【广东省2013-2014学年高二寒假作业英语(一) Word版含答案]

绝密★启用前 高二英语寒假作业 一、单项选择(共 15 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 1.No sooner _______ the competition _______ _______ an unexpected accident happened. A. did … begin; than B. had … begun; when C. did … begin; when D. had … begun; than 2.Now I get the telegram I _______. A. have been expected to B. expected C. have been expecting D. am expected to 3.With all things _______, we should follow his advice. A. considered B. having considered C. being considered D. considering 4.The research is so designed that, once _______, nothing can be done to change it. A. begins B. having begun C. begun D. beginning 5.I ____________you how to deal with the matter, but why didn’t you ask me? A. could show B. were to show C. had shown D. would have shown 6.On the top of the mountain , the rare air ________me a little bit. A. choked B. tired C. stopped D. blocked 7.She was in a ____ as to whether to stay at school or get a job. A. dilemma B. choice C. terror D. trouble 8.She shouted __________the sight of her son breaking her vase. A. on B. in C.upon D .at 9.The president _____________his intention to retire before the next election. A. informed B. told C. announced D. promised 10.This is an illness that can result in total blindness if ___________. A. to leave untreated B. is left untreated C.leaving untreated D. left untreated 11.The young man has been sent to ____________the conference. A. cover B. acquire C. occupy D. accuse 12.When he finally came to life, he found himself_____on a chair, with his hands____ back. A. seating, tying B. seated, tying C. seated, tied D. seating, tied

13.Never before _____ this opportunity---don’t miss it. A. we have had B. have we had C. we had D. did we have

14.The speaker raised his voice but still couldn’t make himself _________. A. heard B. to be heard C. hearing D. being heard

15.Mother went shopping, _________ I did some cleaning in the house. A. meanwhile B. meantime C. and meanwhile D. in the meantime

二、完型填空(共 15 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给各题的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处的最 佳选项。

Being positive is very important. So I often __16__my son to be positive. But one day I was caught not doing what I often tell him to do. My son is 7 years old and he was ____17___a show to be put on at his school. He was playing the role of an angel. On the evening before the show, he asked me, “Mom, can we __18__angels?” As usual, I seized(抓住)the __19___to teach him to be positive and I said, “Yes, but only those who are perfect, and think and talk positively can.” He asked, “You must have seen them then?” I was __20__for a few seconds, not knowing what to say. I was touched by his __21__that his mother was a perfect person. He looked into my eyes, __22__a positive answer. I chose to be __23____with him and told him, “No. I’ve not been a good person all the time.” I was almost__24__to admit this to him. I thought that his__25_of a perfect mother would now surely be torn into pieces. But he _26__it positively and said, “It’s all right. You know to try to be better from now on.” I smiled as I replied, “ That’s __27_. Sometimes, we might make a _28____, but when we do, we must always try to do better.” ks5u My son’s __29__struck me right in my heart and are always with me. I learned a good lesson that day “to always try to be better.” This will always_30__ me in all situations where I’ll need to be positive. 16. A. show 17. A. going through 18. A. describe 19. A. feeling 20. A. pleased 21. A. thought 22. A. making 23. A. wrong 24. A. glad 25. A. description 26. A. finished 27 A. right 28. A. change 29. A. words B. refuse B. preparing for B. draw B. attitude B. interested B. behavior B. expecting B. angry B. surprised B. speech B. took B. fine B. decision B. performances C. worry C. turning to C. invite C. chance C. excited C. dream C. trying C. strict C. relaxed C. picture C. caught C. impossible C. difference C. joy D. encourage D. looking for D. see D. method D. quiet D. story D. choosing D. honest D. embarrassed D. idea D. changed D. unnecessary D. mistake D. progress

30. A. hurt

B. protect

C. help

D. find

三、阅读理解(共 20 小题;每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) A HOUSTON (AP) --- A 10-year-old boy fatally(致命地) shot his father Friday, striking him several times as he sat in the front seat of a SUV to pick up the boy from his mother's home for a weekend visit. The incident happened about 3pm on a cul-desac(死胡同)in the 1700 block of Cedar Cove Court, said Sgt. Williams of the Harris County Sheriff's Department. An investigation found that Rick James Lohstroh, 41, was shot by his son, who was sitting in the back seat of the man's Toyota 4-Runner, said Sgt. Williams. The shooting took place outside the home of Lohstroh's ex-wife, where the boy lives with his mother and a 7-year-old brother. "We're not certain of anything until we finish our investigation," Williams said. "The information we have at this time is that the 10-year-old did fire the weapon." The mother and the 7-year-old were inside the house when the shooting occurred, said Williams. Williams said the gun belonged to the boy's mother. After firing shots through the back seat, the boy exited (离开) the back of the vehicle and continued to fire at the car. The man died on the way to Memorial Herman Hospital. Lohstroh was a doctor at the University of Texas Medical Branch. The man and woman shared custody(监护)of the children. Williams said the mother and the boy were still in the home talking to investigators Friday night. Neighbors described the family as being quiet and keeping to themselves. Justin Gray, 17, was walking in the neighborhood when he heard gunshots. "We've had a suicide in this neighborhood once, but never anything like this," Gray said. 31The best title for the news should be __________. A. A Boy Shot His Father B. Shooting Kill a Father C. An Unbelievable Tragedy(悲剧) D. A Ten-Year-Old Boy's Cruelty

32.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the news? A. The father is not responsible for the boy. B. The family don't like being linked to their neighbors. C. The boy lives with Rick James Lohstroh. D. The boy has no brother or sister. 33.What can we infer from the text? A.The tragedy happened because the boy had seen too many films showing violence. B.The boy killed his father because he hated it that he deserted his mother. C.Such things often occurred in this neighbourhood. D.The boy's parents got divorced(=separated). 34.The reason why the boy shot his father __________. A. is clear B. can't be made out C. is unknown D. is quite simple

35. The underlined word "suicide" most probably means __________. A. the act of killing the lives of a whole family B. an instance ( example ) of deliberately killing oneself C. the situation of getting on smoothly with others D. the peaceful surroundings B Planning your holiday? Whether you’re going to Yunnan or UK, it’s important to make sure you’re well-prepared. Here’s a handy checklist to help you. Location The first thing you have to decide is where you want to go. Of course a lot will depend on your time and budget. Do you want to relax on a beach, visit some famous landmarks, or hike through some beautiful scenery? All these things are available in China, but if your budget stretches, why not look at somewhere else in Asia, or even farther. Packing There can be such a thing as being over prepared when traveling, but you don’t want to forget something important. It can be a good idea to wear pants with zipped pockets. In certain countries local thieves will target unsuspecting tourists for their money. It can also be worth packing some basic medical supplies. If you are going to be moving around a lot, buy a good backpack. Finally, remember to pack clothes that are going to be suitable for the weather. Accommodation There are several things to consider when picking where you want to stay. Location is often the most important. When staying in hotels, it is often a good idea to book your first night in a new city. After all, you will not be familiar with the surroundings and will want somewhere to leave your luggage. However, don’t spend more than a couple of days at the same hotel. When you get

to a new place, you might soon discover there’s somewhere better to stay. Don’t forget The key to a good holiday is detail. When you’re traveling, especially in a foreign country, don’t forget to change some money before you leave. If you’re traveling somewhere tropical, you might need some injections or pills to avoid disease. And it’s always worth taking out travel insurance, just in case you find yourself in a spot of bother during the trip. Don’t forget to check the exchange rates. The strong yuan has made traveling abroad cheaper recently. It can also be a good idea to write down the phone number of the closest Chinese embassy, in case you need help while abroad. 36. You have to take all the following into consideration EXCEPT _______ when deciding where to spend your holiday. A. culture B. purpose C. money D. time 37. Pants with zipped pockets are recommended mainly because _______. A. it’s a good measure in case of emergencies B. you’ll be expected to buy a lot of souvenirs C. you’ll carry many small things with you D. it will help you guard against local theft 38. As for accommodation, the writer’s tip is _______. A. to stay away from the downtown areas to get cheap places B. to book one or two nights in the same hotel in case you don’t like it C. to choose your location after you arrive at your destination D. better not to leave your luggage in unfamiliar hotels 39. It can be inferred from the last part that we should _______. A. choose the most suitable kind of travel insurance B. use RMB in all foreign countries since the yuan is strong C. check the exchange rates so as to decide what currency (货币) to buy D. get in touch with Chinese embassy if we need help when abroad 40. What’s the purpose of the passage? A. To attract the tourists to travel abroad. B. To tell some travel information to tourists. C. To help the tourists make good preparations for their holidays. D. To remind tourists of the safety during their journey. C 19.Baby girls make their way directly for dolls as soon as they can crawl,while boys will head for cars, a study has shown. The findings, the first to show differences in very young babies, suggest there is a biological basis to their preferences. Psychologists Dr Brenda Todd from City University London carried out an experiment involving 90 babies aged 9 months to 36 months.The babies were allowed to choose from seven toys. Some were typically boys' toys ---- a car, a digger, a ball and a blue teddy. The rest were girls' toys: a pink teddy, a doll and a cooking set. They were placed a meter away from the toys; and could pick whichever toy they liked their choice and the amount of time they spent playing with each toy were recorded. Of the youngest children(9 to 14 months) , girls spent significantly longer playing with the doll than boys, and boys spent much more time with the car and ball than the girls did. Among the two and three-year-olds,girls spent 50 percent of the time playing with the doll while only two boys briefly touched it.The boys spent almost 90 percent of their time playing with cars,which the girls barely

touched.There was no link between the parents’ view on which toys were more appropriate for boys or girls,and the children's choice. Dr Brenda Todd said,"Children of this age are already exposed to much socialization.Boys may be given‘toys that go’while girls get toys they can care for,which may help shape their preference .But these findings agree with the former idea that children show natural interests in particular kinds of toys.There could be a biological basis for their choices.Males through evolution have been adapted to prefer: moving objects,probably through hunting instincts(本能) ,while girls prefer warmer colors such as pink,the colour of a newborn baby." 41.Baby boys and girls have different toy preferences probably because____ A.baby boys are much more active B.baby girls like bright colours more C.their parents treat them differently D.there is a natural difference between them 42.Both baby boys and baby girls like to play with____ according to the study. A.a ball B.a teddy C.a car D.a doll . 43.What can we infer from Paragraph 3? A.Nine-month-old baby boys don't play with dolls at all. B.Two-year-old baby girls sometimes play with cars and balls. C.The older the babies are,the more obvious their preference is. D.Parents should teach their babies to share each other's toys. 44.What did Dr.Brenda Todd conclude from the results of the study? A.Adults purposely influence their babies' preference. B.Babies' preference isn't affected by social surroundings. C.Baby boys preferring to moving toys will be good at hunting. D.Baby girls preferring warmer colors will be warm-hearted. 45.We may read this article in a______section of a newspaper. A.science B.health C.education D.entertainment. D 20.The television news feature about Ben Heckmann, an eighth grader from Farmington, Minn., was breathless in its praise. “At 14, he has accomplished something many adults can’t achieve,” the reporter said. “Ben is a twice-published author.” But Ben’s two “Velvet Black” books, describing a fictional rock band, were not picked from a pile of manuscripts(手稿) by an eagle eyed publisher. They were self-published, at a cost of $400 by Ben’s parents. Over the past five years, print-on-demand technology and a growing number of self publishing companies whose books can be sold online have inspired writers of all ages to avoid the traditional gatekeeping system for determining who could call himself a “published author.” The mothers and fathers who foot the bill say they are simply trying to encourage their children, in the same way that other parents buy equipment for a promising baseball player. But others see self-publishing as a lost opportunity to teach children about hardship and perseverance. Mr Robbins, a critic, thinks it is wonderful to start writing at a young age, but worries self-publishing sends the wrong message. “There are no prodigies(神童) in literature,” he said. “Literature requires experience, in a way that mathematics and music do not.” Alan Rinzler, a publishing industry veteran, suggested parents hire a professional editor like him to work with their child to tear a manuscript apart and help make it better. Ben’s father, Ken, said Ben’s ambitions “weren’t to knock Harry Potter off the list,” but “to get that good feeling inside that you’ve done something.” Ajla Dizdarevic, 12, who has self published two books of poetry, has been on television and in

local newspapers. Being a published author, she said, “was always a dream of mine.” Her new dream: three books by age 15. 46. Which of the following is true of Ben? A. He has achieved something unusual for his age B. His self-published books were well received. C. His manuscripts were favored by the publisher. D. He was thought little of by the public media. 47. What makes it possible for writers of all ages to self-publish their works? A. The rapid increase of online readership. B. The increasing number of publishers. C. The development of printing and publishing. D. The immediate access to marketing agencies 48. Some parents pay the self-publishing bill for the purpose of ____________. A. offering opportunities B. giving encouragement C. helping avoid hardship D. showing love and care 49. Alan Rinzler suggests that children should _____________. A. be forbidden to write books B. start writing at an early age C. be professionally guided D. learn from experience 50. According to the last part, some children self-publish works just to________________ . A. earn more money B. satisfy their parents C. gain self-confidence D. achieve their dreams 四、信息匹配(共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分) 请阅读下列相关信息,并按照要求匹配信息。请把答案写在答题卷上相应位置。 首先,请阅读下列人物的信息: 51. Tom is a warm-hearted boy, and he cares for others very much. If you meet with any difficulty, you can tell him, and he will surely help you. 52. Susan has many friends and she likes to stay with them in many kinds of parties. On her face there is always a smile. 53. John likes thinking and can always find ways to solve any difficult problems. 54. Bob seems to be very rude and impolite and his words are unpleasant to hear, but his inner heart is full of concerns for others. 55.George believes in himself, and he always wants to win the first place in almost everything. 阅读下面有关人物性格的描述,并将他们与有关的人物匹配。 A. She likes to eat cake. She loves to make new friends. She likes to ask friends to her parties. Her smile is so lovely. B. He went to school when he was nine. He learned to use a typewriter in two years! He thinks a lot. He is so clever that you like to be with him. C. He sits happily in the seat and says sharp words to you. Sometimes he is not nice. He doesn't really like you? He thinks you're a fool? No, in his heart, he loves you. He is a friend with hard words but a warm heart. D. He doesn't look like a good boy. He has sleepy eyes and looks naughty. He always plays tricks. So you may get angry with him and don't like him very much. His mind is active and full of ideas. He tries to be big and catch your eyes. But, he's still a child.

E. He has faith in himself and always wants to win. F. He is clever and kind. He has a good heart and is glad to help others. Everyone likes to turn to him for help whenever they are in trouble. 五、书面表达(共 25 分) 阅读下面的短文,然后按照要求写一篇 150 词左右的英语短文。 English has been getting more and more popular in the last decade. Many countries have made English taught as the second language in schools. But why do students need English? If they do need, what do they need it for? Different students learn English for different purposes. Most of the students learn English because they need to read English textbooks or journals and attend English lectures, while a few students use it to talk to English-speaking visitors, attend seminars(研讨会), or write letters and reports. Whatever the purposes are, one thing is certain: Students need English, and English teaching should be strengthened in universities. However, the current teaching methods should be improved and the teaching materials should be updated to satisfy their needs. I think the number one problem is vocabulary. I believe that we can learn English words by heart through reading. If we read so many articles, we can remember lots of words. And we also can watch English movies and listen to the English songs to enlarge our vocabulary and increase our listening skills. In language learning, the sense of language is important than grammar, so it is important for us in reading comprehension. What’s more, we can try to communicate with people in English. This is good for our oral English. In a word, in English learning, we need to persistently practise our listening, speaking, reading and writing. Let's do it now. [写作内容] (1) 以约 30 个词概括短文的要点; (2) 然后以约 120 个词就 “纯英语课堂好,还是英汉兼用课堂好” 的主题发表看法,并 包括如下要点: ① 你认为纯英语课堂好,还是英汉兼用课堂好?请选择其一,并说出其以下优缺点:

优点 纯英语课堂 有助于提高听说能力等

缺点 不易听懂等

英汉兼用课堂 ② 你的结论。 [写作要求]



(1) 可以使用实例或其它论述方法支持你的论点,也可以参照阅读材料的内容,但不得 直接引用原文中的句子; [评分标准] 概括准确,语言规范,内容合适,篇章连贯。 试卷答案 1.D 2.C 3.A 4.C 5.D 6.A 7.A 8.D 9.C 10.D 11.A 12.C 13.B 14.A 15.C 16-20 DBDCD 21-25 ABDDC 26-30 BADAC 31-35.ABDCB 36-40ADBDC

41-45.DBCBA 46-50 ACBCD 书面表达


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