statue of Galatea, Lovesick, Pygmalion goes to the temple of the goddess Venus and prays that she give him a lover like his statue; Venus is touched by his love and brings Galatea to life. 塞浦路斯国王 (热恋自己雕的少女像),他雕刻 了一个妇女的塑像,然后陷入对她的爱恋中,爱 神阿芙罗荻特赋予了她生命

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