欢迎和问候语: 1. Good moring (afternoon, evening) , sir (madam). 早上(下午、晚上)好,先生(夫人) 。 2. How do you do ? (初次见面)您好! Glad to meet you . 很高兴见到您! 3. How are you ? 您好吗? Fine, thank. And you? 好的,谢谢.您好? 4. Wish you a most pleasant stay in our hotel. 愿您在我们饭店过得愉快。 5. I hope you will enjoy you stay with us. 希望您在我们饭店过得愉快(客人刚入住时) 。 I hope you enjoy you stay with us. 希望您在我们饭店过得愉快(客人在饭店逗留期间) 。 I hope you have enjoyed your stay with us. 希望您在我们饭店过得愉快(客人离店时) 。 6. It’s what we are glad to do . 这是我们乐意做的。 7. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. 感谢您的合作和理解。 8. I hope that you like our hotel and our service. 希望您能喜欢我店的服务。 9. We look forward to serving you again. 希望能再次为您服务。 10. I wish you a most pleasant tirp to your next destination. 祝您下一站的旅途愉快。 祝贺语: 1. Congratulations! 祝贺您! 2. Happy birthday! 生日快乐! 3. Happy New Year! 新年快乐! 4. Merry Christmas! 圣诞快乐! 5. Have a nice holiday! 节日快乐! 6. Wish you every success! 祝您成功! 答谢和应答语: 1. Thank you (very much) 谢谢您(非常感谢) 2. It’s very kind of you . 您真客气。 3. You are welcome .(Not at all. Don’t mention it) ( 不用谢) 4. Thank you for staying in our hotel. 谢谢您的理解。 道歉语: 1. I’m sorry . 抱歉。 I’m very sorry. 非常抱歉。 2. Excuse me. 对不起,劳驾。 3. I’m sorry. It’s my fault. 抱歉。那是我的错。 4. Sorry to have kept you waitting. 对不起,让您就等了。 征询语:

1. What can I do for you? 我能为您做点什么? 2. Is there anything I can do for you? 有什么能为您效劳的? 3. Please wait a moment (Just a momene, please.) 请稍等一下。 指路用语: 1. Go upstairs/ downstairs. 上楼/下楼。 2. It’s on the secong(third) floor. 在二(三)楼。 3. Excuse me . Where is the washroom (restroom)? 对不起,请问洗手间在哪里? 4. Excuse me . Where is the elevator (restaurant)? 对不起,请问电梯(餐厅)在哪里? 5. This way , please. 请这边走。 6. After you, please. 您先请。 7. Go straight ahead. 一直走。 8. Turn left at the first corner. 在第一个拐角处做转。 提醒用语: 1. Watch your step. 请走好! 2. Please be careful. 请当心。 3. Please don’t leave anything behind. 请别遗忘您的东西。 4. Don’t worry. 别担心。 告别语: 1. Goodbye. 再会。 2. See you later. 等会见。 3. Good night. 晚安。 4. See you tommorrow. 明天见。 5. Wish you a good dream! 祝您做个好梦! 6. Have a nice trip! 一路平安! 7. Wish you a pleasant journey! Good luck.. 祝您路途愉快!祝您好运! 前台常用语: 1 May I have a look at your passport? 我可以看一下您的护照吗? 2 I hope you enjoy stay at the hotel . 我希望您在酒店能住的愉快。 3 How many pieces of luggage do you have ,sir? 先生,您有多少件行李? 4 It cost 148 yuan for a single. 单人间每晚需付 148 元。 5 Do you have a reservation, sir? 先生,您有预定吗? 6 Would you mind filling in the registration form ,sir? 先生,您能填写一下入住登记单吗? 7 Your room number is 416,and here is your room key. 您的房间是 416,这是您的房卡。 8 Here’s your bill, please check it. Altogether the total is 296yuan. 这是您的帐单,请查核,总记人民币 296 元。 9 Here is your bill would you like to check it. 这是您的帐单,请您核对一下。

How would you like to make payment? 您打算如何付款? 11 Is Mr Smith going to pay in cash or by credit card? 史密斯先生您是准备有现金,还是有信用卡付款? 12 Goodbye .Have a nice trip. We all look forward to seeing you again soon. 再见,旅途愉快,我们期待着不久再见到您。 13. May I clean your room now ,sir? 我现在可以为您打扫房间吗? 14. Could I see your hotel passport? 我可以看一下您的房卡吗? 15. I’ll send a repairman to you room at once . 我马上派维修人员过来。 16. I’m afraid you’ll have to pay for damage. 您必须赔偿。 情景对话: A: Good morning sir. May I help you? 早上好,有什么可以帮到您? B:I’d like to reserve a room。 我想预定一间房。 A: For which date? 是哪天的? B: Today. 今天。 A: What kind of room would you prefer? (a single room or a double room with tow ben?) 您喜欢哪种房型的房间? ( 单人间还是两张床的大房间?) B: A single room please . 单人间。 A: Ok, It cost 188 yuan for a single. 好的,单人间每晚需付 188 元。 If you take a reservation ,then have 9per cent discount .room rate is 168 for today, and the breakfast no include to you room. 如果您提前预定,会有 9 折的价格,房费是 168,房间不含早餐。 B: Oh thank you. 哦,谢谢!