Abrasion 磨损 Angle on insole 中底发角 back height 后跟高度 Back strap too high(low,long,short)后拉带太高 bottom dirty 大底不洁 Broken thread 断线 Cement on heel 鞋眼沾胶 Cementing comes off 脱胶 Cementing no good 接着力不佳 chip 碎屑 Cleanness not enough 清洁度不佳 Color not matching 色差 Color variation 色差 Crooked back stay 后套歪斜 Crooked upper 鞋面弯曲 Crooked 屈曲,不平顺 Damaged upper 鞋面破损 dirty 脏的 Flatten 变平 gaping 缝隙 get mildew 发霉

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Gore too weak 松紧带弹性不佳 hairy 起毛 Heel not straight 后套不正 Lasting off center 攀歪 Loose thread 脱线 Not in pair 不配双 Outsole not smooth 大底不平 over cemented 溢胶 Pinch in 缩进去 Rough 粗糙 Shank not straight 铁心不正 Shank too loose 铁心太松 smeary 污染 sole adhesion 大底欠胶 Sole come off 底脱胶 Sole laying not proper(centered)贴底不正确 Stitching not even 车不平均 Stitching not on the mark 不照记号齿车 Toe broken down 鞋头凹陷 Tricot shows up 特丽可得露出来

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Turn yellow 变黄 Turn dark 变黑 Vamp length 鞋头大小 Vamp open up 鞋面掀开 Vamp split off 鞋面爆开 Vamp wrinking 鞋面皱纹 Wrapping not even 攀帮不均匀 Wrapping not tight 攀帮不紧 Wrong colour 颜色错误 Wrong cutting 裁断错误 Wrong last 楦头错误 PPER DEFECT CATEGORY - U COUNTER DEFECTS - CO 後套瑕疵 1. Counter sheet not lasted under insole.港寶片未拉到中底上 2. Wrinkled counter caused either by poor lasting or by wrinkled chemical sheet. 拉幫不良或港寶片皺造成起皺。 3. Soft chemical sheet due to wrong material or wrong primer. 港寶片品質不良或處理不良導致港寶片發軟。 4. Crooked chemical sheet.港寶片位置歪斜 5. Low positioned chemical sheet.港寶片位置太低 6. Blisters on counter.後套有氣泡 7. Back height not uniform within pair by 2.0-mm or more.後套高度不一致達 2mm 或更多 8.Other counter defects.其它後套瑕疵

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