初中英语语法-延续性动词与非延续性动词专项训练 初中英语语法 延续性动词与非延续性动词专项训练 1. When he arrived at the bus stop, the bus ________ for 20 minutes. A. has left B. had left C. has been away 2. I ______ the League for 5 years so far. A. joined B. have joined C. have been in 3. The factory ________ since the February of 1988. A . has been open B. has opened C. was open 4. Mary and Rose _______friends since they met in 2000. A. have made B. have been C. made 5.You mustn't ________ until he comes back. A. be away B. leave C. be left 6.The meeting _______ for a week now. A. has finished B. has ended C. has been over 7.Miss Gao ______ this school for nearly 5 years. A. has been in B. has come to C. has taught 8.Ben ______ a teacher for 4 years . A. has been B. has become C. was 9. I ______ home for a week. A. have returned B. have been back C. returned 10. How long _______ he ________ ? A. died B. has, died C. has, been dead 11. He ______ at eight yesterday afternoon. A. slept B. was sleeping C. has sleep 12.He ________ the car for a week. A. bought B. has bought C. has had 13.-----How long _____ you _____ ill ? -----Two weeks. A. did fall B. have, fell C. have, been 14.Since 2000, he _____ his hometown. A. has left B. has moved away C. has been away from 15.I'll lend you the book , but you can only _____ it for 2 days. A. borrow B. keep C. take 16.The bus ______ on the road for 2 hours so far. A. has stopped B. stopped C. has been 17.Are you _____ the jacket these days? A. wearing B. putting on C. dressing 18.He ________ foe 2 hours. A. got up B. has got up C. has been up 19. Tom is ill in hospital. He _______ a cold for several days. A. is B. catches C. has caught 20.----- How long can I ______ the book? ------ Two weeks. A. borrow B. lend C. get Key: 1---5 D C A B B;

D. had been away

D. opened D. have become

D. became

D. had slept

D. on

D. has had D. keep

6---10 C A A B C;

11---15 B C C C B;

16---20 C A C D D



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