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The policy and Application of Ground Source Heat Pump in China
China Academy of Building Research XU Wei

■ Brief introduction ■ Relative Policy and Standards ■ The application ■ The features

Brief introduction
(1)Development History
? ? ? In 1980s,some research institution started doing research on GSHP In 1990s ,Some Scholars/engineers went to America, Sweden, Germany, Canada, etc. to study the technology of GSHP In 1996,the first generation of FUERDA geothermal central air conditioning unit was installed in 2 residential buildings with the floor area of 50,000 m2,in Liaoyang, LiaoNing province In 1997, China-US started technology cooperation in energy efficiency, GSHP was one of the most important field, 3 demonstrations From the beginning of the 21st century, China started to show this technology with large pilot projects, especially in Beijing、 Shandong.



Brief introduction
(1)Development history
? In 2001, Beijing Ever Source Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. , invented “Single-Well Recharge Technology ” UWHP system ? In 2005, the GSHP technology industry was considered as one of the 10 new advanced technologies by Ministry of Construction ? On November 30, 2005, the Ministry of Construction issued the Code 《Technical Code for Ground Source Heat Pump System》(GB50366-2005) ? In 2006, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Construction set special financial subsides for the GSHP pilot projects over the nationwide ? In 2007, MOC started GSHP demo city.

Brief introduction
(2) Market penetration ?《The investigation of ground source heat pump in China》 shows that from the perspective of areas in current projects, the projects with the floor area above 50,000 ㎡ account for about 16%,the projects with the floor area between 10,000㎡ and 50,000㎡ account for 42%,while those below 10,000㎡ account for 42%. the future growing of GSHP potential is promising.

Brief introduction
(2) Market penetration

The application area of underground water HP accounts for 45% in the total market; Ground-coupled HP accounts about 35%; Surface water HP accounts about:20%。

Brief introduction (3)the technical area and application
? Underground water HP system
-Started from 1995, Study and import the products from Europe and the United States, Strengthen the international collaboration,Develop demonstration projects -with the most widely application - the biggest single project floor area reached 186,000 ㎡ -According to an investigation done by CABR,the application of Underground water GSHP system focused on Beijing, Liaoning Province, Hebei Province and Shandong Province

Brief introduction
(3)the technical area and application in building of GSHP
? Ground-coupled HP
- It grows fast and the biggest single project floor area reached 160,000㎡ -An investigation showed that the application of GSHP focused on Beijing, Hubei and Jiangsu Province


Surface water HP

-it is used in the region where is abound in water or other advantage conditions -It has the largest city level demonstration project,


Industry waste water HP

- for the district heating of northern part of China - with large scale

■ Brief introduction ■ Relative Policy and Standards ■ The application ■ The features

Relative Policys and Standards
State Law
? 《People’s Republic of China Renewable Energy Law》 1,Jan.,2006: Renewable energy: wind energy、solar energy、water energy、biomass energy、 geothermal energy、Ocean energy, etc. ? 《 Building Energy Saving Management Regulations 》:The state encourage the application of solar energy and geothermal energy in the new buildings and the retrofit buildings In 2004, National Development and Reform Commission issued the first documentation 《 National Energy efficiency, mid-long term planning 》:push the application of renewable energy in building ,such as solar energy 、geothermal energy etc. In Aug. 2006, The State Council issued《 Strengthening the energy efficiency work 》 :Develop widely renewable energy such as wind energy、solar energy、biomass energy、geothermal energy、water energy, etc.



Relative Policy and Standards
State Law
? 《China National program to Climate Change》: Support the development and application of wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, ocean energy, etc. especially the geothermal and ocean energy. Spread the technology of space heating and hot water supplying with geothermal energy.

Relative Policy and Standards
? The Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the 《Opinions on Promoting Application of Renewable Energy in Buildings》, 《The Tentative Management method of Renewable Energy Development Special Fund 》and 《The Assessment method of the renewable energy demonstration projects 》. clearly support the promotion of the utilization of renewable energy in buildings . Provides special subsides to the pilot projects.

Relative Policy and Standards Policy
There are 8 key areas in 《Opinions on Promoting Application of Renewable Energy in Buildings》, four of which are GSHP -in the area where is rich in groundwater and surface water, using water source heat pump for heating and cooling. -Using sea water GSHP system for heating and cooling in the coastal areas -Using Ground-coupled GSHP technology for heating and cooling -Using sewage GSHP for heating and cooling

Relative Policy and Standards
Local Policy
? In May. 2006, Beijing Development and reform commission, etc. jointly published 《Guidance on the Development of Heat Pump in Beijing》. Encouraging the development of heat pump involved renewable water heat pump, GCHP, Underground water Source heat pump. In Oct. 2006, Shenyang City government issued 《Implementation work Guidance on boosting the construction and application of GSHP》,reach 18 million m2 GSHP in 2007


Relative Policy and Standards
Standards and codes
?《 Technical code for ground source heat pump system 》 GB50366-2005 ?《Water-source heat pump》GB/T19409-2003 ?《Design and Construction on the cool/heat source station of GSHP》(Atlas 06R115 ) -Apply to new construction, renovation and expansion
of the industrial and residential buildings

《Design Atlas on water-source heat pump》 -Engineering drawings have been applied and tested in
practice, relatively close to reality

Relative Policy and Standards
Technical/Engineer Books
■ 2001, 《GSHP Engineering Manual》 ■ 2004, 《Design of WLHP Air conditioning system》 ■ 2006, 《Design and Application of GSHPs》

■ Brief introduction ■ Relative Policy and Standards ■ The application ■ The features

The Application
Underground water HP-Beijing
Friendship hospital
AC. area:53,000㎡ Cooling load :4200 KW Heating load:3800 KW Well numbers: six,three for charge wells, two for recharge wells, the other for desanding well 150 cubic meter/hour /well. Depth:81m

Operation and Maintenance costs (heating):16.9 RMB/㎡ Operation and Maintenance costs (cooling):10.14 RMB/㎡ Completion:2003.9

The Application
?Underground water HP -Beijing Police Institute
Floor area:178,000㎡ Heating load:15MW Cooling load:16MW Well numbers: 8 for charging, eight for recharging, two for desanding wells. Depth:110 m Total water quantity: 1170 m3/hour The biggest underground water project in China

The Application
?Underground water HP -Beijing
Haidian foreign language school

“Single recharge well” AC area:65308 m2 Heating load:4717 kw Cooling load:4581 kw Operation and Maintenance costs (heating): :19.39 RMB /㎡

The Application ?Ground-coupled HP
-Beijing Jiuahua Villa Ground-coupled HP+ ice storage AC area:131,262㎡ Initial cost:38 million RMB Cooling load:131,26KW Heating load:10,500KW 700 double-U exchangers, 100 meter deep


The Application
Ground-coupled HP
-Beijing Yongyou software center Ground-coupled HP+ ice storage
First stage floor area:184,000 ㎡ AC. area:160,000 ㎡ Total heating load:13,391KW Total cooling load:15,784KW Domestic hot water heat consumption an hour:1,722KW Cost equivalent:270 RMB/㎡ 616 boreholes, 120m depth Diameter :150mm

The Application
Ground-coupled HP -Nanjing LangShiYuan
total floor area: 220,000 ㎡, 16 residential buildings are in use of GSHP for space heating and cooling,with cooling tower as auxiliary. There are two end forms : roof radiation system and replacement fresh air system, etc.

The B-1 district with 6 buildings was finished, the floor area is 68115.62㎡
Cooling load: 2333.71kW Heating load: 1827.83kW 1187 boreholes with the depth of 60m

Largest Ground-coupled GSHP

The Application
Surface water HP (sea water) -Qingdao Olympic surfing base
Media center

Media center floor area:8138m2 Heat load:492kW Cooling load:795kW Initial investment:495.2 RMB/m2

The Application
Surface water HP (sea water) -Shandong Weihai Star First viewing tower being built on the sea in the world The lower part with 14 floors has a floor space of 25000 ㎡, the upper part with 6 floors has a floor space of 4000㎡ Cooling load: 3050 KW Heating load: 2670 KW
Sea side water temperature in summer 24/29℃ , Sea side water temperature in winter: 2.3/0℃

The Application
Surface water HP
-Dalian Xinghai Convention and Exhibition Center

Total floor area:257,800m2 Total cooling load:24.48 MW Total heating load:19.56 MW Initial investment:351.6 RMB/m2 First stage project

Sea side water temperature in summer 23/33℃, Quantity: 3072 m3/h Sea side water temperature in winter 3/0.5℃, Quantity: 5130 m3/h

Swimming center

The Application
Sewage source heat pump-
Beijing Olympic village

AC area:393,000㎡ Initial investment :117 ,000,000 RMB
Sewage treatment capacity :

400,000 t/day Sewage temperature: Winter :16- 20℃ ; Summer: 20 -25℃ Pipe length: 3KM Cooling load: 32MW Heating load:37MW

The Application
? Surface water (Industry waste water) HP
-Daqing Ranghulu District

Total floor space:3.2 million ㎡
Pipe length :7KM Heating load : 192 MW, Hot water load : 28 MW。

■ Brief introduction ■ Relative Polices and Standards ■ The application ■ The features

The features

Five Zones: -Severe Cold -Cold -Hot Summer & Cold Winter -Temperate -Hot Summer & Warm Winter

The features
?Due to its huge area,China was divided into 5 climatic zones from north to south.In north areas, our main attention is heating, while in south , cooling. An absolutely large part of China is in need of both heating and cooling.
-The coexistence of various kinds of GSHP was caused by the multiple climate zones in China. Accordingly, we should make use of renewable energy in buildings based on different location and climatic zones.

The features
? Guide by the technology, promoted by the industry, lead by the government , choose by the market ? Study the experiences in advanced countries integrated with our own situation, innovate and promote this GSHP technology ? pilot projects----- demonstration with different types--- promotion ?With regard to underground water HP, the initial system investment is approximately 300-400 yuan/m2;as for ground- coupled HP system, The initial investment should be 350-450yuan/m2.
-The initial investment is a bit more compared with the conventional single heating or cooling system, while the difference is slight compared to chiller unit together with district heating with boiler or gas boiler. -The initial investment is relatively low compared to developed countries.

Promote the sustainable development, Build up the energy saving and environmental friendly society


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