Unit11-12 1. suggestion n. 2. perform vt. 3. traditional adj.
建议 表演;执行 传统的

4. variety n.
5. satisfy vt.

使满足 智力;智能 喜剧

6. intelligence n.
7. comedy n.

8. exhibition n.
9. treat v.

展览会 对待;治疗;款待

10. announcement n.
11. musical adj.

音乐的 包含 传播;伸展

12. contain vt.
13. spread vt.

14. record vt.&vi.&n. 录音;记录;纪录;唱片

15. express vt.


16. literature n.
17. local adj.

当地的;乡土的 系列;连续 耳语

18. series n.
19. whisper n.

20. Asia (n.)--- (adj) Asian

21. suggestion (n.)---(vt.) suggest
22. satisfy (vt.)---(adj.) satisfactory/satisfying/ satisfied

23. record (n.&v.)---(n.) recorder
24. wonder (n.)---(adj.) wonderful

25. goodness (n.)---(adj) good ---(n.) goods
26. Europe (n.)---(adj.) European 27. musical (adj.)---(n.) music ---(n.)musician

28. variety (n.)---(adj.) various
29. unhappy (adj.)---(adj.) happy

30. villager (n.)---(n.) village

1. 音乐形式 3. 专心听… 4. 满足内心的欲望

musical styles open one’s ears to … satisfy one’s inner desire

2. 闻名于世 be known throughout the world

5. 表达真实的感情 express true feelings 6. 忘记某事 7. 感到舒心

forget about sth.

feel easy

a boy with a scar on his 8. 前额有疤的男孩 forehead 9. 了解,知道 learn about

10. 处理,应付

11. 有共同的目标
12. 和…作比较

do about share the same goals compared to/with…

13. 心里有…, 胸中有… have…in mind 14. 随着歌曲跳舞 dance to a song 15. 随着节奏

along with the beat pick sb. up

Spanish-speaking countries 16. 说西班牙语的国家
17. 接某人 18. 使音乐成为他们的职业 make music their


19. 偶然遇见

20. 与斗争,战斗
21. 信任,信仰,主张 22. 过上好的生活 23. 一个接一个

come across fight against believe in live/lead a good life

one after another open up

24. 去徒步旅行 go hiking 25. 完全打开

1. Hip-hop and rap have much in common

with blues…

The two have nothing in common. That very commonly happens. commonly = often = That happens very often. They have_____ B with each other except that they look alike. A.a lot in common B. little in common C. Nothing to do D. no common

2. The blues is a way for people to show who they are and what… a way(from…to…) 路,通道;路线,路途

eg. a way across the fields
the right /wrong /best way to do / of doing…

English / Chinese ways of living / life

I don’t like the way in which / (that) he speaks to others. go one’s way(s)

go out of one’s way(to do…)

特意(花心血,时间等)做… lead the way 带头,带路,示范

make one’s way (to / towards)向…走去

by way of 由,经过
out of the way (=uncommon) 不寻常

by the way; on the / one’s way; 在路上

in the way 挡道,妨碍 make way for 为…让道
put sb. in the way of sth. 给某人获得…的机会

put sb. out of the way 暗杀,除去,拘禁 ---How about___over to join us?

B ---OK. I’m on my ___.
A. coming; road C. to come; road B. coming; way D. to come; way

3. The magic, many strange creatures and the adventure Harry comes across… The thought came across my mind.

=It occurred to me that… come about 发生
come along

1.偶然发现或遇见… 2.出现于…中

再努力一点,赶快 塌陷,崩溃,(物价,气温)下降, come down (雨,雪等)落下 come back 回来,再度流行

come from 出身于,来自,源自
come in

come off 发生,成功, 进展,脱落,掉下
come on 来吧,进步,雨/季/夜/病到来

come out 显现,消息传出,真相大白,出版
come over 从远处来,改变立场/意见 come round 非正式访问,改变观念,再来

come through


come to


come up 草木长出地面,发生,(to)达到, (with)赶上
come upon 突袭,偶然发现/遇见 Last week I was on business in Beijing and__ my old roommate, who said Li Jian, a friend of us, __ C a car accident the month before.
A.came across; had come up B.ran into; met with

C.came across;had met with D.met with;came across

4…the exciting musical style from…
作风,方式,风格; 款式; 风度,品格 live in the western style 过西式生活

Do you have a chair in this style?
流行地,优雅地,豪华地 in style

They are living in style. out of style 过时

A Even girls love Long hair is of course___. wearing short hair.
A.out of style B.out of modern

C.behind the time

D.in the latest style

6. …so the next time you look for a tape …
相当于一个连词词组,“(当)下次…的时候”,引导 时间状从.Next time you come in, please close the door. the moment/the minute/the instant 一…就

every time 每次…

就… (the) last time 上次…时

each time 每当…时

any time 无论何时

the second time 在第二

B saw him. I recognized him__I

A.moment B.the minute C.while D.any time

5. Jk Rowling has written a series of books…
一系列,一连串 a television series 电视连续剧

a series of articles about pollution

a series of car accidents


He suffered a series of mishaps.

Two___ A of textbooks, will have been tried. A.series B.serie C.copy D.set

7. … what to do about his life.

I must do something about these broken windows. I don’t know ______ what to do about him.
I don’t know ______ how to deal with him. 8. There is no choice in this matter.

make a choice 作出选择
have no choice but to do sth. 别无选择只能…

9. …the power of love.
brain power 智力 the power of hearing 听力

beyond(out of) one’s power 力所不及
within one’s power 力所能及 come into power/take power 上台掌权

in power 当权

in one’s power 在控制之下

10. …when he is in trouble.

What’s the trouble? 怎么啦?
Thank you for your trouble. 谢谢你费神。 have trouble in doing… 做某事遇到困难

have no trouble in doing… 毫不费力
使某人陷入困境 put sb. to the trouble of doing…

ask/look for trouble 自找麻烦,自讨苦吃 take great trouble to do 不辞辛苦做某事

get into trouble


He is a great trouble to his parents. Don’t trouble to see me off at the station.

Don’t trouble about that. 别为那事担心。

D find Thank you for the trouble you have___to me the book.
A.made B.had C.put D.taken

11. … other style to create music…

create, invent, discover
It is labour that _______ creates the world. create产生以前没有的东西,多指精神上

Columbus _________ discovered America in 1492.
discover找到一直存在却未被人认识的东西 Paper was ________ invented in China. invent产生以前没有的东西,多指物质上

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高考英语复习高一unit11-12课件 - Unit11-12 1. sugge


高考英语复习高一unit11-12课件 - Unit11-12 1. sugge


高考英语复习高一unit11-12课件 - Unit11-12 1. sugge


高考英语复习高一unit11-12课件 - Unit11-12 1. sugge


高考英语复习高一unit11-12课件 - Unit11-12 1. sugge


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高三英语复习高一unit11-12 - Units 11-12 Words: 1


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