高中英语 Module4《Sandstorms in Asia》Reading课件1 外研版必修3_图文

Module 4《Sandstorms in Asia》




Sandstorms in Asia

1) pre-reading discussion Have you ever been in a sandstorm? If yes, describe it to us. If not, please imagine what it will be like.

2)Fast reading (scanning)
Please read the text quickly and try to find out the answers to the following questions:

① What’s a sandstorm?

② What’s the weather expert’s advice when a sandstorm comes?

3) Careful reading This time you should read the text carefully. Then finish the following exercises.

Activity 1 read the text fast to get the general idea of the following parts


Sandstorms have been a major disaster for many Asian countries for centuries. The sandstorms often happen in : Central Asia , North America ,central Africa and Australia ( China: northwest China) Forecast a sandstorm before it arrives. The government is planting more trees.

Paragraph2 .3 .4:

Paragraph 5 . 6 :
possible solution

Activity 2 True or False . ①Scientists have tried many ways to deal with sandstorms.

②Land becomes desert only because F people cut down trees and dig up grass.
③The Chinese Central West Station can not forecast sandstorms before it comes

Activity 3 Directions: choose the correct answers ①Sand dunes (in Paragraph 2) means_________. (a) plants growing in sand (b) sand hills ②desertification (in Paragraph 3) means ___________. (a)making land become desert (b) throwing something away

③If you want to wear a mask (in paragraph 5) ,you should wear it over your _________. (a)face (b) body

Activity 4 process frightening survive Northwest climate Disaster Sandstorms have been a major ______for many Asian countries for centuries. _______ _China is part of the sandstorm centre in Central Asia. Sandstorms begin in desert areas. This is a____that happens when land become desert because of _______changes because people cut down trees and dig grass. It was ________to be outside in a sandstorm . It was in a very big sandstorm years ago. Luckily, people______.

4)post-reading activity
(1)Organize a dialogue about sandstorms. (one student to be an interviewer and the other one to be a citizen). The topic is“What can we do to prevent sandstorms?”

Make a dialogue between each other.

My suggestion:

We also can put all of our opinion s into a letter to appeal to people to protect our environment and prevent it from becoming worse.

(2) 3 proverbs for you to think about what you have learnt in class 1. It is never too late to mend. 亡羊补牢,为时不晚。 2. It is no use crying over spilt milk. 覆水难收。 3. Kill the goose that laid the golden egg. 杀鸡取卵。

3. Homework
① think about more information on sandstorm ( the cause of it, the possible damage it may bring us, and possible solutions to preventing it from worsening .) ② Write an article about: Sandstorm is eating our land, let’s stop it !

Thank you for listening

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