七年级英语下册 第十五周周练(无答案) 人教新目标版

福建省宁化城东中学七年级英语下册 第十五周练 人教新目标版
班级 一、英汉互译(60 分) (A)单词。(48 分) 1、节日 5、运气 9、.满的 13、打开 17、蜂蜜 21、款待 25.dragon 29.riddle 33.eve 37.event 41.labor 44.Halloween 47.National Day (B)词组(12 分) 1.In China, 2、饺子 6、果馅饼 10、月亮 14、特别的 18、幸运的 22、竞赛 26.turkey 30.pumpkin 34.church 38.midnight 42.Lantern Festival 45.International Labor Day 48.Easter ( 春节) is a big event. (压岁钱) from their parents. 3、圣诞 节 7、相信 11、重要的 15、问候 19、敲 23、.国家的 27.lantern 31.Christ 35.stocking 39.scary 4、甜的 8、月饼 12、壁炉 16、葡萄 20、喊 24、旗 28.lunar 32.decorate 36.merry 40.ghost 43.Thanksgiving 46.Dragon Boat Festival 姓名 座号

2.Children are very happy to g et 3.Children 4.People usually

(挂起) stockings by the fireplaces. (熬夜) and enjoy dumplings at midnight for good luck. (为?做准备) it.

5.Before Christmas Day, people are busy 6.We

(敲) our neighbors’ doors and shouted .

二、单项选择(10 分) ( )1. —Merry Christmas! —_____ A. Thank you. B. The same to you. C. Me, too. ( )2. Children often go to the movies _____ the afternoon of June 1st. A. in B. at C. on ( )3. The students decorate the classroom _____ colorful lights and stars. It looks beautiful. A. by B. with C. for ( )4. —Listen! Who_____ the door? Please go and see, Jane. —OK, Mom. A. knocks on B. knock on C. is knocking on ( )5. When National Day comes, we have a _____ holiday.

( (

( (

A. seven-day B. seven-days C. seven days )6. —Please don’t _____ the old picture on the wall. —Oh, I’m sorry. A. put on B. put up C. putting up )7. Many students show their love for teachers _____ giving cards and flowers on Teachers’ Day. A. to B. by C. with )8. The little girl drew a tree and _____ it _____. The tree was nice. A. colored; wi th green B. colors; green C.colored; green )9. Kangkang usually _____ his homework at 7:00 p. m. , but yesterday he started _____ it at 8:00 p. m. A. do; doing B. does; do C. does; doing )10.—I plan to go to New Zealand for my holiday. —_____ A. Good idea! B. Have a good trip! C. You, too.


三、完型填空(10 分) Do you think of your parents? “Yes, of c ourse. ” you may answer, “I buy a present for my mother on 1 . And I give my father a present on Father’s Day, too. ” Then what about the other days of a year? Always 2 to think of your parents, not just on some 3 days. I have a friend. She 4 alone, because her parents live in a different city. One day I went to see her. We had a nice talk. Then she wanted to make a telephone call. She dialed (拨) the number, but then she put the phone 5 . After about ten seconds, she dialed the number again. “Hi, Mom ?” Later, I asked, “Why did you dial the number 6 ?” She said, “My parents are old. They can’t get 7 the telephone quickly(快速地). I always do so when I call them. I just want to give them 8 time to answer the call. ” My friend is just such( 这样 ) a good girl. She is always 9 her par ents, so why not 10 her? You’ll also be a good son or daughter. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1. A. Father’s Day )2. A. forget )3. A. special )4. A. live )5. A. up )6. A. once )7. A. far from )8. A. few B. stop B. difficult B. lives B. away B. twice B. behind B. a little B. Mother’s Day C. Teachers’ Day C. remember C. boring C. lived C. down C. three times C. close to C. a lot B. putting away C. listening to C. miss

)9. A. thinking about )10. A. ask B. learn from

四、阅读理解(10 分) (A) Dear Kangkang, How is everything? The weather in Cuba is nice and fine. The sun shines and it is hot. It’s the best time to swim. I go swimming a lot. I’m learning to surf (冲浪), too. It sounds great! Right? Tell me something interesting about you. Hope you’re having a good time! Yours, Maria Dear Maria, How are you? Everything goes well. It’s snowing in Harbin. We are making snowmen. I am so glad I can ski(滑雪)now. It’s very interesting. I’m having a good time here! I’m looking forward to your e-mail. Give my best wishes to your family. Yours, Kangkang 根据上面电子邮件的内容,选择正确答案。 ( ( )1. What’s the weather like in Cuba? A. Nice and fine. )2. What is Maria doing? A. She is learning to swim. learning to surf. ( ( )3. Who can ski now? A. Maria. B. Kangkang. C. Both A and B. B. It’s boring. C. )4. What does Kangkang think of Harbin? A. It’s very interesting. It’s just so -so. ( )5. Which of the following is NOT true? A. Maria is in Cuba. Harbin. (B) People live around the world. They like to have celebrations (节日). In China, people celebrate Spring Festival. It is in January or February. They wear red clothes because red is the color for good luck. Chinese children also get money from their parents or grandparents for the Spring Festival. In Gambia (冈比亚),people celebrate Independence

B. Sunny and hot..

C. A and B. B. She is swimming C. She is

B. Maria doesn’t like swimming. C. It is snowy in

Day ( 独 立 日 ). It is in February. They wear bright clothes and play music at the celebration. In E ngland, people celebrate May Day. It is in May. They wear beautiful clothes to celebrate the coming spring. The children like to dance on this day. In America, people celebrate Thanksgiving Day. It is in November. They have a very big dinner with their families or friends. They eat turkey and a lot of other delicious foods. They have a long talk after the dinner. 根据短文内容,完成下面的表格。 Countries China Gambia England 5. 1、 Celebrations Spring Festival Independence Day 4. Thanksgiving Day 2、 3、 1. January or February 3. May November 4、 Clothes 2. Bright clothes Beautiful clothes / 5、

五、写作(10 分) 假设你是李华,刚收到 Julia 的来信。请你根据提示回信告诉她昨天你过春节的一些情况。 开头已给出,词数在 60 个左右。 提示:早上你和家人一起去超市购物;下午在家大扫除;晚上一家人包饺子、吃团圆饭、守 夜;一起等待新年的到来。 go shopping do some cleaning make dumplings together for a big dinner stay up wait for (等待) Dear Julia, I’m very glad to get your letter. I had a good time yesterday. ___________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Yours, Li Hua


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