Unit 11 The Media
基础训练 Ⅰ.用适当的介词或副词填空 1.I wonder if this date would be suitable ________ you. 2.We concluded the meeting ________ a prayer at eight o'clock. 3.Did Mary approach you ________ lending her some money? 4.Our deeds must consist ________ our words. 5.We express our thought ________ means of words. 6.It was a turning point,a sign that things are starting to go ________ our favour. 7.The council at last gave us permission to go ahead ________ our building plans. 8.At the top of the building stood a woman whose face was pale,which frightened everyone ________ the scene. 答案 1.for 2.with Ⅱ.完成句子 9.The government is trying to do everything possible ________________(满足人民 的要求) for higher living standards. 10.He ________________(试图通过考试),but it was too difficult. 11.________________(并非所有的学生) like the way he speaks. 12. ________________(无论你做什么),I'll support you. 13.A highway bridge ________________(正在建造)over the river.They hope to finish it the next month. 答案 9.to satisfy the people's demands 10.made an attempt/attempted to pass the exam 11.Not all the students 12.No matter what/Whatever you do 13.is being built Ⅲ.课文浓缩语法填空 July 5,2005 Scotland 3.about 4.with 5.by 6.in 7.with 8.on

The political leaders from eight of the world's __14__ (wealthy) nations will meet in Scotland this summer. They will discuss the topic of Africa __15__ detail. There are many __16__ (problem) for African people to solve,such as poverty,sex education and health care administration. People from all over the world have


demanded that the leaders __17__ (cancel) the debt of Africa's poorest countries to help them escape the __18__ (pain) pasts. July 6,2005 London

At 12:45 UK time today,London __19__ (announce) by the IOC in Singapore to be the host city for __20__ 2012 Olympic Games. London now has the distinction of being the first city __21__(host) the event three times. The good news makes the people in London so delighted __ 22__ they celebrate __23__ everywhere. 答案 14.wealthiest 15.in 16.problems 17.(should) cancel 18.painful 19.was

being announced 20.the 21.to host 22.that 23.it Ⅳ.根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项。选项中有两项为多余 选项。 How to Answer the Interview Question “Tell me about yourself” It's often the first thing that hiring managers ask candidates in job interviews.__24__ Unsurprisingly, most of us have a really hard time summarizing our careers, skills, and interests in the conversation with the hiring managers.But having a job search “elevator pitch” is a really important part of acing the interview.“People make it worse all the time,” says career experts.__25__ And they said that the whole speech shouldn't take more than the time it takes to ride an elevator—30 seconds or less, in other words. 1.Focus on what they need. When you're trying to sell yourself to a prospective employer, it's tempting to concentrate on what you think your greatest strengths are.In fact, you're probably better off if you figure out how to tailor your description of your experience to what the employer actually needs.__26__ They'll hire you because you solve a problem or fulfill a desperately needed function. 2.Edit your speech. Be prepared to go through your speech many times before you hit on the right one.__27__ Consult a specialist to give you some advice on how to tell about yourself in front of a hiring manager if necessary. 3.Do more practice.

Practice on your own in front of a mirror, or better yet, with a friend, until you can deliver your speech confidently.__28__ Ideally, it should sound clear and natural—as if you just happened to think it up on the spot, or as if it's always been a personal credo(信条). A.The more practice, the better. B.It's important to know what to bring to a job interview. C.They agreed that the short, clear speech is important. D.Don't stop editing your speech until you are satisfied with it. E.They're not going to hire you just because you're impressive. F.But it is also the first opportunity to really make things worse. G.Get familiar with the job in case you are asked about it during the interview. 答案 24.F [文章第一句说明在求职面试中人事部经理第一个问的问题经常是“介绍一下你自

己”, 空格处所说明的应该是“这也是第一个让面试者把情况弄糟的问题”。 But it is also the first opportunity 与前面一句中的 It's often the first thing that 相对 应。故选 F。] 25.C [由空格前面的“elevator pitch”以及空格后面的 the whole speech shouldn't

take more than the time it takes to ride an elevator—30 seconds or less 可知, 介绍自己时应该简短、清楚明了。故选 C。] 26.E [根据下面一句中的 They'll hire you because...可知,前面一句应该表达的是他 们(人事部经理)不准备雇佣你的理由是什么。故选 E。] 27.D [本段标题为 Edit your speech.选项 D 中的 Don't stop editing your speech... 提示了 D 项符合标题内容。故选 D。] 28.A [本段标题为 Do more practice.选项 A 说明“练习越多,越好”,符合标题内容。 故选 A。] 能力提升 Ⅰ.完形填空 体裁:夹叙夹议 话题:爱 词数:264 时间:16′

Michael and I did not know when the waiter put the plates on our table.Our conversation was so__1__ though we did not speak about important things.We laughed

and spoke about the__2__ which we have just watched the night before and__3__ about the meaning of the movie. While our fun conversation continued, my__4__ went across the room and stopped on the__5__.The man's top head__6__ just like the boiled egg which he__7__ very slowly.The woman chewed her oatmeal( 燕麦片 ) very slowly too, seemed with very much__8__. But what made my mind thought about them was the__9__ around them.Michael and I__10__ our food and went on.When we__11__ the corner where the couple sat, my wallet fell.When I__12__ to get it, I saw, under the table, they were__13__ holding each other's hand.They were eating in silence while holding each other's hand! I was very__14__ to see the simple yet the very__15__ action reflecting the close relationship of the couple. Their silence was not the uncomfortable emptiness like the one we used to have after the jokes we had on our first date.Their silence was the__16__ and relaxing one, it was the__17__ of the tender love and it did not always need the__18__ to express it.They might__19__ the hours holding each other's hand like this in the morning. When I and Michael went out of the__20__, I thought, maybe it was nothing bad at all if some day we have something like that.Maybe, it will become the expression of the tender and complete love. 1.A.delightful B.impressive C.brilliant D.unique

答案 A [根据下句的 We laughed 可知,我们的谈话是如此的令人愉快。] 2.A.couple B.wallet C.actor D.film

答案 D [由 which we have just watched 以及下文的 the meaning of the movie 可 知该空应填 film。] 3.A.quarreled B.argued C.thought D.set

答案 B [根据上文 We laughed and spoke about 可知,不能选 A 和 C; set about“开 始做;着手”,不符合句意;argue about“争论;争辩”,符合句意。] 4.A.ears B.face C.eyes D.feet

答案 C [从下面句子的描述可以判断, 是作者看到了角落里的一对老人。 故此应选 C。 ]





答案 B [根据下一段中的 When we________ the corner where the couple sat 可以 知道,我的眼光落在了房子的“角落”里。] 6.A.shined 答案 B.covered C.moved D.changed

A [句子想表达的意思是“这个男人的头顶像煮熟的鸡蛋一样闪着光”,用以说

明年龄大。cover 与 like 不能搭配;C、D 两项让读者不明白意思。] 7.A.turned B.adjusted C.ate D.boiled

答案 C [下句说明这位妇女在嚼燕麦片,可以推知男人在“吃”鸡蛋。] 8.A.power B.force C.energy D.effort

答案 D [power 指“权力;动力”;force 指“武力”;energy 指“活力;精力”; effort 指“力气”。用很大的力气嚼,说明年龄大。] 9.A.noise C.silence B.distance D.relationship

答案 C [根据本段中的 They were eating in silence 可知答案。] 10.A.bought B.paid C.inspected D.examined

答案 B [由下面的 and went on 判断是我们“付”了钱后离开餐馆。] 11.A.passed 答案 B.arrived C.visited D.wandered

A [pass“经过”,在经过房间角落的时候,我的钱包掉下来。其他选项不符合

句意。] 12.A.reached B.stopped C.stood D.sat

答案 B [我停下来去拾掉在地上的钱包。] 13.A.eagerly B.anxiously C.entirely D.tenderly

答案 D [tenderly“温柔地;体贴地”,下文 of the tender love 也给出了提示。] 14.A.angry B.ashamed C.touched D.annoyed

答案 C [四个选项中只有 touched(感动的)能够说明当时作者的心情。] 15.A.useless C.meaningful 答案 B.desperate D.painful

C [meaningful“有意义的;有价值的”,根据本句的意思“简单的但??的行

为”可知,作者认为这种行为(默默地握手)虽然简单但很有意义。] 16.A.pleasant B.foolish C.constant D.striking

答案 A [从下面的 and relaxing one 可知,这种沉默是令人愉快的和放松的。] 17.A.explanation C.ambition B.expression D.experience

答案 B [这种沉默是温柔的爱的表达。下文 to express it 也给出提示。] 18.A.actions B.senses C.words D.skills

答案 C [爱不总是需要“话语(语言)”来表达。] 19.A.cost B.take C.use D.spend

答案 D [spend time (in) doing“花费时间做某事”。其他选项不能用于这种结构。] 20.A.restaurant C.supermarket 答案 B.shop D.hospital

A [根据作者在吃饭时遇到两位老人以及文章第一段中出现的 the waiter 等判

断,故事发生在一家餐馆。] Ⅱ.阅读理解 A 体裁:说明文 话题:网络 词数:305 时间:6′

“Google Inc has stepped up efforts to digitize(使数字化) dozens of historical newspapers and make the scanned(扫描的) old newspapers available online”, the Internet search leader said on Monday. In a blog post on the Silicon Valley-based company's website, Google said it is looking to make old newspapers searchable online by partnering with newspaper publishers to digitize millions of old newspapers. The effort involves the archives of dozens of newspaper titles and expands on a two-year-old effort by Google to work with two major U.S.newspapers—The New

York Times and Washington Post—to index old papers in Google News Archive.
“Not only will you be able to search these newspapers, you'll also be able to browse(浏览) through them exactly as they were printed—photographs, headlines, articles, advertisements and all,” Google product manager Punit Soni said in the blog post. Many newspapers joined in the activity,__which range from the Pittsburgh Post -Gazette, “the first newspaper West of the Alleghenies”, to the Quebec Chronicle

- Telegraph, which has continuously published for 244 years, making it North America's oldest lasting paper.All these newspapers will appear online. The newspapers online allow readers to see how newspapers of the past days covered historical events.As an example, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's coverage(覆 盖 ) of Neil Armstrong's (and Edwin Aldrin's) 1969 moon walk can be found at

The first newspaper partners for the digital old newspapers program are located in the United States and Canada, a spokesman said.“The goal is no different than Google Book Search, ” company spokesman Gabriel Stricker said, referring to Google's broad-based effort to work with major academic libraries around the world to scan older, out-of-print books.“It is just getting a lot of published offline content online.” 【语篇解读】 网络的出现和普及, 是否预示着报纸的不复存在?谷歌公司正试图将报纸数 字化。 21. The underlined word “activity” in Paragraph 5 most probably refers to ________. A.digitizing dozens of historical newspapers online B.scanning old newspapers C.cooperating with newspaper publishers D.searching the old newspapers online 答案 A [词义猜测题。由文章的前四段可知,画线单词所指的意思应该是第二段最后

的 to digitize millions of old newspapers,故答案为 A。] 22.According to the passage, North America's oldest lasting paper is ________. A.Washington Post C.the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette B.the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph D.not mentioned

答案 B [细节理解题。 由第五段中的 to the Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph, which has continuously published for 244 years, making it North America's oldest lasting paper 可知答案。] 23 . The first partners for the digital old newspapers programme are located in ________. A.England B.The United States and Canada



答案 B [细节理解题。文章最后一段第一句告知答案。] 24.The goal of Google's effort to digitize old newspapers is to ________. A.get a lot of published offline content online B.work with worldwide major academic libraries C.work with newspaper publishers D.promote its popularity 答案 A [细节理解题。根据文章最后一段最后一句可知答案。] B 体裁:记叙文 话题:人物传记 词数:311 时间:7′ Charlie Chaplin was born in a poor family on April 16, 1889.He started working in a film factory when his brother Sydney got him a job with the Karno Company in England.He never had a chance to act in films.But the chance came at last.Because one of the actors was seriously ill one day, he first concertized in a film in place of him. After his mother's death he came to the United States and joined Mack Sennet's Keystone Studio.Sennet was famous for his slapstick comedies ( 打闹喜剧 ) . Then Chaplin worked for Essenay where some of his best-known work was done. Along the way Chaplin did something that made him a famous artist worldwide.He “invented” the Tramp (流浪汉) who wore a funny hat, vest (背心) that was too small, shoes that were too big, a brush-mustache, and carried a stick.The clothes seemed to produce the character.He remembered the walk of a man in his childhood and copied it.The character made him well - known until 1940 when he did his first sound film.Even though he did a small amount of work without the Tramp clothes he will always be remembered for that character. Because Chaplin began his life in a poor family, he always connected with the common men, even when he had become very famous.His films The Gold Rush, The Kid, and City Lights are considered to be the most famous films in the world.Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ awarded Chaplin Knight ( 爵 士 ) in 1975 for his contribution to filmmaking.

Chaplin's health began to fail slowly in the late 1960s after he finished his final film A Countess from Hong Kong.By 1977 he could no longer communicate with others.He died in Switzerland on December 25, 1977. 25.The underlined word “concertized” in Paragraph 1 has the closest meaning as ________. A.introduced C.disappeared B.acted D.served

答案 B [词义猜测题。 根据画线单词后面的 in a film 可知画线单词的意思应该是“表 演;演出”,故 B 正确。] 26.It can be inferred from the passage that ________. A.Charlie Chaplin became famous for slapstick comedies B.Charlie Chaplin was a tramp before he was famous C.the first sound film appeared in the nineteenth century D.Charlie Chaplin became an actor by chance 答案 D [ 推理判断题。根据第一段最后一句可知,是一个偶然的机会使 Charlie

Chaplin 成为一个电影演员。] 27.What made Chaplin famous according to the passage? A.His humorous words. C.His funny action. B.His especial appearance. D.His slapstick comedies.

答案 C [细节理解题。从第三段 The character made him well-known 可以知道,正 是 Charlie Chaplin 的角色表演使得他非常著名。] 28.The last film Charlie Chaplin made in his life is ________. A.The Gold Rush B.The Kid C.City Lights D.A Countess from Hong Kong

答案 D [细节判断题。根据最后一段第一句可知 Charlie Chaplin 所拍摄的最后一部 电影是 D。] Ⅲ.阅读下面材料,在空白处填入适当的内容(1 个单词)或括号内单词的正确形式。 One Saturday night,a pastor(牧师) was working late and decided to call his wife before he left for home.It was about 10: 00 pm, but his wife didn't answer the phone.The pastor let it ring many __29__ (time).He thought it was strange that she didn't

answer and decided to try again in a few minutes.When he __30__ (try) again,she answered immediately.He asked her __31__ (angry) why she hadn't answered before, and she said that it hadn't rung at their house. The following Monday,the pastor received a call at the church office,which __32__ (be) the phone that he'd used that Saturday night.The man that he spoke with wanted to know __33__ he'd called on Saturday night.The pastor couldn't figure out what the man was talking about.Then the man said,“It rang and rang,__34__ I didn't answer.” The pastor remembered the matter and apologized for disturbing him , __35__ (explain) that he'd intended to call his wife.The man said,“That's OK.Let me tell you my story.You see,I was planning to commit suicide(自杀) __36__ Saturday night, but before I __37__ (do),I prayed,‘God,if you're there,and you don't want me to do this,give me a sign now.’ And at that point,my phone started to ring.How __38__ (luck) I'm!” 答案 29.times [空格前有 many 修饰,故用名词复数。] 30.tried [时态为过去时,故用动词过去式。] 31.angrily [用副词修饰动词 asked。] 32.was [which 指代先行词 a call,是单数,故动词也要用单数形式,发生在过去,故用 一般过去式。] 33.why [why 引导原因状语从句,作 know 的宾语。] 34.but [前后两个句子是转折关系,故用转折连词 but 连接。] 35.explaining [现在分词短语作伴随状语。] 36.on [在某固定一天的上午、下午和晚上要用介词 on。] 37.did [事情发生在过去,故用过去时。] 38.lucky [how 后面应该接形容词。]



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