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能够 able→ capable, in a(ny) position 一直 all the time→ continually, continuously, constantly, perpetually 许多地 a lot→ noticeably, considerably, a great deal, substantially 许多的 a lot of→ many, numerous, a wide variety of (themes), a whole range of, a wide spectrum of (problems, themes, etc),an abundance of (opportunities, sources etc.) 总是 always→ invariably 数量 amount→ quantity 结果 as a result→ consequently 本质上 basically→ essentially, in essence, substantially 组成 be, amount to→ constitute 下降 become smaller→ be on the decline, be on the decrease, decline, decrease, diminish, dwindle, recede,slump 变糟糕 become worse→ deteriorate 在 之前 before→ prior to 开始 begin→ commence 更好 better→ superior 习惯于 be(come) used to→ be accustomed to 严重的,重大的 big→ major, significant, substantial 执行 carry out→ conduct, execute, commit, implement 更改 change→ alter, alteration, modify, modification

办理,执行 do→ conduct, transact(business) 未能 do not→ fail to, omit to 结果 end→ conclusion (to bring sth. to a conclusion) 充足的 enough→ ample, sufficient, adequate (grounds, evidence, preparation, resources etc.) 普遍的,透彻的 everywhere→ ubiquitous(mistakes), pervasive (influence) 适当地 fairly→ comparatively, moderately, reasonably 弄清楚 find out→ ascertain (the cause of sth., the truth of sth., whether sth. is true or not, what really happened etc); discern, discover (the cause of, factors behind sth. etc.) 适当的 fitting→ proper, appropriate 憎恨 hatred→ animosity 含有 have→ contain, be equipped with, possess,embrace 假如 if→ in the event of, in case (of) 最终 in the end→ eventually, finally, ultimately 保持,一贯 keep (doing)→ continue, continually, continuously, consistently, constantly, persist in 了解 know→ be aware of, conversant with, familiar with 之后的 later→ subsequent(ly) 越来越少 less and less→ decreasing(ly) 准许 let, allow→ permit 喜欢 like→ to be partial to sth., liking 喜好 liking→ predilection for sth, partiality for sth.

冗长的 long→ extensive(coverage, footnotes, passages, scope), protracted (delay, negotiations), 长时间的 prolonged(illness, interrogation) look at→ consider, examine (argument, fact), explore, investigate (possibility), observe (behaviour) money→ funding, funds, resources more and more→ increasingly much→ considerably, substantially(相当的,可观的) need→ demand, require next to→ adjacent now→ at present, at this juncture, at this moment, currently often→ frequent(ly) quick(ly)→ rapid(ly), prompt(ly) rich, wealthy→ affluent, opulent(society, life-style) right→ appropriate, correct, proper rough(ly)→ approximate, correct, proper set up→ establish (a new state, a government, a business), institute (custom, inquiry, restrictions, democracy, rule, government) sharp→ abrupt, drastic (rise and falls) show→ demonstrate, evince, manifest → reveal, divulge side→ aspect(of a problem)

small→ minor/insignificant (problems, differences etc), marginal (differences) therefore→ consequently thing→ element, aspect, object, factor, consideration too→ excessively, inordinately, unduly too many→ an excessive number of, a disproportionate number of too much→ excessive(ly) try→ endeavor, strive understand→ appreciate ups and downs→ vicissitudes (of war, history, fortune) very→ extremely, in the extreme, immensely, intensely yield→ produce(results)

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GRE写作 词汇2.0版 - 能够 able→ capable, in a(ny


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