2013-2014 学年第二学期商务英语学生资料

Unit 1 Company Profiles
Part I Words and Expressions ? 外资企业 ? 合资企业 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 合作企业 龙头企业 国有企业 私营企业 荣誉企业 优质企业 一级企业 跨国公司 母公司 子公司 总公司 分公司 代表处 上市公司 私人股份有限公司 拳头产品 foreign enterprise joint venture cooperative enterprise a locomotive state-owned enterprise privately-owned enterprise honorable enterprise qualified enterprise class A enterprise multinational company parent company subsidiary company head office branch office representative offices listed company private limited company core product

环保型产品 environment-friendly product 专业生产经营 specialize in, engage in, handle a range of business including… 占地面积 cover an area of… 年产量 with an annual output 具有自营进出口权 being entitled to self-import and self-export rights 奉行坚持.. 原则;以.. 宗旨, 在…方针指导下

abide by the principles of …, adhere to the aims of …, based on the motto of the company ? 产品销往 products have been distributed to ? 获得奖项 rank the titles ? 通过 ISO9000 质量认证 be granted the Certificate of ISO9000 International Quality System

Unit 2 Product Presentation
维持升幅 to sustain an increase 到达最高点 to reach a peak 保持不变 to remain constant/stable 降到最低点 to bottom out/level out 正值…之际 on the occasion of 代表 on the behalf of 承蒙盛情邀请 at the gracious invitation of

2013-2014 学年第二学期商务英语学生资料

年会 annual meeting 商界的朋友们 friends from the business community 营销报告会 marketing presentation 销售代表 sales representative 销售记录 sales record 顾客满意度 customers’ satisfaction 生产商 manufacturer 零售商 retailer 批发商 merchant wholesaler 佣金商 commission agent 服务代理商 facilitating agent 经销渠道 distribution channel 营销目标 marketing objective 战略营销 strategic marketing 目标市场 target market 潜在的风险和机遇 potential threats and opportunities 可控因素 controllable components 销售业绩 sales performance

Part III Follow-up practice
Fill in the blanks with the words and phrases. market share run through at long last in terms of breakdown at your leisure target market penetration retail commission synchronize distribute in stock sector market demand

1) The computer company was forced to reduce prices to keep its_____________. 2) The ______________for a product is affected by its price. 3) Please give me a ___________ of those income tax totals by age groups. 4) We will ______ our campaign at young home-buyers. 5) As I was in haste to leave for a meeting yesterday, I just ___________this list of figures and didn’t notice it. 6) ____________we found out what really happened to our last delivery. 7) The launch date for this new product is the first of May 2006 and will then ______________to our main retail outlets. 8) Mr Brown ___________________to set up a branch in London. 9) Please fill in the form ______________and post it to us. 10) If you have fountain pens ________, please send us some samples. 11) They referred to your service___________ high praise. 12) We have changed our packaging to appeal to all age groups in order to obtain maximum ___________________. 13) These items ______ at ? 5.99. 14) The closing of the old store ______________ with the opening of the new shopping plaza. 15) The agricultural ________ in western nations is highly subsidized.

2013-2014 学年第二学期商务英语学生资料

Key: 1) market share 2) market demand 3) breakdown 4) target 5) ran through

6) at long

last 7) be distributed 8) was commissioned 9) at your leisure 10) in stock 11) in terms of 12) market penetration 13) retail 14) synchronized 15) sector Part IV Translation 1. This model of typewriter is efficient and endurable, economical and practical for middle school students. 这款打字机工作效率高,经久耐用,并用又经济实用,非常适合中学生使用。 2. The computer we produced is characterized by its high quality, compact-sized, energy-saving and it’ also easy-to-learn and easy-to-operate. 我们生产的这款电脑特色表现在:质量好,体积小,省电并且易学易操作。 3. They are not only as low-priced as other makers, but they are distinctly superior in the following respects. 它们不仅价格低与其它制造商,而且在以下方面显然更出众。 4. You will get a 30% increasing production upon using this machine and also it allows one people to perform the task of three people. 用种机器们可提高 30%的产量,并且可以降低 3/2 的人工成本。 (或一个人可胜任以前 3 个人的工作) 5. This product will pay its own way in a year. 一年内这种产品将会展示自己的特色路线 6. This machine will pay back your investment in 6 month. 这种机器 6 个月内就将让您收回投资。 7. The new type of suitcase card designed by our engineers is very ingenious and practical. 我们工程师设计的这种密码箱非常的精巧实用。 8. This kind of bicycle can be folded in half and handy to carry around ,especially useful during traveling and traffic jams. 这种自行车对折,可以手提,尤其是在旅游和交通堵塞时特别好用。 9. The maximum speed of this kind of variable speed bicycle is 30 K/H. 这种变速自行车最快速度可达 30K/H 10. These machines have few breakdowns and easy to maintain because of their simple mechanical structure. 这些机器因为机械构造简单,细目分类极少,很容易维修。 11.Compared with other brands, this kind of tyre costs less per mile and wears much longer due to its topnotch rubber. 与其它品牌相比,这种轮胎因为是用最好的橡胶制做的,每英里磨损少并用耐用 12. This kind of tyre is characteristic of nonskid stop on wet road. 这种轮胎有在湿地有不打滑的特性。 13. This material has a durable and easy-to-clean surface. 这种材料经外耐用并且表面易清洁 14. This kind of air-conditioning system is practical and economical for the needs of your company. 我们这种空调系统实用又经济,满足你们公司的需要 15. Our products are as superb quality as well as the typical oriental make-up. 我们这种产品和典型的东方包装一样有极好的品质


2013-2014 学年第二学期商务英语学生资料

Unit 3 Establish Business Relation
Part I Bus iness relations and cooperation business connections 业务联系 technological cooperation 技术合作 mutually beneficial relations 互利关系

business cooperation


scope of cooperation 合作范围 close relationship 密切的关系

to cement / continue / enlarge / promote / improve / maintain / interrupt / restore / reactivate business relationship 巩固/继续/扩大/促进/改善/保持/中断/恢复业务关系 speed up business relationship 加快业务关系的发展 to reach an agreement Investment a heavy /a long-term/ a profitable/ a safe and sure investment 巨额/长期/有利可图的/安全可靠的投资 foreign direct investment (FDI) 外商直接投资 portfolio investment 证券/间接投资 investment environment 投资环境 investment intent/ partner 投资意向/投资合伙人 exclusively foreign-owned enterprise cooperative enterprise 合作企业 contractual joint venture 合约式联营企业 Form of Trade merchandise exports and imports bilateral trade 双边贸易 processing with supplied material processing with supplied sample Describing products genuine article 真货 low-priced goods 廉价货 inferior goods 次品 unfinished products 未成品 showy goods 外观华丽的商品 durable consumer goods complete in specifications attractive and durable Credit commercial credit credit insurance financial ability 耐用产品 规格齐全 美观耐用 商业信用 信用保险 joint venture 合资企业 equity joint venture 股份式合资企业 达成协议 to make a deal 做一笔交易

商品进出口 service exports and imports 服务输出及输入 来料加工 来样加工 leas ing trade 租赁贸易 processing with imported materials 进料加工 assembling with supplied parts 来件加工 imitation 仿制品 low quality goods 劣质商品 superior quality goods 优质商品 top grade goods 高档商品 high-tech products 高科技产品 modern and elegant in fashion 式样新颖大方 sophisticated technology 工艺精良 skillful manufacture 制作精巧 trade reputation 贸易声誉 credit-worthy 信用可靠的 financial standing 财务状况


Part II Channels as you can that are associated with establishing business relations
Banks; Trade directory;(贸易行录) Chinese commercial counselor’s office in foreign countries (中国驻外商赞处) Bus iness houses of the same trade Advertisements Trade fairs and exhibitions (交易会和展销会) Chambers of commerce(商会) Introduction from business connections

The Internet.

2013-2014 学年第二学期商务英语学生资料

Translation Practice 1) 我们是本国最大的纺织品进口商之一,经营该商品已有二十多年历史,往来客户遍及世 界各地。 We are one of the largest textile importers in our country. We have handled this commodity for more than 20 years and have connections all over the world. 2) 我在上次交易会上看到你们精美插图的商品目录,对你们的水果罐头颇感兴趣。这次 特地来与你们商谈进口贵公司这些产品的可能性。 I had an opportunity to see your well-illustrated catalogues on the last fair and I am very interested in your canned fruit. Now I have come to discuss with you the possibility of importing the goods 3) 您可以放心,我们的食品保证符合世界卫生组织颁布的标准。 You can rest assured that our foodstuffs are guaranteed to conform to the WHO standards. 4) 罐头也是我们的主要出口产品,而且在其他许多国家十分畅销。 Canned goods are also among our major exports and have found a favourable reception in many other countries. 5) 我们产品的质量同许多其他供应商的一样好,而价格却不像他们的那样高。 The quality of our products is as good as that of many other suppliers, while our prices are not so high as theirs. 6)我们认为相互理解和合作能有助于我们彼此间开展更多更好的业务。 We think mutual understanding and cooperation can help us do more and better business with each other. 7) 既然我们的经营范围相同,我认为我们将会有许多开展业务合作的机会。 Since we are in the same business lines, I can see there are a lot of business opportunities we can cooperate in the future. 8) 你们想扩大与我方的业务关系的愿望和我们的想法不谋而合。 Your desire to expand business with us coincides with ours. 9) 我们访问贵公司的目的是寻求一位贸易伙伴。我们很高兴能与你们直接接洽。 The aim of our visit to your company is to look for a business partner, and we are glad to have a direct contact with you. 10)目前我们的家禽肉还未开发出较大的海外市场。我们主要是面向国内市场。 So far we have not developed a large export market for our poultry. We primarily serve the domestic market.

Part III Exercise 先生: 从贵处商会获悉贵公司行名和地址,并得知你们是一家大的钢铁出口商,具有多年的 经营经验。次来产品属于我公司业务范围,特此致函,以期建立兴旺互利的贸易关系。 若贵公司能保证价格可行,品质优良,交期迅速,我们将大量订货。为此,特请提供 你们的最新的全套目录和各项出口的价目表,如蒙尽速办理,当不胜感激。 至于我们的信用情况,可向当地的中国银行查询。谅能惠予合作,预置谢意。


2013-2014 学年第二学期商务英语学生资料

谨上 Dear Sirs, Your name and address have been passed on to us by your Chamber of Commerce as a large exporter of iron and steel, with many years ’ experience in this particular line of business. As these products come within the scope of goods w e deal in, we are glad to forward you this letter in the hope of establishing prosperous and mutually beneficial relations. If you can assure us a workable price, excellent quality and prompt delivery, we are in a position to place large orders. We, therefore, suggest that you furnish us with a complete set of your latest catalogues together with a price list covering all your products for export, and shall be much obliged for your earliest attention. As to our credit standing, we refer you to the Bank of China in your country. We are anticipating your kind cooperation and thank you in advance.

Unit 4 Business Meeting
timetable, schedule item on the agenda working paper second reading substantive motion resolution ruling draft resolution declaration, statement minutes, record, memorandum to place on the agenda to call the meeting to order to make/deliver a speech to ask for the floor to give the floor to to make a motion 日刻表 议程项目 工作文件 (法案、议案的)二读 实质性的动议 决议 裁决 决议草案,提案 声明 纪录 列入议程 宣布会议开始 做报告 要求发言 同意 …发言 发言


2013-2014 学年第二学期商务英语学生资料

to second a motion to support to adopt to vote 通过 表决

附议 赞成 to oppose 反对

to raise an objection to abstain to move an amendment to adjourn /close the meeting authoritative opinion prevailing opinion radical view critical view divergent view short-sighted view enlightened opinion original idea middle-of-the-road view na? ve idea one-sided view compromise proposal constructive suggestion tentative proposal workable suggestion

提出异议 弃权 提出修正案 休会,散会 权威性的意见 流行的看法 激进的看法 批评性意见 大相径庭的意见 目光短浅的意见 开明的意见 独创性的意见 中庸观点 幼稚的想法 片面的看法 折衷的建议 建设性的建议 尝试性建议 可行的建议

1. 大家都到齐了,我们开会吧。 Now that eve ryone is here, I’d like to call the meeting to order. 2. 琼斯小姐,你对这个问题有什么看法? Miss Jones, What’s you opinion on this issue? 3. 我们接着议程的下一项,好吗? Shall we move on to the next item on the agenda?

2013-2014 学年第二学期商务英语学生资料

4. 反对这个建议的请举手。 Anyone who objects to this suggestion please raise your hands. 5. 既然我们不能达成协议,我建议休会。 Now that we can’t reach an agreement, I propose to adjourn the meeting. 6. 就这个问题我们投票表决吧。 Now let’s vote on this issue. 7. 对不起打断你的话,恐怕你有点离题了。 Sorry to interrupt, but I’m afraid you’re straying from the main point. 8. 为了刺激消费,我们应该鼓励人们用分期付款的方式购物。 In an attempt to stimulate the consumption, we should encourage people to buy in installments.

Unit 5 Travel and Visits
Translation (about taking plane) 国际班机 International Flight 来回机票 Round-Trip Ticket 国内班机 Domestic Flight 头等舱 First Class 盥洗室 Lavatory 无人 Vacant 男空服员 Steward 行李领取处 Baggage claim area 行李牌 Baggage Tag 国际候机楼 international terminal 国内航班出站 domestic departure 中转旅客 transfer passenger Translation (about plane tickets) 飞机票 air ticket 前往城市 to 旅客姓名 name of passenger 承运人 carrier 旅行经停地点 good for passage between 航班号 flight no. 起点城市 from 起飞日期 date 起飞时间 departure time 订座情况 status 机票确认 ticket confirm 登机口 boarding gate 补充练习

班机号码 Flight Number 商务客舱 Business Class 单程机票 One-Way Ticket 经济舱 Economy Class 使用中 Occupied 女空服员 Stewardess 托运的行李 Checked baggage 随身行李 Carry-on baggage 行李推车 Luggage Cart 卫星楼 Satellite 中转处 transfer correspondence 过境 transit

座舱等级 class 机号 plane no. 机座号 seat no. 吸烟坐位 smoking seat 非吸烟席 non-smoking seat

2013-2014 学年第二学期商务英语学生资料

.入境英语 May I see your passport, please? Where are you staying? Here is my passport / Here it is. I will stay at Boston Hotel. What's the purpose of your visit? Do you have a return ticket to Taiwan? Sightseeing (Business). Yes, here it is. How much money do you have with you? I plan to stay for about 10 days. Good. Have a nice day. I'm just passing through. I am leaving for Geneva tonight. .行李遗失 Where can I get my baggage? It's a small ovemight bag. It's light brown. 麻烦请给我你的护照。 将在那儿住宿? 这是我的护照。 我将住在波士顿饭店。 旅行的目的为何? 是否有台湾回程机票? 观光(公务)。 有的,这就是回程机票。 预计在美国停留多久? 你随身携带多少现金? 预计停留约 10 天。 祝你玩得愉快。 我只是过境而已。 今晚即动身前往日内瓦。

How long will you be staying in the United States?

我在何处可取得行李? 它是一个茶色小旅行袋。

Here is my claim tag. 这是我的行李票。 We may have lost some baggage so we'd like to make a lost baggage report. Would you come with me to the office? 我们可能遗失了几件行李,所以必须填份行李遗失报告。请和我到办公室。 Could you please check it urgently? 是否可麻烦紧急查询? How soon will I find out? 多快可找到? How many pieces of baggage have you lost? 你总共遗失了几件行李? Please deliver the baggage to my hotel as soon as you've located it. 一旦找到行李,请立即送到我停留的饭店。 How can you help me if you can't find my baggage today? 何帮助我?It is a medium-sized Samsonite, and it's gray. 特皮箱。 I'd like to purchase what I need for the night. It is a large leather suitcase with my name tag. It's dark blue. 它是一个上面系有我名牌的大型皮制黑蓝色行李箱。 3. 海关申报 Your passport and declaration card, please. This is a souvenir that I'm taking to Taiwan. Do you have anything to declare? Do you have any liquor or cigarettes? The camera is for my personal use. You'll have to pay duty on this. 请出示护照和申报单。 这是我要带去台湾的当地纪念品。 是否有任何东西需要申报? 你有携带任何酒类或香烟吗? 这个相机是我私人使用的。 你必须为这项物品缴付税金。 若是今天无法找到行李, 你可如 它是一个中型的灰色绅耐 我想要购买过夜所需的用品。

O.K. Please give this declaration card to that officer at the exit. 好了! 请将这张申报卡交给出口 处的官员。 4. 机场旅游信息

2013-2014 学年第二学期商务英语学生资料

Where is the tourist information?


Can you recommend a hotel which is not too expensive? 是否可建议一间较为廉价的旅馆? Is there an airport bus to the city? 是否有机场巴士可到市区? Is there a hotel which costs under 50 dollars a night? 是否有每晚花费在 50 美元以下的饭店? Could you recommend a hotel in the city center? 是否可建议一家位于市中心的旅馆? Where can I get the limousine for Hilton Hotel? 巴士? I'd like to stay at a hotel near the station (beach). Do you have a hotel list? Does it include tax and service charge? Can I have a youth hostel list? Is breakfast included? Is there a discount for staying several days? Part I Useful expressions learning Related expressions : 客房种类 (1)single room 单人房(一张单人床) twin room 双人房(二张单人床) double double 双人房 (二张双人床) tripe room 三人房(三张单人床 ) (2)economy room (ER) 经济间 superior room (UR) 高级套房 我在何处可搭乘希尔顿饭店的接泊 我想要住在靠近车站(海滩)的饭店。 这儿有饭店目录吗? 费用是否包含税与服务费? 是否可提供我一份青年旅馆的目录? 早餐是否已包含于费用内? 若停留数日是否有任何折扣?

double room 双人房 (一张双人床) big single room 大床房(一张双人大床) standard room(SR) 标准间 standard suit(ss) 套间

deluxe room(DR) 豪华间 presidential suit(PS) 总统套房 (3)studio room 工作室型客房(设沙发床或躺椅) multi-functional room 多功能客房 combined type rooms 组合客房 Useful expressions: 饭店种类 inn 旅馆, 饭店 tavern 酒店 hostel 招待所 motel(=motor hotel)汽车饭店(旅店) economy hotel(one-star hotel)一星级饭店 店 average hotel(three -star hotel)三星级饭店 店 deluxe hotel(five-star hotel)五星级饭店 [d ?'l? ks] 2) Dialogue 1 A: 我想订一张 7 月 2 日从杭州飞往香港的单程机票。 B: 要经济舱还是头等舱? A: 请订经济舱。 B: 请稍等,我查查电脑。对不起,这次航班的票已订满。 Reference answer: A: I’d like to book a single ticket from Hangzhou to Hong Kong on 2ed, July. B: First class or economy class? A: Economy class please.

lodge 小旅馆 caravansary 马车店, 大旅馆 hotel 饭店, 酒店 budget hotel 廉价旅馆 some comfort hotel(two-star hotel)二星级饭 high comfort hotel(four -star hotel)四星级饭

2013-2014 学年第二学期商务英语学生资料

B: A minute please, I’ ll check the computer. I’ m sorry we are all booked for the flight. Dialogue 2 A: 你好,这里是百合花宾馆。能为您效劳么? B: 我叫 Alan Green,我想在贵宾馆定房。 A: 请稍等,我查一查。Green 先生,我们只剩下一个单人房和一个双人房。 B: 请问单人房多少钱一晚? A: 200 美元 B: 房间里有什么设备? A: 有中央空调,电话,电视等。 B: 有电脑么? A: 对不起,没有,但是您可以租。 B: 好吧我就定这个单人房。 A: 请问您什么时候需要房间,打算住多久? B: 我下星期一下午到达杭州。从星期一住到星期五,一个五个晚上。 A: 好的,一个单人房间,住五个晚上,从周一到周五。 B: 是的,谢谢。 A: 不客气。 Reference answer: A: Hello, Lily Hotel. Can I help you? B: My name is Alan Green. I’d like to make a reservation in your hotel. A: A minute please, let me have a check. Mr. Green, we only have one single room and one double room now. B: How much for a single please? A: $200. B: What equipments do you have? A: Central air conditioner, telephone, TV, etc. B: Do you have computer? A: Sorry, we don’t have, but you can rent. B: Ok, I’ll book this single room. A: When will you need the room and how long will you stay please? B: I’ ll get Hangzhou on next Monday afternoon. From Monday to Friday, 5 nights. A: Ok, one single, 5 nights, from Monday to Friday. B: Yes, thanks. A: You’ re welcome.

Unit 6 Marketing
Part I Useful expressions learning
marketing(市场营销) public relations (公共关系) selling(销售) transport arrangement(运输安排)

2013-2014 学年第二学期商务英语学生资料

sales promotion(促销) package design(包装设计) after-sales service(售后服务) promotion(宣传推广) distribution channels (销售渠道)

new product development(新产品开发) merchandising(商品学、商品销售) marketing mix. (营销组合) pricing strategy ( 定价策略)


2011-2012学年第二学期商务英语学生讲义(1) 答案.doc

2011-2012学年第二学期商务英语学生讲义(1) 答案_英语考试_外语学习_

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2013-2014-1商务英语教案 unit1_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。商务英语阅读 An...商务英语阅读 An Introduction to the Course Teaching plan: ---Time : 16weeks...

2013-2014 第一学期 商务英语考试复习范围 (最新简化版).doc

2013-2014 第一学期 商务英语考试复习范围 (最新简化版)_英语考试_外语学习_教育专区。2013-2014 第一学期 商务英语考试复习范围 (最新简化版)商务英语 商务词汇 ...


商务英语讲义_英语学习_外语学习_教育专区。Unit 1 Management


全国商务英语翻译考试讲义及真题参考答案 - 全国商务英语 翻译考试笔译资料 全国商务英语翻译考试练习题(一) Part I. Translate the following sentences...


2013-2014(2)《剑桥商务英语初级》期末复习指导 - 剑桥商务英语(初级


2014年剑桥商务英语初级考试试题及答案解析(十四) - 剑桥商务英语初级考试试题及答案解析(十四) 一、READING (PART ONE )(本大题5小题.每题1.0分,共5.0分。...

2014年剑桥商务英语高级考试试题及答案解析 - 百度文库.doc

2014年剑桥商务英语高级考试试题及答案解析 - 剑桥商务英语高级考试试题及答案解析 一、READING(PART ONE )(共8小题,共8.0分)Look at the statemen...


2014商务英语写作标准及试题答案 - . Write a letter ba


商务英语复习题及答案_英语考试_外语学习_教育专区。商务英语2014复习题及答案 商务英语复习资料 Section Ⅰ Directions: fill in the blanks with the appropriate ...


商务英语试题及答案2014春-_英语考试_外语学习_教育专区。河北工业大学商务英语口语考试答案 2014 春 1. What do you think globalization means? What global ...


商务英语》作业答案_英语考试_外语学习_教育专区。《商务英语》作业 1.请将以


2014年剑桥商务英语中级考试试题及答案解析(一) - 剑桥商务英语中级考试试题及答案解析(一) 一、中 READING(PART ONE )(共7小题,共7.0分) Read these ...


2014年1月自考商务英语试题和答案答案在最后】 - 请在百度文库下载 仅限个人使用 禁止转载! 2014 年年 1 月高等教育自学考试统一命题考试 商务英语试题和答案 ...


2014年剑桥商务英语初级考试试题及答案解析(五) - 剑桥商务英语初级考试试题及答案解析(五) 一、READING (PART ONE )(本大题5小题.每题1.0分,共5.0分。 ●...

商务英语讲义-unit five汇总_图文.ppt

商务英语讲义-unit five汇总 - Business English Un


2014年剑桥商务英语中级考试试题及答案解析(二) - 剑桥商务英语中级考试试题及答案解析(二) 一、中 READING(PART ONE )(共7小题,共7.0分) Read these ...

商务英语讲义-unit two_图文.ppt

商务英语讲义-unit two - Business English Unit

Business English - 2013-2014.doc

Business English - 2013-2014_英语_高中教育_教育专区。新编实用商务英语答案 Business English chapter one 一 谚语: 1.black horse 2.black sheep business ...


2014年剑桥商务英语初级考试试题及答案解析(十五) - 剑桥商务英语初级考试试题及答案解析(十五) 一、READING (PART ONE )(本大题5小题.每题1.0分,共5.0分。...