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一 语篇复习 1. Reading Two life-saving medicine W: I’d like to know about the two medicines —aspirin and penicillin. Could you please tell me something about them? M: I’ll be glad to. If you open up any medicine cupboard in the world, there is a high (1)p___________ that you will find aspirin and penicillin. Both of them have saved many people’s lives since they were invented. W: When was aspirin invented? M:I don’t know for sure, either. 3,500 years ago, some recipes (2)r_________ drinking a tea made from the dried leaves of a particular plant to reduce body pains. In 1897, a European chemist produced ASA from some chemicals to make a medicine for his father. The first (3)t________ of this medicine took place in 1899 when the powder form began to be used with(4)p________. In 1900, it was sold in shops in the (5)f_________ of tablets. W: Besides reducing fever and pain, what other functions does it have? M: It can also help reduce the risk of heart attacks and diabetes and so on. W: What about penicillin? M: Penicillin was (6)d_______ by a Scottish scientist in 1928.He thought it might help in treating wounds and illness (7)c_____ by bacteria. But it was not until World War II that two other scientists managed to use new chemical techniques to (8)p________ it and then produced it in large (9)q________. Thanks to it, many lives were saved during World War II. Three scientists (10)s ________ the Nobel Prize in medicine. W: I’ve learned a lot today. Thank you. M: It’s a pleasure. 2. Project Exploring Chinese Medicine Introduction · Acupuncture is one of the most famous Chinese medical treatments. · Acupuncture was probably(1)_______ as early as 2000BC. · Acupuncture can be used to treat some (2)________ problems and smokers, alcoholics and people who have drug addiction. · Acupuncture was (3)________ to many other Asians countries as early as the 6th century and the West in the 17th century. The development of · Bian stones were first used. magic needles · Stone needles took the (4)________ of bian stones later. · Eventually metal needles began to appear, which included nine different kinds of needles, each with a different(5)__________ · Metal needles were (6)________ made of gold and silver, and then of stainless steel . · Fine and sharp needles are still being used by acupuncturists. The (7)__________ · Some acupuncturists insert needles at or near the affected body part, acupuncturists work while others select points according to patients’ symptoms. · Acupuncturists will ask patients some questions, look at their colour of skin and tongue, and listen to their breathing. · Acupuncturists can also find patients’ health problems by checking the twelve pulses. Theories on how · Acupuncture is said to prevent the brain from ______ pain signals. acupuncture reduces · Acupuncturists leads to the (9)________ of chemicals in the body that

pain The present development of acupuncture

can reliever pain. · Doubts about acupuncture’s safety have faded away. · Acupuncture enjoys great (10)_________in the world nowadays.

二 重点词汇复习 1. possess 1)有= own ; 2) 拥有/具有(某种特质、能力) possess (good health) = be possessed of (good health) possess / own rich natural resources (a car) 有丰富的自然资源(车) possess the skills needed for the job 拥有做这个工作的技能 drink a kind of tea _____ from leaves ________ a special chemical 饮用一种含有特殊化学物质的树叶制成 的茶 possession n. 拥有, 具有 possessions 所有物, 财产(用复数) take possession of sth 获得;占有 = possess sth in possession of sth 拥有某物 in the possession of sb 为某人所拥有 eg: He is ______________ this house while that house is _____________ his elder sister. personal possessions 个人财产 lose all one’s possessions = _____________________ 2. circulate vt; vi. 循环,传播,传阅 circulation n. 循环,发行数额 The news quickly circulated round the country. 传播 Blood ______ _______ the body. 血液在全身循环 circulate false news ___________ It helped the blood circulate better. 翻译:__________________ a newspaper with ____ ______ ______ of more than one million 日发行额超过百万的报纸 3. application n. 应用; 申请;申请表 applicant 申请人 ; v:__________应用; 申请 (pt, pp ______ ) ___________________ 填写申请表格 the application of A to/in B A 在 B 上的应用 apply A to/in B 把 A 应用到 B have an application in doing sth 应用于… make an application (to sb) for sth = apply (to sb) for sb 申请; 请求 apply sth (to sth) 贴; 敷; 涂; 搽 apply to sb/sth(与某人/某物)有关; 有效; 适用 apply oneself/one’s mind to sth/doing sth 集中精力; 专心 eg: He immediately realized that the mould might _________________illness.这种霉或许能用于治疗这种疾病. ____________________ 申请工作/护照 _____ the glue _____ both surfaces 两面都涂上胶水 What I have said ____________ some of you. 我所说的只适用于你们当中的一部分人。 The rule can’t be applied in every case. _________________ 4. approval n. 批准,赞成 approve vt; vi. disapproval _________ disapprove ________ give approval to sth = approve of (one’s doing) sth 同意…/ 同意某人做某事 meet with one’s approval ___________ approve of one’s marriage __________ approve one’s idea _________ eg: All the members of the committee ______________ (同意)the plan. The project has now _________________ the government(获得政府批准). 5.accelerate vt. vi. accelerate = step up / speed up acceleration n. accelerate the pace of … ______________

accelerate the development of society 加快社会的发展 eg: The government has taken many measures _________________(加快经济复苏) Farmers are instructed to use special chemicals to ________________crops.(加速庄稼生长) 6. sharp adj. 1) 锋利的 You must be very careful with this sharp knife. 2) 陡的,急转的 The driver found the sharp left turn very difficult. 3) 敏锐的,机警的 She studied the young man with her sharp bright eyes. 4) 苛刻的,严厉的,易怒的 She’s got a sharp tongue. 5) 辛辣的,酸的 This cheese has a sharp flavor. 6) 精明的,狡猾的 She is a sharp businessman. 7) 整(时刻)The lecture started at three o’clock sharp. sharp 的其它词性:adv: sharp 准时地 sharply: 急剧地, Vt. sharpen 使锐利 7. addicted adj. 上瘾的,入迷的 addiction 嗜好 n. addictive adj. 上瘾的 be/get/become addicted to (doing) sth 对…上瘾 ; a television addiction 电视迷 He _______________ alcohol/ smoking/ lying/ drugs.他嗜好喝酒、抽烟、撒谎、吸毒。 Tobacco is highly __________. 香烟很容易使人上瘾。 8. relate vt. vi. 联系; 讲述 relate sth to sth = connect / associate sth with sth _________ relate to sb.some amusing stories 对…讲述 relate to sth be related to … 和…有关 relation n. in/ with relation to sth = concerning sth the relation between weather and the crops public relations manager _____________ eg: 1)Another theory _______ acupuncture ____ the production of chemicals in the body ____ reduce pain.另 一种理论将针刺疗法和人体内减痛化学物质的产生联系起来。 2)It’s difficult to ______ these results ____ any known cause. 3)She is a girl who notices nothing except what __________ herself. 9. subscribe vi. subscription n. subscribe to a newspaper/ magazine 定期订阅 subscribe to an opinion/ proposal/ view) 同意,赞成 三.重点词组复习 1. try sth/sb out 测试,试验 try out for sth 参加…选拔(或试演) try out the new idea _______ try the drug out on animals _________ eg: 1) Scientists _____________ thousands of chemicals before they found the right one. 2) The method seems good but it needs ____________. A. to try out B. to being tried out C. try out D. to be tried out 3) John ___________ the school basketball team and was admitted as he had wished.

trial: n.试验;考验;审讯;审判 a trial match 预赛 on trail 试验性的(地) ;试验结果; 在审判中 by trial and error 通过反复的试验,不断尝试
e.g: The first trials of this medicine took place in 1899,when the company Hoffmann worked for began distributing the medicine in powder form to physicians to use with patients. 对此药进行的首批试验发生在 1899 年, 当时霍夫曼供职的公司开始将这种药以粉末形式分发给医 生,在病人身上使用。 2. let out 放出,发出;放大,放宽; 泄露 let out a secret ___________ let out that ….__________ let out a scream/ a cry of joy ____________ let out the air/ water ______ let out one’s coat/ trousers __________ 拓展: 用适当的词组填空 let down 使失望; let in 渗透; let off 燃放; let up(雨雪)渐渐停止 let go 放开,放手; 3 let loose 放开,让自由活动;let on 泄露,透露

1) It snowed for three days before it_________ and we could go out doors. 2) Don’t __________ that we saw them coming out of the shop. 3) The roof ___________ rain. 4) The boy grabbed Jack’s coat and would not ____________. 5) The terrorists _________________ a bomb near the building. 6) He _______ the team ___________ by not trying hard enough. 3. in the ample quantities = in large quantities 足量地生产青霉素 a large quantity of + UN + V 单 a large quantity of + CN + V 复 large quantities of + UN/ CN + V 复 There_________ large quantities of bacteria in the water. 水中有大量细菌。 完成句子 (1) There________a large quantity of milk. (2) Quantities of flowers________on the table. (3) Great quantities of fish ________sent into the supermarket. 表示“许多”的词或短语如下: A.修饰可数名词的:many,a great/good many,quite a few,a large/great number of,numbers of,many a B.修饰不可数名词的:much,a great/good deal of,a large amount of,large amounts of C. 既可以修饰可数名词又可以修饰不可数名词的:a lot of,lots of,plenty of,a large quantity of,large quantities of,a mass of,masses of a mass of masses of 许多,大量+ 可数或不可数名词 由名词决定单复数 Eg: There were masses of people in the shop. 4. due to 因为;由于 due to = because of = thanks to = owing to = on account of = as a result/consequence of=in consequence of e.g: (1)______ his careless driving , the accident took place , which cost him his left leg. Tell the Chinese meaning of “due”: 1) The flight will arrive late due to the heave fog. _________ 2) When is the next train due? __________ 3) Please let me know when the rent is due in advance. ___________ 4) The strike is due to begin on Tuesday. ____________ 5. for pain relief = to relieve pain with relief. 宽慰地 She laughed with relief. to one’s relief _____________ provide relief for symptoms 为症状提供缓解 bring/ give relief to sb 给…减轻病痛 It is a relief to find/ hear…= be relieved to find/ hear….发现/听说…如释重负/感到欣慰 e.g: 1)_______ to my relief , the car was not damaged. 令我非常庆幸的是车并没有损坏。 2) The medicine_____________my toothache. 这药使我的牙痛减轻。 3) We______ _______when we heard you were safe. 我们听说你平安无恙时如释重负。 6. reduce the risk of heart attacks by 40 per cent e.g: 1) Eating a lot of green food helps _______________________ . (减少心脏病的危险) 2)By criticizing the boss he risked _______ his job. (lose) Guess the meaning of each phrase: 1) You have to take/run a lot of risks if you want to succeed in business.________ 2) Anyone swimming in this lake does so at his own risk. ____________ The disease is spreading and all young children are at risk. ________ 7. wear sb / oneself out = tire sb / oneself out 使筋疲力尽,耗尽 be worn out = be tired out=be burnt out (某人)筋疲力尽 e.g: The young people run around kicking a ball, wearing themselves out.这些年轻人四处跑动踢球,把自己弄 得筋疲力尽。 The shoes were worn out of shape. 把鞋穿走形了。 Before the race, he is fine. But afterwards he is worn out.比赛前,他状态良好。但在赛后,他就疲惫不堪了。 wear away 磨损;消磨;流逝 wear well 经久耐用 wear off 磨损;逐渐消逝 10.be vital to/for…. 对…至关重要 be of vital importance 具有很重要的意义

It is vital/important that …(should) +v play a vital /important role in sth Good financial accounts are vital to the success of any enterprise.(公司) 四 重点句型复习 1. If you open up any medicine cupboard or go to any medicine counter in the world, it is likely that you will find aspirin and penicillin. it is likely that = there is a probability that …..有可能 1. 一直有这种可能,他会回到自己的家乡。_________________________________. 2. _______ _________ ________ _________ _________ he will succeed because of his hardworking. 3. She is well again. ______ is no need to worry about her. A. There B. It C. That D. One 4. There is a new problem involved in the popularity of private cars ______ road conditions need ________. A that; to be improved B. which; to be improved C. where; improving D. when; improving 5. The Foreign Minister said, “________ our hope that the two sides will work towards peace” A. This is B. There is C. That is D. It is 2. Not only has aspirin proved vital for reducing fever and helping stop pain, but there are also other things that aspirin can help with. not only…but also…用来连接两个并列的单词、 词组或句子, 意为 “不但。 。 。 。 而且。 。 。 。 ” , 强调 “两者都。 。 。 。 ” 该句中的 not only…..but also….连接的是两个分句,not only 放在句首,引导的句子需要用部分倒装,而 but (also) 引导的句子用正常语序。注意:1)not only….but also…连接两个并列名词或代词作主语时,谓 语动词形式就按就近原则。2)但当 not only…but also…连接两个并列主语时不倒装。 当表示否定意义的副词或者连词位于句首时,常用部分倒装。这类词有 few, little, hardly, seldom, not, at no time, by no means, in no way 等。 他不仅教给我们知识,还教我们怎样做一个有用的人。 Not only you but also I _______ unlucky this time.这次我们两个都不走运 Never _______ _______ _______ such a performance 我从来没见过这样的表演。 _______ ________ had she gone out _______ a student came to visit her.她刚要走时一个学生来看他。 _________ will you find the answer to this question. A. Nowhere B. Somewhere C. Everywhere D. Here ________ snacks and drinks, but they also brought cards for entertainment when they had a picnic in the forest. A Not only they bought B Not only did they bring C Not only brought they D. Not only they did bring 3. If penicillin had not been available, many people would have died from sickness or even small wounds. (1)本句为虚拟语气,是对过去事实做出假设。从句用 had done,从句用 would/could/might +have done (2)若同现在事实相反,从句用过去式(did 或 were) ,主句用 would/could/might +动词原形。 (3) 若同将来事实相反, 从句用过去式 (did 或 were) ;were to do; should +动词原形, 主句用 would/could/might +动词原形。 如果你昨天来的话,你就碰见她了。_____________________________________________. If you _________ __________ ten minutes earlier, you ________ __________ ________ what we were talking about..如果你早来十分钟,你就会知道我们在谈论什么了。 If he ________/ _________ _________ ________ / _________ _________ tomorrow, I ________ _________ him the truth. ---I missed the train yesterday. ---Why? If you _______ earlier, you ________ the train. A got up; would catch B had got up; would catch C . got up; would have caught D. had got up; would have caught

一.单词拼写: 1. The s__________ is doing an operation on the patient. 2. Every seed is a p __ plant. 3. As the patient’s heartbeat was a ____________, the doctor checked her into the hospital. 4. I made five a for jobs but got nothing. 5. The government gave a____________ to a new airport outside the city. 6. The s___ __ of the disease are fever and cough,which don't appear until a few days after you’re infected. 7. A good night’s sleep can be b_____________ to one’s health. 8.The p____________ of lightning was not well understood until the 18th century. 9.Nowadays, there are many places where a_____________ can go to get help for their drinking problems. 10.Having made _____ (安排) for the meeting, he left the office. 11.There are many ___________(理论) to explain the existence of UFOs.

1. Road ___ __(block), we had to take another way. 2. I think reading aloud is fundamental(beneficial) to ____ __(master) a foreign language. 3. What a shame! A large quantity of food ___ __ (waste) in our city in the past 5 years. 4. When I said someone was stupid, I ______ __ (not refer) to you. 5. His book is due ___ ___(publish) in October. 6. This is one of the first medicines in the world ever ____ _(sell) as a standardized tablet. 7. If penicillin ___ ____( not be) available, many people would have died from bacterial illnesses or even minor wounds. 8. Unless _____ __ (invite) to speak, you should remain silent at the conference. 9. It has been raining for weeks, completely ___ __(ruin) our holiday. 10. The temple is well worthy ____ ___ (visit) again. 11. To our delight, the design they had spent so much time on __ _(prove) to be a success. 12. We applied ourselves to _ __(find) a solution to our problem. 13. What way can you think of _______ ___ (find out) the truth. 14. He is reported _______________ (make) a new discovery last year. 15. ___ _____ (give) enough time, we’ll visit other places of interest in the city.

1. He said that it would be probable to build a platform in the center of the Channel. He said that__________ __________ __________ a __________ that a platform would be build in the center of the Channel. 2. The doctor strongly recommended his taking a holiday. The doctor strongly recommended that__________ __________ __________ a holiday. The doctor strongly recommended him ___________ ___________ a holiday. 3. People suggested that we should leave early for the airport. __________ __________ __________ that we should leave early for the airport. 4. He enjoys not only TV, but also movies. He enjoys movies __________ __________ __________TV. 5. Today, Abraham Lincoln is considered as one of the greatest of all American presidents. Today, people__________ Abraham Lincoln __________ __________ one of the greatest of all American presidents. 6. Although he travelled much, he had never tasted such delicious food as this. __________ __________ he travelled, he had never tasted such delicious food as this. 7. The villagers didn’t realize how serious the pollution was until all the fish died in the river did.

__________ __________ all the fish died in the river__________ the villagers realize how serious the pollution was. 8. China will spend about ten years in sending a manned spaceship to the moon. __________ __________ __________ about ten years__________ China sends a manned spaceship to the moon. 9. If it hadn’t been for the fog, we should have reached the top of the hill. __________ __________ the fog, we should have reached the top of the hill. 10. The television station apologized for the interference, which was because the weather was really bad. The television station apologized for the interference, which was __________ __________a bad weather condition.

1. 只有少数的专家赞同这些问题不会持续太久的观点。 Only a few experts _________ ______ the view that these problems won’t______ _______ 2. 她拥有许多可贵的品质,这些品质对她的成功是至关重要的。 She __________ many valuable qualities which _______ _________ ______ her success. 3. 过了 10 多年才有人把青霉素转化成 20 世纪的神奇药品。 It was __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ ___ ___ someone else turned penicillin into the great drug th of the 20 century. 4. 随着岁月的流逝, 小镇已经呈现出了新面貌。 With _ ____ ______ ________, the town has taken on a new look. 5. 你是在什么地方你遇见你的老朋友的? __ ____ _______ ________ _______ you ran across your old friend? 6. 这些用不同金属做的针已经被刀代替。 These needles ______ _______ different metals have________ _________ _________ sharp knives. 7. 由于那起交通事故,许多车辆无法通过该路口。 A lot of cars ___ _ ____ __ _____ passing through the crossroads because of the accident. 8. 他缺少经验,不能胜任这项工作. He __ __ ____ _to do the job __ ___ ____ ___ ___ __experience. 9.天太黑了,我看不出写在墙上的字。 It was dark, and I couldn’t ___ __ __ ____ the words __ ___ __ _ the wall. 10.很难克服烟瘾,最好是远离它。 It is difficult to overcome an ____ __ _ _____ __ __,so it’s better to keep away from it. 语篇答案:reading: develop / created, medical, introduce, place, function, originally, way, receiving , production, popularity project: 1. probability2. recommend3. trials4. patients 5. form 6. discovered 7. caused 8. purify 9. quantities 10. shared 重点词汇复习 1.made, possessing, in possession of , in the possession of , 失去所有的个人财产 2. is circulating, 传播错误的消息,它帮助血液更好地循环,over a circulation 3. apply, applied, fill in/ out the application form, be applied to , apply for a job/ passport, apply---to, applies to , 这个规则不适用每种情况 4. 不批准/赞同, 不批准/赞同, 获得某人的批准, 赞成某人的婚姻, 批准某人的观点, approve of, met with the approval of 5. 加快步伐, to accelerate the recovery of economy, accelerate the growth of 7. is addicted to, addictive,

8. sth 与 sth 有关,公关经理,relates to, relate to, is related to 重点词组复习 1.测试新的想法;在动物身上试验这药物;had tried out , D, tried out for 2. 泄露一个秘密, 泄露, 发出尖叫/欢乐声, 放出空气/水, 放大 , let up, let on, let in ,let go, let off, let down 3. are, is, are, are 4. Due to/ Owing to/ On account of/ As a result/ consequence of ,由于,预计到,到期,预计做, 5. 令某人宽慰的, Much, relieved/ gave / brought relief to , were relieved, 6. reduce the risk of heart trouble, losing ,冒险, 自己冒着风险,冒险 重点句型答案 It is likely that he might go back to his hometown. There is a high probability AAD Not only does he teach us knowledge, but he also teaches us how to be a useful person. Am have I seen No sooner; than AB If you had come yesterday, you would have met her. had come, would have known came/ were to come/should come would tell D 单词拼写: 1-5 surgeon potential abnormal applications approval 6-11 symptoms beneficial phenomenon alcoholics arrangements theories 动词填空: 1.blocked 2 mastering 3 has been wasted 4 was not referring 5 to be published 6 to be sold 7.hadn’t been 8. invited 9. ruining 10.to be visited/of being visited 11. proved 12. finding 13. to find out 14. to have made 15. Given 改写句子: 1. there would be, probability 2. he should take; to take 3. It was suggested that 4. as well as 5. consider, to be 6. Much as 7. Not until, did 8. It will be, before 9. But for 10. due to 完成句子 subscribe to ; last long 2.possesses; are vital to 3. over a decade before 4. time going by 5. Where was it that 6. made of, been replaced by 7. were blocked from 8.was unable, for lack of 9. make out, written on 10 addiction to cigarettes



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