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Module 1 Europe
Cultural Corner

Everyday English
Work in pairs.Ask real questions or check what you know.

? Hollywood is in the US, isn’t it? ? France is in Europe, isn’t it? ? Leonardo da Vinci was a painter, wasn’t he? ? Picasso painted the Mona Lisa, didn’t he? ? Amy lives in London, doesn’t she ? ? You speak English, don’t you ?

Work in pairs. Role-play the conversation about the places where you live.

? Student A: imagine you are from one of the places mentioned in this module. ? Student B: you’re from China.

Culture corner- 1.Speaking
What do you know about EU?

The European Union

Do you know this picture?

Culture corner- 2.reading
Read the passage and answer the questions.

1.Find the names of three first members and three new members of the European Union.
France,Germany, Belgium Austria, Denmark, Finland

2.In terms of size and population, how big is the European Union compared with China?
China is about twice as large as the European Union, and is over twice as large population as the European Union.

Language Date Bank
?Language points for Reading

1. Paris is the capital and largest city of France, situated on the River Seine.
是过去分词做定语,修饰Paris ?which is situated on the River Seine.
be situated located on / in / to 位于,处于,坐落在…

situate (v.) 使位于,使处于 situation (n.) 情形 situated (adj.) 坐落的,位于……的,处于……的状态

2. Gaudi worked on the project from 1982 until his death in 1926. work on (sth) “从事于… 致力于…” “继续工作,对…起作用” ? spend time / energy on (sth)
e.g (1)他正在写一本新书。
He is working on a new book. (2)昨晚我写作文写了好几个小时。 I worked on my composition for hours last night. (3) 他们一直工作到日落。 They worked on until sunset.

3. Florence is an Italian city which became famous because of the Renaissance, a great artistic movement which began in the 1300s and lasted for three hundred years. last意为“持续,进行”

e.g 会议进行了三个小时。
The meeting lasted (for) three hours. [例] The evening news comes on at seven o’clock and______ only thirty minutes. A. keeps B. continues

C. finishes

D. lasts

4. During the Renaissance, some of the greatest painters of all time lived and worked in Florence. of all time 自古以来,有史以来 all the time 一直,始终,总是 ? the whole time e.g. 这信一直在我的口袋里。 The letter is in my pocket all the time. 许多人认为他是有史以来最优秀的歌手。 Many people consider him as the best singer of all time.

5. Their works has influenced other writers ever since. ever since 自那时起 ? since then, from that time/ then on

(与现在完成时连用) e.g.从此我再也没见过她。 I haven’t seen her ever since. 白雪公主和王子从此过上了幸福的生活。 The Snow White and the prince have lived a happy life ever since.

Language Date Bank Exercises
1. 此地以红茶而著名。 is known for This area _____________its black tea. 2. 如今,大量的树木己被砍伐。 Now, a large amount of trees__________________. have been cut down 3. 墙壁正被人粉刷着呢。 are being painted The walls_ ______________. 4. This is Ted’s photo. We miss him a lot. He ____ trying to save a child in the earthquake. A. killed C. was killed B. is killed D. was killing

5. No permission has ________ for anybody to enter the building.

A. been given
C. to give

B. given
D. be giving

6. In some parts of the world tea ______ with milk and sugar.

A. is served
C. served

B. serves
D. is serve

Language Date Bank (高考真题)
1. --The window is dirty. -- I know . It ____ for weeks. A. hasn’t cleaned B. didn’t clean C. wasn’t cleaned D. hasn’t been cleaned


2. It is reported that the United States uses ____ energy as the whole of Europe. A. as twice B. twice much C. twice much as D. twice as much


3. The number of deaths from heart disease will be reduced greatly if people ____ to eat more fruit and vegetable. A. persuade B. will persuade. C. he persuaded D. are persuaded 4. More patients ____ in hospital this year than last year. A. treated B. have treated C. had been treated D. have been treated



5. All the employees except the manager ____ to work online at home. A. encourage B. encourage C. is encourage D. are encouraged 6. ____ of the land in that district ____ covered with trees and grass. A. Two fifth; is B. Two fifth; are C. Two fifths; is D. Two fifth; are



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