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托福满分作文惯用的 4 种结尾
摘要: 一篇让托福写作考官满意的作文,不光要有一个漂亮的开头,一个精彩的结尾对于 这篇文章而言同样重要。有不少的考生认为,只要有好的开头就好,考官不会认真看结尾部 分。其实你错了,写作也一样需要善始善终。有一个精彩的结尾也能让你的托福写作增色不 少。如果你想要明天考试托福写作满分,不妨尝试一下以下 4 种结尾招式。

满分作文惯用的 4 种结尾:


E.g.1 When a country develops its technology; the traditional skills and ways of life die out.It is pointless to try and keep them alive. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? In conclusion, without suggesting that all technology is necessarily good,I think it is by no means ‘ pointless’,in any way, to try to keep traditions alive with technology.We should not ignore technology,because it can be our friend and support our way of life.

这个结尾段落明确地提出了自己的观点,不是所有的科技都是好的,但是科技也不是完全 没有用处的。


E.g.2 Happiness is considered to be very important in life.Why is it difficult to define? What factors are important in achieving happiness?Like self-awareness,this is also very difficult to achieve’but I think these are the two factors that may be the most important for achieving happiness.


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写作招式三:2-3 个句子为宜

E.g.3 Some people believe that children’s leisure activities must be educational; otherwise they are a complete waste of time.Do you agree or disagree?Finally,I think it is also important to remember that children need to relax as well as work.If everything they do must have some educational or academic relevance,then they will soon get tired of studying altogether,which is the last thing parents would want.

两句话,作者的态度很明确,学生不可能花所有的时间去学习,否则就会完全失去对学习 的兴趣,所以也应该给学生一些放松的时间。一般在结尾段的最开始部分,考生就应该给考


这里所谓的信号词就是一些结尾段的套句:信号词:Finally,to sum up,in conclusion,in brief,therefore,thus,overall 句型:

1. it can be concluded that…

2. we can find that…

3. I think it is also important to remember that

4. the main point is to make sure that

5. I believe that/ Personally, I think that/ I would say that/ I agree that/ My view is that


1.总结式(重述前文)把在前文中的观点在结尾段进行重述,但是不能出现与开头段或者题目 中的单词重复。

E.g.4 *In many countries schools have severe problems with student behaviour. What do you

think are the cause of this? What solutions can you suggest? Perhaps parenting classes are needed to help them to do this,and high quality nursery schools could be established that would support families more in terms of raising the next generation.The government should fund this kind of parental support,because this is no longer a problem for individual families,but for society as a whole.

把 solutions 进行简单地再次描写—父母、好的托儿所、政府的资金扶助。

*Nowadays we are producing more and more rubbish.Why do you think this is happening? What can governments do to help reduce the amount of rubbish produced? I think,therefore,that governments need to raise this awareness in the generalpublic.Children can be educated about environmental issues at school,but adults need to take action.Governments can encourage such action by putting taxes on packaging,such as plastic bags,by providing recycling services and by fining households and shops that do not attempt to recycle their waste.

重述上文的内容,由政府采取措施—提高意识(children & adult)具体措施(提高价格、循环利 用、罚款)


E.g.5 *In many countries children are engaged in some kind of paid work.Some people regard this ad completely wrong,while others consider it as valuable work experience,important for learning

and taking responsibility.What are your opinions on this? Nevertheless,in better economic circumstances,few parents would choose to send their children out to full-time paid work.If learning responsibilities and work experienceare considered to be important,then children can acquire these by having light,part-time jobs or even doing tasks such as helping their parents around the family home,which are unpaid,but undoubtedly of value in children’s development 。


*Some people prefer to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding change.Others,however,think that change is always a good thing.Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.In conclusion,I would say that change can be stimulating and energizing for individuals when they pursue it themselves,but that all change,including that which is imposed on people,does not necessarily have good outcomes.

如果是人们自己的选择那么改变是一件好的事情,但如果是被强加于身,改变则不会带来 任何可喜的效果。

3.折中式:很难判断 In conclusion,I do not think 其中到底谁占据主导地位,或者什么是最 重要的,两者是缺一不可的,需共同存在。

E.g.6 Research indicates that the characteristics we are born with have much more influence on

our personality and development than any experiences we may have in our life. That either nature or nurture is the major influence on a person,but that both have powerful effects.How these factors interact is still unknown today and they remain largely unpredictable in a person’s life.


另外, 托福写作 中常常会犯一些明显的错误。往往这些错误会是我们分数偏低的致命因 素,我们最不该犯的错误就是大众都会犯的错误,错了,那就说明我们并没有自己独特的领 悟能力!要谨记,问题虽简单,切不可掉以轻心。接下来马叔就为大家收集整理托福写作考试 中常易犯的十个错误。



例 1. When one have money, he can do what he want to.


剖析:one 是单数第三人称,因而本句的 have 应改为 has;同理 want 应改为 wants。本句是


改为:Once one has money, he can do what he wants(to do).

2、修饰语错位(Misplaced Modifiers)

英语与汉语不同,同一个修饰语置于句子不同的位置,句子的含义可能引起变化。对于这 一点中国学生往往没有引起足够的重视,因而造成了不必要的误解。

例 1. I believe I can do it well and I will better know the world outside the campus.

剖析:better 位置不当,应置于句末。

3、句子不完整(Sentence Fragments)

在口语中,交际双方可借助手势语气上下文等,不完整的句子完全可以被理解。可是书面 语就不同了,句子结构不完整会令意思表达不清,这种情况常常发生在主句写完以后,笔者 又想加些补充说明时发生。

例 1. There are many ways to know the society. For example by TV, radio, newspaper and so on.

剖析:本句后半部分“for example by TV, radio, newspaper and so on.”不是一个完整的句 子,仅为一些不连贯的词语,不能独立成句。

改为:There are many ways to know society, for example, by TV, radio, and newspaper.

4、悬垂修饰语(Dangling Modifiers)

所谓悬垂修饰语是指句首的短语与后面句子的逻辑关系混乱不清。例如:At the age of ten,my grandfather died. 这句中“at the age of ten” 只点出十岁时,但没有说明“谁”十岁 时。按一般推理不可能是 my grandfather,如果我们把这个悬垂修饰语改明确一点,全句就不 那么费解了。

改为:When I was ten, my grandfather died.

例 1. To do well in college, good grades are essential.

剖析:句中不定式短语“to do well in college”的逻辑主语不清楚。

改为:To do well in college, a student needs good grades.

5、词性误用(Misuse of Parts of Speech)


例 1. None can negative the importance of money.

剖析:negative 系形容词,误作动词。

改为:None can deny the importance of money.

6、指代不清(Ambiguous Reference of Pronouns)

指代不清主要讲的是代词与被指代的人或物关系不清,或者先后所用的代词不一致。试看 下面这一句:Mary was friendly to my sister because she wanted her to be her bridesmaid.(玛丽 和我姐姐很要好,因为她要她做她的伴娘。)




Mary was friendly to my sister because she wanted my sister to be her bridesmaid.

例 1. And we can also know the society by serving it yourself.

剖析:句中人称代词 we 和反身代词 yourself 指代不一致。

改为:We can also know society by serving it ourselves.

7、不间断句子(Run-on Sentences)

什么叫 run-on sentence?童鞋们可以看下面的例句。

例 1. There are many ways we get to know the outside world.

剖析:这个句子包含了两层完整的意思:“There are many ways.”以及“We get to know the outside world.”。简单地把它们连在一起就不妥当了。

改为:There are many ways for us to learn about the outside world. 或 There are many ways through which we can become acquainted with the outside world.

8、措词毛病(Troubles in Diction)

Diction 是指在特定的句子中如何适当地选用词语的问题,学生在写作中没有养成良好的推 敲,斟酌的习惯。他们往往随心所欲,拿来就用。所以作文中用词不当的错误比比皆是。

例 1. The increasing use of chemical obstacles in agriculture also makes pollution.( 农业方面化学 物质使用的不断增加也造成了污染。)

剖析:显然,考生把 obstacles“障碍”“障碍物”误作 substance“物质”了。另外“the increasing use(不断增加的使用)” 应改为“abusive use(滥用)”。

改为:The abusive use of chemical substances in agriculture also causes/leads to pollution.



词组;能用词组的不用从句或句子。如:In spite of the fact that he is lazy,I like him.

本句的“the fact that he is lazy”系同谓语从句,我们按照上述“能用词组的不用从句”。

可以改为:In spite of his laziness, I like him.

例 1. For the people who are diligent and kind, money is just the thing to be used to buy the thing they need.


改为:Diligent, caring people use money only to buy what they need.



例 1. The fresh water, it is the most important things of the earth.

剖析:The fresh water 与逗号后的 it 不连贯。It 与 things 在数方面不一致。

改为:Fresh water is the most important thing in the world.


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