名词性从句 仔细阅读下列句子判断画线部分的词性,并说 出它们在句中充当什么成份。 The workers work hard. 名 主 语 __词,在句中作___ She likes apples. 宾语 ___ 名 词,在句中作___ My uncle is an engineer. 表 名词,在句中作_________ __ 语 Bob, our monitor, is a smart boy. 名 词,在句中作_________ 同位 ___ 语 名 词 性 从 句 主语从句 宾语从句 表语从句 同位语从句 名词性从句在功能上相当于名词 主 语 表 语 { What he does is important. {This is what he does every day. This is his job. His job is important. 宾 语 { I don’t like what he does every day. I don’t know about the man, I don’t like his job. 同 Mr. White. { 位 语 I don’t know about the fact that he is a teacher. 名词性从句 ? 在句子中起名词作用的句子叫名词从句 (Noun Clauses) ? 名词从句的功能相当于名词词组, 它在复 合句中能担任主语、宾语、表语、同位 语等。 2. as the object of a sentence. ? 1) He asked how much I paid for the violin. ? 2) I’m interested in who that tall man is. ? 3) I find it necessary that we should do the homework. 1. as the subject of a sentence : ? 1) That he will succeed is certain. ? 2) Whether he will go there is not known. ? 3) What he said is not true. ? 4) It was good news that everyone got back safely. 3. as the predicative after the link verb be. ? 1) My question is that whether polly can find her way home. ? 2) The truth is that the fog is too thick for the bus to run that far. ? 3) That’s why I was late. ? 1) The news that he failed in the exam surprised his parents. 同位语从句一般跟在某些名词后,用 ? 2) There is no possibility that our team 以解释或说明前面名词的内容。这些 will lose the game. 名词有:fact,news, message, doubt, ? 3) I’ll keep the promise that I will help feeling, possibility, idea, reason, you out when you are in trouble. belief, suggestion等。 that引导的名词性从句 ? The radio announced something. ? The mist would become a thick fog. ? The radio announced that the mist would become a thick fog. ? that引导肯定含义的从句,在从句中不充 当成分,没有实际意思。 that引导的名词性从句 ? She wished (that) someone would come along to help her. ? The truth is (that) the buses will not be running. ? that在动词后的宾语从句或表语从句中 可 以省略。 Noun clauses beginning with Can “that” be left out? that ? That you like him is strange. ? The fact is that the earth is smaller than the sun. ? The idea that you will invite him sounds good. ? I don’t believe that he has ever read any of Shakespeare's works or that he has ever heard of him. If/whether引导的名词性从句 ? She wondered. ? Would the buses still be running? ? She wondered if/whether the buses would still be running. ? If/whether引导疑问含义的从句,在从 句中不充当成分,意为“是否”。 If/whether引导的名词性从句 ? She is not certain about whether she has done anything wrong. ? Whether it is going to clear u


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