Unit 5 Job Interview

How can we stand out from the crowd of job applicants?

Definition of Interview

A formal meeting at

interviewer interviewee

which someone is asked
questions in order to find out whether he/she is suitable for a job, course of study, etc.

If you are unable to interview successfully, you won’t get the job.

give an interview to sb. 接见某人 have(hold) an interview with sb.会见某人 to go for an interview 进行面试 request an interview with sb. 要求面见某人 to obtain an interview from 获得一个被面试机会 ask (beg) for an interview with sb. 请求面见某人

What do you think is the most important thing before an interview? PREPARE attentively is the key!

How to make a good preparation for a successful interview?

what preparations we should make before taking part in job interview?

Possible Answer
? ? ? ?

academic qualifications Resume Industrious cooperative, honest

Research the Company

Research the company thoroughly


Tailor your skills to company’s needs (review job description)
Development of the company Services or products Competitors within the industry Growth pattern Reputation New products or projects Culture and values

Have a Great Resume!


The resume is usually received by the employer before the interview, but it never hurts to bring some extra copies. Your resume should include things like objective, education, working experience, and skills.


Practice Interview Questions!
? ?

Why do you want to work for this company? What positive attributes do you feel you can bring to this company?


What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Do you prefer working individually or in a team atmosphere and why?


Tell Me About Yourself
Include ? Geographic origins ? Reason for choosing major ? Educational background ? 2 or 3 strengths related to position ? Specific expertise and accomplishments ? How you can contribute to company ? Identify your career goals ? Speak clearly and honestly

Don’t Forget to be there Early!

Get directions to the

interview ahead of time.

Adapt to your


If traveling a long

distance to the interview,
make traveling plans ahead of time.

Make a good first impression
? ? ?

? ? ?

Natural, clean looking face/makeup Nicely styled hair Press your clothes Clean your fingernails Shoes shined No Gum, Candy, or cigarettes at the Job Interview!!! Avoid strong perfumes or colognes

Other Tips for the Interview
? ?

? ?

? ?

Smile regularly Remember “Please” and “Thank you” (Good manner of speaking) Stand up to meet people Keep good eye contact Be confident and enthusiastic If you feel nervous try breathing techniques. Use Mr. or Ms. unless asked to use first name Don’t answer with a simple “yes” or “no”.

Details Needed for Follow-up
Ask for their business card ? Send a short thank you note within 24 hours ? Remind them of key points from the interview ? Emphasize your interest

How to write a Resume



A resume is often the first line of contact. It establishes a first impression of a potential job candidate's skills, background and hiring value. If written well, this impression can be a positive one, offering the reader a sense of the candidate's "fit" for the position and company being targeted. If written really well, it may convince the reader that the job candidate is ideally suited for the job. When coupled with an effective cover letter, the resume can be a very strong marketing tool.


Job Recruitment Ads


Resume Cover Letter Application Form

What is a resume?

A Resume=CV (curriculum vitae):
is a document that gives a brief account of a person’s basic personal facts, education, and professional background. Purpose: to get the job!


Attending an Interview
? 1.

3. 4. 5. 6.


Content of a CV: Personal details (information) Job objective申请职位 Education (Qualifications) Working Experience Skills Social activities Hobbies


Personal details (information) Name: Address: Telephone: Date of birth: Marital status婚姻: Nationality国籍,民族:


Start with the most recent studies!
Master of Economics at Beijing University Bachelor of Business Administration at People’s University of China

9/2010--present 9/2006--6/2010

2. Education (Qualifications):
常用句型: I went to _____ (name of school) in ____ (year) and studied there for _____(length of years).
I majored/specialized in ______ (major). In my years of college study, I completed such courses as _____ (name of courses).

As optional courses, I chose _______.
I graduated from _____(name of school) in ____ (year) with excellent grades in ____ (subjects). I obtained/received the diploma/degree in ____ (year)


Work Experience Extra Curricular Activities

Start with the most recent employment!

July 2009 Trainee/Intern in HR dept, P&G ?prepared documents maintained files… April 2008 Volunteer in Beijing Olympic Games ?received foreign guests ?facilitated their understanding of Chinese culture

3. Working experience: 常用句型: After completing my studies, I joined ____ (name of the company) and worked as a ____ (position).
I took up the position of ____, and I have been at that post ever since. From __ to __, I worked as a ___ (title).

I was promoted to the post of ____ in ____ (year).
At present, I am working with the _____ (name of the company). Currently working as a _____. Duties include_____. Responsibilities also included _____.


Computer Abilities Familiar with MS Office, with
a certificate in…


Language Skills

Fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin; A good command of both spoken and written English. Passed CET-6


Abilities related to Skilled in accounting, with Certificate in Accounting your major Professional.

4. Skills I passed the national College English Test Band-4/6 in _____ (year). I have good skills in _____.

Good knowledge of _____.

Hobbies & Interests
? ? ?

Easy & Carefree: oil painting, playing bands, etc. Cool & steady: table tennis, Chinese chess, etc. Aggressive: Tae Kwon Do, boxing, etc.

Name, current address and emails


Educational background

Hobbies and personal information/ selfevaluation

Training and courses taken

Working experience





Nanfang Collge Business English----Zoey Zhou

Pengcheng Tang


Home Address: E-mail:

School Address: Contact number:

Personal details: Gender: Male Date of Birth: 5/17/1985 Marital status: single Height: 178cm Weight: 64kg

Job objective: To obtain position of a sales manager at joint venture in Shanghai.

June 2005 Master of Business Administration Wuhan University, China June 1997

Bachelor of Business Administration Beijing Institute of Foreign Trade, China

Social Activities: 1998-2002: Secretary of the Class League Branch. Headed fund-raising for disasters relief. 1996-1998: Class monitor.
Rewards: “Triple A” student in 1990 and 1991. Excellent Student Leader in 1993,1994.

English Proficiency: (Key skills) College English Test-Band Four. Good skills and knowledge of MS offce packages. Hobbies: Jogging, tennis, travel References will be available upon request.

Resume Made Out
Key Terms (I)
(1) 姓名 (2) 性别 (3) 生日 (4) 婚姻状况 (5) 地址 (6) 邮编 (1) Name (2) Gender (3) Date of birth (4) Marital Status (5) Address (6) Zip code/Postcode

Resume Made Out
Key Terms (II)
(7) 电话 (8) 应聘职位 (9) 教育背景 (10) 资历证书 (11) 奖励及荣誉 (12) 工作经验
(7) Telephone (Tel)

(8) Position Desired
(9) Education

(10) Qualifications
(11) Honors & Awards (12) Work Experience

Resume Made Out
Key Terms (III)
(13) 出生地 (14) 工作目标 (15) 个人成就 (15) 专长 (16) 特殊技能 (17) 课外活动情况 (18) 推荐人

(13) Place of Birth (14) Job Objective (15) Achievements (15) Specialties (16) Special Skills (17) Extracurricular Activities (18) References



? ?

I am at the top of my class. I was one of the top students in the class. I’m ranked the first of my class in terms of average marks. 成绩不错 I got excellent records. I am above the average in the order of merit.

Excellent Students Awards ? Straight A student ? 学业表现报告上一排排下来均为A的学生 ? “Triple-A" outstanding student; outstanding student. ? Excellent Tri-A Student Scholarship

Excellent Leader of the Communist Youth League ? Excellent Student leader Award/ Scholarship ? Excellent League member

I was awarded scholarship from the unversity every year. ? First-rate/class /top scholarship ? Second-rate/second-best/secondclass/second prize ? Minor award

Key Achievements
? ? ? ?


优秀团员 优秀团干 国家奖学金 一等奖学金 演讲比赛 配音比赛

Excellent League Member Excellent League Leader National Scholarship First Prize/First-class Scholarship

Speaking/Speech Contest Dubbing Contest

? ?

? ? ? ?

I’m easy to approach.平易近人 I don’t like to leave something half-done. Frankly, I have an inquiring mind.爱动脑筋 I’m knowledgeable and levelheaded.冷静 I’m an honest and dependable/reliable man. I’m quite outgoing.乐于助人 I’m quite active, energetic and outspoken/frank. Introverted/extroverted/open-minded

Don’t Give Up


It takes time and persistence to reach your goal Consider every interview a learning experience


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