高中英语 Module4《Sandstorms in Asia》课件3 外研版必修3_图文

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Natural Disasters


volcanic eruption

Module 4 Sandstorms in Asia

Central Asia

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Inner C Mongolia Gansu

Fast reading:
1. What are sandstorms? 2. What are the places where sandstorms often occur in the world? 3. What is desertification?

4. Why do people wear masks in a sandstorm?
5. What is the Beijing government doing to prevent the desert from coming nearer?

Further reading:
1. Sandstorms are strong winds carrying ____ through the air. A. dirt and mud B. rain and heat C. sand and dust D. cloud and snow 2.What do the experts advise people to do when a sandstorm arrives in the city? A. Don’t go out B. Don’t wear masks. C. Don’t go to work as usual. D. Don’t ride bicycles 3.The factors that cause land to be desert are ____. A. cutting down trees B. digging up grass C. climate changes D. all of the above 4. From the last paragraph, we know ____. A. the government is taking measures to prevent sandstorms. B. the distance between the desert and the center of Beijing is only 250 kilometers. C. more than 30 million trees have been planted in Beijing . D. the government won’t plant trees any more in the next five years

Complete these sentences:
orcast(ed) another big 1. Weather experts have f_________ sandstorm in a week’s time.

rightening to be outside in a sandstorm. 2. It’s f__________
3. I was in a very big sandstorm some years ago. Luckily, everyone s_______. urvived 4. There’s a lot of d____ ust on the floor. We need to sweep it away. rocess that takes many 5. Desertification is a long p______ years.

6. Many Beijing c______ itizens cycle to work.

frightening, orange sky, strong wind, thick dust, slowly

Question: How do sandstorms affect people’s life ? dirty, breathe, mask, cycling, traffic, etc.

What measures should we take to prevent sandstorms coming?

1. Find more information about sandstorms on the internet or other books and write a short passage about sandstorms. 2. Design a poster that encourages people to protect the environment.