笔记本结构设计经验教训NB ME Design Lesson learn

NB ME Lesson Learn

Case 1 Issue: Hinge boss crack

Case 1 Root cause/Solution:

Case 1 Root cause/Solution:

Case 2 Issue: Hinge Bracket broken

Case 2 Root cause/Solution:

Case 2 Root cause/Solution:

Case 3 Issue: E-sata Jack Interferance

Case 3 Root cause/Solution: For strength concerned to EC hinge support

Case 3 Root cause/Solution:

There are different type Jack
RD check Molex only (no plastic), foxconn and tyco have plastic 0.7mm high interfere 0.3mm

Case 3 Root cause/Solution:

Case 4 Issue: Smile gap Root cause/Solution:
1.Refer to the picture, the dimension of the center of the axis to the iron surface is 15.55mm±0.1mm.

LT: Add height of Axis

2.Old hinge actual date for 5 units as below: (1)15.48mm (2)15.43mm (4)15.40mm (5)15.45mm (3)15.43mm

ST: Reduce rubber height

Case 5 Issue: Power button UV coating peel off



Case 5 Root cause:
雷雕工艺为整个工艺的最后一道, 层破坏后没有保护动作 层破坏后没有保护动作。 雷雕工艺为整个工艺的最后一道,UV层破坏后没有保护动作。 镭雕机功率设定过高,镭雕后周边区域碳化; 镭雕机功率设定过高,镭雕后周边区域碳化; 镭雕机功率设定为额定功率的80%,约7~8W,频率为1200Hz


Coating thickness

中 制 程

Black base coating Primer (Base coating)

15 ?m

8 ?m


1.0~1.5 ?m

UV coating

8~15 ?m


Colory一般控 制在10~12 ?m

Case 5 Solution:
降低镭雕机功率 镭雕机功率降为额定功率的60%,约5~6W,频率不变

变更工艺流程,雷雕工艺放在UV coating之前,雷雕后通过UV保护 变更工艺流程,雷雕工艺放在 之前,雷雕后通过 保护 之前 Black base coating Primer (Base coating) 中 制 程 Plating 1.0~1.5 ?m

15 ?m

8 ?m


UV coating

8~15 ?m

Case 6 Issue: Noise at K-lock location Root cause:
機器做open/close 時,hinge的搖擺帶動K-lock BKT運功, 其噴漆面與base摩擦產生異音. 1.K-lock BKT與base的gap設計值為0; 2.K-lock BKT與base接觸面為噴漆光面; 3.K-lock BKT與hinge有鎖附關係;

Case 6 Solution:

1.Short term :K-lock BKT噴漆面打磨為粗糙面/K-lock與base的結合面 加點酒精. 2.Long term :Base 偷肉0.2mm,增加base與K-lock的GAP的GAP, 避免面對面的摩擦.

Case 7 Issue: Gap between Top and Base

gap max 1.1-1.2mm( spec<0.8mm )

Case 7 Root cause: ME Structure

Case 7 Root cause:

top shielding結構薄弱, screw鎖附時產生一個反向的力, 結構薄弱, 鎖附時產生一個反向的力, 結構薄弱 鎖附時產生一個反向的力 導致卡勾瞬間脫離影響會微量的下陷; 導致卡勾瞬間脫離影響會微量的下陷;

Case 7 Root cause: base 上卡勾的 上卡勾的support rib 在卡合面以下,且為斜面卡合 , 在卡合面以下, 卡合受力後base卡勾向內變形,導致卡合量丟失; 卡勾向內變形, 卡合受力後 卡勾向內變形 導致卡合量丟失;

Case 7 Solution: 兩個鎖screw位置的中間加 位置的中間加1pcs rubber, 在top shielding兩個鎖 兩個鎖 位置的中間加 , rubber Z軸干涉量 軸干涉量0.5mm,形成一個跷跷板的支點; 軸干涉量 ,形成一個跷跷板的支點;

Case 7 Solution:

此位置的卡勾卡合方式由斜面卡合改平面卡合, 此位置的卡勾卡合方式由斜面卡合改平面卡合,並將 BASE 卡勾背面的 卡勾背面的support rib 加高到卡合面以上 加高到卡合面以上1mm的位置; 的位置; 的位置

Case 8 Issue: UV Coating peel off from TP panel

Case 8 Root Cause:

Nissha IMR already be with hard coat, and another Akzo UV coating is on the IMR. But Akzo UV coating cannot be good to mix with IMR hard coat. So UV coating is easy to peel off on TP Plate

Case 8 Solution:

ST: Change to use Nissha IMR foil which is without hard coat. LT:Move IMR foil back to PMMA

Case 9 Issue: Hook of Battery Latch broken

Case 9 Root Cause:

卡勾後側base 上的support link 卡勾後側base 上的support 面積太小且為 角結構,導致對卡勾配合面的support不夠; support不夠 R 角結構,導致對卡勾配合面的support不夠;

Case 9 Solution:

Link與battery配合的卡勾根部及卡勾轉角處加0.5mm 的R角

Case 10 Issue: Thermal Block interference with CPU Thermal module interference with CPU. Cause system shut-down.

Spring Plate Interference Cu Base Heat spreader

Case 10 Root Cause:

1.Thermal Team do not request thermal vendor to use what kind of assembly method to fix spring plate, Cubase and heat spreader. (Thermal

team side)

2.Thermal vendor Auras used wrong method (雞眼釘 Copper rivet) to fix contact structure, resulting 雞眼釘 interfere with CPU capacitor. (Vendor


Case 10 Root Cause: 2D Dimension of AMD the Gap between CPU die and capacitor is only about 0.2 mm


Copper rivet 雞眼釘 pit is

0.35 mm

Mylar thickness is

0.1 mm

Total thickness is 0.45 mm

Case 10 Solution:

Solution 1:抽拉銅柱固定方式 抽拉銅柱固定方式

製程方式: 製程方式: Cu heat spreader 先抽拉出銅柱, 先抽拉出銅柱, 之後再放入一個鉚合模鉚合彈片, 之後再放入一個鉚合模鉚合彈片, 銅塊。 銅塊。此方式可確保 heat spreader 面限高為零! 面限高為零!

限高 0 mm

Case 10 Solution:

Solution 2:鉚接實心銅柱固定方式

製程: 製程: Cu heat spreader 先經一套鉚合模 鉚入實心銅柱, ,鉚入實心銅柱,接下來在進另外 一套鉚合模,鉚合彈片及銅塊。 一套鉚合模,鉚合彈片及銅塊。此 方式需用到兩套鉚合模, 方式需用到兩套鉚合模,故成本較 但此方式亦可確保 高。但此方式亦可確保 heat spreader 面限高為零! 面限高為零!

限高 0 mm

Case 11 Issue: RAM door rib short to RAM capacitance as press the door Root Cause:

Case 11 Solution: 1. Add mylar on ram door rib to prevent this risk. 2. Have ec to cancel this rib to enlarge gap.

Case 12 Issue:1. No post or No power 2. MB can power on when press N.Bridge by finger

Case 12 FA:

Case 12 FA: Dye-Pry

Case 12 FA: Dye-Pry

Case 12 FA:Cross Section

Case 12 FA:Cross Section

Case 12 FA:Cross Section

Based on above analysis (crack location and multiplex crack interface ), suspect the Crack may caused by external stress.

Case 12 FA: Strain gauge

Case 12 FA: ME structure

Case 12 FA: Proposal for solution

Case 12 FA: Proposal for solution

Case 12 FA: Retest with solution