甘肃省天水市秦安县第二中学 2014-2015 学年下学期期中考试 高二英语试卷 考试时间:100 分钟,满分:150 分 注意事项: 1.答题前填写好自己的姓名、班级、考号等信息 2.请将答案正确填写在答题卡上 第 I 卷(选择题) 一、阅读理解(每题 3 分,共 60 分) A When 19yearold Sophia Giorgi said she was thinking of volunteering to help the MakeAWish Foundation (基金会),nobody understood what she was talking about. But Sophia knew just how important MakeAWish could be because this special organization had helped to make a dream e true for one of her best friends. We were interested in finding out more, so we went along to meet Sophia and listen to what she had to say. Sophia told us that MakeAWish is a worldwide organization that started in the United States in 1980. “It's a charity (慈善机构)that helps children who have got very serious illnesses. MakeAWish helps children feel happy even though they are sick, by making their wishes and dreams e true,” Sophia explained. We asked Sophia how MakeAWish had first started. She said it had all begun with a very sick young boy called Chris, who had been dreaming for a long time of being a policeman. Sophia said lots of people had wanted to find a way to make Chris's dream e true, so with everybody's help, Chris, only seven years old at the time, had been a “policeman” for a day. “When people saw how delighted Chris was when his dream came true, they decided to try and help other sick children too, and that was the beginning of MakeAWish ,”explained Sophia. Sophia also told us the Foundation tries to give children and their families a special, happy time. A MakeAWish volunteer visits the families and asks the children whatever they would wish for if they could have anything in the world. Sophia said the volunteers were important because they were the ones who helped to make the wishes e true. They do this either by providing things that were necessary, or by raising money or helping out in what way they can. 1.Sophia found out about MakeAWish because her best friend had ________. A.benefited from it C.dreamed about it 2.According to Sophia, B.volunteered to help it D.told the author about it MakeAWish ________. A.is an international charity B.was understood by nobody at first C.raises money for very poor families D.started by drawing the interest of the public 3.What is said about Chris in Paragraph 3? A.He has been a policeman since he was seven. B.He gave people the idea of starting MakeAWish. C.He wanted people to help make his dream e true. D.He was the first child MakeAWish helped after it had been set up. 4.Which of the followin


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