A glimpse of grammatical filling in MET
年份 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 高考语法填空题均分(总分15分) 5.17 7.38 6.19 8.32 5.74

Classification of blanks
无提示词(no reminders)

? 空格项

Group 1 1. She found some good quality pipes ____ on sale. (09广东高考) 2. When Jane got home, with her small but wellchosen present in her bag, her parents were at table having supper. (09广东高考) already _____ 3. The young man went home with ____a happy heart.(2010广东高考) 4. I didn’t want to be laughed at for talking to on him but I didn’t like leaving him _____his own either.(2011广东高考)

Preposition(介词) on sale(打折,廉价出售), at table(正在吃饭), with a happy heart(带着愉快的心情), on one’s own(独自地) 技巧1(介词):句子不缺主语、表语、动词后 不缺宾语的情况下,名词或代词前面,一定是 填介词。注意词组和搭配.

…who should have the honor of receiving me 33 a guest in their house. (2007年广东高考)
解析:因a guest在句中不作主语、表语、动词的宾语,前面一定是填介词, 使其成为该介词的宾语;又由句意可知,他们“把我当作客人”来接待,表 示“当作”,用介词as。

Group 2

1. Besides, shopping at this time of the year was not a pleasant experience.(09广东高考)
2. A young man, while traveling through a desert, came across a spring of clear water. The water was sweet.(2010广东高考)

3. In the beginning, there was only ____ a very small amount of unfairness in the world…(13广东高考)

技巧2(限定词):名词前面,若没有限定词 (冠词、形容词性物主代词等),很可能是填限 定词。
It is said that a short-tempered (急性子) man in the Song Dynasty (960--1279) was very anxious to the/his help _________rice crop grow up quickly. (2008 年广东高考) 解析:名词rice crop前还没有限定词,应当填 限定词;根据句意,这个急性子人当然是急于 使“他的”禾苗长得快,故填形容词性物主代 词his或冠词the。

Group 3
1. When the time came for me to say goodbye to my friends in the village, I wanted to reward the old her woman for the trouble I had caused _____.(07 广东高 考)

2. She remembered how difficult ____ it was to choose a suitable Christmas present for her father. (09广东高考) 3. He asked his teacher, “Sir, the water was awful. Why did you pretend to like ______ ?” (2010广东高考) it

4. Behind him were other people to who he was trying to talk, but after some minutes _______ they walked away and sat near me, looking annoyed.(2011广东高考)

技巧3(代词):缺主语或宾语,一定是填代 词或名词(多考代词)。

I can send a message to Kenya whenever I want to, and _______ gets there almost in a second. 解析:and连接前后两个句子,and后面的句 子缺主语,应填名词或代词;结合前一分句, 不难推知,“马上可到达那里”的是the message,替代the message用代词it。

Group 4 1. He was very tired after doing this for a whole but he felt very happy since the crop did day, ______ “grow” higher.(08广东高考) where 2. Jane paused in front of a counter _________ some attractive ties were on display. (09广东高 考) 3. He filled his leather container so that he could bring some back to an elder _______ who had been his teacher. (2010广东高考) 4. My friends walked me to the bus stop and till/until/before the bus arrived. waited with me ______________ (2011广东高考)

技巧4(连词):若两句(一个主谓关系算一个 句子)之间没有连词,也没有分号或句号,一定是 填并列连词或从属连词。
I wanted to see as much of the city as possible in before was to return to Guangzhou. the two days ______I

解析:因I wanted to…是一个句子,I was to return…也是一个句子,这两个句子之间没有连 词,也没有分号或句号,一定是填连词;根据 句意和两句之间的逻辑关系,可知“参观这个 城市的尽可能多的地方”应是在“返回广州” 之前,故填before。

Summary 介词 限定词(冠词,形容词性 的物主代词等) 连词(并列连词,从属连 词,连接代词,连接副词) 代词
连接副词 therefore,besides,otherwise,however,moreover,still,th us,meanwhile


Group 5 1. The sun was setting when my car broke (break) down near a remote and poor village.(07广东高考) 2. Being too anxious to help an event develop often results _________(result) in the contrary to our intention. (08广东高考) to please 3. She wished that he was as easy ________ (please) as her mother, who was always delighted with perfume. (09广东高考) 4. I got on the bus and found a seat near the back, and then I noticed a man __________ (sit) at the sitting front. (2010广东高考)

技巧5(动词): 首先判断要填的动词是谓语 动词还是非谓语动词。若是谓语动词,就要考 虑时态和语态。若是非谓语动词就要确定用-to do形式、 v-ing形式或v-ed形式. His fear of failure __________(keep) him from kept classroom games that other children played with joyous abandon. 解析:因主语His fear of failure后没有别的谓语 动词,需填的动词应为谓语动词;因主语与 keep是主动关系,应用主动语态;由从句谓语 动词played可知,要用一般过去时,故填kept。

1. That was definitely not an attractive idea so I closed (close) my politely declined her invitation, _______ book and walked away. 2. …but it is not enough only _______________ to memorize (memorize) rules from a grammar book. To complete (complete) the project as planned, 3. ____________ we’ll have to work two more hours a day. 4. Some people say that oldest children, who are smart and strong-willed, are very likely to succeed _____________(succeed). 5. He saw the stone, _________ saying (say) to himself: “The night will be very dark.” 6. The headmaster went into the lab, followed ________ (follow) by the foreign guests.

Group 6 warmly 1. His teacher took a deep drink, smiled ________ (warm), and thanked his student very much for the sweet water. (2010广东高考) 2. The water was simply the container for an act of kindness and love. Nothing could be ________ sweeter (sweet).” (2010广东高考) mentally 3. He must be _________(mental) disabled.(2011 广东高考) unnecessary 4.Your mistake caused a lot of ___________ (necessary) work in the office. Conversion of adjective(形容词的转换)

5. This proverb is saying we have to let things go in their ______ natural (nature) course.(08广东高考)

6. Teachers must try their best to make most of their interested (interest) in the subject. students __________ 7. But Jane knew from past experience that her _______ choice (choose) of ties hardly ever pleased her father. (09广东高考) contributions 8. These people have made great ____________ (contribute) to China with their work.
Conversion of verb and noun(动词和名词的转化)

技巧六(词类转换):根据该词在句子中所作句 子成分来确定形式。

The youngster immediately felt ________ (silence) as tears flew down from his big blue eyes.
解析:因在系动词felt后作表语,用形容词, 故填silent。

动词 有提示词


时态 语态


to do -ing -ed

名词 →形容词 动词 →名词 形容词→副词 形容词副词→比较 级最高级


介词 限定词(冠词, 形容词性的物主代词等)

代词 动词 谓语动词

时态 语态 to do 非谓语动词 -ing -ed 名词 →形容词 动词 →名词


词类转换 形容词→副词
形容词副词→比较级最高 级

语法填空解题技巧归纳: ? 技巧1 句子不缺主语、表语、动词后不缺宾语时, 名 词或代词前面,一定是填介词。(prep.+n.) ? 技巧2 名词前面,若没有限定词(冠词、形容词性物 主代词等),很可能是填限定词。(deter.+n.) ? 技巧3 缺主语或宾语,一定是填代词或名词(多考代 词) (no s.or o., pron.) ? 技巧4 若两句(一个主谓关系算一个句子)之间没有连 词,也没有分号或句号,一定是填并列连词或从属连 词。(s + conj.+ s) ? 技巧5 动词填空先判断要填的动词是谓语动词还是非 谓语动词。 若句中已有谓语动词,又不是并列谓语时, 所给动词就是非谓语动词。若是非谓语动词就要确定 用-to do形式、 v-ing形式、v-ed形式。(v.-t,v; non-v.todo, -ing, -ed) ? 技巧6 词类转换题注意该词在句子中所作句子成分 来确定形式。

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