(1) Since my family were not going to be helpful about my taking a cooking job, I decided I 1 look for one all by myself and advertised 3 a local paper, so 5 2 them about it till I'd get one. I had seen an agency 4 there was no one about to say “ Where are you going? ”, 6 and was nervous as if I 7 on the stage. a door

I rushed out of the house

it. I was widely

Finding the place quite easily, I tore up three flights of stairs, and swung breathlessly 8 which said “ Enter without knocking, if you The simple atmosphere of the office chair. The woman at the desk about to move my feet softly and I started to feel She made 13 14 11 9 .”

10 me, and I sat carefully down on the edge of a 12 , and I was

looked at me for a while through her

I realized that she was questioning me in a low voice. I answered helpless. 16 I was looking for this sort of 18

15 to me in a way that she wondered

joB.I felt even more helpless when she told me that it or reference. Then I heard her say, “ 19 who might suit. ” 1.A.would 2.A.told 3.A.on 4.A.as soon as 5.A.search for 6.A.excited 7.A.was going 8.A.through 9.A.pleased 10.A.calmed 11.A.opposite 12.A.glass 13.A.while B.ought B.not tell B.at B.as to B.in search of B.worried B.were coming B.by B.pleasant B.excited B.against B.glasses B.before

17 difficult to get a job without 20

, I've got someone in the office at


C.wanted C.not told C.for C.far C.finding C.exciting C.was coming C.in C.please C.moved C.back C.eyes C.after

D.liked D.not to tell D.in D.as D.looked for D.worrying D.were going D.to D.pleasure D.frightened D.face D.eye D.when

14.A.rather 15.A.it 16.A.how 17.A.were 18.A.experience 19.A.In a fact 20.A.a very 答案解析: 答案解析:

B.fairly B.that B.why B.should be B.experiment

C.too C.know C.whether C.would be C.time C.As to fact

D.little D.it known D.where D.was D.money D.As a matter D.this very

B.As a matter of fact B.very a

C.very the

1.A 根据上句 were not going to be 可判断下句为过去将来时。故选 would 。 2.B and 连接两个并列谓语,把助动词提前,故根据语意应是 not tell 。 3.D 在报纸上应为 in 。 4.A 时间状语从句,意思是没有一个人来得及问我,我就冲出去了。 5.B 介词短语 in search of 在这里作目的状语。 6.A 根据上下文的语义语境,本句是作者描写当时自己的心情,又兴奋又紧张。 7.D as if 后面接的虚拟语气。而动作将要发生,所以应是 were going 相当于 would go 8.A 这里所要表达的意思是“穿过门”。 through 有穿门而过之意。 9.C 此句所要表达的意思是 : “如果你愿意……” 因此是条件状语从句,而条件状语从句 用一般现在时代替一般将来时 . 故选 C 。 10.A 本句意思是:办公室的简朴的气候使我镇静下来。 calm 此处是动词意为使我平 静 下来 . 故排除了 B , C , D 三个答案。 11.A 工作面试,当然是面对面坐着。 opposite 对面之意。 12.B 本句意思是:透过眼镜看…… . 13. 从语境及本句所要表达的意思可知 . 且… was about to do … when …是一固定结构。 D 意思是 : 刚要干……这时…… 14.A 前句回答问题有气无力,作者从内心感到自己相当无助。 rather 修饰贬义形容词强 调程度。 15.D 固定结构 make sth. known 意为把某事向某人公布。 16.B 从上下句语境中可知,人家在问“为什么我想得到这种工作。” 17.C 间接引语,得到这项工作将是很困难的。 18.A 意思是说 : 没有经验很难得到这项工作。

19.B as a matter of fact 相当于 in fact 。 20.D At this very moment ,就在此时。 (2) ) People do not analyze every problem they meet. Sometimes they try to remember a solution, from the last time they had a 1 problem. They often accept the opinions or ideas of other 2 , they try to find a solution by trial or error.

people. Other times they begin to act without 3 , when all of these methods 5 6 4

, the person with a problem has to start analyzing. There

are six

in analyzing a problem. the person must recognize that these is a problem. For example, Sam's bicycle is 7 that there is a problem

broken, and he cannot ride it to class as he usually does. Sam must with the bicycle.

Next, the person must find the problem. Before Sam can repair his bicycle, he must know why it does not work. For example, he must Now the person must look for 9 8 the parts that are wrong. 10

that will make the problem clearer and lead to

solutions. For example, suppose Sam decides that his bicycle does not work because there is something wrong with the brakes. 11 , he can look in his bicycle repair book and read about

brakes, talk to his friends at the bike shop, or look at his brakes carefully. After 12 the problem, the person should have 14 13 suggestions for a possible

solution. Take Sam as an example buy new brakes and change old ones. In the end, one 15 comes quite 17

, his suggestions might be: tighten or loosen the brakes;

seems to be the solution to the problem. Sometimes the



because the thinker suddenly sees something new or sees something in a

different way. Sam, for example, suddenly sees there is a piece of chewing gum (口香糖) stuck to a brake. He 18 hits on the solution to his problem: he must 19 the brake.

Finally the solution is has solved the problem. 1. A. serious 2. A. Besides 4. A. fail 5. A. ways B. usual

20 . Sam does it and finds his bicycle works perfectly. In short he

C. similar B. Instead B. work B. conditions C. Otherwise C. change C. stages

D. common D. However D. develop D. orders

6. A. First 7. A. explain 8. A. checkable 9. A. answers 10. A. possible 11. A. In other words 12. A. discussing studying 13. A. extra 14. A. secondly 15. A. suggestion 16. A. next 17. A. unexpectedly 18. A. fortunately 19. A. clean 20. A. recorded 答案解析: 答案解析:

B. Usually B. prove B. determine B. skills B. exact

C. In general C. show C. correct C. explanation C. real

D. Most importantly D. see D. recover D. information D. special D. At this time D.

B. Once in a while C. First of all B. settling down

C. comparing with

B. enough B. again B. conclusion B. clear B. late B. easily B. separate B. completed

C. several C. also C. decision C. final C. clearly C. clearly C. loosen C. tested

D. countless D. alone D. discovery D. new D. often D. immediately D. remove D. accepted

1. C。从相似的问题上找解决新问题的办法。 2. B。without thinking 意为不假思索,可根据 by trial error 判断。 3. D。表转折。 4. A。只有所有的方法失败了,才会开始 analyze(分析问题)。 5. C。根据下文可知,人们的分析可分 6 个阶段或步骤。 6. A。可根据下文的 next,after,in the end. 阶段或步骤。. 7. D。see 此处有 understand 之意,Sam 明白自行车有问题了。 8. B。第二步要找出问题所在,所以选 determine,它是测定、找出的意思,与 find out 意思 相同。 9. D。根据下文 Sam 所做的事情可知, 要了解问题的有关情况才能修理, 所以选 information。 10. A。 自己去解决问题,首先得到尝试、摸索,才能真正完成,所以 possible 合适,强调 只是可能有效的方法。 11. D。 此时,这里不存在先后、转折、并列等含义,只需说明在这个阶段,Sam 该做的事

情。 12. D。 刚才那个阶段,Sam 所做的事情是一些调查研究寻找方法的工作,study 有研究之意。 13. C。A 项额外的,B 项足够,D 项不计其数的。这里需要的是几个不太确定的、可能的解 决方法,所以 C 最合适。’ 14. B。 再次以 Sam 为例。 15. A。 从上文中的 several suggestions 可知。 16. C。 从下文的事例中发现答案。 17. A。 由于发现了新的情况或用了不同方法去思考,会出现意想不到的结果。 18. D。 看见口香糖、他当即发现问题所在。 19. A。 有口香糖,清洗工作是必然的 20. C。 方法被尝试。



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