外贸流程实用英语词汇大全 第一期:General Terms 1. establishing business relation-建立业务关系 2. inquiry-询盘 3. offer-报盘 4. counter offer-还盘 5. quantity-数量 6. packing-包装 7. time of shipment-装运期 8. price-价格 9. discount-折扣 10. terms of payment-支付条款 11. insurance-保险 12. commodity inspection-商品检验 13. acceptance-接受 14. signing a contract-签订合同 15. claim-索赔 16. agency-agent 17. commission-佣金 18. exclusive sales-包销 19. joint venture-合资企业 20. compensation trade-补偿贸易 21. processing and assembling trade-加工装配贸易 22. the terms of international trade-国际贸易术语 第二期:Establishing business relation 建立业务关系 1. recommendation 推荐、介绍 2. inform 通知 3. enter into business relations 建立业务关系 4. catalogue 目录 5. for your reference 供您参考 6. specific inquiry 具体询价 7. promptly 立即 8. representative 代表 9. chamber of commerce 商会 10. specialize in 专营 11. on the bases of equality and mutual benefit 在平等互利的基础上 12. pamphlet 小册子 13. a range of 一套 14. make offers 报价 15. import and export corporation 进出口公司 16. silk 丝绸 17. cotton piece goods 棉布

18. blouse 女衬衫 19. be of the latest style 最新式样 20. financial position 财务状况 21. trade reputation 贸易声誉 22. on display 展出 23. woolen knitwear 毛织品 24. garment 服装 25. meet with great favor 受欢迎 26. credit standing 信用地位 27. state-operated 国营的 28. currency, Chinese currency, British currency 货币,中国货币,英国 货币 29. investment 投资 30. a long-term investment 长期投资 31. a profitable investment 有利可得的投资 32. a safe and sure investment 安全可靠的投资 33. a heavy investment 巨额投资 34. investment intent 投资意向 35. investment partner 投资伙伴 36. direct investment 直接投资 37. investment environment 投资环境 38. investor 投资者 39. enterprise 企业 40. joint venture enterprise 合资企业 41. cooperative enterprise 合作企业 42. exclusively foreign-owned enterprise 外商独资企业 43. state-owned enterprise 国营企业 44. collectively-owned enterprise 集体企业 45. individually owned enterprise 个体企业 第三期: inquiry 询盘 1. general inquiry 一般询盘 2. specific inquiry 具体询盘 3. dealer 商人 4. quotation 报价 5. sales department 销售部 6. purchase 购买 7. enquiry 询价 8. quote 开价 9. sample 样品 10. a long-term contract 长期合同 11. discount 折扣 12. grant 批准 13. to make an inquiry for sth 对某物询价

14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44.

to keep the inquiry on file 把询价记录在卷 to inquiry for sth 对某物询价 to inquiry about sth 询问某事 process 加工 guarantee, guarantor 保证, 保证人 delivery 交货 port of delivery 交货港 time of delivery 交货期 prompt delivery 即期交货 to effect delivery 办理交货 to make delivery 办理交货 to postpone delivery 推迟交货 to deliver sth to sb 把某物交付给某人 shipment 装船 to make shipment 装船 to receive shipment 接货 partial shipment 分批装船 prompt shipment 即期装运 time of shipment 装运期 offer 报盘报价 a firm offer 实盘 a counter offer 还盘 to accept an offer 接受报盘 to extend an offer 延长报盘 to renew an offer 更新报盘 to withdraw an offer 撤消报盘 the validity of an offer 报盘有效期 to make an offer 报价 to offer firm 报实盘 to offer subject to final confirmation 报盘以最后确认为准 specialize in 专门经营

第四期:Counter offer 还盘 1. counter offer 还盘 2. enjoy great popularity 享有盛誉 3. ready seller; quick seller; quick-selling product 畅销品 4. conclude business with sb. 与某人达成交易 5. close business, close a deal , close a transaction, close a bargain 达成交易 6. trade terms 贸易条件 7. trade agreement 贸易协定 8. trade fair 交易会 9. trade mark 商标 10. foreign trade 对外贸易

11 trade in sth 经营某物 12. trade with sb.与某人交易 13. favourable price 优惠价格 14. favourable terms 优惠条件 15. quotation 行情 16. discount quotation 贴现行情 17. exchange rate quotation 外汇行情 18. commission 佣金 19. a commission of....%; ....% commission.百分之几佣金 20. your ..% commission 你的百分之几佣金 21. The above price includes your commission of 2%.上述价格包括你方 2% 佣金. 22. general practice 惯例 23. accept an order 接受订单 24. cancel an order 撤消订单 25. confirm an order 确认订单 26. execute an order 履行订单 27. a back order 尚未执行的订单 28. a fresh order 新订单 29. a repeat order 续订订单 第五期 quantity 数量 1. weight 重量 2. metric ton 公吨 3. long ton 长吨 4. short ton 短吨 5. kilogram, kilo, kg 公斤 6. pound, lb 磅 7. ounce, oz 盎司 8. number 个数 9. piece 件 10. pair 双 11 dozen 打 12. ream 令 13. set 套 14. length 长度 15. area 面积 16. volume 体积 17. cubic meter 立方米 18. capacity 容积 19. litre 升 20. gallon 加仑 21. bushel 蒲式耳 22. metric system 公制

23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29.

british system 英制 U.S.System 美制 gross weight 毛重 net weight 净重 shipping weight 装运重量 landed weight 卸货重量 theoretical weight 理论重量

第六期: Packing 包装 1. packaging 包装方法 2. blister packing 起泡包装 3. neutral packing 中性包装 4. skin packing 吸塑包装 5. hanging packing 挂式包装 6. catch sb's eye 引某人注目 7. mark 唛头 8. unlabelled packing 无牌的包装 9. in bulk 散装 10. in loose packing 散装 11 nude packing 裸装 12. bulk pack 整批包装 13. consumer pack 零售包装 14. large packing 大包装 15. inner packing, external packing, end packing 16. shrunk packaging, 压缩包装 17. foam-spary packaging 喷泡沫包装 18. gift-wrap 礼品包装 19. bag, sack 袋 20. jute bag 麻袋 21. polythelene bag, plastic bag 塑料袋 22. polythelene net 尼龙绳网袋 23. zippered bag 拉链袋 24. case, chest 箱 25. box 盒 26. wooden case 木箱 27. carton 纸箱 28. container 集装箱 29. rate 板条箱 30. fibre board case 纤维板箱 第七期: Packing(二) 包装 1. packet 小包 2. bale 包 3. bundle 捆


4. tin , can 罐头 5. basket 篮,篓,筐 6. bamboo basket 竹篓 7. bottle 瓶 8. wooden keg 小木桶 9. hogshead 大桶 10. iron drum 铁桶 11 cylinder 铁桶 12. barrel 琵琶桶 13. drum 圆桶 14. waterproof paper 防水纸 15. cellophone 玻璃纸 16. kraftpaper 牛皮纸 17. canvas 帆布 18. fibreboard 纤维板 19. nylon strap 尼龙腰子 20. plastic strap 塑料腰子 21. adhesive tape 胶带 22. stuffing material 填料 23. nylon plastic 尼龙丝 24. fermented plastic 泡沫塑料 25. paper scrap 纸屑 26. saw dust 木屑 27. tar paper 沥青纸 28. wax paper 蜡纸 29. slushing compound 润滑油 30. tarpaulin 油布、防水帆布 第八期:Shipment 装运 1. backlog 积压而未交付的订货 2. terms of shipment 装运条件 3. prepare goods 备货 4. load 装货 5. unload 卸货 6. board 木板,板,船舷 7. on board 在船(或车、飞机)上 8. steamer 轮船 9. space of a steamer 舱位 10. shipping department 运输部门 11 liner 班轮,班机 12. book up (票、车位、舱位等)订完 13. tranship 转运 14. transhipment 转载 15. Force Majeure 人力不可抗力

16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

European Main Ports --EMPs vessel 船;飞船;飞机 the first available vessel call at 停泊 duly 按期地,按时的

欧洲主要口岸 第一艘可订到的船

第九期: Price 价格 1. Price terms 价格条件 2. bargain 讨价还价 3. currency 货币 4. on the low side 价格偏低 5. market price 市场价 6. current price 现行价 7. floor price 底价 8. make a bargain with sb 与某人成交 9. drive a hard bargain over sth. 为某事拼命讨价还价 10. a bargain sale 廉价出售 11. rock-bottom price 最低价 12. F.O.B 船上交货 13. C.I.F. 成本加保险费,运费价 14. CFR 成本加运费价

They mainly trade with Japanese firms. 他们主要和日本商行进行贸易。 For the past five years, we have done a lot of trade with your company. 在过去的五年中,我们与贵国进行了大量的贸易。 Our trade is conducted on the basis of equality. 我们是在平等的基础上进行贸易。 There has been a slowdown in the wool trade with you. 和你们的羊毛贸易已有所减少。 Our foreign trade is continuously expanding. 我们的对外贸易不断发展。 Trade in leather has gone up (down) 3%. 皮革贸易上升(下降)了百分之三。 Trade in general is improving. 贸易情况正在好转。 Our company mainly trades in arts and crafts. 我们公司主要经营手工艺品。 They are well-known in trade circles. 他们在贸易界很有名望。

We trade with people in all countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. 我们在平等互利的基础上和各国人民进行贸易。 To respect the local custom of the buying country is one important aspect of China's foreign policy. 尊重买方国家的风俗习惯是我国贸易政策的一个重要方面。 Our purpose is to explore the possibilities of developing trade with you. 我们的目的是和你们探讨一下发展贸易的可能性。

Words and Phrases foreign trade 对外贸易 overseas trade 海外贸易 international trade 国际贸易 to trade with 和...进行贸易 to do business in a moderate way 做生意稳重 to do business in a sincere way 做生意诚恳 to make a deal 做一笔交易 deal 交易,经营,处理,与...交往 to deal in 经营,做生意 to explore the possibilities of 探讨...的可能性

trade circles 贸易界 to handle 经营某商品 to trade in 经营某商品 business scope/frame 经营范围 trading firm/house 贸易行,商行 Can we do a barter trade? 咱们能不能做一笔易货贸易呢? Is it still a direct barter trade? 这还算是一种直接的易货贸易吗? If you agree to our proposal of a barter trade, we'll give you paper in exchange for your timber. 如果你方同意我们进行易货贸易的建议,我们将用纸与你们交换木材。 Shall we sign a triangle trade agreement? 我们订一个三角贸易协议好吗? A triangle trade can be carried out among the three of us. 我们三方可进行三角贸易。 Compensation trade is, in fact, a kind of loan. 补偿贸易实际上是一种信贷。 We may agree to do processing trade with you.

我们同意与你们进行来料加工贸易。 If you're interested in leasing trade, please let us know. 如果你们有意做租赁贸易,请告诉我们。 We wonder whether you do counter trade. 我们不知道你们是否做抵偿贸易。

Words and Phrases trade by commodities 商品贸易 visible trade 有形贸易 invisible trade 无形贸易 barter trade 易货贸易 bilateral trade 双边贸易 triangle trade 三角贸易 multilateral trade 多边贸易 counter trade 对销贸易;抵偿贸易 counter purchase 互购贸易 buy-back 回购贸易 compensation trade 补偿贸易 processing trade 来料加工贸易

assembling trade 来料装配贸易 leasing trade 租赁贸易 in exchange for 用...交换... trade agreement 贸易协议 We want to develop direct contact with Continental buyers for ourselves. 我们想为自己的公司同欧洲大陆的买主建立起直接的联系。 We see that your firm specializes in Light Industrial Goods, and we are willing to establish business relationship with you. 得知贵公司专门经营轻工业品,我们愿意与贵公司建立业务关系。 We are one of the largest importers of Electric Goods in this city, and we wish to establish business relationship with you. 我们是此地最大的电器进口商之一,愿意与你们建立业务关系。 We are willing to enter into business relationship with your company on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. 我们愿在平等互利的基础上与贵公司建立业务关系。 Our two countries have had trade relations for ten years. 我们两国之间已经有了 10 年的贸易关系。 We've never had any difficulties with our Chinese partners, and we'd like to make as many new contacts as we can. 和中国同行共事从来没有什么困难,希望今后我们之间尽可能多地建立新的关 系。

We have made a very good start in our business with Japan. 我们和日本在业务上有了良好的开端。 Our company is thinking of expanding its business relationship with China. 我公司想扩大与中国的贸易关系。 As is known, we set great store by the trade relationship with the third world countries. 众所周知,我们十分重视同第三世界国家的贸易关系。 We look forward to reactivating our business relationship. 我们盼望我们的业务关系重新活跃起来。 We shall welcome a chance to renew our friendly relationship. 很高兴能有机会来恢复我们的友好关系。 We'll try our best to widen our business relationship with you. 我们将尽力扩大同你们的贸易关系。 We're writing you in order to establish business relationship. 我们写此信是为了与你方建立业务关系。 The arrangement will contribute to cement our pleasant relationship. 此项安排将有助于巩固我们良好的关系。 We're willing to restore our business relationship. 我们希望能恢复贸易关系。

It will be advantageous if steps are taken to resume our business relationship on the basis of mutual benefit. 如果我们采取措施在互利的基础上恢复业务关系,对我们都是有利的。 The depressed market results in the stagnation of trade. 市场萧条导致贸易停滞。 We have been doing quite well in our business, we are willing to open an account with you. 我们的生意一直做得不错,希望能与你们建立帐户往来关系。

Words and Phrases business association 业务联系,交往 business connection 业务联系 close relationship 密切的关系 closer ties 更密切的关系 to establish(enter into, set up)business relationship 建立业务关系 to continue business relationship 继续业务关系 to present business relationship 保持业务关系 to improve business relationship 改善业务关系 to promote business relationship 促进业务关系 to speed up business relationship 加快业务关系的发展

to enlarge (widen) business relationship 扩大业务关系 to restore (resume) business relationship 恢复业务关系 to interrupt business relationship 中断业务关系 to cement business relationship 巩固业务关系 When could you introduce me to your sister company? 什么时候把贵公司的兄弟公司介绍给我们? Would you please introduce us to some of the most reliable exporters of Chinese handicrafts? 请向我们推荐一些最可靠的中国手工艺品出口商,可以吗? If you are interested in dealing, with us in other products of our company, please inform us of your requirements as well as your banker's name and address. 如果你们有意经营我公司其他产品,请告知你方要求及往来银行的名称和地址。 Because of the rapid development of our business in Asia, we think it's necessary to open a branch at the following address. 鉴于我们在亚洲地区业务的迅速发展,有必要在下列地点设立分公司。 We've often expressed our interest in investing in China. 我们一直对在中国投资很感兴趣。 Our abundant resources and stable policy provide foreigners with the advantages they invest here. 我们丰富的资源和稳定的政策为外商投资提供了有利条件。

Thank you for your manner of business cooperation. 我们对你们的合作态度非常满意。 We have been working on expanding our scope of cooperation with China. 我们一直努力设法扩大与中国的合作范围。 We believe in long-term cooperation with China because we view the future as bright. 我们相信与中国长期合作的前途是光明的。

Words and Phrases trade prospects/outlook 贸易前景 trade cooperation 贸易合作 technological cooperation 技术合作 business cooperation 业务合作 cooperative relationship 合作关系 the scope of cooperation 合作范围 Additional Words and Phrases trade fair 贸易展销会 trade show 贸易展览 trade agreement 贸易协议

to establish arrangement 达成协议 to reach an agreement 达成协议 trade terms/clause 贸易条款 trade balance 贸易平衡 to conclude a business transaction 达成贸易交易 to work with 与...共事 business activities 经济活动 business house 商行;商号 trading department/mechanics 贸易机构 trade association 贸易协会 the foreign trade department 对外贸易部门 C.C.P.I.T.( China Council for the Promotion of International Trade) 中国国际贸易促进会 Commercial Counselor's Office 中国使馆的商务处 Chamber of Commerce 商会 trading partnership 经营合伙人 foreign trade personnel 外贸工作者 trading center 贸易中心

trading market 贸易市场 tradesman/trade peoples 商人,零售商



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