What is art?
Can you list some forms of art?

painting dance opera

paper cut sculpture music


…… photography

architecture seal cutting 篆刻

Can you name some famous paintings and painters both home and abroad?

Famous painters of our country!

Xu Beihong

Qi Baishi齐白石

Let’s know some famous Western painters!

The Middle Age

Giotto di Bondone 乔托· 迪· 邦多纳

犹大之吻 The kiss of Judas

The renaissance

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)


Masaccio的作品: Madonna with Child and Angels



The impressionism 印象派


梵高《向日葵》a sunflower van gogh


Modern Art

毕加索 Picasso

A short history of western painting

Fast reading
1. What’s the main idea of the text?
The style of Western art has ____________ changed a lot _____________________ with time going by.

2. How many styles of Western painting are mentioned in the text? What are they? Four. They are:
The Middle Ages The Renaissance


Modern art

Time line
The Renaissance Impressionism The Middle Ages Modern Art
5th C AD 15th 16th 19th 20th

Do you want to know more about each period? Let’s have a time travel !

Careful reading

Middle Ages

Period 1 Time Characteristics of the paintings

5th-15th century ? ___________themes religious ? Full of religious symbols ________________
Giotto di Bondone


Giotto di Bondone 乔托· 迪· 邦多纳


The Renaissance
The Middle Ages
5th C AD 15th 16th 19th 20th

Mona Lisa

Period 2 : the Renaissance
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

Read Para 3 & 4 and find the key information. Period: the Renaissance Time: 15th to 16th century AD

Artist: Masaccio Feature:
◆_________ realistic themes ◆New technique: p________ erspective ◆New ___ oil paints

Impressionism The Renaissance
The Middle Ages
5th C AD 15th 16th 19th 20th

Time: Late 19th to early
20th century

paint outdoors, painted Feature: changes in light ; not detailed


Read Para 5 and answer the questions.
1.What changes led to the change in painting styles? In the late 19th century, Europe changed a great agricultural society to a mostly deal from a mostly __________ ________ one. industrial 2. Why did the painters have to paint quickly? Natural light changes so quickly. 3. Did people like this style of painting? Why? No. They said the painters were careless and

their paintings were ridiculous.

The Renaissance Impressionism The Middle Ages
5th C AD 15th 16th 19th 20th

Modern Art

Read the last paragraph carefully and then summarize the style of modern art.

Para 6

The Style of Modern Art
?On the one hand----___________ abstract

?Concentrate on ______________ certain qualities of
the object

?Use color, line and ______ shape
?On the other hand----__________ realistic photographs ?Look like ____________

Language Points
1. Art is influenced by the customs and faith of a people. faith n. 信任, 信仰 I kept faith with him. 我信守了对他的诺言。 He who loses faith, loses all. 失去信心的人, 失去所有。

faithful adj. 忠诚的, 可靠的 have faith in 相信, 信任 in good faith 老实地; 诚恳地 break one's faith with sb. 对某人不守信用 keep faith with 忠于信仰; 守信

2. As there are so many different styles of Western art that it would be impossible to describe all of them in a short text. so…that…如此…以至于…可引导结果状语从句

so many/few +pl +that

so much/little +[u]+that

[考例] _____ B that Maric was able to set up new branches elsewhere. (07陕西) A. So successful her business was B. So successful was her business C. So her business was successful D. So was her successful business

3. consequently adv. 所以, 因此 It rained that day and ___ D the baseball game
was called off. A. however B. still C. so D. consequently adj. consequent 随后的, 相应的

n. consequence 后果

他睡过头了, 结果迟到了。 consequently he was late. He overslept, _____________ It rained heavily that day and __________ consequently the baseball game was called off. 句型转换: As a result of her mother’s illness, she left school. Her mother became ill; ____________ consequently she left school.

consequent adj. 作为结果的; 随之发生的 the earthquake and the consequent confusion 地震及由此而引起的混乱 His long illness and consequent absence put him far behind in his work. 他因病缺席很久, 耽误了很多工作。 be consequent on 因...而引起的; 随...而发生的; 是...的后果

4. During the Middle Age, the main aim of painters was to represent religious themes. aim v. (常与at连用) 瞄准, 对准; 努力, 力争 He aimed to swim a mile. 他的目标是游一英里。 n. 目标,目的 (purpose) What is your aim in life? 你生活的目的是什么? adj. aimless 无目的, 无目标的

这些措施旨在削减政府的开支。 These measures ______ aim at reducing government expenditure. 他在生活中没有目标。

He has no ______ aim in life.

5. A conventional artist of this period was not interested in showing nature… conventional adj. 常规的, 传统的; 因循 守旧的 conventional weapons 常规武器 a conventional design 传统图案 conventional opinions 旧观念 The chairman made a few conventional remarks. 主席说了几句客套话。

6. A typical picture at this time was full of religious symbols,…
typical adj. 典型的; 具有代表性的; 象征性的 a typical character 典型人物 typical example 典型事例 He is a typical pupil; he is like most of the other pupils. 他是一个有代表性的学生, 他和大多数 其他学生一样。

7. But it was evident that ideas were changing in the 13th century...
evident adj. 明白的, 明显的 evidence n. 证据; 证明 The applause made it evident the play was a hit. 掌声显然表明该剧是成功的。 It's evident that you are tired. 显然你累了。

8. People began to concentrate less on religious themes and adopt a more humanistic attitude to life. 1) concentrate on(upon) 集中在; 专心于 concentrate one's attention on/upon 把注意力集中在
I concentrate on the lecture. 我专心听讲。

2) adopt v. 采用, 收养, 接受 adopt an idea / a new technique. 采纳意见; 采用新技术 We should adopt the consumers' suggestion. adopt a child 收为养子 Having no children of their own, they adopted an orphan. 他们没有亲生儿女, 就收养了一个孤儿。

9. They paid famous artists to paint… their houses and other possessions… possession n. 拥有, 占有, 领土, 领地, 财产(常用复数) possess v. 拥有 possessor n. 拥有者 He possesses two cars. 他有两辆汽车。 She possesses some interesting pictures. 她有一些有趣的画儿。
have/take possession of be in possession of sth


10. When people first saw his paintings
they were convinced that they were

looking through a hole in the wall at a
real scene. 当人们第一次看到他的画时, 还以为是透 过墙上的小洞来观察真实的场景, 并对此 深信不疑。

[点拨] 该句是一个复合句, when引导一个 时间状语从句, 主句为they were convinced, 且包含一个省略了that的宾语从句。 looking后面接了两个介词短语 through a hole和at a real scene, in the wall 作 a hole的后置定语, 汉语意为“通过墙上 的小洞来观察真实的场景”。

convince vt. 使确信; 使信服 be convinced that / of 相信 adj. convincing 有说服力的 that he knew the truth. I was convinced ______ of his mistake. I couldn’t convince him ___
The doctor convinced me ___ to stop smoking.

The more he said, the less ___________ convincing he was.

convince sb. to do sth. 说服某人做某事 convince sb. of sth. 使某人相信某事 [考例] Scientists are convinced _____ C the possible effect of laughter _____ physical and mental health. (江西 2007) A. of; at B. by; in C. of; on D. on; at [点拨] 根据搭配be convinced of ...和 effect on ...可知选C。

11. By coincidence, oil paints were also developed at this time… by coincidence 碰巧, 由于巧合 what a coincidence!多么凑巧的事情啊! What a coincidence to meet you here. 真巧在这儿碰到你。 Just by coincidence, I met my old schoolmate again fifty years later. 碰巧, 50年后我遇到一位老校友。

12. In the late 19th, Europe changed a great deal, … a great deal, a good deal 用作n./adv. 大量的; ….得多 (跟在比较级后) He ate a great deal for supper yesterday. (n.) She is a great deal better today. She has a great deal of experience.

昨天晚上他吃了很多。 He ate a great deal for supper yesterday. ___________________________________ 他跑得比我快得多。 He ran a great deal faster than me. _______________________________ a great/good deal of为形容词, 只接不可 数名词 那个项目花费了大量金钱。 A great deal of money was spent on the _______________________________ project.

修饰可数名 词

many, a few, a good/great many, a large/ big great/ / small number of Many a +单数名词 More than one +单数名词 much a good/great deal of a large amount of (谓语动词用单数) large amounts of (谓语动词用复数) a lot of/lots of plenty of a large quantity of (谓语动词用单数 ) large quantities of (谓语动词用复数)

修饰不可数 名词

修饰可数和 不可数名词

13. Among the painters who broke away from the traditional style of painting… break away from… 逃走, 逃脱; 革除 (习惯等) You must break away from such bad habits. 你必须革除这样的坏习惯。 Break away from the enemy jail. 从敌人的监狱逃路。

14. shadow n. 影子 shade n. 任何遮住阳光的地方

As the sun set, the shadow became longer. Under the floodlight, each player in the football match has four shadows. Let’s find some shade and take a rest.

15. On the one hand, some modern art is abstract; that is, the painter does not attempt to paint objects as we see them with our eyes, but instead concentrates on certain qualities of the object, using colour, line and shape to represent them. [翻译] 有些现代艺术是抽象的, 也就是说, 画 家并不打算把我们眼睛看到的东西如实地画 出来, 而是集中展现物体的某些品质特性, 用 色彩、线条和形状把它们呈现出来。

1) on the other hand “另一方面”, 引出 不同的(尤指对立的)观点

[考例] I would like a job which pays more,
but _____ B I enjoy the work I’m doing at

the moment. (浙江2006)
A. in other words B. on the other hand

C. for one thing

D. as a matter of fact

in other words 换句话说 for one thing 一则, 常与 for another thing连用

as a matter of fact 事实上

2) 本句中的that is可以作that is to say, 意为“换句话说”, 相当于in other words, 用于更清楚地解释刚刚说过的话。解释 部分是一个由but连接的并列句: 前一个 分句包含一个as引导的方式状语从句; 后一个分句中的using colour, line and shape为动词-ing形式短语作状语。

3) abstract adj. 抽象的; 深奥的 n. 摘要 an abstract concept 抽象概念 abstract philosophical problems 深奥的哲学问题 Her ideas seem a little abstract. 她的思想有点儿让人费解。 Astronomy is an abstract subject. 天文学是一门深奥的学科。 to make an abstract of a speech 将演说作一摘要

in the abstract 就一般而言, 理论上来讲 abstract sth from sth 从某物中提炼出某物 我们将从理论上来考虑这个问题。 We will consider this problem in the abstract ______________. 将一本书做成一个摘要。 Make __________ an abstract of a book. 橡胶是从树木提取的。 rubber is _________ abstracted from trees.

4) attempt n/v 尝试、企图 The second question was so difficult that I didn’t even attempt it. I attempted to speak but was told to keep quiet. She made an attempt to lock the door. attempt to do/doing = try to do/doing

at the first/second attempt 第一/二次尝试

他试图行走直到摔倒。 attempted walking until he fell over. He ________________________________ 他参加过考试, 可是失败了。 He ________________________ attempted the examination but failed.
Shelly had prepared carefully for her biology examination so that she could be sure of passing it at her first _________. B A. intention B. attempt C. purpose D. desire

根据提示将下列句子翻译成英语。 1. 我试图使他相信那个人不是个好人, 可他 不在乎。(convince) I tried to convince him that the man wasn’t a good person, but he did not care. 2. 在过去几个月里, 我们的医疗队取得了很 大成功。(a great deal) Our medical team has achieved a great deal in the last few months. 3. 他在这家公司工作已有几十年了(scores of) He has been working in the company for scores of years.

4. 那个男孩想熬夜看世界杯但被他的 父母阻止了。(attempt)
The boy attempted to stay up for the World Cup but was stopped by his parents.

5. 要是她会唱歌, 我就邀请她参加晚会了。 (if)
If she could sing, I would invite her to the party.

6. 如果我是你, 我会在房子周围种些树。 (if)
If I were you, I would plant some trees round the house. I wish I had more time.

7. 但愿我有更多的时间。(wish) 8. 我父亲很希望自己上过大学。(wish)
My father wishes that he had gone to university.

Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is a speaking picture.
画是无言的诗, 诗是有声的画。

Enjoy the paintings; enjoy your life!

1. Read the passage carefully. 2. Try to retell the history of western painting. 3. Choose one of paintings in the

passage and write a short
description of it.


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