高中英语语法填空专练(1) 用适当的词填空: 1. The boys are playing football are from Class One. 2. Yesterday I helped an old man lost his way. 3. Mr. Liu is the person you talked about on the bus. 4. Mr. Ling is just the boy I want to see. 5. Football is a game is liked by most boys. 6. This is the pen he bought yesterday. 7. The number of the people come to visit the city each year rises one million. 8. Where is the man I saw this morning? 9. He has a friend father is a doctor. 10. I once lived in a house roof has fallen in. 11. The classroom door is broken will soon be repaired. 12. The classroom the door of is broken will soon be repaired. 13. Do you like the book cover is yellow? 14. Do you like the book the color of is yellow? 15. The school he once studied in is very famous. 16. The school he once studied is very famous. 17. Tomorrow I will bring here a magazine you asked for. 18. Tomorrow I will bring here a magazine for you asked. 19. We'll go to hear the famous singer we have often talked about. 20. We'll go to hear the famous singer about we have often talked. 21. This is the watch I am looking for. 22. The man with you talked is my friend. 23. The plane in we flew to Canada is very comfortable. 24. He loved his parents deeply, both of are very kind to him. 25. In the basket there are quite many apples, some of have gone bad. 26. There are forty students in our class in all, most of are from big cities. 27. In the dark street, there wasn't a single person to________ she could turn for help. 28. I still remember the day I first came to the school. 29. The time we got together finally came. 30. Shanghai is the city I was born. 31. The house I lived ten years ago has been pulled down. 32. Please tell me the reason you missed the plane. 34. The reason for he refused the invitation is not clear, 35. From the year he was going to school he began to know what he wanted when he grew up. 36. Great changes have taken place in the city in I was born. 37. The teacher told me that Tom was the only person I could depend on. 38. China is a country has a long history. 39. His mother, loves him very much, is strict with him. 40. China, was founded in 1949, is becoming more and more powerful. 41. His brother is now a doctor always encourages him to go to college. 42. Have you taken down everything Mr. Li has said? 43. There seems to be nothing seems impossible for him in the world.


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