(转载)名师总结英语六级历年真题中 必会短语 88 句
1.Above all:最重要的是,most important of all

Above all, they’ll have to discover how much nitrogen it possesses since nitrogen is4 /5 of the air breathe.(2002-1)

2.Account for:解释。说明

How do you account for the truth?

3.After all:终究,毕竟

We won’t be laid off after all.(1998-1)

4.Air /car crash:空难,车祸

5.Allergic to:过敏

I’m allergic to beef and mutton.

6.Appeal to:吸引,呼吁。

Could you tell me which position you think most appeals to you?(2002-6)

7.Apply for/to, application letter 申请,求职信

8.At ease:安逸,自由自在

I don’t know why he is ill at ease?心神不宁

9.Back up:支持,援助。

10.Beat the crowd :避开人群,避开高峰

The only to beat the crowds when you do the grocery shopping on Sunday is to be here when they open at 9 sharp.(1990-6)

11.Be aware of:意识到

I like people who are going about their daily business without being aware of the ca mera(1997-1)

12.Behind the schedule/late

13.Be in charge of:负责,照顾,经管 be responsible for

14.Be in the charge of:下级+be in the charge of+上级

15.Be in season:应季的,当令的

These apples and pears seem to be in season.(1995-6)

16.Be supposed to do:应该,被期望

What am I supposed to do with his help?

17.Book up

Break down/doesn’t work

18.Bring up:教育,培养,提出

She brought up her children to be truthful.

19.Build up 积累,增强,树立

20.By chance/run into:偶然

21.By no means :绝不 /anything but

22.Check in/out

23.Come up:发生,出现,提出

24.Come up with:针对问题,挑战等提出,想出,赶上

I spent a whole week searching on the net, but came up with nothing valuable.

25.Concentrate on/focus on 集中

26.Deal with /cope with 处理

27.Drop in :顺便拜访

28.Drop out of:不参与,退出

They’re likely to drop out of school and less likely to succeed in life.

29.Eat one’s words 食言

30.Fall short of:达不到,不符合

Its results fell short of her expectation.(2002-1)

31.Figure out :搞清楚,弄明白

What I can’t figure out is how to make it work in my program.(2002-1)

32.Find out

33.Fit one’s need;满足某人需要

34.For ages/a long time

35.Get along with:进展

36.Get around;避开

37.Get used to 习惯于。使适应、

38.Use to do:过去常常

39.Go Dutch/split the bill/fifty-fifty/separate the bill

40.Go sightseeing

41.Go/keep on a diet

I’m on a diet recently, so I’d better skip the dessert.

42.Have a hard/difficult time with sth.

43.Have a temperature/fever

44.Have the final say:有决定权

45.Hold up:堵塞 i,持枪拦截,举起,拦截

Did you hear that the convenience store next to the gas station was held up last nigh t?(2005-6)

46.In a good/terribly /mood

47.In the long run:长期来看

It seems very experience. But in the long run it will save the money on the mainten ance.(1995-6)

48.Join in:参与

49.Keep between the two of us:/keep a secret

50.Keep fit

51.Keep in touch with

52.Knock it off/stop

53.Lay off/fire

54.Let out:放走,泄露

55.Look for a needle in a haystack:大海捞针

56.Make a hit:获得成功

57.Make ends meet:使收支相抵

58.Make sense:有意义

59.Make up;补偿,化妆,补考

60.Meet each other half way: make an agreement

61.Move on:/go on/continue/keep on

62.Nothing but:只有

63Anything but:绝不

64.Now that:既然

65.On earth:究竟

66.On purposes :有意,故意

67.Out of the world:/wonderful/amazing

68.Pull in;进站,靠岸

69.Pull through:痊愈,恢复健康

70.Put off/delay/

71.Put through:接通电话

72.Reach the bottom of the barrel: use up/run out of

73.Resign one’s post:/quit;辞职

74.Ring a bell:听起来很熟

75.Run off/copy

76.Sign up for/join in/register

77.Sneak up on sb.头头接近,靠近

78.Take …for granted:相当然地认为

79.Take one’s time;从容不迫

80.Take one’s word:./believe in sb./trust sb.

81.The reverse is also true:反之亦然

82.Tie up with/busy with

83.Tired of/get bored of

84.Under the weather:身体不舒服

85.Well-off/rich people

86.White elephant:无价值的东西,废物

87.White lie:善意的谎言

88.You bet :当然